Extinction Rebellion (5)

Extinction mongs and the loony left in general are cunts.

The internet uses more power (fossil) than the aviation industry (pre chinky pox) . Lithium extraction for the batteries for your oil, gas, wood and coal ( with a tiny bit of wind) electric utopia is slavery and child abuse.

China owns all the mines. Why isnt extinction (of the west) cunts glueing themselves to the Chinese embassy ? Seems a bit slitty eyed fishy to me.


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52 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion (5)

  1. Most of the protesters are white females of the know nothing age. Same ones that present at hospitals for self harm, feeling of helplessness and other results of woke toxic feminist indoctrination. Just look at them, lost souls without a grasp of what the facts are about what they are protesting for.
    They want equality and power balance but who would even consider these useless cunts would even know what to do with their perceived wants. They don’t represent the normal women and only fuel the rift between the sexes, the fucking soy-boys enablers don’t count, the only thing missing with them is the monthly troubles although I’m sure the they have them in sympathy, anything for a sag, a guy’s.

    Theses protesters only show to sane people the insanity of the protest movements. Dumb dumb cunts, oxygen bandits.

  2. While we’re on the subject of these sort of cunts , the area of Truro known as Lemon Quay used to be the site of a popular farmers’ market. The people that sell their produce have lost out big time due to lockdown.
    Now that lockdown’s over they’ll be fine.
    Will they FUCK?!
    The local council has determined that thos site be designated as the perfect venue for anti-G7 protestors to exercise their “legal” right to protest.
    What in the name of fuck is going on?!
    I tell you now that if any one of these cunts cause me any inconvenience I might accidentally sill a bucket of shit over them.
    No I wouldn’t, I would like to smash their empty skulls open with a club hammer.

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