Colour Blind Casting

Following on from the incredibly convincing performance of ‘actress of colour’ Jodie Turner-Smith as the previously Persil-white Anne Boleyn in Channel 5’s drama, I’ve become a great fan of so-called ‘colour blind casting’.

By the same token (no pun intended), I reckon that Idris Elba could have done us a great King Henry VIII. Or how about Halle Berry as a sexy little Eva (‘Mrs Hitler’) Braun? I’d say that she’d fit the profile perfectly.

The possibilities are endless; Tom Hardy could be great as Martin Luther King. Oh but hang on, wouldn’t that count as *gulp* ‘cultural appropriation’, and cause a riot of faux outrage among the wokerati?
It’s all a bit confusing at that…

Nominated by: Ron Knee

Colour Blind Casting in the Media

(Welcome back, Ron – DA)

60 thoughts on “Colour Blind Casting

  1. “This summer. Clint Eastwood as Shaka Zulu, coming to no fucking cinema near any cunt, anytime soon.”

    It’s only ok when they do it.

    Black privilege exists. Just look at the fucking telly for fuck’s sake. It’s like TV Nigeria. The other night on the footy, three pundits on itv. Two dark key women and a dark key man.

    And they have the fucking cheek to say ‘muh oppression lack of opportunity”

    I’m off to find a plastic surgeon who can turn me into a dark key. I’d be reading the news or starring in EastEnders within a month.

    Fuck off.

    • And good to see you back Ron.

      Does anyone know where Thomas the Cunt Engine went?

      • Hi there, CB…I’m still reading the site and enjoying all your cuntributions…been going through a bit of shit recently so haven’t felt motivated to post any amusing spite. Although the situation looks to be resolving itself, so I’ll be back posting racist, sexist claptrap before long.
        Cheers guys

      • Nice to see your still up and running Tommy Cuntengine!!👍👍

      • I have a shout out too, CB.

        Does anyone know where the Scarlet Pimpernel of Isac….’Farmer Giles’! went? “Long-time reader” and evidently short term poster 🙁

        First innocuous post to limbo him under mod scrutiny. Second post asking all about me and if I have been here before as I seem to “know my way around”, I ignored that one because I knew he wouldn’t give up. Third post in reply to my sock puppet post n the Troll thread, bemoaning my interest sock puppets and something along the lines of ‘what harm does it do if someone has more than one account’. When I reply to that one, mentioning sock puppets are generally used for cowardly purposes when somebody doesn’t want to use an established account….Fourth reply full of faux outrage, accusations of being ‘hate field’ and an overemotional and theatrical flouncing off!

        Alas, poor Farmer Giles (aka, A. N. D. Others), I knew him….. 😉 3…2….1

      • Ditto, Thomas. The site was leaning towards respectability during your absence.

      • I’ll believe in her ‘transition’ when she’s had her arse cheeks enlarged to the approximate size of a couple of Jupiter’s smaller moons.

  2. Yes how about jet li doing a remake of roots? Kunte kinte, explain that, cunts

  3. We are getting to the stage where white actors are surplus to requirements. Look at the fucking adverts, even the cartoon ones. I see some Hollywood cunt I have never heard of has had to apologise for not cramming something called ‘the Heights’ full of dar keys.

    Woopi Goldberg would make a good Queen Victoria. It’s coming.

    • No, you will always need white actors to play criminals, terrorists, n*nces, white supremacists etc.

      • Every single fictional whodunnit nowadays.

        Whodunnit? The straight white honky man who says something a bit racist in episode one.

    • The real problem is they can’t find an actor skilled enough to come across as convincingly dim.

    • Daniel Lewis could do the job I’d say, but he’s probably a bit too old now.
      Who’s gonna play Little Miss Sparkle?

      • Daniel Day Lewis in a wig, in fact he could play the whole cast. Probably invent a time machine to method act it too. Double win.

      • As suggested by Cunstable – Harry Enfield as Hewitt-Nice-But-Dim and Flabbot as Sparkletits.

  4. I once played Cornelius in the stage version of Planet of the Apes. I apologise to all the tanned, leftwing, woke and liberal that have been offended 🙁

  5. This is me rehearsing for the net biopic of Princess Diana, Queen of Hearts.

  6. My ideal colour blind cast list –

    Julius Caesar – Morgan Freeman
    Uncle Remus- Daniel Craig
    Mr Darcy – Big Narstie (Mr Narstie)
    Henry VIII – James Earl Jones
    Malcolm X – Sir Derek Jacobi
    Queen Victoria – Tina Turner
    Nelson Mandela- Sir Ian McKellern.

    What’s not to like?

  7. No such thing as colour blindness casting. Disabled roles should be played by disabled, black by black etc as far as the woke fuckwit masters of cuntitude are concerned.

    Winston Churchill though as a straight white male can be played by a pile of dog shit and no one would blink an eye.

    This woke shit fest isn’t improving the world or bringing equality, all it’s doing is undermining the west and the white race.

    Add what we’ve seen so far to the EU plan to bring 70 million Africans into Europe by 2035 and you have to open your eyes to the fact it’s all part of the plan to eliminate white nations and replace them with fuck knows what.

    • 70 million of the fuckers would have fuck all effect on Africa and return Europe to the dark ages. Where would the aid and medicines come from then?

  8. At this rate I’ll be moving to Poland, Hungary or Russia. At least they’ve not been infected with this pish.

  9. Color blind? Yeah right! We’re already seeing non-whites as the standard in all we see. It seems that racism is not racism if whites are the victims.
    To give a job or a acting part to someone or not select someone because of their skin color is racism.
    Racism is worse than ever and we all know it. The accusation of being racist strikes so much fear into everyone that they have completely gone past the balance point and become racist in the other fucking direction!
    My piss is red hot magma over this bullshit!

  10. Anne Boleyn’s death scene made me sick. Even in those times there was despicable systemic racism and white supremacy. She would never have lost her head if she was white.

    • Be interesting to see if they do a sequel about Elizabeth I with her famous “white face” make-up

  11. When they grown bored with colour-blind casting, can we have fruit blind casting?

    I want to see a Mango as James Bond.
    I want to see a Nectarine as Sherlock Holmes.
    How about a Sharon Fruit as MLK.
    We could have one of those little, black tomatoes in a new version of Nelson Mandela.

    Anything less would be fruitist.

    • I don’t see why not Cap. After all, we have been inundated with mumbling coconuts for the past year or so……

  12. It’s not “colour blind”. It’s n******, n******, n******, n******…………..n******………..n******.

    Anybody else, who isn’t black is included in a desperate attempt to pretend that it’s not all about n******, n******, n******.

    No chance a khun amounting to anything of real value (please, don’t mention performing monkeys in football or the Olympricks, or “musicians”) so they have to pretend and steal. Or rather moronic whites giving them a platform.

    And don’t get me started on “black” history, studies etc etc

    I have not, of course, watched black panther, but if a khun had had the idea, that would at least be something.

    Sorry cunters, can’t believe I said something that stupid. Guess I’m just “appropriatin”

  13. I quite liked Neha Dhupia as Eva Braun in Gandhi to Hitler. It’s so hilarious that you don’t need subtitles

    • Id make a great actor.
      Much better than that crybaby motherfucker deNiro.
      Im like quicksilver im that fast at slipping into character.
      And I can do any accent!
      My Gandhi is worthy of Larry olivier,

      “Oh goodness gracious me sahid, oh bud bud, a thousand apologies,”
      Youd swear it was him.
      Gender is no object either,
      My Michelle Obama

      “THOMAS, git dat dam mouses outta here lawks amissy!’

      Or can do flids like Stevie Hawkins
      “Exterminate, Exterminate,”
      Just wrap my Academy award ill have it to go ….

  14. And I’m watching the Hungary game and in the ITV studio 2 wimmin 2 poc. Ffs it’s like Somali tv. Whites not allowed.

    • I could tolerate it if they got a poc in as a replacement for that jug-eared, boggle-eyed twat Lineker.

      • Lineker is front page in today’s Times Firelighter* Supplement. Really. On ‘his most difficult moment’ Something to do with another footballer collapsing mid-game, I think.

        *I’ve tried using it to wrap chips but the dye bleeds out of the colour pics

  15. I have said it before:
    Accountants have control-get woke, go broke.
    This shitfest will soon run out of steam👍

  16. Casting is crucial. Cyrano de Bergerac had a big nose. Depardieu had a big big nose as well, so was well-suited to playing him. But what if they made a new version of the detective series Bergerac and the actor had a huge great enormous nose. Wouldn’t there be whispers the next day, “yes, I thought the storyline was good, but didn’t you think the actor had a big nose?” My point here is that the way a person looks is a crucial part of the success, or not, of a drama. CASTING is crucial in other words.

    • That header pic?
      Looks like a roulette wheel!
      Im betting everything on black…

  17. And we just know that the next Doctor Whoke will be both female and black. A foregone conclusion, sadly.

    • …..and consequently viewing figures plummet even more.
      It’s if no account to the unaccountable Black Bullshitting Cunts👎

  18. I would love to see Margaret Thatcher played by a nooc.
    Christ in the Passion Played by a Hammerhead.
    Shaka Zulu played by an arse rimmer honkey
    And best of all, Carrie Johnson played by Dianne Abbott.!

  19. This is fucking brilliant.

    Oprah Winfred as Adolf Hitler.
    Prince Harry as Eva Braun.
    Megan Monkeytits as Blondi the poisoned dog.

    All set on fire by the cast of Friends played by the first five blek mass murderers off Death Row.


  20. I’m going to go against the grain on this site by saying that I’d really want Idris Elba to be the next Bond. He’s handsome,suave very intelligent and ,if you challenged him, he would beat the living crap out of you.
    I have the privilege of seeing one of the trailers for the next Blockbuster.
    That scene where he sodomises that chinky cunt
    Judy Dench and gives her a spunk facial will be irrevocably etched on my brain

    • Idris Elba is a decent black actor but him in Thor as Heimdall basically Vahalla’s gatekeeper is cuntishness personifed. If thor is a Nordic mythical epic then it should be mirrored as such

      I don’t think that trailer exists but I’d watch it lol to see that cuht Dench get spunked on

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