Ursula Von Der Leyen – Musical Chairs (3)

EU chief and feminist, Von der Leyen, has been bleating and throwing her arms about over ‘Chairgate’.

In summary, she went to Turkey with another EU lacky (a frog bloke, I think) to meet the mental Erdogan. Only two chairs were present, and Erdogan took one and the EU bloke took the other, leaving the bint standing and ‘aheming’ and throwing her arms about like a petulant child.

I’d guess it was just a breakdown in communication or just an honest mistake. But no.

It was of course due to sexism.

Many (libtards) have been moaning that the EU bloke shouldn’t have taken the seat and offered it to Von Der Layen.

Thing is, had he done that, they’d have also accused him of sexism (“Oh, you must let this poor weak woman sit down, must you?”) I wonder if that went through his mind when he took it? We’ll never know because he apologized and cucked. He’s got his 100k p.a. pension to think about.

You just can’t win with these cunts. Erdogan is a monumental cunt, but I doubt he’d deliberately leave a chair out to cause a scene (that makes him look a thick cunt).

Fuck off.


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  1. Women. Can’t hit them with a club and drag them off by the hair anymore?

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