Laurie Hodierne

A harrowing tale.

‘Many dread being invited for their cervical smear test – but Laurie Hodierne found it exhausting to have to keep asking for appointments, and trying to chase up the result.
He is one of a number of transgender men who still have a cervix but are no longer registered as female at their GP surgery. Laurie was re-registered as male without requesting it, he says.
And this means he could miss out on potentially life-saving cervical smear tests because he is not automatically called up for screenings.’

Sad, but surely there is something wrong here. I thought that trannies didnt recognise biology. How can a woman who has decided to be a man have a cervix? Surely that amounts to hate crime.
Whatever next. Some screaming jessie developing bollock cancer? Never. It goes against the accepted orthodoxy of trannyism.
So poor Laurie is Martha for the NHS but Arthur the rest of the time.

It’s a national disgrace.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

87 thoughts on “Laurie Hodierne

  1. This island continues to descend further into the sewer, pandering to these fucking mutants.

    Fuck off with your smear test whining on a Tuesday morning, you cunt.

    Set the oven to regulo 8.

  2. Apologies for being so shallow here, THAT was a woman😳
    Jeeeesus, talk about falling down the ugly tree and hitting every branch on the way down.

    All that physical and phycological effort to transition and you end up looking like someone on the sex offenders register😂

    Poor cunt.

    In Scotland, under the new SNP’s fascist hate speech law devised by that fith columnist Peaceful, Laurie would be prosecuted for hate speech, against himself, er, I mean herself. Or is it him?!?

    Great nomination CC👍

  3. Nature has a way of dealing with these freaks, a nice long protracted death from fanny cancer is just what this deviant deserves.

  4. That’s enlightening, one had thought all the lady bits would’ve been cut out as part of the cosmetic procedure. Does that mean it can be reversed?

    • With a moustache like that, that bint should be in the Village People. At least that can be easily shaved off if it wants to revert to the feminine sex of the species.

  5. Did this self obsessed nutter pay for her transformation to look something like a man?

    I doubt it.
    She has had multiple operations and now takes medication to feed her lunatic fantasies.
    And all at the tax payer’s expense.

    Here’s an idea for her.
    Go private and pay for your own fucking smear test.

    Give something back, you cunt.

    • I would really love it if ex-service doctors were put in charge of the hospitals these freaks use – Navy, and definately Army quacks don’t have bedside manners. “She” or “he” would be treated with the contempt they reserved for all ratings and squaddies.

      Sorry to change the subject but I see Jo Cox’s sister has been appointed PLP for Batley and Spen, which shows how desperate Dame Keir truly is. The silly cow sounds as dim as a 2 watt light bulb.

  6. Having just read the link, this thing us a Doctor.

    Think about that-a fucking mentally ill Doctor.

  7. What do the Chinkies do with these fucked up freaks, does anybody know? I suspect it’s not something they would welcome but we already know what the Peacefuls would do so i’m hoping they take over first.
    Alan’s Snackbar!

    • I suspect any Chinky freaks will know to keep their perversions very quiet .

      • My Chinese wife assures me that the gayness does not exist in China and never has done. Probably because they have all been shot.

  8. Good nom CC. You’ve found the basic error in their argument. Nature does not recognise sex as a social construct. Those pesky xy chromosomes are non-gendering them (or whatever the phrase is) every second of every day.

    These idiots have made their bed and now they should lie in it – so no cervical smear tests seeing as sex is a social construct and all, and has nothing to do with biology.

    • Yeah, I read about that….all the rage in California apparently. Along with Lego producing little mincing rainbow coloured gay figures including one with a beehive hairdo to represent drag queens.
      Go on Mr Libtard…. tell me the poofs aren’t after little kids’ arses again. Recoil in mock horror and accuse me of some phobia that no cunt ever heard of. I’ll admit to it, no problem cunt.

      (On the subject of LGBTBLAHBLAH Lego, there’s a Nom due to be published soon covering that very topic! – DA)

      • Poofs are no more paèdo oriented than heterosexuals. And they’re as fed up with the trans bullshit as everyone else.

      • Quite right Ruff. Many poofs are decent ordinary people who don’t want any excess attention and are horrified by shitfests like Gay Pride Day.

      • Buying a crochéd cock and allowing your child to wear it ishould be considered child abuse.

      • Many are. Remember the furore over George Michale and Fat Reg using dancers dressed as boy scouts in one of their videos? No – well, it isn’t exactly repeatedly shown by the MSM.

        I also (inadvertently) had Radio 4 on in the car. Minutes worth of gushing bollox about that ape shot in Peckham. We all know it was another simian that did it – so let’s hear about it.

  9. You lot should have some sympathy. I’m identifying as an endangered Black Rhino today but am afraid to leave the house for fear a group of Dark-Key poachers try to steal my horn and sell it to the Covid-Causers to use as a sex-aid. The Authorities are ignoring my increasingly frenzied phone-calls demanding that Prince Philip’s bodyguards are reassigned to guard my magnificence.
    What is a well-hung Rhino to do,eh? Answer me that you fucking Ungulatephobes.

    • 😀 Morning Dick.

      Your horn is prized in Asia as it’s reputed to cure many illnesses.

      I’d take special care.

      • I’ll take special care of my horn alright…I’m going to stay in all day to polish and massage it….I’ll see if I qualify for furlough money seeing as I can’t get any work done.


    • I should add that I’m the last Black Rhino in rural Northumberland but hopefully when I’m added to the breeding list Dianne Abbott will he low-loadered up here and we can set-to making lots and lots of ickle baybiieee black rhinos.

      I hope that Cunt Chris Packham doesn’t turn up…I wouldn’t want that sort of degenerate weirdo peeping at me as I pound Dianne’s love (Dartford)tunnel.

      • Attenborough can Fuck Off too…dirty old voyeur would probably have a heart-attack watching me and Dianne making sweet,delicate luurrrvvvveee.

      • @ Venice Beach….Pink-Glistening-Fragrant-Moist Tunnel. you nutter Cad.

      • @Irasmus Womble…

        You’ve been to Ladies darts night at The Black Bull I’m guessing.

      • @Micky B-E

        A hippo?…are you accusing me of being the kind of sexual-miscreant who fucks a different species ?

        You’ll be hearing from my Barista.

      • Oh my, ROFL Coconuts. I had completely forgotten – albeit briefly – about your own peculiar and quite particular style of tedious rejoinder.

        Yawn, inderdaad! Have you nothing more original or at least mildly entertaining to add?

    • Strange you mention baristas, Dick; my personal lady bariste has just prepared for me a pot of Prime Washed Jamaican, which I’m enjoying even as I type.

      To follow – Manx kippers, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce for a treat, served with freshly toasted English muffins and a large bowl of sweetmeats.

      • Of course you are… and I’m having devilled kidneys,kedgeree and quails’ eggs served with a generous dollop of Gentleman’s Relish… all prepared by my private chef at a certain “must remain nameless for security purposes” exclusive Gentleman’s Club on The Strand.

        Yer probably having the remains of last night’s takeaway kebab.

      • No, indeed not, Sir D: do I sense an element of “projection” here, peût-être?

        With complete candour, I can aver that I almost always eat all the kebab; there is never anything left over. Mazaa in Longshite is so good I’m indeed often tempted to order another, but never actually do.

        Why the disbelief? I have just enjoyed a breakfast of precisely those dainty comestibles mentioned above. The Manx kippers were on an excellent offer at Morrisons in Cheadle Heath, the Burford Brown eggs ditto from Tesco in Parrs Wood; I admit the bowl of sweetmeats was somewhat of a disappointment, consisting simply of a few seedless grapes and some dried apricots from Aldi in Didsbury, although the Turkish honeycomb was good and the Henna™yoghurt from a wobbly headed vendor slightly further afield was excellent. Venetia’s hollandaise isn’t the best, as she invariably uses lemon juice; I prefer inspissated Dufrais white wine vinegar (ie boiled down with shallots, bay leaf and celery) as the souring agent of choice in such emulsions.

        The coffee was superb.

        Thank you for your interest, however.

      • Yawwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

        Are you wearing your mother’s dress pretending to be your girlfriend again? CS.


      • @Venice Beach

        It’s not that I disbelieve you….I’m just jealous. I had some bacon that had seen better days.

  10. Uncle Terry.

    Oven this thing please.

    Why should it feel it needs preferential treatment just cos it’s a chimera.

    Anyhow I heard on the news this AM that almost 10,000 died from the China virus after contracting it in hospital. Reported in the grauniad by all accounts, usually a rag that will defend the feekers to the hilt.

    Stay home, save your life avoid the NHS.

  11. Something George Orwell wrote occurred to me when looking at the photo of this freak and that Shona whore yesterday with her black glasses and attitude problem::

    “You have often wondered what it would be like to go to the dogs… well, – here are the dogs”

    This country genuinely is fucked.

  12. This geography teacher looking cunts got me confused.
    Man? Woman?
    Classify as Nutter.
    Wasnt this the cunt who had Nooky Bear?
    Whatever it is, set its head aflame.

    • I don’t know Nookie bear but Yogi Bear was a criminal, wasn’t he. Hanging about in the woods with a small bear then stealing taxpayers’ food. Probably arrived on a dinghy.

      • It would certainly save my time, Gutbucket. I return briefly as I was informed about a melt-down by the resident sertraline-dependent ambulance driver yesterday.

        Fear not however: this “mind numbing [sic] Walt” simply cannot keep up with the pithy, piercingly perceptive and positively engrossing levels of wittiness hereabouts. Nary a tortoise in sight. It is all too bewilderingly insightful and brisk for me.

        Mutatis mutandis, RTC, my dry-cleaner’s best friend, Charles, aka facemask53, will doubtless enlighten you at his leisure of details, but I fancy you already fine well know, old bean.

      • You shovel the same crap every time, only to return, like herpes. Seek help, but somewhere else.

      • You have herpes, Gutbucket? I understand where your vile, bitter and frankly unpleasant world-view finds its etiology if so.

        On a brighter note, and for your much-needed and additional mental resilience, perhaps you might be well-advised to consider yourself lucky that, bitter and twisted as you reliably show your personality – authentically enough¹ – to be, you don’t suffer from tertiary syphilis.

        It can, I am reliably informed, always be worse. One for Miles, maybe?

        ¹ impressed by the authenticity of your sheer unrelenting anger as many clearly are, Walter Mitty himself feels just a little bit sad to imagine your truly pathetic and helpless plight that you post on here with such regularity and vigour. A shame, and if I’d not witnessed it personally I’d never have believed such loneliness existed. But it does, doesn’t it Gutbucket?

      • Perhaps your description of me might hold a smeg of water if I was the one who gets banned for having a spite filled meltdown, then having to sneak back under another name to repeat the cycle.
        Were you looking in the mirror when you wrote it?

      • No, Gutbucket, I was looking at the keyboard when I wrote it. Perhaps you should do the same & thereby avoid such opacity as

        “hold a smeg¹ of water”


        if I was the one who gets banned for having a spite filled [sic] meltdown

        you do rather neatly “cut to the chase”, however. I care not even remotely² that I “get banned”, as should by now be self-evident to all but the most stupid regulars on ISAC. For you, Gutstick Japseye – and to me rather weirdly – it would seem to be an almost unimaginably harsh sanction to be “banned”. This website truly is a lifeline for you, isn’t it (which was my point/what I explicitly said) and it is really quite saddening.

        No spite from my side, and certainly no melt-downs. In fact, it was DCI’s and Guardian Hater’s tedious little spat of 24 hours ago that (re)flagged this website to my attention via a watcher.

        Tarrah chuck!

        ¹ is that some obscure argot in your neck of the woods, or just a frankly embarrassing typo?

        ² unless and until a more “formal” moderation/whitelisting policy exists, “banned” contributors can continue to post, willy-nilly. If they can be arsed… and as you can see.
        Any such vetting would, of course, undermine one of the cornerstones of the very raison d’être of this site (viz: free speech) – which interestingly enough would be one of its best defences in an English Court if (or when) it is challenged, à la Mary Beard, for “hate speech”

        Just saying. No bitterness, and pleased to report no incurable venereal diseases I’m aware of on my side. No mirrors either; I sensibly leave such narcissism to Venetia.

  13. Yet another fairy tale of degenerate lunacy.
    Just when you thought the Mentals couldn’t descend further into the sewer you get this cunt.
    Oven for its enablers also.

  14. As an aside, has anyone elses piss reached critical mass at the outpouring of sycophantic bullshit over the anniversary of Saint George Floyd’s death? One cunt, interviewed, said: ‘He was a role model’, for fuck’s sake. Yeah, if you aspire to be a junky, gun-toting criminal that won’t do as you’re told, the cunt must be your fucking hero. Not even eight O-fucking clock and I’ve had to take a tablet…

    • Me for one. Radio four were eulogising about the cunt yesterday, making him sound like Martin Luther King. I think that when you make such a wrong ‘un, as Floyd so obviously was, a figurehead of a humanitarian movement, you’re fucked. If it was some innocent kid they might have stood a chance of convincing somebody, but a drug addled thieving thug who would assault a pregnant woman with a firearm isn’t going to convince many.
      The cunt.

      • A society gets the heroes it deserves. Past generations venerated the likes of Nelson, Churchill, Raleigh and Drake. The present generation venerates a mentally retarded dark-key thug. That tells us a lot about today’s society (ie: that it’s gone to fuck).

      • Added to which there was not one jot of evidence that Floyd’s killing was racially motivated, or even a factor.

        MLK will be spinning in his grave today.

      • You must admit the fact that Saint George was “of fuller lip” – and that the detained Five-0 was a honky – might play some small part in a belief that, notionally at least, there could possibly have been racial aggravating factors in his demise, Ruff Tuff Creampuff?

        While I admit the evidence adduced at the trial more than slightly suggests the two men already knew each other and had significant “beefs”, it would be hard to argue such beef was not at least in part racially motivated not only by Derek Chauvin but also by St George.

        Beef in the sense of obviously

      • Morning CS.

        Nice to see you back….

        No, I do not accept your presumption.

      • … & happily not for long RTC.

        This is not at all important for me personally, but I should point out that such aggravating factors certainly is not my presumption. Anyone who believes “racism”, in its broadest meaning, played no rôle whatever in pre-existing beefs between Floyd and Chauvin (which were well-established at the trial) is perhaps naive at best, wilfully argumentative and rebarbative at worst, and in any case in a vanishingly small minority.

        As I said, to argue that racism played no part is not only largely futile, but moreover of negligible concern to me. I have no intention of visiting Minneapolis, or indeed anywhere else in North America.

        This is quite plainly only a nugatory problem where I live. I concur I that it is, however, in danger of becoming a tedious hobby-horse for chaps and chapettes in some parts with nothing better to do than attempt to foment discord. Again, not my beef, and I shall quite literally not go there.

        Go well, Charlie

      • “Charlie”? Que?

        “…. & happily not for long RTC”

        Please don’t let me detain you. 🙂

      • I can’t understand how this mind numbing Walt isn’t binned as soon as he reveals himself.
        Saves time and column space.

    • Yes my piss looked like old faithful at Yellowstone park about to blow reading about the veneration of a criminal. Wicked Stupid Cunts

  15. The whinging cunt should fuck off and join a circus freakshow, the modern day “bearded lady”

  16. It wanted to be a man.
    Men don’t have smear tests.
    If the authorities had it registered as a woman, it still would have complained.
    In the world that this freak lives in, normal sane folk just can’t do the right thing.
    Tell it to Fuck Off.
    It’s taking the piss.
    The attention seeking cunt.
    Good morning.

  17. They’re fucked with us as our EPCR (electronic patient record) only has ‘Male and Female’ as an option so, if they don’t play ball, we can’t find them. To be fair, they’re okay with that and I’ve yet to have one have a hissy fit over it. Hard to keep a straight face when they look like a docker in drag, though.

    • Straight face? I’d be like the centurion trying not to suppress llhowling with laughter about Pilate’s good friend ‘Biggus Dickus’

  18. I’ve got it.

    Change his name to Sir Vix and enter him for Eurovision singing “You won’t find another man like me”.

    That must improve our chances of scoring some points.

  19. It astounds me how much this specimen looks like a man. He/she/it (delete as appropriate) has a beard and is balding. How the hell did they get facial hair on he/she/it (delete as appropriate)? And if medical science can perform such wonders why did they not give he/she/it (delete as appropriate) a full head of hair and make he/she/it (delete as appropriate) generally a more handsome example of the counterfeit male species rather than an ugly, balding knob-head?

    There’s no accounting for taste, I suppose. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – it’s certainly not in my eye.

  20. 🎼Steve Wright, in the afternoon, on BBC Radio 2🎼
    (To sycophantic clapping)

    This cunt is uncannily like that cunt!!!

  21. A receding hairline at the front I see. Did she ask the surgeon for that I wonder?

    • Surgeon: ‘What type of look are you after?’
      Laurie: ‘That ageing p*edo look please’
      Surgeon: ‘I see, so its the bumfluff kind of facial hair’
      Laurie: ‘Yes, that’s it’
      Surgeon:’ And your hairline?’
      Laurie: ‘Receding of course’.
      Surgeon: ‘Could I suggest you wear really unfashionable thick- rimmed glasses?’
      Laurie: ‘Oh I’ve got my jam jar bottoms already…the first thing I bought’.

  22. A bloke with a fanny, a woman with a cock, all I can say is…


  23. Maybe ‘it’ should book in for a prostrate exam, rubber glove and fingers up the butt might help bring home the experience of being a man. Oh Doc, when your finished with giving me the full two knuckles could you by any chance check my cervix?

  24. If you want to lose your breakfast look up transgender dilation. (Probably don’t search for images unless you enjoy John Carpenters The Thing.

    See the human body knows that blokes have cocks so when you lop it off and make a hole it freaks out and naturally tries to heal the gaping wound. So they have to jam a stick up themselves to stop it from healing shut. Seriously.

    • I had a look, nothing too frightening, but I also came across ‘gender confirmation surgery’. They, however are saying confirmation of the sex you want to change to. That’s ‘wannabe surgery’. Confirmation surgery to me is sewing another cock on a bloke’s head. That confirms 2 things – you’re a bloke and an utter knobhead to think you can be anything else.

  25. I feel sorry for any women who thinks he’s a bit of alright and sees a pussy when he drops his trousers.

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