Ursula Von Der Leyen – Musical Chairs (3)

EU chief and feminist, Von der Leyen, has been bleating and throwing her arms about over ‘Chairgate’.

In summary, she went to Turkey with another EU lacky (a frog bloke, I think) to meet the mental Erdogan. Only two chairs were present, and Erdogan took one and the EU bloke took the other, leaving the bint standing and ‘aheming’ and throwing her arms about like a petulant child.

I’d guess it was just a breakdown in communication or just an honest mistake. But no.

It was of course due to sexism.

Many (libtards) have been moaning that the EU bloke shouldn’t have taken the seat and offered it to Von Der Layen.

Thing is, had he done that, they’d have also accused him of sexism (“Oh, you must let this poor weak woman sit down, must you?”) I wonder if that went through his mind when he took it? We’ll never know because he apologized and cucked. He’s got his 100k p.a. pension to think about.

You just can’t win with these cunts. Erdogan is a monumental cunt, but I doubt he’d deliberately leave a chair out to cause a scene (that makes him look a thick cunt).

Fuck off.


Nominated by: Cuntybollocks 

58 thoughts on “Ursula Von Der Leyen – Musical Chairs (3)

  1. Erdogan should have just told her that she could sit on his face if she couldn’t find a chair.

    • She’s not bad for 62. She’s part of the ‘elite’. I’m guessing then that her younger looks must be due to drinking gallons of baby blood every week.

      • She’s window dressing, pure and simple.

        The Commission learned their lesson after Druncker lost the referendum. If Der Leyen had been President and got her tits out, Remain would probably have won.

  2. Aren’t men and women supposed to be treated equally nowadays? At least since the early 1970s?

    Oh, I forgot, women are more equal than men. Silly me!

  3. She looks devoid of any emotion or empathy. If she didn’t claim to be a feminist i would of taken her for a Stepford wife. I bet she’s really a Robot , couldn’t imagine fucking her, or sticking my tongue in her German Bum Hole 🤮

    • Totally agree. She looks a female member of Kraftwerk. Robbie the Robot has more of a pulse than her.

  4. She can consider herself lucky it wasn’t me seated, I would have tapped both of my thighs, nodded my head and given her a cheeky wink!

  5. Fucking saucy EU cunts. I seem to remember Mavis being ignored and treated like shit by those wankers. I remember her being invited to a lavish dinner to give them a 5 minute speech before they started feeding their faces. As soon as they cracked open the wine they told her to fuck off back to the British Embassy for egg and chips and a Wagon Wheel. Where were the Wimminz then complaining about sex discrimination? Fucking nowhere, completely silent.
    Fuck Von de Liar, fuck the Wimminz, fuck the remoaners and fuck the fucking EU.

  6. Just another cunt playing the victim/drama card!

    Offer her a chair and she’ll moan about sexism
    Don’t offer her a chair and she’ll moan about sexism
    Shove a chair up her shitchute and she’ll just moan.

    Never mind about the EU’s massive debit problems, massive covid problems, massive loads of other problems, let’s just focus on Chairgate, and how this overblown tart feels somewhat tarnished/embarrassed/humiliated…etc by the whole dreadful experience.


    • Yes yes yes, that is all very true and relevant, but would you fuck her?

      • The standards here are so low, I think most on here (self included) would slip her one, even if she’d just had the contents of a pikie camp’s broken chemical toilet poured on her.

      • probably not. Too much like hard work!

        She’ll moan about too many things, even before we’ve entered the bleedin’ bedroom!

        That said, I’d probably take up her up the back alley up a back alley (sic)

      • Well I would!

        I’d make her talk foreign all the way through it too. Getting insulted in German while you’re at it…phwooaaarrrrrrrrrr 😀

      • I would but it would be a plank across the arse job, six kids she’s sqeezed out of her wizards sleeve.

      • Eh! 6 kids? Erm, I have suddenly had a change of heart!

        Silly sulking chairless EU od trout!

        Fuck off!

      • She must be something like the mother in the Monty Python Catholic sketch, Seems she now has seven children!!!


    • Hehe, Dracula fondle lion is rubbish at musical chairs.
      She shouldn’t stand for that!
      Oh she did.

    • Hilarious. What a cunt. So much for EU solidarity. I bet the Von Der Lying bitch will make his life hell now.

  7. She should’ve ran out the door crying and said all men are pigs. Then she would have been a real women.

  8. Just another perfect example/analogy of the EU’s pisspoor organisational skills!

    No doubt these cunts will blame Brexit

  9. What was this Nazi slag doing hobknobbing with the Abduls anyway? Surely there’s no prospect of the cunts joining the EU? I seem to remember the remoaners swearing blind that could never happen.
    Somebody should tell Eva Braun that a western woman in a peaceful country is assumed to be a prostitute. She was lucky she didn’t get gang raped by a bunch of goat shaggers.

    • The Krauts got the Turks on their side in WW1 to destroy the British Empire.

      Result: the Krauts and the Ottoman Turks both lost their own empires.

      Rule Britannia!

  10. Excellent Cunting, Cuntybollocks.

    The stupid tart is still banging on about “Sofagate” and just the other week made a self-important declaration to the EU “Parliament” saying, ‘I am the president of the European commission. And this is how I expected to be treated when visiting Turkey two weeks ago, like, a commission president – but I was not.’

    Strip away the mandatory charge of sexism, and what’s left is a desperately pathetic, weak woman suffering from excess hubris rather than genuine discrimination. If the stupid cunt had not shown displeasure on the day, then no one would have picked up on the alleged sleight. By banging on about it she makes herself and her precious EU look even more cuntish and irrelevant.

    If Von Der Lying was a true diplomat she would prioritise diplomatic relations over an insignificant alleged personal sleight. Perhaps she would have been treated with more respect if she ever displayed the slightest sign of competence.

    Stupid cow and good on Erdocunt for showing what a moron she is. If I was in his shoes I would simply have ordered her into the kitchen to make the tea.

  11. Everything relating to serial failure and professional Karen Ursula Von Der Leyen and the dictatorial disaster that is the EU makes me more and more glad we have half left.
    It should have been 30 years earlier and we are not fully out after the potato in a wig sold us out but it’s a start.

  12. Three cunts in a room and only two chairs. Erdoğan is a crazy religious cunt who thinks women are possessions and would hardly put out a chair for one.
    Saying that, I wouldn’t put a chair out for her either.

  13. Evil psycho globalist bitch.

    Sucks $oro$’s cock directly, nanogenerian cheese and all.

    Nothing to add.

  14. Everything to do with the EU is a complete fucking disaster. Laughably bad with incompetent and embarrassingly useless egotistical fuckwits in charge.

    Just like in the UK. But least we can vote them out, the alternative being even worse incompetent and embarrassingly useless egotistical fuckwits.

    • Both evil krauts. I’m waiting for the EU to go belly up and the goose steppers to break out with the blitzkrieg.

  15. I think everyone has the wrong end of the stick on this one…

    Maybe the two geezers were expecting her to get on her knees and nosh them off (at the same time).

  16. Find her a bed!

    After that fiasco, von der Lie-in would need a lie-down.

  17. Visible Deficit Line is just a typical EU arse pain. Bad luck, luv, da wimminz wanted equality, and you didn’t get a chair. IIRC,, you got to sit on the sofa, NOT the floor (or standing), so stop whining, bitch, and just fuck off and die.

    • The rules of Musical Chairs are simple enough, even for a woman.. When the music stops, you dive onto the nearest chair and the person who’s left standing takes no further part. What part of this doesn’t she understand? Fuck off luv, you’re not needed any longer.

  18. Trial of two ex para’s collapses.
    Good, they should be given medals, for ridding the world of IRA scum.👍👍
    Sorry for the diversion.

    • Speaking of diversions, lets give a warm* welcome to he 92 dinghy sailors that arrived in England yesterday. Another day in paradise!

      Regulo mark X!

  19. Fuck Joe Mc Cann, and fuck his bleating family.
    They’re talking about the failure of the justice system.
    What about the fifteen soldiers Mc Cann murdered ?
    The Mc Cann’s couldn’t care less about them.
    I’ll shut the fuck up now.

  20. Today on left wing news:

    We believe there is sexism in an islamic country!

    Please tune into tomorrows episode where we discuss what economic impact the invention of the wheel will hold for sled makers

  21. Why didn’t Dracula von Underlay (@MNC TM) simply ask a minion to bring another chair? Gormless.

      • Ridiculous person incapable of asking for a fucking chair, yet is pretend leader of fucking Europe. Fuck off imbecile who is too fucking stupid to speak up for herself.

        Fucking chair for God sake!

  22. After reading that she has had 6 kids.
    I am beginning to think that they did provide a chair, but when she sat down it was sucked up into her black hole of a minge.
    Never to be seen again once said chair passed the event horizon.
    She is one of the nastiest people I have ever seen in the news. The worst is Jimmie Krankie who is still banging on about another independence referendum.
    Here’s a thought. Ursula and Krankie in a threesome with Tony Blair.

    • I’d of given her (or any other visiting dignitaries) a chair with legs 98% cut through.
      So when taking the seat on camera the chair splinters into bits spilling them unceremoniously to the floor live on air,
      Id roar “FOOL! NINCOMPOOP!
      That was a valuable antique!”
      The rest of the meeting theyll be sheepish and quiet .
      Allowing you control over the direction and agenda.
      But also because im childish.

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