Sadiq Khan (28)

Yet another cunting for the Mayor of Londonistan, Unhappy Richard (Sad Dick) Khan, who is elected to office courtesy of the peaceful bloc vote.

Khan’s £10m Taxpayer Row

A new road tunnel, the Silvertown tunnel, is being built under the River Thames to alleviate congestion in the existing Blackwell Tunnel.

Because of this cunt’s total incompetence, the taxpayer will have to fork out £10 million to the consortium that failed to win the concession to construct the tunnel. He is also asking the Government for £15.8 billion to fix Transport for London’s finances.

That is one huge bill to pay for the mistake of bringing this cunt’s daddy to the UK from Pakistan to drive buses in the capital.

Proof indeed that peacefuls should not be allowed to vote in UK elections at any level.

Nominated by: Hard Brexit Cunt

29 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan (28)

  1. There is a section of the Labour Party who want this cunt as leader and view him as the fantasy future PM. If I can leave the country come that day I will be off.

    • I was Harry the Bastard until a twat took my name snake . I’m in mr fiddlers part of the world , London can get to fuck

  2. Teflon Khan: shit refuses to stick to this nefarious kunt of cunts!

    He is rumoured to be a firm favourite for the next leader of Libebour, although no one from their HQ want to talk about it!

    But he certainly has all the credentials of being the next leader: –

    Never accountable
    Short/Long term memory loss when it suits
    Popular with nearly everyone apart from WASPs
    Loves spunking other people’s money on vanity projects
    Takes credit where it isn’t deserved
    Shrugs off blame as someone else’s “error of judgement”
    Bends knee
    Woke as they come

    In other words it is inevitable he will be short-listed for the leadership sooner or later. And if that day should happen, and given the complete capitulation of old Tory values from BJ Boris, Khan stands a very good chance of being the next PM!!

    Be afraid. Be very very afraid!

  3. ‘Proof indeed that peacefuls should not be allowed to vote in UK elections at any level.’

    Neither should they be allowed to run for office.

    • ‘standing up for London’?
      Poor showing at 4ft 3in.
      May as well remained sat down.
      Fuck off bignose.
      Hop on yer dads bus and go home.
      Mums cooking curry for tea.🖕🇬🇧

    • Vote, vote you say….. they shouldn’t even be allowed in the country 😂

      Not surprising really, London, no longer an English city run by a left wing P*ki, it was always going to head straight down the long sewer pipe.

      Diversity is our Strength, and if you believe that, well you will believe that the moon is made out of cheese.(Wensleydale)

  4. It appears that being a complete and utter cunt is an essential qualification for becoming Mayor of London. Suckdick would be an obvious choice to be next Labour leader. He has the Peaceful vote in his pocket and he knows how to appeal to the wokies and use every media opportunity to his advantage.
    While we’re talking about Suckdick’s financial incompetence let’s not forget the millions Jellyfish blew away on a bridge that was never built and an Olympic Stadium he gave away to a Premiership football club already rolling in lorryloads of dosh.
    Cunts, all of them.

  5. His country needs him now. Hope he fucks of back to Pakistan real soon fucking cunt.

  6. Khan will never be PM-nor will he be Liebor leader-he is just TOO polarising outside of Londanistab.

    The man with the “silage” touch-everything he touches, turns to shit!

    • I don’t know. Remember, Labour think that London is the UK, they seem to be unaware of anything outside of the M25. Much like the BBC.

      • Agree with you Moggie. Labour were daft enough to have Corbyn as leader who along with his crazy accomplices almost completely alienated Labour’s traditional white working-class vote outside the M25. When Khan is leader they will probably lose seats in Liverpool! However while we may enjoy seeing the remnants of Labour go down the pan, problem of having no opposition in parliament will continue and be consolidated.

  7. Building a tunnel?
    Good,make it very deep then kidnap this evil Stanley goblin at 3 in the morning,chuck him in,flood it then seal it with dynamite.
    A plaque commerating a job well done may be appropriate.
    Fuck off.

  8. A bit off topic, but I’ve just been to the British museum and the place is full of Chinese tourists . What the fuck. Why can’t I go on holiday?

    • How do you know they are tourists? Chinkies go there every day to jerk off over the mummies. They’re funny like that.

    • I was also “up town” yesterday and was shocked by the number of chinks. Mind you, they probably own half of London anyway, and will just fuck off the Border Farce cunts.

    • Sorry Sidthesexistsforeskin no, nay, never let’s all cunt the bastard some more. London deserves so much better not like the cunts who went before. Human rights and immigration solicitor what more could you ask for (funded entirely by legal aid. Your money) a pox on the clown.

  9. The question always comes to mind: where would I go if not where I live now (U.S. Texas) to escape all this bullshit? If I lived in London or UK I would be asking that too. It’s everywhere! I have concluded that the answer is to covert an oil supertanker to a very exclusive floating community of about 250 hand picked people and a thorough screening process with the final approval by me.
    A bit like Karl Stromberg in The Spy Who Loved Me with his ocean base.
    Just Imagine! No phaggits, wokes, Marxists, peacefuls, niggiz, or obese. Justice will be swift and appeals process will be: If you survive being thrown overboard and make it to land then you can live.
    I would call it Oceania.
    The motto: If you don’t work you don’t eat.
    The language: English
    Time to get off the toilet before my legs get numb.

  10. I was born in London, and my family were all from the East End. It is a fucking tip now, and way beyond all recognition from my youth. I want to move, but where to. Cumbria seems to have the least dark keys. Suffolk too expensive and, while having no sp00ks, has plenty of east euro cunts.

    • Not many in Dorset. I’d love there tomorrow.
      May well do if I can conceal the body.

    • Lincolnshire looks decent, rail links to Londonistan not as good as fromSuffolk (a possible advantage), and generally cheaper than E Anglia

  11. I REALLY have the feeling that there is now an exodus of decent people from Londonis tan. “Escape to the Country” is not just afternoon TV…

  12. The piss licking gnome should spend some fucking money on repairing Hammersmith Bridge that has been closed for two years.

  13. Kipling described (Stalky & Co) Carthage in Roman times as “a sort of ni**er Manchester”…think his mind would have boggled at 21st century London.

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