Stop Funding Hate (At GB News)

They are campaigning to discourage companies from advertising on the new channel GB News. So far, Kopparberg – a Swedish cider maker, Grolsch – brewer of shit lager, Ikea, the Open University and Nivea have suspended advertising on GB News.

Stop Funding Hate is another example of the hard-left cancel culture supported by ignorant bigots. In the UK, news channels are supposed to be impartial (take note BBC and Sky), and GB News has stated that it will air opinions from across the political and social spectrum. As a result of one of their previous campaigns, Virgin Trains stopped selling the Daily Mail on their trains until Richard Branson told them to reverse this stupid policy.

Stop Funding Hate was founded by Richard Wilson, a former Corporate Affairs Officer at Amnesty International. This stupid cunt probably won’t watch GB News and doesn’t even read the newspapers that his campaigns target. If he is so keen on censorship he should fuck off to Belarus.

If advertisers continue to respond to his campaigns and cancel certain media outlets, they will end up advertising only in the Independent and the Guardian, which hardly anybody reads, so more fool them.

GB News Cancel Culture

Stopfundinghate Web Site


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77 thoughts on “Stop Funding Hate (At GB News)

  1. These cunts are creating hate. I hate their fucking guts.
    “Stop Hate”? Sure. Stop breathing while you’re at it.

  2. Make a list of every company that will permanently stop advertising on GB News and boycott them, simple!

    It is only through the power of the almighty pound £££ these companies take any notice, just look what happened with the Gillette toxic masculinity car crash advert and how much money they lost 😉

    Fuck off!

    • They’re coming for us.
      Make no mistake about this.
      One thing I’ll say about the lefties and the woke,
      They are good at organising.
      They might just be stopping advertising for girls drinks, shite furniture and bandit cream at the moment but they’ve just got started.
      GB news has upset them without doing anything yet.
      Wait till they do!!

      • They can come for us all they like!

        I will go into the war against the woke clean shaven, courtesy now of Wilkinson Sword and their wonderful battle cry of “Raise as many terrible sons as you like”, which was in answer to Gillettes abhorrent pooffery 😀

      • Oh im not worried about me!
        I wrap a towel around my head?=instant sikh .
        I put a teatowel on my nut?
        =Bedouin camelherder.
        My natural outdoors man tan and lush beard confuses the marxist stormtroopers.
        But the rest of you?

        Your all fucked.

    • I have. I sent grolsch an email calling them cowardly cunts.
      Now on to the next set of cunts….Nivea I’m talking to you.

    • Dead right, Cuntalugs.
      Patrons of Amnesty?

      Patrick Stewart
      Annie Lennox
      Keira Knightley
      Fat Reg
      Paul McCuntney
      Bob Geldaft
      Yoko Fucking Ono

      A Who’s Who of cunts.

      • Afternoon Norman, afternoon all.
        “A Who’s Who of cunts” spot on, all the usual suspects.

      • Unkle Terry would need one big fuck-off oven to accommodate this cornucopia of cunts, along with their massive egos.

    • They are right cunts. A visit to that website…
      and look at your own councils history of requests submitted and I bet the cunts have been lobbying your council for info no matter how sleepy / quiet an area you think you live in. Cunts seeking info prior to trouble / mischief making

  3. The Open University that isn’t even on any more? That Open University?
    The BBC abandoned them years ago. So why are the daft cunts so keen to go against GB News?

    That OU ident and theme tune always creeped the fuck out of me when I was a kid.

  4. The advertisers will go where the viewing figures are, if GB News starts to get more viewers than Sky they will advertise.

    Money talks.

    • Exactly. Shouldn’t think the GBN target demographic offers much of a market for late-onset education, face cream or crap Euro-hooch. That’s not so much a boycott as marketing sense camouflaged as ethical scruples.

    • Indeed. Follow the money. It’s like this green crap. When it stars biting deep into people’s lives they will vote for someone else.
      It will all work out. We’ve worked and fought too hard to let these hand wringing cunts steal our liberty.

  5. Those commie bastards in the photo are just where I want them…….up against a wall!

  6. ‘Stop Funding Hate’ translates to ‘Stop Funding Anyone That Doesn’t Agree Exactly With Our Narrow Marxist View of the World’. Fuck them and fuck the spineless multinationals who’ve capitulated. It’s the last time I’ll ever buy one of IKEA’s shitty, chipboard wardrobes. Cunts.

      • All those ‘neutral’ Swedish shitheads had Nazi sympathies during the war. Same goes for those Finnish cunts and also the Motorway Micks in Potatoland. We all know where the U-Boats docked, don’t we?
        Fenian fucks.

  7. Is grolsch really shit lager?

    I think I tried before but that was a decade ago Oh right the beer with the flip top cap on it yeah its nothing special…

  8. Was going to cunt these cunts myself but you’ve done an admirable job. The Daily Fail has highlighted the fucking hypocrisy that these cunts display, showing their spite and hate filled tweets, calling anyone they don’t like skum etc.
    These vermin are consumed by hate, its the whole reason for the campaign. Most normal people have a moan and get on with their lives, but these cunts are do empty, they can’t let it go. And there’s probably money in it too, I bet they gladly take donations….

  9. I am baffled as to what evidence this Stopbeingacunt organisation is working off to determine that GB News is some kind of extreme right wing hate organisation.

    Clearly they do not like the cut of Brillo’s gib. A master at cutting through the gesture politics, soundbites and general bollockspeak. They are afraid that their lefty drive of emotion over substance will be exposed for the pile of divisive shite it really is.

    The anus reaming Owen Jones has commented as follows:

    “I think the appeal of GB News should be best understood as an attempt to tap into the fear that many socially conservative, economically secure older people have of younger people: specifically, a fear of the perceived threat posed by the social, cultural values of the under-40s.”

    I love to see how Jones will cope once he gets to 40. I think at that point a Logan’s Run moment is needed. Brillo has pulled him a new arsehole on several occasions and made him look like a blubbering teeange girl.

    And they can’t possibly have this, can they? Just like spiteful fucking children who need to exact revenge wehn they don’t get their own way.

    Just fuck off.

  10. ‘Freedom of speech’, just as long as we agree with what you’re saying.


  11. Where’s the hate?

    It’s certainly not to be found on GB News, even by the Left’s crooked criteria.

    GB News has got diversity and inclusivity coming out of its ears – blacks, effniks, at least one poof presenter, spastics, even a tranny in the form of India Willoughby!*

    And not just right-wing views are included, plenty of lefties on the show having their say too.

    Clearly the PR departments of these virtue signalling companies haven’t watched GBN, just swallowed MSM /woke propaganda wholesale and rolled over instantly in the face of hate fuelled twatter threats.

    * I don’t think the dwârf community is sufficiently represented, but not doubt GB News will put that wrong right, just as soon as they’ve dealt with the crap picture quality and shite sound.

  12. When will these moaning fuckers ever learn? (never is the obvious answer), that it is fine to hate/dislike/disagree with something. But, it is never fine to cancel out someone else’s opinion thought etc just because you don’t like it. Total spoilt cunts.

  13. Hate is a great emotion. It stops you getting weepy and maudling and gives you energy.
    Don’t get sad get fucking angry.
    These cunts are so dangerous if they had their way we would be living in some dystopian nightmare where anyone who disagreed or spoke out against them would vanish. Sound familiar? Yes just a bit. See the 20th century and numerous countries today.
    These folk aren’t stupid they are sinister.
    Now fuck off you wannabe Stalinists masquerading as nursery school teachers.

  14. We need to find out the manufacturers / products that are the most direct competition and support the shit out of them where possible. Obviously not if they are on Schwab list of WEF supporters as any consumer support for a cunt supporting them cunts needs to end ASAP.

  15. I did chuckle at the Coca Cola Company response to that namby footballist removing their products from the table and gesturing to bottles of water.

    The coke share price plummeted and in response the business put out a press release saying ‘everyone is entitled to their preferences’ or some such.

    I shall use it myself when fucking off Gillete, Yorkshire Tea, Nivea, IKEA, Warburtons (purveyors of halal products) Ben and Jerry etc etc…

  16. There is some good news on the horizon.

    Moneysupermarket, who withdrew, say they have looked at GB News are are quite happy with it and will,start advertising again.

    A company called Direct Bullion GB say they love the channel and will be increasing their advertising spend with them.

    The CoOp have refused to withdraw saying they respect the freedom of the press. Good for them.

    And Andrew Neil in a tweet to the chief exec of Octopus Energy has said
    ‘How many other channels have you watched before deciding to advertise?
    I will be looking at brands to decide if they are fit to advertise with us.
    I will have something to say about that and more on a special Media Watch tonight @GBNEWS 8pm on Andrew Neil.” The chief exec tweeted back to say it was only under review.

    My feeling is that some of these companies may realise they were to hasty and might creep back.

    If they don’t – fuck em, I won’t be buying their crap.

    • Exactly. They pulled advertising without looking. Twats. But they started losing business so want to advertise now. What a set of pillocks.
      I think and hope GB news really takes off. They seem to be getting a grip of early teething problems and apparently the BBC has lost viewers. That must be good news.

      • Good news indeed, Uttercunt. You’ve made my day.

    • Nice one👍

      On the subject of Octopus Energy I had already decided they are total cunts due to them testing “energy supply throttling via Smart Meters” for the Government. No surprise they are straight onto a woke anti GB News bandwagon.

      On the subject of Smart Meters I have padlocked my meter cupboard shut to stop any cunt trying to sneakily fit one while I’m not looking😁

      • Last time I found a smart meter sneakily attached to my meter box I just bashed the fucking thing off with a big pipe wrench, and smashed it into little pieces. Then sent it back reverse mail.
        No consequences or complaints, I think they understand!
        The righteous indignation of the prole.
        Although house is rather dark, I’m typing this at the library.

  17. Would not use Kopperwank cider to poison weeds, all I can remember about Grolsch fucking awful piss. Stop funding hate, how about the cunts who run the shitfest stop fucking breathing. Maybe we could start a group to persuade woke wankers that respiration is basically racist. Have these arses done any de advertising in any peaceful controlled state one of those places where gays leap off buildings or get hung from cranes, apostates beheaded in public along with adulterers. If not the state then what about the businesses the bastards own? Of course they haven’t at least kept bloody stum if they have (not). Boycott the brands that are boycotting, fuck them and their bikes.

  18. That nom pic.

    Reminded me of Nicolae Ceausescu’s final moments.

    More of the same for these losers please.

  19. Does anyone have a list of the cunts that have withdrawn?

    I know of the following –

    Open University
    Nivea (whilst tolerating slave Labour in its supply chain and flogging skin whitening cream to Africunts)
    Pinterest (shite web app)

    Cunts. Shan’t be buying anything from them.

  20. Last time I checked Ikea’s founder was a firm believer of the nazi party. So maybe they should butt out matters which could backfire on them.

    • Andrew Neil’s tweet to IKEA –

      ‘ IKEA has decided to boycott GB News because of our alleged values. Here are IKEA’s values — a French CEO who is a criminal with a two year suspended jail sentence for spying on staff.’

      GB News will give these cunts as good as they get.

      • Points again to Mr Neil.

        As The (very British) Jam used to sing ‘What you give is what you get’.

        Sweden is shit anyway. Malmo is known as the rape capital of Europe. Oh aye, it’s a very ‘peaceful’ place, and a complete shithole.

  21. Yet another campaign named the exact opposite of what it truly is. Under the guise of fighting hate they promote hate. A great nom and another cunt exposed.

    • Yesterday on GB news they had callers phone in by the names of Mike Hunt and Mike Oxlong.
      Bart Simpson has denied responsibility so maybe its two ISAC members?

  22. I’m glad these snowflake cunts have told me which brands, as they will no longer be getting any of my fucking money. When Sainsbury’s started all this shit, i stopped going there, and cancelled my Argos card, and told the cunts why. Maybe they don’t care, but if enough people do it, they will.

  23. They must live in some Cotten candy. Bubble totally shielded from reality. That’s fine by me, but the cunts need to stop trying to alter reality to fit their coddled view of life.

    This is a case of them trying to eliminate unbiased reporting so only their biased world view can be presented to the masses.

    • Precisely. Have these cunts even defined by what they mean as ‘hate’ as far as GB News is concerned? Anything which doesn’t fit into their narrow and warped world view, I assume.

  24. The march of the commies never ends.
    They were evil cunts a century ago and their woke descendants are just the same.

  25. They say history is written by the victor and I agree with that
    But these cunts are trying to rewrite history without the battle!
    They haven’t won yet!
    1) IKEA, shite furniture for ducky types
    2) kopperberg, cider for yokel ducky tyes
    3) Nivea? For greasing up your arse for black cock?
    4) Grolsch, ducky girls drink
    5) Octopus energy, leccy for lessies.
    Boycott this shite!!!
    An let them know why.

    • And to that list of cunts must be added practically 70-80% of companies advertising on TV who’ve embraced wokery with their multi-effnick families, token spackers and open homosexuality. Basically if a company advertises I don’t buy.

  26. Ps
    Open university?!!!
    For eggheads types and playground loiterers
    Watch where your going you fuckin blind or something?
    These companies?
    I wouldn’t want their advertising money.
    All seem a bit weak?
    Johnson’s bedwetting sheets?
    Smiths for adult thumbsuckers?
    Violets for the easily fainting?
    Git to fuck

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