Defibrillator Vandals

A cunting for the two teenage scum buckets who vandalised a defibrillator at a football ground.

Incident took place at about 1a.m on Sunday 13th June, what the fuck were they doing out at that time anyway? Shows what sort of parents they have.

I believe the two cunts have now been arrested.

Story in The Independent

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38 thoughts on “Defibrillator Vandals

  1. I yearn for a medieval style punishment for these two fuckers that consists of them having a defib-induced cardiac arrest.

    Only this time the crowd in the stadium won’t be weeping and holding hands but applauding.

    • Mindless Wankers.

      Concrete wellingtons & off the end of the pier they should go…

  2. Total bollocks. A complete non story only given prominence because of what happened to that Danish cunt.
    I really don’t care…….unless they are Peacefuls or Pikeys. Then they must die.

    • A complete non-story? Let’s hope you never need one in a hurry Freddie and it turns out to be vandalised or nicked. It’s a sad indictment of our fucked up society is what it is.

  3. How the fuck can they be identified if the faces are hidden…..

    One of the cunts is female (we I assume female, it’s wearing a long skirt), is it a sand dweller?


  4. Have a go on them both with it cranked up to full power (if there’s such a thing, fuck knows. What do you think I am, some sort of science cunt?)

    Give them both 50 shocks each, seeing as they seem so interested in the thing.

    Additionally, if they ever end up needing one of these, wheel out the one they broke and say “Oh dear. If only you’d not broken it!”

  5. They will get fuck all in court anyway. A complete waste of everybody’s time.

  6. Repeated tazering at 100,000 volts or whatever, then fitted with a concrete welly apiece and dropped in the North Sea.
    No mercy for these cunts.

    *(woke liberal whiner) ‘but that’s against their human rights cruel and unusual punishment they should be strongly admonished putting them in prison wouldn’t help they come from a deprived background they’re vulnerable’ etc ad fucking nauseum

  7. Let’s hope one day these cunts will need one of these and the last words they hear are ‘fuckinghell some cunts vandalised this!’.

  8. I think you lot are being a bit harsh on them.

    They thought it was an Xbox inside and then got upset when they realised it was only a set of jump leads and a car battery charger from Halfords.

  9. These are clearly the elite among vandals. A big step up from pushing over waste bins and chucking stones at greenhouses. The veritable Oceans 11 of the vandalism scene.

  10. They are probably chums with the trust fund daddy’s paying scum that wrecked that statue in Bristol.

  11. Very inconsiderate. I often need a jolt on the electrodes before I can get going in the morning.

  12. Catch them, use for organ donation, plus the parents and siblings. Any liberal do gooder cunt who protests, organ donation them as well. Too fucking soft in this country. Sack the judges and lawyers too.

  13. I’d strap these to up to a chair and use the defibrillator on them, that’ll send some shockwaves through them.

  14. One of the reasons that the depopulation nonsense is bollocks is that these people are exactly the type of cunt that the planet can do without. Lawless, non productive, and never likely to follow any order, let alone the new world fucker that’s supposed to be imminent. Yet these people ate in the ascendancy.

    • And yet it is these types who constantly open their legs to breed more of their own type. If they weren’t having 8 kids and the bleeding poverty from the state there might be more to go round.

      Though only a fictional piece of work there was a scene that got the hairs on the back of my neck going because it is so true:

      Agent Smith: Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment; but you humans do not. Instead you multiply, and multiply, until every resource is consumed. … There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern… a virus

  15. They and their feral scum family should have all access to the NHS and the benefits office withdrawn permanently with no exception, parents and siblings, all of ’em.
    These cunts need to learn that every action has a consequence and that their action could prove fatal to themselves and the feral cunts who bred them.

  16. Once cunts like this are rounded up, they should be made to pay for whatever they decided to fuck up, no job, no problem stop benefits until amount is covered, to young to claim benefits, no problem stop parents benefits until item is payed for, indirectly the parents are responsible anyway for shitting these backward cunts into the world in the first place.
    To be truthful if your on benefits what fucking business have you got having brats anyway……new rule i reckon.
    The country seems to forgotten parents are legally responsible for what these gobshite cunts do until they are 18……

  17. It is 2021, I cannot see anything wrong with this behaviour. Just the way it is, slap on the wrists a told they are very naughty boys. Down here they have been smashing up the local towns football clubs…… and on it goes. No respect, no responsibility.

  18. Should lower the age of consent/majority.
    Owt wrong with hanging 11 / 12 year olds. Most of them are drugged up vermin anyhow.

  19. If I was going to fuck with a defibrillator I would place a huge black dildo in the case so when they open it in a panic to use it, they find that big black rubber cock! That would be priceless!
    I would NOT be that cunt who sabotages the thing though. I am a harmless cunt.

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