Carrie Symonds

Carrie Antoinette

I don’t know who dreamed up that name but, whoever it was, I congratulate the cunt.

That is pure fucking genius as far as I am concerned. This wokie bitch really needs to be reigned in and reminded that nobody voted for her but I can’t see the Jellyfish doing it.

The comparison with the boy Hewitt and Sparkletits are obvious but far more damaging to this country.

Let them eat cake indeed!

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

with helpful link from Ruff Tuff Creampuff


40 thoughts on “Carrie Symonds

      • Those teeth make for a great tin-opener. Carrie Antoinette can definitely open a few tins of cake with those gnashers.

        She studied art history and theatre studies at university – a great qualification for ordering the posh public twat how to govern the UK.

        Silly cunt.

        Fill in her cunt with quick-drying cement so we don’t get any more offspring from the silly bint and the Blob.

      • Going in for a kiss must be like looking into farm machinery.

  1. Fucking muppets running the show. Vote Conservative on Thursday? Fuck right off.

    • Princess nut nut.
      They say behind every successful man is a strong woman.
      They also say behind every spineless lying albino is a goofy spoilt bitch.

      • Successful millionaire is asked what he would be without his wife?

        A fucking billionaire.

  2. Good nom Freddie. I have a strong dislike for this cunt. Boris will do fuck all to get rid of her, he’s shackled and of course the whiff of her cunt is an obvious attraction to him. I always suspected the bitch was an establishment plant to bring through on their woke agenda’s. Will Boris get my vote next time ? The Fuck he will !

  3. Is this the one that Boro$ is currently fucking?

    She seems fertile. More innumerable kids for him.

    Fuck being born with a silver spoon, a bastard comb would do.

    • I hear there’s a Cabinet motion for him to get the snip! Fucking ball clamps would be better.

      • A hairdresser, or even a Turkish Barber would be a start.

        Imagine knowing you are the product of that cunt’s spunk.

        There are at least 7 of the cunts crawling around the country at the last count.

      • If they had any sense they’d putting his fucking head into a hydraulic press, a là ‘The Fly’.

  4. @RTC. Good link. Good to know some fuckers in Government are “waking up” at long last.

  5. Her cunt is like heroin to the other cunt.

    For what it’s worth – I most definitely would.

  6. It really does show how bad the moral compass is of BoJo and slaglips really are.

    I mean, any cunt who is mug enough to marry this albino prick needs their head examined but his wife of 25 year had to live through his affair with Carrie.

    Cunt probably impregnated her with spawn no. 20 (or however many more mini-Boris’s there are) while he was still married.

    Once he’s bored of her she’ll get tossed to one side (probably when he is no longer PM) like a bone from a hot chicken wing.

    Couldn’t stand Dom Cuntings but the rumours are Carrie and Cum didn’t get on and this is why he left. She’s a proper munter too, so posh looking she almost looks inbred with a pair of gnashers like Ed the Talking Horse.

  7. Fuck me, the dozy bint could eat an apple through a tennis racquet.

    It is clear for all to see this woman is a complete narcissist. She places a high value on her self worth and believes that she is ‘entitled’ to have the no.10 flat decorated by some “I saw you coming” bint, probably from Islington somewhere, and at some other cunt’s expense. Fuck me, the flat now looks like you could bleed to death in it and no-one would notice.

    Arrogant sow.

  8. Excellent and long overdue Cunting.

    Carrie Antoinette is a total disaster and the Jellyfish is like putty in her hands (excuse the double metaphor). Someone ought to tell her that we don’t have a First Lady in the British constitution and PM’s wife’s need to shut up and do nothing. But Carrie has to stick her nose in everything, trying to run the show from behind the scenes , promoting her air head friends, and leaving a trail of chaos behind her. And her agenda is insufferably woke. The Jello-Blob needs to shut her up or else he’ll suffer the consequences.

    God knows what the Jello-Blob sees in her. She looks like a horse. I suppose she gives good head.

    • It should be Carrie Symonds [4] as the unelected, libtard cunt, who looks like Olivia Coleman in a Def Leppard wig, has been nominated several times already.

  9. Make no mistake this rat trap mouthed old scrubber is the source of the Jelly’s conversion to all this green bollocks. I don’t care where he puts his cock but his Hewittesque devotion to Special Wokie Agent Carrie should worry all of us. Like most rich wokies she’s got very expensive tastes…….6 grand for a trolley? What is it?……..solid fucking gold?? At least Sparkletits had the decency to fuck off to California and live with her fellow hypocrites.
    Off with her head!

  10. More fool Doris for being lead round by this Red Rum impersonator.
    And more fool any beggar who wastes their time voting for any of the spineless wankers.

    Fuck Off.

  11. A daft cunt, but this idea she’s pulling all the strings of bobjob is ridiculous. Maybe with the flat furnishing and trivial shite like that sure, but policy and overall direction?

    Media distraction. She’s the dullest, least interesting skeleton in his closet. If the media did some real investigation and found out she was KGB then I might give a shit about buying one of their rags.

    As far as I can tell she’s just another upper class trollop.

    • Sometimes the dullest ones are the best shags, don’t brag – just get on with it…

      • She looks like she enjoys being suffocated by giant man ass, then shat on as a reprieve.

        I don’t think I could oblige that fantasy.

      • I can fix that up for her but id expect to be paid.
        Boris can claim it on his expenses.

  12. I think the last really decent PM’s consort was Norma Major, who realised that being a PM’s wife granted her no special privileges. I met her once, a very nice lady. The worst of all was big-gobbed Cherie of course.

    The problem with BoJo and his cock is that only he knows how many children he has. I suspect that he is having to have them all privately educated (you can’t do it only for one and not the rest) and that costs fortunes, hence there is a certain lack of money.That means he has to pass around the begging bowl when he wants to do his gaff up.

    BoJo is nothing if not a heterosexual and that means he has absolutely no interest in soft furnishings. He is cunt-struck though and it is Carrie who is the instigator of the so-called furnishing scandal, blown up out of all proportion by the BBCunts and Labour, If there is any real scandal in all this is how the fuck did it get charged out at £58,000? There are far more important things to worry about, such as the current deployment of HMS Queen Elizabeth about which I have heard nothing in the MSM.

    • A photograph was published in a broadsheet some years ago, probably in the nineties and may have been in the Guardian, of Norma Major, Glenys Kinnock and Jane Courtenay together in a garden. All smiling for the camera, Norma Major had the sort of friendly open smile you got from your mother or a favourite aunt when you were a lad. The other two displayed as we used to say, the smile on the face of the tiger. I felt that if I had been in a room with them I would have walked out backwards finding the door by feel if necessary.

  13. Carrie Antoinette.
    It is of course a complete coincidence that her Father Matthew Symonds is the Executive Director of the Larry Ellison Medical Foundation.
    She was no casual choice.

    • And this is one of their current investments:

      Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

      Cunts noshing cunts

  14. She is the reason none of us will be driving our favourite fossil fuelled cars long before 2030. She and her loony woke eco pals will tax us off the road. Doesn’t bother her the fecking towny.

    She probably nags Boris to sleep every night about it.

    Da bitch.

    • He doesn’t have Dominic Cummings at his side telling him what to do, so now he’s reliant on his ‘senior adviser’. The Jellyfish is fucked and so are we.

      Are these curtains suitable for your Ladyship?

  15. With those teeth she could eat corn off the cob through a Pickett fence!

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