Professor Dan Hicks and the Benin Bronzes

First of all a short history lesson.

The Benin Bronzes are a collection of ornamental bronze plaques and sculptures from the Edo people in what is today Nigeria. They were taken from Benin by the British Army during the Benin Expedition in 1897 and are today cared for in the British Museum. They led to a greater appreciation of traditional African art and culture and have been extensively studied by experts as well as viewed by many thousands of museum visitors.

The Benin Expedition was a nasty affair. In 1897 a Benin strike force brutally attacked and killed the members of an official British trade expedition. Up to that point, Britain had left Benin alone and tried to peacefully trade with it, but the ruler of Benin would have none of it and tried to make life difficult for the British in a number of ways, culminating in the murderous attack on the British party which was unarmed at the time.

We had some balls back then and sure enough a punitive expedition was dispatched to Benin to teach the ghastly woligogs a lesson.

When they arrived (the King of Benin having run away) they found the signs of a truly brutal, savage and nasty culture. There were scenes of human sacrifice where the captured African slaves of the Benin people had been ritually murdered. There were pits filled with dead bodies. There were sacrificial trees with decomposing and often headless bodies nailed to them.

These things were not made up. They were well attested by many observers, including Sir Richard Burton. The British tidied things up, obviously feeling no respect for this despicable culture, and shipped the Bronzes to England where the majority of them were preserved and cared for. Some were taken by army officers and sold into private collections.

As writer Elspeth Huxley wrote in her 1954 book on the massacre – ” … It is a story that still has power to amaze and horrify, as well as to remind us that the British had motives for pushing into Africa other than the intention to exploit the natives and glorify themselves.

Here, for instance, are some extracts from the diary of a surgeon who took part in the expedition.:- ‘As we neared Benin City we passed several human sacrifices, live women slaves gagged and pegged on their backs to the ground, the abdominal wall being cut in the form of a cross, and the uninjured gut hanging out.

These poor women were allowed to die like this in the sun. Men slaves, with their hands tied at the back and feet lashed together, also gagged, were lying about. As we neared the city, sacrificed human beings were lying in the path and bush—even in the king’s compound the sight and stench of them was awful. Dead and mutilated bodies were everywhere — by God! May I never see such sights again! . . .’

Fast forward 120 years and along comes Hicks, with his book “The Brutish Museums: The Benin Bronzes, Colonial Violence and Cultural Restitution”. Yes he really does say the “Brutish Museum”. He ridicules the British story of the massacre and the unsavoury practices of the Benin people.

To Hicks there is only one savage and aggressive party in the affair and that’s the British. The ‘atrocity” was the looting of the Benin Bronzes from the peaceful, loving kind people of Benin. They should be resituated immediately as a debt of colonialism. Museums, Hicks makes clear, are culturally aggressive institutions and insult to dark keys and the colonised.

What a load of morally indignant virtue signalling woke nonsense.

If it hadn’t been for the British many artistic treasures, such as these bronzes and the Elgin Marbles, would have rotted away in the heat or would have been used to build shacks and lean-to’s for the lazy natives to sleep in all day. It’s the tone of this book which annoys me as much as the flawed thesis.

The British must be in the wrong and the Africans must be in the right. It’s part of that same trend that idolises the Africans of yesterday as peace loving vegetarians that bothered nobody until the British came along and made them slaves.

The truth is closer to Conrad’s Heart of Darkness – they were terrifying cannibals not worthy of respect.

Brutal Colonial Aggression

Benin Expedition 1897

Nominated by: Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

And then there’s this from Ron Knee

Offence Archaeologists
Eh, what? What’s ‘offence archaeology’ when it’s at home?

Well, the ignoble art of grassing up somebody has been practised since Judas dobbed The Man in for thirty pieces of silver. There’s always been a plentiful supply of those only too willing to act as a stool pigeon for the Inquisition or the Gestapo of the day.

The equally unsavoury bedfellow to these blackguards can be found in the ‘offence archaeologist’; namely, the childish but sinister cunt who slavishly trawls through the past actions and statements of others with the specific intention of finding something, anything, which can then be used to discredit them, usually in pursuit of some agenda.

Naturally enough, low-life practitioners of this activity are in their element in the age of wokery, policing soshul meeja for any past indiscretion which can then be thrown in the face of anyone deemed to have offended their doctrinaire world view.

The latest victim of offence archaeologists is England’s debutant fast bowler Ollie Robinson, who’s being hounded by an agent of the Thought Police for some immature remarks he tweeted nearly a decade ago.

Some priggish do-gooder with too much time on their hands took it upon themself to deem his comments ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’ (sadly for said archaeologist, it seems that Robinson hasn’t said anything which could be labelled homophobic or transphobic as well).

Naturally, the arseaeologist in question made sure that the comments were revealed just hours before the lad’s Test Match debut. Of course, Robinson had to make the now ritual grovelling apology; ‘my actions were inexcusable, I’ve now matured and fully regret the tweets’ etc etc.

My, how vindicated and sanctimonious the finger-pointer must feel, having ruined the lad’s big day and left him open to possible sanctions.

In days gone by, these offence takers would have been storming about carrying pitchforks and blazing torches, demanding that women accused of witchcraft be burned at the stake. Nowadays the woke mob gets its vindictive pleasure by trying to have those who have offended the prevailing orthodoxy roasted on the bonfire of public opinion.

Now all of this might not be so bad if the aim was genuinely to make life better, but we all know what this is really about. It’s about poker-up-the arse social justice warriors signalling their own virtue, while at the same time, taking perverse pleasure in being part of a mob witch hunt. Ironically, it never seems to occur to these twats that the majority of people regard them as arseholes.

As Robbie Burns might have put it, ‘a cunt’s a cunt for a’ that’.

64 thoughts on “Professor Dan Hicks and the Benin Bronzes

  1. What I find odd is that the same people damning Robinson for foolish things he did as a youth, whilst saying this is no excuse, would be the first to want to pardon Shamina Begum for doing something foolish as a youth. Her foolishness is somewhat more sinister and evil than Robinson’s. And when I said odd, what I meant was cuntish.

  2. Great cuntings MMCM & Ron.

    Offence archaeologists and grovelling apologies are one thing, but for the England Cricket Board (ECB) to actively sabotage its own team’s prospects by suspending key players on such flimsy grounds is bleeding bonkers, to put it mildly!

    And not content with destroying Ollie Robinson’s promising career before it had barely started, the ECB is now looking for more players to wag its fingers at and humiliate:

    This Country Is Finished.

    • What happens when the social media offerings of overseas players are examined prior to their team touring England. If their tweets etc are deemed to be offensive does the ECB reserve the right to refuse to allow them to play here despite their own cricket board finding no offence?
      It has all the makings of a perfect shit storm; get the beer and popcorn ready.

      • Governing bodies of foreign teams would never be so stupid as throw ridiculous spanners in their own teams works.

        Can the ECB refuse the right of foreign teams to play here?

    • Sport in this country is finished, too many box tickers and virtue signallers as opposed to talent and skill.
      I hope the footballers and the cricketers get royaly fucked every time they play, set of cunts.

  3. I say give them back this bronze shit and every stinking Nigerian in this country along with them.
    Seems fair to me.

  4. Thanks for the history lesson MMCM, it was something I knew nothing about. The problem with so many modern historians is that they are unable to see anything in the past except in today’s woke mindset. The Nigerians seem to have progressed little since the dark days of 1897, what with their letter writing, call centres and a penchant for kidnapping and murdering schoolgirls.
    Colonisation hasn’t stopped in Africa, only now it is being carried out by the Chinkies, aided and abetted by Coronavirus.
    As for Ron’s erudite nomination, the journalist who exposed Olly Robinson really is an arsehole of the most unwiped variety.
    This woke Twatter , witch-hunting nonsense, has got to stop. It will be interesting to see what happens to those companies who have boycotted advertising on GB News . I suspect, and hope, it will backfire on them and they get hit in the pocket by those customers who are fed up to the back teeth of the news agenda being controlled by the left. That is the majority of this country.In the immortal words of Sir Richard Fidler and Dominic Frisbee FUCK OFF.

    • Morning Wanksock.

      I’m beginning to get a little concerned about the continuing “teething problems” re GB News channel. They should have ironed out the often fuzzy picture quality and sound problems by now, shouldn’t they? Even as a supporter I often find it a frustrating watch, fuck knows what the uncommitted viewer makes of it.

      • I agree. Watching it at the moment is a question of dedication trumping frustration. Come on GB News – we want you to succeed.

      • Hello RTC,

        It is not very good but it should get better, but they need to do it quickly. With so many tuppeny hapenny channels able to broadcast with a decent picture quality you do wonder if dark forces (meaning the bloody BBC) are at work to sabotage the job.

  5. The most interesting nom I have read on this site and I am obliged MMCM. I have learned something today.

    All Kunes ( and from wherever ) should be forced to read and study this nom.

    For once Im actually speechless.

    • “… I have learned something today……All Kunes ( and from wherever ) should be forced to read and study this nom.”

      And there was me thinking that was the whole point of Bleck ‘Histeria’ Month ???

  6. A most impressive and erudite cunting, MMCM and Ron Knee!

    This 21st century trend for re-writing history is happening just about everywhere. These writers often having the title of ‘Professor’ or ‘Doctor’, are so fucking arrogant that they believe their stylised, styrofoamed, vacuum packed, version of events somehow invalidates those recorded by the very people who were actually there at the time and witnessed the atrocities first hand.

    Cunts re-writing history to embellish their own accomplishments – sold to snowflake cunts who then Tweet ‘the truth’ to any like minded arseholes. Woe betide anyone who challenges their warped viewpoint.

    As Ruffers says – this country is finished. Expect many book bonfires once the lockdown is lifted.

    • Check the link, this cunt looks as you would expect – he could be the long lost brother of Lord Adonis.

      A refuge from the Mr Muscle Advert; not exactly Indiana Jones. Either a hoop reamer or an incel who hasn’t even sniffed a lady’s hairy pie and can only create discord and controversy in an attempt to get laid. Probably.

      What a cunt.

      • He looks like Tin Tin in middle age. Definitely parks his car at the rear entrance. What a stack of shit.

      • ‘I study human duration not just to contemplate, but to intervene with the ongoing presence of the past in our shared contemporary world’.

        Er, well, thanks for that Danno. I’m sure that we’ll all be profoundly grateful for that, once we figure out just what the fuck this bit of pseudowaffle actually means.
        PS; love the specs.

        Morning all.

      • Hopefully he will be despatched to take the bronzes back and when he gets there the savages will eat the cunt.

    • Excellent summary of historiographical practice Paul. It’s a circle of ‘historians’ squatting in their ‘book lined caves’ quoting each other where each repetition somehow adds to a statement’s veracity; it’s like a circle of dogs all with their noses up each others’ learned professorial ring-holes.

      “…Expect many book bonfires once the lockdown is lifted.”

      If there’s anything left in print form that is! Once historical texts are all digitised it means they’re editable and therefore subject to revision. You talk of book burning – why do you think they called those devices “Kindle”s? bit of a giveaway I always thought.
      All rather academic anyway as if the voter base has a reading age of 12 and an attention span to match then you don’t need to burn anything as they’re not inclined to read such tomes and wouldn’t have the vocabulary to understand them anyway

  7. Nothing has changed in nearly 200 years, they are still cutting eachother up. King of Benin with his wives and slaves ? Surely not slaves ? Surely not wives ? Would he have such a commitment? What a role model. I’m off now to listen to some Johnny Rebel music. Check him out for yourselves as I’m shit with links.

    • “…I’m off now to listen to some Johnny Rebel music.”

      Fuckin’ hell Rob, if you know any sites that are hosting J/Reb I’m fucked if I can find them??? I miss the story of Banjo the reeking yard ape.

  8. African slaves of the Benin people. No no this is wrong. Blacks didn’t keep slaves. Only the devil white man kept and traded slaves. The blacks were a peaceful loving, scientifically geared people. Ill refer the honourable IAC folk to the progress Africa as a continent makes in the space race, nuclear fusion and fuel free cars.
    Honest m’lud

  9. You can bet that the brutality of the king of Benin never sees the light of day during Black History Month, as we know there is only one evil in the world and it’s white.

    The Ollie Robinson shit is just that, he is a cricketer not a woman’s refuge manager or on the racial equality commission. If everybody who made a slightly racist or derogatory remark about women was suspended or sacked half the population would be unemployed 😂

    • The Ashanti kingdom should be taught in black history month. A kingdom built on slavery. They removed the top of the little finger to see who was and who wasnt a slave. In Gambia today they do a handshake that flicks little fingers to show they are not Ashanti slaves. No whites involved.

  10. The bronzes were made with Portuguese technology and from coin obtained from selling slaves. I’d like to disembowl prof Hicks and leave the lying cunt out in the sun.

  11. Hicks book is published by Pluto Press – a left wing publisher which describes itself as radical, internationalist and anti-capitalist. It’s revisionist history with a political slant, designed to portray whitey as a villain. A load of bollox.

  12. A magnificent nomination.
    Simply perfect.

    I despise any attempt to undermine dilute or otherwise subvert the history of one of the greatest nations ever in human history.
    I suppose writing lies and selling them to halfwits isn’t a crime..but it fucking well should be.
    I do like to read history and these tales of daring do when Britain didn’t fuck about.
    How low we have been dragged by a corrupt political class.
    Anyhow,oven the vermin.
    And keep the statues.

  13. Even over 20 years ago when I studied archaeology (a spectacular waste of time) this shit was the sanctioned view of the femstasi Marxist faculty and most students. My opinion that the British museum were better custodians of world treasures than the corrupt, unstable and backward shitholes they were ‘acquired’ from received howls of derision that in true libtard style I wasn’t allowed to respond to. The argument at the time was about the crown jewels, the star of Africa (a found object cut from the Cullinan diamond), the star of India (righteous spoils of war) and the Kolinar diamond (a gift from the king of Punjab). The cunts refused to accept that many of these precious things would no longer exist entact or at all if it wasn’t for benevolent imperialism.

  14. A blues and two’s, corrupt cunting for the Met. Not the new York entertainment place, the London based corrupt fuckers. This week the report into Daniel Morgan’s murder concluded the organisation was corrupt. They had blood on their hands. Crestfallen Dickolodocus was criticised for delaying parts of the investigation. She keeps her job.
    The following day sheboonski Acting Chief Superintendent Novlett Robyn Williams gets reinstated. Not the hairy armed swinging comedian. Why the fuss?

    Undermining the UK every fucking day the police farce is despicable

    • If the repulsive Cressida Dildo had any shred of self respect, she would resign right now. But, of course, we all know that she hasn’t and that she is a complete and utter cunt trombone.

      • Her & Theresa May must have both went to same cling on academy. Two shameful cunts who don’t know when it’s time to move on. May was desperate to cling on until the pandemic

    • They put this creature back in uniform and worse… the bitch gets back paid!!!

      “But now the senior Scotland Yard officer, who was on an £80,000 salary, is to go back into uniform and is expected to receive back pay for missed earnings after a police appeals tribunal ruled her dismissal was ‘unfair’ and ‘unreasonable’.

      Nailgun charged – check
      Fresh bandolier of 4” masonry fixings – check

      right I’m good to go…
      “Nail ’em up, nail ’em up I say! Nail some sense into ’em!! Wonderful race the Romans.”

    • Surely Nigeria is deserted now? All the cunts are in England now, aren’t they? It certainly seems like they are. I remember going to Bury (near Manchester) when that ‘Beast from the East’ hit the UK. The high street looked like Zulu meets Scott of the Antarctic.

    • The brother of a friend of mine worked in Nigeria for many years, then made the ‘mistake’ of marrying a Ghanaian woman. After a spot of local bother between Nigeria and Ghana, they were uncerimoniously kicked out. The now live happily in Togo, a relatively civilised place, he reckons.

  15. Nigerians are awful people and that’s before you can work out what they’re saying. The gorilla is closer to being civilised and is also a better driver.

  16. Two great noms. But why didn’t Admin let each impress us on its own?

    Benin: Well researched and argued – kudos! I was unaware that the Beninese (Beninoids? Benini?) were such utter cunts. The MSM have not yet learned to distinguish narrow technological skill (the bronzes) from what they are pleased to call civilisation, and even before wokery the details were not general knowledge. I learned something there, thank you.

    Offence archaeology: a very apt heads-up on a field stretching far beyond the bounds of cricket, and a spotlight on the woke cunts who practise it. But we will never be its victims, cunters. Remember, the Mongols under Genghis weren’t racists. They hated everyone

    • Melt those bronzes down and cast them as a two fingered salute to the world.
      They are ours, spoils of war.
      Set the statue in crazy paving made from smashed up elgin marbles.
      Boohoo, I want my marbles back!
      Then get a dustpan and brush stavros.

      * MMCM
      Great nom again, like a journalist or something.
      Even better than my snapped foreskin one!👍

      • Excellent idea the bronzes would make a glorious statue of Prince Philip, Yasur of Tanna, toured throughout the Commonwealth then presented to the people of Vanuatu in to honour their loyalty and devotion.

      • While your at it that piss taking fucking statue of Nelson Mandingo in Parliament Square can go into the crucible too.

  17. I have known quite a few Africans. Part of their primitive mindset is that they are all highly superstitious. Tell them some bullshit story about seeing a ghost or a haunted house you lived in and watch them dissolve into an eye bulging, sweating jibber jabbering terrified wreck.
    If one of the cunts moved in next door I could get shot of the fucker within a month. He’d think he was living in the Amityville house by the time I had finished with the cunt.
    Africunts are easily conquered once you understand their simple primitive brains.

    • Whyd you think the KKK dressed like ghosties?
      I found the same thing with Nigerian and Ghanaian lads.
      Superstition fucks em up.
      Stevie Wonder wrote a song about it.

      • Hmm, I’ve never seen a black person visit the famously haunted Chislehurst Caves in Kent.

        This explains it all perfectly. Plus if they got lost in the dark, down there, it would be tricky to find them.

      • Da ryting was on da wall. Trying to explain feet of ladder must be put on a solid level surface too hard for them to understand, that’s why you see dumb videos of them fixing upper floors of buildings with ladders put on top of other things like a donkey to gain an extra few feet of access

  18. Look up the map of modern day slavery on You will see it is the exact inverse of where white people live.

    • That was an eye opener. Never heard of that site before. Makes BLM look like the cunts they really are doesn’t it ?

  19. An excellent cunting and no mistake.

    But that picture? Surely the team photo of Lord Fiddlers ‘dark key’ 2nd team before their last match against the Gentlemen Farmer ‘ole boys’ of Northumberland.

  20. I recall a BBC travel thing a couple of years ago- they visited Cawnpore, sight of the massacre. This involved Indian rebels dismembering dozens of British women and children and flinging the parts down a well.
    There were reprisals – which involved a British general forcing rebels to eat pork
    The dismembering was briefly mentioned, while there was prolonged discussion of how cruel and outrageous what the General did was

    • General Neill forced the murderous sepoys to literally lick the blood of the massacred women and children off the floor of the compound. He then promptly executed them.

      They don’t make them like they used to.

  21. Send the fuckers back and the twat Hicks as well. Everything should go back to where it was bought, stolen or gifted. There is more than enough material from our own past we don’t really need anyone else’s. To persons who may cry only we can preserve these wonders of a past age. Well shit happens as the Talibent and Isis fucktards proved when they destroyed masses of ancient history. This happens look how our own churches were desecrated by religious zealots through the ages statures and wall paintings destroyed. If nothing else the return of all the swag will occupy the government’s of some of the worst shitholes in who gets what and stop the perpetual whinging and whining whilst the push the boundaries of corruption to higher levels. They can take a knee and keep it as well.

  22. Did anyone actually read the Wikipedia page linked in the first article? Did anyone else notice the glaring contradiction regarding the preliminary expedition in that they were accompanied by 250 African troops as ‘porters’ with their weapons hidden in the packs they were carrying? Anyone notice how two paragraphs later the word porters is no longer in quotation marks and the only weapons carried by the expedition were the officers pistols, locked in the packs carried by the expedition leaders?
    Anyone else wonder how a party accompanied by 250 trained soldiers, who would’ve unpacked their bundles and let loose at the first sign of trouble, could be massacred – not a fight, a scrap, or a battle, MASSACRED – by natives who were probably poorly armed and organised by comparison. Even if the Benin massively outnumbered the expeditionary party, evidence would have pointed to a fight, not a massacre.
    But of course, we live in a time when the huwyte man is responsible for all the ills of not only the past but the present. Where our progressive inculcation and re-education centres teaches the subjugation and concurrent oppression of every civilisation with a higher content of melanin in their skin and history is taught that African nations were thriving utopian paradises filled with advanced medicines, technologies and infrastructures… but that was before the Dark Times. Before the Empire.

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