Celebrity Pissheads in Denial

I’d like to nominate celebrities who are obviously alkies but won’t admit it.

There is nothing to be ashamed of to end up being an out of control piss-artist so why do these cunts pretend that they’re better than everyone else?

Two examples spring to mind. I can’t believe that they haven’t already been cunted .There are probably loads more.

One is that Desperate-Dan- chinned Welsh cunt, Griff Rhys-Jones who claimed that he had some “complicated relationship with alcohol” and has resigned himself to be teetotal .

Another is that scrawny Great British Menu judge with a pale face and a Stan Laurel hairstyle, Oliver Peyton. Why would the cunt spend some time in the Priory if they didn’t have a problem?

Now I’m not judgemental… no one who started off going to the pub on a Friday night with their sixth-form mates actually wanted to be an alkie but when they have they’ve not been ashamed to admit it.

Griff Rhys Jones And Alcoholism

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98 thoughts on “Celebrity Pissheads in Denial

  1. I wonder if any of those three “ploughed” a prime Pamela Stevenson.
    I remember seeing her naked in that Virgin soldiers film-made my soldier stand to fucking attention, I can tell you 😀👍

    • Was always a Pam man in the old days, CG.

      The only good thing about Superman III.

      And I shall always remember The Professionals. When Bodie (Lewis Collins RIP) tears off Pam’s nurses uniform to get a grenade out of her bra. That always raises a errrr smile.

  2. What with the price of beer now i’ve taken to sneaking my hip flask in and causing a diversion while pouring out a good measure of vodka under the table. I draw the line at £6.50 a pint.

  3. I posted this nom because I’ve had a number of episodes of alcohol withdrawal in the community setting.
    Trying to get proper treatment for acute alcohol withdrawal (fyi Delirium Tremens has a 15% mortality rate) is nigh on impossible.
    It can be easily be dealt with at home by taking a 5 day course of benzodiazepines.
    Mention benzos to any of the woke GPs at my practice and they say “we don’t prescribe benzos in this practice. One of the cunts actually said that he “wasn’t licensed to prescribe them” .What utter bullshit!
    Anyone would think that you’re asking them for crystal meth or spice!
    Basically they want nothing to do with it (putting you in the same category as a street crack whore) and telling you to “engage with Alcohol Services”.
    When you’ve got the shakes really badly and are worried that you’re going to have a seizure you ring the number that your “can’t be bothered “ GP gave you and spend the whole day on the phone without getting an answer.
    After another 24 hours, you actually get through, speaking to some ineffectual “counsellor “ who tells you that the safest way to withdraw is to cut your intake down very slowly over a period of weeks. How the hell is this “safe
    “? By not stopping you could end up with serious complications like alcoholic hepatitis or pancreatitis.
    The local A&E department are equally unhelpful.
    Unless I’ve got it wrong, the N.I.C.E guidelines say that the gold standard for treating alcohol withdrawal syndrome is benzos!
    Could anyone on here who is a GP or is married to one care to elaborate?

  4. What has Griff-Rhys Jones done since Alas Smith and Jones?

    Mel Smith was famously alcoholic. Dead at 60. But why? He was quite funny and semi-talented. He played Jumbo Whiffy in Filthy, Rich and Catflap quite well. He could have turned that character and situation into a sitcom 10 years before Steve Coogan did I’m Alan Partridge.

    One of his last TV appearances was on Celebrity Mastermind but his voice was fucked. I don’t know if it was an illness or his nose had collapsed through all the shite he’d snorted up it.

    • Last thing I saw Mel in was the Only Fools & Horses prequel, Rock and Chips. He got the best line in it. In it Mel was a world weary old copper, and he says to some villain. ‘I love a good confession. It’d better than sex. Mind you, when it’s with my wife, so’s pilchards on toast’.

      Never took to Griff. That fruity voice always got on my nerves. And seeing his fizzog every Comic Relief with that Lenny Henry cunt didn’t endear him to me either.

  5. Gazza is one of the great lunatic pissheads of our time. The chicken legs and fishing rod at that shoot out in Geordieland. What the fuck was that all about?

    I also remember all those Britpop lightweights and fairyboys all pretending to be beer monsters and hard cases. Cunts like Jarvis Cocker, Liam Gallagher, that Jamiroquai knobhead, those Supergrass cunts, and that Blur bellend (Alex Cunt or something) all falling over and puking outside bars or taxis, and looking like pricks in the Sun or the News of the Screws. Pathetic.

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