“Insensitive” Wallace and Gromit Statue

The sheer insensitivity of Preston, Lancs.

Wallace and Gromit are set to have their own “cracking” statue in animator Nick Park’s home of Preston.

Cracking Statue, Gromit

I am already organising a mob of like minded ER types to tear down this abomination and throw it in the river Ribble. I think BLM may also be outraged.

These cunts are veganphobes. They blatantly champion cheese ( ‘ Wensleydale, Gromit’.) Wallace’s knock off, Gwendolin, owns a wool shop. And is white. Sean the sheep has been ruthlessly exploited by these cunts. They are also white supremacists, except Gromit. No single actor of colour has ever appeared in their propaganda films.
Need I say more.

Preston is a cunt.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

27 thoughts on ““Insensitive” Wallace and Gromit Statue

  1. You miss the obvious: the bestiality. When big gob quips “cracking cheese lad!”, he isn’t referring to the contents of the refrigerator😢

    Lots of peacefuls in Preston-this is bound to offend them. Quite clearly a statue of “Man with goat” or “Man in cellar, with chicken”, would be more appropriate.

    • ‘Covid has conveniently distracted from the real problem of misgendering on Twitter’

    • Feathers McGraw is black and a criminal thus reinforcing the stereotype that the noble BLM movement is seeking to address.
      He is also Scottish, enough said.

  2. Enjoyed reading the nomination made me chuckle until, the actual seriousness of your point hit home. Yes some buffoons will think just like your Nom and they are complete cunts. World’s fucking mad.

  3. It would serve that Nick Park right if the statue was chucked in the river or stolen and melted down…what kind of a weirdo spends his life making silly little plasticine figures and inverting stories about them ? As a child I bet he always carried a note from Mummy to get him out of rugby training and spent games time in the library wanking over illustrations in Trumpton of Pugh,Pugh and Barney McGrew.

    The Cunt also probably makes oversized clay replicas of Diame Abbot’s genitals and sexually molests them in his spare time…..the more I think about it,the more outraged I am becoming….it’s a fucking disgrace…. and just what part do the the BBC play in this nightmare scenario?….that’s what The Great British Pubic needs to know.

    • You’re right as usual Mr Fiddler. ‘stop animation’. Fucking take a photograph then tweak a tiny bit of movement take another the same thing. On and on.That’s why there’s years between each film. It takes ages and ages to do it. One scene can take a year or something I heard. Hasn’t he anything better to do?
      And after doing it all that it’s shit anyway.
      Much prefer ‘Jason and the Argonauts’.

    • “what kind of a weirdo spends his life making silly little plasticine figures and inverting stories about them ?” – multimillionaires, that’s who!

  4. I am a “veganphobe” and proud of it too, as well as being a tad racially prejudiced, so I love this cunting statue if it ruffles the feathers or causes beef to my adversaries!!!!

  5. Just wait until it is established that Wallace was involved and has profited historically from slavery.

  6. Nick Park either has the patience of a saint or is super boring. Possibly both.

  7. My favourite Wallace and Gromit films were . . . . .
    “Brie Encounter, East of Edam and Greated Expectations.”

    • The Mask of Gorgonzola
      Close Encounters of The Curd Kind
      Something’s Ricotta Give
      The Goudafather

      Morning Bertie. 😃

  8. I hope they don’t give the statue… the wrong trousers.
    *Runs away whilst singing that Lionel Richie song that goes, #Hello, is it brie you’re looking for#* 😀

    P.s the Wallace and Gromit films are hilarious. 🙂

    Morning, CC. 🙂
    Morning all. 🙂

  9. There are too many statues:
    – Historical figures,
    – Adge Cutler from The Wurzels which was vandalised googly-eyes added some years ago,
    – A proposed statue of Dame Vera Lynn,

    All white supremacists obviously who don’t get down wit dat chiggun an shit.

    – Wallace and Gromit,
    – The statue of Thomas Coats in Paisley looks more like Sid fucking James.

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