Stop Funding Hate (At GB News)

They are campaigning to discourage companies from advertising on the new channel GB News. So far, Kopparberg – a Swedish cider maker, Grolsch – brewer of shit lager, Ikea, the Open University and Nivea have suspended advertising on GB News.

Stop Funding Hate is another example of the hard-left cancel culture supported by ignorant bigots. In the UK, news channels are supposed to be impartial (take note BBC and Sky), and GB News has stated that it will air opinions from across the political and social spectrum. As a result of one of their previous campaigns, Virgin Trains stopped selling the Daily Mail on their trains until Richard Branson told them to reverse this stupid policy.

Stop Funding Hate was founded by Richard Wilson, a former Corporate Affairs Officer at Amnesty International. This stupid cunt probably won’t watch GB News and doesn’t even read the newspapers that his campaigns target. If he is so keen on censorship he should fuck off to Belarus.

If advertisers continue to respond to his campaigns and cancel certain media outlets, they will end up advertising only in the Independent and the Guardian, which hardly anybody reads, so more fool them.

GB News Cancel Culture

Stopfundinghate Web Site


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77 thoughts on “Stop Funding Hate (At GB News)

  1. Richard Wilson ……
    He wasn’t funny in one. foot in the grave. Either

  2. Three pair of cunts!

    Stop hate with oppression of free speech, seems like a really good idea if you’re a lefty leaning Marxist cunt. Shame the cunt with the camera who took the nom photo wasn’t one of the ISAC brotherhood armed with a Webley

  3. These thick brain dead leftwing cunts cannot see the irony of it. They are the cunts who hate, they hate everything they do not agree with. Stalin would have been proud. Fuck off and die oxygen thieves.

  4. Looks like IKEA are getting ready to reverse their decision –

    ‘On Tuesday, we took a decision to suspend advertising on GB News. While we had not actively sought to appear on the channel, the decision to suspend our advertising was taken at great speed.
    “As a newly launched channel, we recognise that it is simply too soon to make an informed decision as to whether advertising there is in line with our advertising policy and brand guidelines. We want to make it clear that it was not our intention to polarise our customers or others in this debate, and a decision on our future approach will be taken in due course.”

    Phew. Looks like my Billy bookcases are safe. Everything else in IKEA is shite.

  5. Just emailed Spacsvers and told them to cancel my monthly contact lens scheme. I told them the reason why and also pointed out that they have been avoiding UK tax for years by being set up in the Channel Islands and asked how this fitted in with their woke view of life. Silly fucking cunts. Losing my account won’t make them change their tiny minds, but makes me feel better.

  6. Amnesty used to be known for supporting imprisoned journalists who spoke truth to power.

    Now, the fucking cunts are supporting power against journalists. Incredible to see them trying to shut down news media with barely a hint of conservatism against the woke shit show we see everywhere else.

    Most MSM journalists are just mouthpieces now for the anti white agenda.

    Fuck Amnesty, the fucking puffs.

  7. Slowly they are all coming back on board. Funny that. Cancel people and they will vote with their feet. Just remember they made that decision in the first place.

  8. How long will it be before these woke companies reverse their positions saying ‘lessons will be learned ‘.

    • Too late for me, cunts have showed their hand. I didn’t use many of the company products anyway.

  9. Just caught the tail end of AN giving them media the politest cunting though i agree with him that rash decision will have been made by the companies PR and marketing agencies. Could prove costly.

    • I saw that as well. Andrew Neil, with help from Andrew Doyle, gave 2 barrels to ridiculous woke companies that boycotted GB TV on the say-so of a few woke extremists. Magnificent stuff.

  10. Best way to hurt these cunts is to stop buying thier products and publicise it so that others hopefully do the same. They are virtue signalling cunts, wankers and arseholes all rolled into one.

    • Exactly. A lot of these companies think they can cancel whoever they want and suffer no ill effects on their quest for virtue signalling glory. But their income doesn’t magically spawn on a money tree, and if the public have an issue with the way they operate, we can easily cancel them right the fuck back.

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