Extinction Rebellion (5)

Extinction mongs and the loony left in general are cunts.

The internet uses more power (fossil) than the aviation industry (pre chinky pox) . Lithium extraction for the batteries for your oil, gas, wood and coal ( with a tiny bit of wind) electric utopia is slavery and child abuse.

China owns all the mines. Why isnt extinction (of the west) cunts glueing themselves to the Chinese embassy ? Seems a bit slitty eyed fishy to me.


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52 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion (5)

  1. These liberty taking commie cunts seem to have the ear of the Johnson Clown Cunt. They are a fucking nuisance and should be sent to be without any fucking tea. This sort of shit has been getting worse and worse ever since corporal punishment was banned in schools.

  2. Once XR spokesperson Zeon Lights was educated (Humiliated and ripped a new one) by Brillo she promptly left XR and is now championing nuclear energy! They are charlatans and hypocrites and their whole lefty woke mantra is based on the agenda of an antifa subversive sinister parented spoon faced mong!

    Fuck off!

  3. The big problem with these posho latte libtards is that, when they break the law, they get let off with a slap on the wrist because mummy and daddy are lawyers and they are doing soooo well at university. They need a proper stretch in a real prison with some hard cunts who will give them a good slap. After a taste of that they’ll go back to playing computer games and other nerd activities and forget about hugging trees and saving the poor peacefuls. Bunch of soppy posh cunts.

    • Yes, I noted this from the pic above. Perhaps the soy boys are not capable of treating them like women and occasionally rattling their ‘nads, hard, against their young nubile arses.

      They would probably feel more at ease with the world if they could feel the benefit of a real man.

  4. I am a retard
    I am a spastic
    I am a mongoloid
    I am a special needs cunt.
    I need huge black cocks in my stupid down syndromed face.

    • Hi Greta!
      You need to smile more, your self esteem seems at a low ebb?
      Go see Noel Clarke.

      Tastes like liquorice.

  5. Chile has large amounts of Lithium. The woke cunts are moaning about the method of extraction used by some Lithium plants, brine lakes, this is dreadfully damaging to the environment according to the brave eco soldier’s. Thing is most of these mines/plants are in the middle of a fucking desert, everything is fucked anyway. Just hope there is enough left for my pills.

  6. These protesters laying on the ground were dressed in white and supposedly represented the Earth.
    Did they now?
    In that case, they should have been treated like all ‘sods’ with a good kicking until they broke up.

    • Stinky rebellion are just a bunch of student grant types.
      Theyre full on Che Guevara till break up for the holidays then Crispin & Portia are back at mumsys and indulging in the luxury of capitalism.
      The revolution is coming!
      And its sponsored by Nike.
      Eat shit!🖕

    • So white represents the 🌏 Earth? I don’t think they’ve thought this through. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-sists!

      • I would imagine the analogy is with a virgin being raped and pillaged?
        That wasn’t deliberate but it probably sounded the Horn alarm for CC and RTC!

  7. Scoop them up, drop them in a field and bomb the bastards.

    Totally irrelevant now, Boris has committed to destroying the UK by 2035.

  8. The contradictions in the whole premise, from the group name onwards, is fucking ridiculous.

    Obvious ploy to normalise green shit (UN sustainability goals) in the young minds in preparation for what’s to come. At no point does their movement get intellectual, it’s pure childish emotion driven Greta Mong shite.

    All the ‘green solutions’ just happen to not overturn the applecart, increase taxes, reduce freedom, and keep child slave labour in the mines all cushy. Fucking bollocks.

      • She’s too busy grieving the children she has decided not to conceive to save the planet. 🤨

    • Soft in the fucking head. Needs to get her feet under the sink and be a good, servile wife. Her brain is insufficiently developed for her to take on the real challenges of 21st century life.

      I wonder if she can cook?

    • Extinction Rebellion is, at its very core, steeped in anti white/western rhetoric.

      White women in particular it seems, are susceptible to this nefarious propaganda.

      Meanwhile in Africa…

  9. I cant be fucked with them. Got an earful off one in the local pub once (i am one of these old fashioned types who talks to people). I pointed out that we cant ‘create carbon’ because of the laws of conservation of mass but of course I’m a thick twat in comparison to a 19 year old studying political science so what would I know?

    Ideology >>>>> Facts

  10. Remember when the XR cunts were on top of a tube train at Canning Town. They were stopping the plebs getting to work, so they were dragged off and given a kicking. Didn’t do that again. Cunts.

    • Myst agree, Enjoyable watch seeing the mob give them a kicking. Dont even think the police investigated there were that many people in on the kicking.

      You have to be a cunt if you think superglueing yourself to a DLR train will stop the chinese burning used tyres as fuel

  11. So once everyone’s ‘extinct’, what then?

    Answer that you scruffy cunts.

    And tell us that you’re going to go first. Oh I’ll bet you are.

    • Bunch of poseurs.
      Stand by your convictions.
      In a act of eco revolutionary mass suicide.
      You go first.

  12. These cunts are just anarchists that don’t really give a fuck about protecting the environment, just about protesting.
    Over lhe last 7 years I have written to nearly every environment and shadow environment minister about shop doors being wide open in the middle of winter with the heating on full blast. I thought it may go some way to reducing global warming if the government passed some laws about it. I usually get some shit response saying they are working with industry to make some changes.
    I sent the same emails to Extinction Rebellion and Thunderpants a couple of years ago and didn’t even get a reply.
    They are just like all the groups such as blm and antifa, marxist anarchists that don’t give a fuck.
    Boil the fucking lot of them.

  13. I had the misfortune to examine these loons at close quarters when they were camped out at Marble Arch in 2019.

    They really are a smelly bunch of degenerate hippies. Most looked as if they were strangers to bath water. The women were greasy, dirty, unattractive and the men even worse, but most of them couldn’t be bothered to shave. Many sat around on the dirty floor listening to African bongo music being played to them by whitey’s sporting dirty dreadlocks and Rasta caps. Smelly, dirty, Gollum like creatures were cooking and handing out some disgusting food with their dirty fingers. Their tents and refuse were littered all around John Nash’s elegant Marble Arch. The police were standing around looking as if they were enjoying the show. To top it all, the whole spectacle seemed to be presided over by some Yank with a loud voice dressed like Gandalf the Grey.

    And these are the self styled saviours of the planet? More like a freak show.


  14. China, the US, India and Russia are the worlds highest carbon polluters – but I don’t see Excrement Rebellion protesting outside their Embassies.
    Rich commies on a day out, Range Rover there and back.

  15. Why don’t these cunts fuck off to countries with appalling pollution, such as India, China, Mexico, Brazil?

    They don’t because they know they’ll get the shit kicked out of them and the respective governments won’t give a shit what these cunts moan about on social media.

    So they do all their fake whinging in the relative safety of England, and in particular London. And if a copper so much as breaths on them they’ll cry off to Facebook moaning that they’ve been physically and psychogicall abused by the Pigs.

    Oh, and its also interesting how much rubbish these 2-faced cunts leave behind in their wake when they’ve finished protesting.

    Moreover, most of these cunts have top-of-the-range Samsung or Apple phones, and not cheap and nasty phones. They hate captialism in others, but somehow feel justified when applying it to themselves

    And Greta needs a good length in all 3 holes – only way to shut the cunt up. (I’m assumiing she’s legal now?)

  16. I think these Extinction cunts lack decent leadership. Greta the Spaz is not the person for the job. They need someone to lead by example and teach them the right way to do things. A pity Jim Jones isn’t still alive to do take up the position. He’d have been ideal. The Extinction cunts would have loved his team talks and his kool aid.

  17. Go and clean up a beach.
    Better still go and protest the so called biofuel companies who burn acres of forest instead of fossil fuels.

    Bunch of cunts.

  18. I don’t know what these soap dodgers want.
    It’s hard enough to predict the weather for tomorrow and meteorologists are usually wrong.
    The hole in the ozone layer was discovered in 1985.
    Trying to predict an extinction through a few decades of observations of a 3 billion year old planet is like watching 10 seconds of a football match and making predictions for the league winners for the next century.

  19. Just look at the pic to get an example of the numb fuckers who turn out for these jolly’s, only a few months since they were in the playground, now wearing the uniform of the student, Daddy’s cardigan, baggy jeans and Dr Martens. This cliched look must give them wisdom beyond their Years. Listen children you know Fuck all, get a job, mortgage and some responsibility before you embarrass yourselves any further.!

  20. Tell these cunts that smartphone use will be limited to an hour a day to help with ‘climate change’, and every single one of the cunts, even Greta Mongberg, would shut the fuck up about all this shite.

  21. Tell the cunts that iphones wouldn’t exist without oil and see how their visage deform into buffuddled+fear.
    Cunts wouldn’t know their own ass from a hole in the ground ffs.

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