Teaching The Achievements of Black People

From The Independent
If children don’t learn about the achievements of Black people, what hope is there for future racial equality?

Bigging Up Black People

What hope indeed. This culled from the Independent a newspaper apparently. Written by one Beverly Daniel Tatum. Dont know if this writer is one thing or the other. Perhaps a trannie hedging it’s bets.

We dont teach the great black writers because we are racist. Structurally and institutionally naturally. Let’s have a look at why this is:-

Chaucer, Shakespear even Dickens, the Brontes and so on predate black writing let alone the ‘great’ black authors.
So what are we supposed to be teaching at the expense of these white supremacists?

Some cunters may know of ‘great’ black writers. I’m fucked if I do.
Yet again, for the sake of inclusivity we must lower standards. Only a matter of time (hinted at in some universities) before maths, physics and chemistry go out the window in the cause of inclusivity. And Rastus getting the Nobel prize for Physics for passing GCSE.

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108 thoughts on “Teaching The Achievements of Black People

    • Off topic.

      Kopparberg have suspended advertising on GB News pending a review on the channels content as it is a drink “for everyone”! Which is indirectly or directly, depending on which way you look at it, implying that the channel is racist!

      They can stick their overpriced sugary cider shit up their arse. Never buy the stuff myself anyway but I will have great delight in making sure anyone I see that does and telling them all about Cowardberg!

      • When people were saying the BBC et al we’re trying to get them cancelled, I’m not sure if they meant the woke brigade lobbying advertisers to stop advertising on their channel?

        Because that is what’s going on here (Andrew Neil has mentioned this).

        They’ll win too, I’m afraid. One whiff of being labelled with the ‘r’ word and the companies advertising on the channel will be off.

        Their ‘cider’ is fucking shit anyway. Fizzy pop with a dash of alcohol.

        We can all boycott companies pulling out, but there will be hardly anything left to buy I’m afraid if you keep that up.

        This country is finished. Leftists who complain to these advertisers are absolute fucking demonic cunts who should be thrown on a fucking bonfire.

      • Well… it’s not for Muslims. Or vegans, as it uses animal products in the filtration process like many alcohol drinks. And yeah, it has a shit-ton of sugar and many people are avoiding sugar these days as it gives you cavities, has no nutritional value and makes you a corpulent cunt. I used to look like Stan now I look like Ollie. Another fine mess I got myself in!

      • Fuck knows what they’re on about. No way could anyone accuse GB News of being racist, it’s got diversity and inclusivity coming out of its ears!

        Blacks, effniks, at least one poof presenter, even that tranny thing India Willoughby! The only minority not yet represented is dwârfs, can only be a matter of time before Warwick Davis makes an appearance, much to Fiddler’s delight no doubt.

        And not just right-of-centre views are included, plenty of lefties on the show too. Clearly these Kopparberg twerps haven’t watched it, just swallowed MSM lies wholesale.

      • CB, RTC,

        Kopparberg have stated ‘pending a further review of channel content’. Of course this is the headline story on the BBC website entertainment section as they’re trying for as much damage as possible!

        There is also a great quote from Fraser Nelson regarding a consumer boycott! ‘Cancel culture is not popular. If Kopparberg are clever enough to sell cider to the English (Who have the best apples in the world) then it should realise its mistake!. We should expect clarification soon. Being ‘for everyone’ should mean being for everyone’

      • Ikea have pulled their ads as well. Same company just been fined £1m for spying on it’s employees. Cunts

    • Perhaps some sort of cave drawing award we can all enjoy independent of colour.

    • Koppaberg is a drink designed for cunts who don’t like proper drink. If someone asks for Koppaberg when I am buying they can fuck off.

      • Koppaberg is really no different to Peardrax or Cydrax in poncy bottles.

        I will stick with Aspalls or Henry Westons.

  1. Fuck me, anyone would think it’s Bleck day on ISAC – am I missing something!

    The dude in the top right of that photo is not black, he’s clearly some imposter who has just returned from kicking back for 9 months in the Caribbean.

    • Agreed, It has been very tanned here today! I thought perhaps it was something to do with the weather?

    • The dude at top right is Frederic Douglass a half caste who had a very rough time because he would not accept his lot as a black slave. Succeeded in his dash for freedom and became a very active voice for abolition as you would. I read his book, an eyewitness account of life as a slave, and how the hopeless predicament of being a slave fucks with the mind. Quite good!

  2. Nelson Mandela – Turned first world country in to third world

    Robert Mugabe – farm thieving cunt, similar to Mandela

    And much much more useless, chip on the shoulder kaffirs to mention but these pair of primates are a sample

  3. Great nom. This is a bugbear of mine. So many University Literature courses are demoting great English speaking writers in favour of little known and mediocre dark-key writers solely on the basis that they are dark-keys and therefore marginalised.

    The late, great critic Harold Bloom called this the “School of Resentment”. The “schools of resentment” use Marxist critical theory, African studies, Marxist literary criticism, feminist criticism and post-structuralism to bugger up the Western Literary Canon. The “school of resentment” wishes to enlarge the Western Canon by adding authors from minority groups regardless of aesthetic merit or influence. They argue that canonical works promote sexist and racist values and should be removed from the canon. Bloom correctly said that the school of resentment threatens the Western canon itself and will lead to its destruction. So no more Shakespeare, Dickens, Wordsworth or Chaucer.

    Talent is colour blind – whether or not a great writer is blek or not is of no consequence. There are great black writers worthy of emulation and study – like Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin and Samuel R Delaney (a great Sci-Fi writer). They are brilliant not because they are blek but because they have talent.

    Another woke enterprise designed to destroy Western Civilisation.


    • And mustn’t forget China Achebe – perhaps the only true great writer from the African Continent.

      • Errr…that’s it…..can’t think of any other world class African writers….except the overrated ones like Toni Morrison and Alice Walker.

  4. Google the greatest writers, not a blick to be seen, google greatest blick writers and out of the top 10 only heard of Alex Haley whereas I may not have read all the greatest writers I have heard of all of them.

    Other than sports blicks are fucking useless 😂

    • Alex Haley made up most of Roots – and did fuck all after it anyway.

  5. The fact is the bleks have contributed fuck all to the west except gun crime and rap music.
    Great inventors,writers, scientist,medics,engineers….zip. All white.
    Fuck off with this lying crap.

  6. At dawn the ridge emerges massed and dun
    In the wild purple of the glow’ring sun,
    Smouldering through spouts of drifting smoke that shroud
    The menacing scarred slope; and, one by one,
    Tanks creep and topple forward to the wire.
    The barrage roars and lifts. Then, clumsily bowed
    With bombs and guns and shovels and battle-gear,
    Men jostle and climb to, meet the bristling fire.
    Lines of grey, muttering faces, masked with fear,
    They leave their trenches, going over the top,
    While time ticks blank and busy on their wrists,
    And hope, with furtive eyes and grappling fists,
    Flounders in mud. O Jesus, make it stop!

    Dis poetry is like a riddim dat drops
    De tongue fires a riddim dat shoots like shots
    Dis poetry is designed fe rantin
    Dance hall style, big mouth chanting,
    Dis poetry nar put yu to sleep
    Preaching follow me
    Like yu is blind sheep,
    Dis poetry is not Party Political
    Not designed fe dose who are critical.
    Dis poetry is wid me when I gu to me bed
    It gets into me dreadlocks
    It lingers around me head
    Dis poetry goes wid me as I pedal me bike
    IÕve tried Shakespeare, respect due dere
    But did is de stuff I like.

    Enough said.

    • I am sure everyone will be pleased to know that you can get BBC news in Pidgin, licence money well spent. 😂

    • Benjamin Zephaniah is a fucking wanker.
      All this black achievement crap is The Emperor’s New Clothes in a shade of n1gger brown.

      • Zephaniah was brilliant in Peaky Blinders though, he really fitted in to the scene of early 1920’s Birmingham, must have been loads of rastas about then. Like bollocks…

  7. Why is all their enthusiasm and (somewhat) pointless efforts in trying to portray the Black African as some kind of big cog in our civilisation? If they are trying to prove all the great inventions and literary efforts are not just whitey’s reserve then what about the Asians and the Orientals?

    Spears, grubs on spits, corrugated steel shacks, holes in the ground to shit in, walking miles with a pot on the head to collect bufffalo piss/water, eyelid flies, Ebola, bushmeat, Pidgin English, tyreswings, body piercings, clay plates in the lip, piracy, cannabalism, dancing wild animal poaching, making babies – now these are all ‘great’ African achievements that can be taught in schools so pupils can then make their own mind up about the African contribution to the modern world.

    Fuck off.

    • Jack Black
      Cilla Black
      Brown sugar
      James Brown
      Crazy world of Arthur Brown
      Not everythings vanilla.

      My favourite dark keys of talent?
      George Foreman
      Joe Frazier
      Huggy Bear
      Jack Johnson
      Lee scratch perry
      Richard Prior
      And that one, who does antiques, Davies Dickinson.

      • What about Barry White? White supremacist on the weekends and bank holidays.

      • Barry the hippo of luurve?
        He was either taking the piss or a traitor to his own.
        Thought I saw him once on the outskirts of Congleton LL.
        But was pile of cattle shit heaped up.
        Just needed a microphone and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.😁

    • “Asians and the Orientals”

      Hell, yeah. Omar Khayyam, Confucius, Attar, the dude that penned the Upanishads, Matsuo Basho ( and a raft of other Japs) Orhan Pamuk…. right off the top of my head… and you don’t need to be doing a plastic degree in Woke Studies to have heard of them at all.

      • Orhan Pamuk was actually Dot Cotton’s illegitimate son. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t get on well as a young child living in Walford with Nasty Nick (he also hated Dot’s incessant smoking) and – still in short trousers – he learnt Modern Turkish, fled London for İstanbul, pretending to be Turkish.

        A very talented chap

      • Yes – Orhan Pamuk is a great writer. My Name is Red is a brilliant book.

      • Memo to self: avoid all references to Turkey henceforth. It only encourages him.
        @MMCM – The man’s a genius for atmosphere and place. And not formulaic, either. The bleak ‘Snow’ is another masterpiece.

      • I have yet to read Snow, Komodo, but I have no doubt it’s brilliant.

      • Wasn’t Mr. Pamuk the lad that got sagged to death by Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey?

  8. Its a vicious circle. The only ‘achievements’ you will hear about about black people will involve struggle, oppression, slavery and naughty whitey. If your whole history is defined by eternal victimhood, where else do you go? White people were slaves for thousands of years from the Romans, Vikings to feudal serfdom yet went on to Shakespeare, Beethoven, the Industrial Revolution, splitting the atom and inventing the jet engine plus much, much more.

    • You’ve got to love that feller bottom left though, haven’t you? The organisational skills of a Whitey. Even with a trumped-up charge of manslaughter, Don King is the shizz.

    • They are not entirely absent from the inventors. As a child I read about one George Washington Carver, a former slave peanut picker who became a scientist and invented…peanut butter!

  9. I had to read the Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison for a course once. It was shit. Japanese writers are far better than them.

    I can’t name a single book I’ve read (like to read a lot) that I recommend from a black writer. Which is odd actually, never thought about it before.

    • Like that other overrated dark-key cunt, Zadi Smith.

      • Zadie Smith is an atrocious writer, it’s like hitting your head with a cricket bat named ‘this is the super hidden submeaning’.

      • But…but….she must be good….she’s blek!

        If I were a dark-key I’d feel insulted. It’s like saying, “you’re black AND you can write…..my god, you must be good”.

  10. If it takes more than an hour, they are dragging it out.
    What a load of cunt. Nobody says let’s have a look at white achievement, it just happens that when you are listing humankinds’ greatest achievements, they tend to be western European in origin. Bleating about it is going to change fuck all, and the only effect it will have is more division.

  11. Integration by propaganda. I seriously believe that kids in a generation or so will believe this was always a multi racial multicultural country.

    They infer it through the media daily and it’s seeping into education. It’s been going on for decades, a gradual revision of the recent past and a fake reality presented by the media. Now the plans visible to all who actually bother to look.

  12. Is this not about judging people by the colour of their skin.
    Affirmative action – in action.

    There’s an unhealthy obsession with promoting bliks over any other race at the moment.
    One glance at the idiot lantern would confirm that.
    Last time I looked, there were many other darker hued ethnics in the UK that aren’t sub Saharan.
    Middle Eastern, Far Eastern, Indian sub continent etc yet it would seem these folk aren’t as important.

  13. Apparently peanut butter was invented by a black person….. obviously didn’t do much good for people with peanut allergies but good job nonetheless.

      • I believe the prototype was a contraption which used half a water melon spinning 180 degrees on a skewer with the inside of the water melon meaning STOP and the outside meaning GO.

      • How come thr Blâcks never mention one of their most famous inventions:

        The Burning Necklace ~ W.Mandela

  14. Theme for English B� – Langston Hughes

    The instructor said,

    Go home and write
    a page tonight.
    And let that page come out of you—
    Then, it will be true.

    I wonder if it’s that simple?
    I am twenty-two, colored, born in Winston-Salem.
    I went to school there, then Durham, then here
    to this college on the hill above Harlem.
    I am the only colored student in my class.
    The steps from the hill lead down into Harlem
    through a park, then I cross St. Nicholas,
    Eighth Avenue, Seventh, and I come to the Y,
    the Harlem Branch Y, where I take the elevator
    up to my room, sit down, and write this page:

    It’s not easy to know what is true for you or me
    at twenty-two, my age. But I guess I’m what
    I feel and see and hear, Harlem, I hear you:
    hear you, hear me—we two—you, me, talk on this page.
    (I hear New York too.) Me—who?
    Well, I like to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love.
    I like to work, read, learn, and understand life.
    I like a pipe for a Christmas present,
    or records—Bessie, bop, or Bach.
    I guess being colored doesn’t make me NOT like
    the same things other folks like who are other races.
    So will my page be colored that I write?
    Being me, it will not be white.
    But it will be
    a part of you, instructor.
    You are white—
    yet a part of me, as I am a part of you.
    That’s American.
    Sometimes perhaps you don’t want to be a part of me.
    Nor do I often want to be a part of you.
    But we are, that’s true!
    As I learn from you,
    I guess you learn from me—
    although you’re older—and white—
    and somewhat more free.

    This is my page for English B.

  15. In Seffrica we got to a stage (under the corrupt thief Zuma) where my Indian and Coloured (yes, an acceptable term) friends realised that the werent black enough to prosper. Or dishonest and stupid enough come to that.

    Those that could fucked off to Oz, NZ, Canada, UK.

  16. I saw one driving a car once!
    In broad daylight!
    I immediately phoned the police.

    • I saw one the other day driving up the M6 in the outside lane at 52 mph with his head against the side window, talking on the ‘phone and weaving across 2 lanes.
      I also called the police.

      • I saw one in an Aston Martin the other day. I too phoned the police.

  17. A course on black achievements you say?
    Will have to be a single day course.
    Timetable as folllows:

    -9.am Introduction by Sir Lenworth Henry, course leader, Chancellor of “Bongo bongo” College, Aston.

    -9.15 am Break for breakfast of chicken nuggets, root beer and “kat”.

    9.45 am Lecture 1: The great negro philosophers.

    9.46am Break. Coffee and Jaffa Cakes.

    10.30 am Lecture 2: The positive influence of blacks in society.

    10.32 am extended lunch. BBQ outside with live performance from the Birmingham Afro-Caribbean steel drum orchestra.
    Choice of menu:
    Kentucky fried chiggun
    Homily grits
    Ochra for the vegetarian option

    1.00pm Lecture 3 The great black scientist.

    1.05 pm “smoking” break.

    2.00pm Lecture 4 The positive influence of blacks on modern politics.

    2.05pm Afternoon recess.

    2.45pm Closing speech by Dame Lawrence.

    3.00 pm Free for all looting of the local town centre, in a “stunning & brave” recreation of the aftermath of the demise of Saint George of the Banana-mayo on Rye.

    (Bame’s only. Obviously)

    • Point of order:
      I think you’ll find root beer has its origins in a sassafras extract used by Native Americans, but made commercial by an all-white pharmacist called Charles Hires. No blacks were involved.
      The chicken nugget was invented in 1955 by Robert C Baker, a wholly caucasian food scientist.
      We return you to something more interesting.

      • *Extra elective lecture*
        Special Guest visiting Professor Markles gives a lecture on Creative Writing and How To Be A Successful Author

        13.45 – 13.46 (including break)

  18. Derek Griffiths was cool on Play School but even as a kid, I knew he was a token.

    • Derek Griffiths was a legend.
      That scary looking cunt, Floella Benjamin was the stuff of nightmares😢

      • Now a Baroness. Not sure why presenting Play School deserves that honour.

        She was also until recently Chancellor of Exeter University – the one I cunted recently for their attitudes about Newton and Darwin. No surprise there. Play School is advanced stuff at Exeter University.

      • As a child id boycott playschool if Floella was on,
        Also that creepy doll Hannbel which looked Korean.
        Creeping in even then.
        What time is it Flo would ask?

        ‘Time you got sent back!!’

        A angry young MNC would screech.

      • Derek Griffiths was a good guy. I remember a big fuss about him being given a chance on Broadway. Sadly he bombed. I always felt sorry about that.

      • I remember him from when I was a kid.

        To be honest, I just thought he was a great kids’ entertainer. You don’t really see colour when you’re 4. Just a funny bloke.

        I like to think he got his job on merit. He was probably my favourite TV presenter along with Brian Cant and Jonny Ball from that era. It would certainly have been harder for a dark key to get a TV job back then Im guessing? However, today they chuck any old dark key on the telly just “cos ee is black innit?”

      • “You don’t really see colour when you’re 4. Just a funny bloke.”

        Hear, hear. And that’s the problem with tokenism and the proliferation of ethnics on telly, nowadays.

      • Humpty Dumpty annoyed me. He’d probably blame it on Type 2 Diabetes now but it was really noshing on too many Ginsters and Scotch Eggs, and stealing Little Ted’s Sunny Delite, the fat cunt.

      • Don’t forget Johnny from Pipkins, who took over the errant puppets when Inigo Pipkin unexpectedly passed away in 1973.

  19. Amongst other developments they are apparently claiming is that the Pyramids, Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were all black. It gets better, they also invented everything we attribute to the Greeks and Romans, mathematics, philosophy, art, literature. Oh and apparently they could also fly!
    The fact is that despite all the propaganda, Black Africa has generated the square root of sod all.

    • My response is simply, “Yes, yes but if all this is true, why was the white man inventing the aeroplane, while the blacks who had not been visited by the white man, still not inventing a wheel?”

  20. The only black author I’ve read and rate is Alex Haley and his book Roots.

    Two other famous blick authors that spring to mind (though I’ve not read them) are Alice Walker and James Baldwin.

    As for black achievers, surely no-one would dispute the gift to humanity of WJ Ballow who, in 1898, invented the ‘Combined Hat Rack And Table’ (patent number 601422).

    Long may he be remembered!

    • Well he’s no Francis Crick, but OK!

      Evening Ruff.

      Ps, didn’t you have one in a room on the east wing of Creampuff Manor or am I thinking of the steam powered shoehorn and bureau?

  21. If any cunt tells you the reason dark keys didn’t invent anything major is because of ‘oppression and colonialism from the white man’, then tell them to look at a place where the white man has left the black man to his own devices.

    Such a place exists.

    North Sentinel Island.

    It’s a bunch of butt naked dark keys with spears, who will attack and kill anyone coming near the shore. In 2021 for fuck’s sake.

    What’s their excuse? I will await their self- flying car invention though.

    • Didn’t some misguided young cunt try and sneak onto the island a whole back?

      He made a 3rd class investigative journalist but a 1st class 2nd course👎

      ©️Blackadder 111

      • I also recall ‘Big Ron’ Atkinson during the World Cup in Spain in ’82 as an ITV pundit.

        He was on the sunbed so much he looked like James Earl Jones lol.

        He must’ve called himself all sorts of names when he looked in the mirror.

  22. Shaka (Zulu king) always struck me as an impressive ruler – though he’s no Alexander, Ghengis or Augustus- and his reign was cut short , Murdered by his brothers
    I think their achievements in sport, music and dance truly ARE impressive
    However I think they seem to have less capacity for abstract thought than European and Asian people and are perhaps more emotional, hence little science/ philosophy/maths engineering than the Europeans and Asians
    Although maybe I’m wrong- maybe they’ve been deliberately held back by us. maybe they did invent everything, then we took it all off them without them realising (we did it really gradually)and re wrote history without them noticing -again very subtly and gradually, and perhaps with some good intentioned Black people assisting with the theft and deception.
    Suddenly one day they realise we’ve taken everything and turned the paradise they live in into a shit hole
    But that couldn’t happen in reality

    • Why couldn’t it? I’d say that the reverse is precisely what is happening now.

  23. The reason nobody has ever read nor heard of them is the simple fact that they are very shit.
    Blek propaganda is a very real evil in our society.
    Equality my arse.

  24. Look no further than Rhodesia as an example, Africa’s bread basket, White farmers driven from their established and fruitful homestead’s, handed then to the native Blacks and the resulting balls up is there for all to see.! Their only invention is Jenkum which for those who are unaware of this triumph is that you take a large plastic bottle, mix shit with piss then place a plastic bag over the top until it fills with fumes then inhale said stench possibly to take their minds off what a failed species they really are

  25. Dennis Wheatley wrote extensively about black magic, but he is ignored by the national curriculum. Disgusting.

  26. Paul Daniels had his own tv magic show but not kindly old Aleister Crowley?

    If your face doesn’t fit….

    • Great Uncle Al was a kind hearted man. He always said thank you to the burly young men who deep dicked him and to the wholesome young girls who he performed a similar act on.
      I won’t have a bad word said about him🤔

    • Crowley had a sister who lived in Croydon in WWII. When he heard that there had been an air raid, and that she had survived unscathed, he wrote to Fat Hermann of the Luftwaffe, enclosing her address, and urging him to do better next time.
      As for bleck writers, I always enjoyed Little Black Sambo, but doubt whether the blicks had reached that level of literacy at that point in history

  27. David Nixon was brilliant. Ali Bongo was obviously a raycist.

  28. One of the funniest things I ever saw was a bank check obviously written by a low educated Knee-grow. They wrote the amount as “Six hunnit fiddy (dolluz)” with the penmanship of a 4 year old
    Google it.
    I loved Driving Miss Daisy.
    Lupita N’Yongo is a good looking woman.
    I like Will Smith rap songs.
    If I think of other examples of accomplished blacks I’ll let you know.

    • He could write? Probably a professor of Critical Race Studied at your local University.
      Most would have just scrawled a rough ✖️

      • Blacks have a different Father Christmas.
        Santy claus.
        Sees the kids once a year for 5minutes like most black blokes,
        Emptys his sack and asks to borrow ‘fiddy dollars’.
        Little black kids wake on Christmas morning to find a IOU in their stocking.

        Sheeit mudderfucka.

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