Gordon Ramsay and Gino D’Acampo

Gordon Ramsay and Gino D’Acampo deserve a double ended cunting for being a pair of boasting look at me cunts. I was talked into watching Gordon Gino & Fred’s road trip by the missus this week (yes I know I’m a gullible twat) and I fucking hate these tossers even more now.

I haven’t included Fred the Frenchman because he seems harmless enough, but the “Former Rangers player” and his woppie mate boil my piss.

Gino with his overdone Italian accent, overblown opinion of his cooking skills and believing he’s some kind of sex god. As for Ramsay, he is the most arrogant, up his own arse cunt on tv.

Every time he speaks its “my Michelin starred restaurants” “ my scallops are the best” “I’m so fit” “I’ve got a house in LA” “look at me in my Range Rover “ And then there’s the perverted desire to get their clothes off at every opportunity to show how “fit” they are.

The Italian spaz even got his knob out, though this was pixelated out, probably because he’s got a minging little button mushroom of a belllend.
What a pair of cunts!

Nominated by: Field Marshal Cuntgomery 

64 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay and Gino D’Acampo

    • It most certainly should be!

      I met D’Acampo at a tradeshow years back. He had just started to get chef TV work and was riding on the back of that to sell well overpriced pretend ‘Italian’ plain looking small sandwiches to queuing halfwits from a mobile kiosk. In front of the kiosk was an A board that had his name written in big letters along with ‘As seen on TV’.

      Yep, a right classy affair!

      • Did you go up him and pinch him on the arm and then declare , “He’s right! A cunt in the flesh too!” ?.

      • I didn’t, sadly.

        I just took one look at him holding a plate out with the rubbish sandwich on it for£7 and laughed at him then walked off. It seemed to have the same affect though!


  1. Great cunting.

    That little wop was a burglar in his younger years – he broke into singer Paul Young’s house a lifted his guitar. What a light-fingered eyetie cunt.

    Ramsay simply needs a fucking good shoeing.

    • Greasy wop should have been deported for that but foreign criminals never are in this country, that’s why it attracts them like a magnet.
      Ramsay is a mouth almighty cunt, you’ve seen one of his crappy set up shows you’ve seen them all. I’d rather go for a socially distanced piss up with Keir Starmer than watch this pile of dogshit.

      • Fucking thieving piece of shit cunt, he should be reminded of that every single time he appears on TV. Fred should wear a Paul Young tshirt. I feel like booting my TV every time the pasta eating arsehole comes on, fuck he makes my piss boil!!!

  2. Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants may have their fair share of Michelin stars but as he is never in any of them and is always doing different television programmes then I don’t see how he can take much credit.
    He had one series where he went into a prison. I think that the idea was to train some inmates to make cakes which would be sold as a commercial enterprise.
    The series never actually ended if I remember correctly.
    All of the inmates were calling him Jamie and he quickly realised that he couldn’t do his usual shouty thing with a bunch of guys who were banged up.
    And that’s the thing really. It’s all just an act.
    Chefs are generally surly bastards and you won’t get far shouting and insulting them in an environment where ‘accidents’ can happen.
    With his attitude he would last 5 minutes in a working kitchen and as for the short arsed Italian, he would be forever in hospital waiting rooms with a saucepan wedged on his head. With his mum sat next to him…… Probably.

    • I remember that rubbish. Ramsay looked terrified in that jail. There’s also the series where he saves failing restaurants in America. That can be quite entertaining, not because of Ramsey who comes over as false, but because of the failing restauranteurs who are usually dismal specimens of humanity.

      • I used to watch that in the hope that one of the failing restauranteurs would stab him.

  3. There seem to be loads of these shitty shows with a gang of “celebs” doing some old bollocks. I blame those cunts Clarkson, and the other two (can’t remember their names) – they started the format.

    • They cost fuck all to make that’s why. You only have to pay the slebs, who are usually D list cunts who need the exposure and don’t charge much. Strictly cunts dancing being a classic example of the genre.

    • I wish Miriam Margolyes had got caught up in that crush the other day….fucking nasty old witch.

      How was the Grand Canyon formed ?…..A Jew dropped a nickel down a gopher-hole.

      How was copper-wire invented ? Two Jews both grabbing a Penny that had dropped onto the floor.

      Oy Vey!…I’m here all week.

      • Two Jews walking down the road. One of them picks up an unopened wage packet. The other says “You lucky sod”.
        To which his friend replies “Lucky ? Look at the tax I’m paying”.

      • Mrs. Cohen and Mrs. Levy are walking down Golders Green High Street. Suddenly Mrs L says “Mrs. Cohen, I can’t keep it to myself any longer – I’m having an affair!”

        Mrs. C is astonished “No! – tell me – who’s doing the catering?”

      • Young girl falls asleep on the synagogue steps and wakes up with a heavy jew on her.

      • Took an old Jew to hospital. He’s laid on the stretcher and I ask him if he’s comfortable.

        ‘I earn a living, my boy’

        Go in his house and he’s taking wallpaper off the wall.

        ‘Decorating, sir’?

        ‘No, moving’.

  4. TV chefs have become insufferable berks. Could you have imagined Fanny Craddock going full frontal with Johnny? Or Ken Hom or Anton Mossiman dancing around with their tackle on display? Keith Floyd might have been up for it in is heyday though – but only when he was drunk. Chefs today are exhibitionists and cunts to the highest degree and Ramsey is by far the worst.

    • I am old enough to remember Philip Harbin – no nonsense certainly didn’t regard himself as a “celebrity” – I doubt the word existed in TV of the 1950s – just doing his job, albeit with “lookers in” as they called them.

      Fuck it – I feel OLD

    • Don’t know about Ramsey being the worst….that mongy little Shit, Jamie Oliver, is pretty much unchallengeable when it comes to Cunt-Factor.

      • Agreed. Oliver out cunts even these two revolting specimens.

    • I remember seeing Keith Floyd knocking back a few glasses of vino at the Norfolk Village pub in Shoreditch back in 1998.

      One of the great stripper pubs in Shoreditch before the hipster twats moved in and destroyed the area with their gastro pubs serving putrid craft beers on beer flights.

      Sadly, the Norfolk Village is no more as it was demolished to make way for a London Overground bridge.

    • PS…It was probably a “typo” on the charge-sheet….should have read “Buggery” instead of “Burglary”.

    • Like all these kind of celeb stories, there’s always more to it. A judge, then as now, wouldn’t hand out a custodial sentence to a first time isolated offence of that nature. I wonder how many burglaries were taken into consideration.

  5. I see Bill Gates is getting divorced. Apparently Melinda caught him injecting nanobots in another woman.

    • The new model will be announced soon .Giving Bill a bigger hard drive. I must admit I stole that one

  6. I hate that little grease ball goomba . Typical eye tie gob shit. Never trust a pizza snapper they change sides more often than their socks. Cunts.

    • Gordon Ramsay looks like popeye on shore leave,
      As for this little foreigner Gina?
      I wouldn’t eat anything a greasy little roman had made!
      E-coli is serious stuff

  7. Can you be vaccinated against food poisoning?
    Put me down for that.

  8. There was a Gordon Ramsey restaurant in Corralejo. It was shit. It closed down a couple of years ago owing it’s suppliers. Cant understand how Ramsey gets TV work. He is such an obvious cunt.
    Dont know the wop.

  9. Could we coerce ALL tv chefs to Unkle Terry’s telling them about his ‘Magical’ Oven ?

  10. Kitchen Nightmares UK was good – an honest look at the problems some restaurants face and Ramsey’s attempts to save them. The US version can be entertaining in its way but is far too over-dramatised and is clearly fake in many areas.

  11. Two things I would never watch are anything with that fucking cunt Gordon Ramsey and isis beheading videos, however, if Ramsey was the star of one of these isis atrocities, I might give it a look.

    • That cunt is always losing his head. Always with people smaller than him. Ooh just give me 5 mins with the cunt.

      • Gordon’s had a’bit of ‘work’ done.
        Hair plugs, dermal fillers, etc
        The plasterer doing that must of been gutted.

      • Neither of these luvvies can make a proper meal anyway!
        Fuckin pasta?!!!
        No thanks im low on bog roll,
        Cant risk it.
        Id stand my culinary skills against either the little mussolini or fossil face if it was proper food.
        Chip butties, bangers n mash with onion gravy,
        Bacon ribs in pea soup.
        They can stick that foreign shite up their arse.

  12. Ramsey is an obnoxious bullying cunt. Big fan of Eastenders apparently. And Ultimate Force.

  13. Watched some TV shite last week about the Savoy Hotel in London and how it attracts a lot of look at me, I have money cunts (and the ponsy staff who work there – head Butler talks like he likes to fondle his younglings in the broom cupboard).

    Quite frankly, the state this country is in and the hardship many are going through I think it is morally wrong and demeaning of any broadcaster to put shite like this on the box, while so many are fucked because of Kung Flu, made worse by watching how an accountment (who dresses like Rupert the bear and more camp than dame Kweer) talks about his VIP treatment as he stays about 200 days of the year and they put his initials on his pillows – bet they don’t put the initials on the pillows of all the rent boys he fucks once he’s roofied them in nearby SoHo.

    Anyway, I digress…

    The Savoy grill was featured it’s one of those Ramsey’s ‘fingers in the pie’. “My fucking name above the door” cunt kept saying while slating the turbot wellington that was meant to be a new addition to the menu.

    Tell you what you cunt, bet your name is above the door, but I bet you’ve never touched a teaspoon in the kitchen. Then there was his wannabee Fred as front of house, some cunt called Thierry – a failed restaurateur.

    All of them, hanging around in the kitchen, clearly scared shitless of Gordon like if he’d bent over they would have seriously rimmed him to avoid a ticking off for a sloppy haddock omelette.

    Pretentious cunts all of them.

  14. I like Ramsey and his constant fucks, I don’t like ‘camp’ Campo and his pretending not to be gay. Fuck you Campo you Closet cunt.

  15. Ramsey is another’look at me’ cunt.
    Why the fuck would anyone travel to Iceland, catch puffins in a net and eat the poor little fuckers who were probably returning to feed their chicks? Imagine the fun you could have after catching that cunt in a net.

  16. TV chefs are all cunts.
    With two exceptions:-
    Keith Floyd
    Nigella Big Tits –

    (How about Fanny Craddock and The Galloping Gourmet – Grahame Kerr, from way back in the 60s and 70s! – DA)

    • Yep DA. I’ll go with them.
      Fanny was cut from the same template as Floyd – irascible and often unpleasant but she never appeared to want to be a multi-format “TV/Showbiz” star. Just stuck to the day job which in fairness so does Nigella (.)(.) when she’d ‘rack’ up a fortune on Pornhub if she ever needed a few quid.
      Johnny (‘Mr Craddock’) was portrayed as a useless stooge but I read somewhere it was all an act and Fanny very much played 2nd fiddle when the cameras were turned off.

    • What about the Hairy Bikers – those chippy chappy cunts from up north.

      Or Ainsley Harriot who looks like Mac from the original predator film.

  17. The best chef on TV is a chinky that sometimes helps out with Ken Hom.
    Her name is Ching-He Huang.
    She just gets on with cooking, and no precocious faffing around.
    Taught by her mum, apparently.
    Makes excellent chips.

  18. For a time I liked Ramsay. He had an air of sincerity and a forthright no bullshit approach and came from a genuinely shit background.

    Over time hes just retreated up his own arse and fully Subscribed to being a celebrity cunt.

    Saw him on the American talent show judging actors and singers and dancers and the like. What the fuck qualifies him to do that?

    Cooking in prison went from a joke concept in Alan Partridge to this cunt actually pulling it off.

    he now just licks corporate ass who involve him in loads of stuff he knows fuck about as long as he will scream in peoples faces.

    D’Acampo is an irrelevant little cunt as well. There are more ‘celebrity chefs’ than there are fucking mouths to feed how does that work? The pro version of that cook off program was like the FA fucking cup with 14 rounds of prequalifying there were that many snouts at the trough. And what was the bullshit with paul youngs guitar? Bit like when that cunt worrall Thompson shoplifted a tesco express. Cry for attention in their cuntbubble of irrelvance.

    Id like to cunt celebrity chefs in general.
    Worst of all is that Fernley-Cuntingstall. Driving round pretending to be a piss poor smallholder like everyone watching is a cunt who doesnt realise hes a fraud getting paid x-hundred thousand for this bullshit. Whats interesting about watching a cunt pretending to be poor try to catch lobster whilst swimming round like a bellend in a tractor tyre? and when the cunt went ‘fishing’ caught fuck all and then pretended he’d caught fish by placing them on the grass but as a duffer but keen fisherman myself even i could see the cunts were frozen and a crew member had nipped down to the local tesco.

    If anyones up for a few lagers and a trip to burn down his property i’ve been looking for accomplices

  19. These two cook stuff.
    Anyone can do it.
    Count your money and be fucking grateful.

  20. Don’t understand a word that Gino says. He speaks too quickly and its all gabbled. I do like Gordon though.

  21. I loathe Ramsay. The same cunts that moan about bullying (on social media or otherwise) will then love it and watch gleefully as Ramsay is as abusive and obnoxious as possible and see it as entertainment. He gets away with it because he’s a celebricunt. If Ramsay was an ‘ordinary’ bloke, he’d have had his teeth knocked out more than once by now. Just like that cunt Eminem. If he tried that mask and chainsaw shite in a Manchester pub, he’d have the saw wrapped round his neck and the mask shoved up his arse. It’s also hilarious to see Ramsay on Soccer Aid. The fat cunt mincing around and cracking on he’s a good footballer. There have been good celebrity football players like Rod Stewart, Johnny Marr and Matt Smith. But for Ramsay and that fat pencil squeezer, Robbie Williams it’s just an ego wank. I can never take Soccer Aid seriously. First of all its ludicrous title and as long as those two look at me fat cunts are involved.

    And as for women that actually fancy Ramsay (astonishingly they do exist)? They are either blind or insane. My wife’s description of Rupert Murdoch also sums up Gordon Ramsay. A foreskin filled with mashed potato.

  22. When Nigella Lawson licks jam off her fingers, it gives me the raging horn.
    But when my mother in law does it, it makes me want to throw up.

    Funny that…

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