Laurie Hodierne

A harrowing tale.

‘Many dread being invited for their cervical smear test – but Laurie Hodierne found it exhausting to have to keep asking for appointments, and trying to chase up the result.
He is one of a number of transgender men who still have a cervix but are no longer registered as female at their GP surgery. Laurie was re-registered as male without requesting it, he says.
And this means he could miss out on potentially life-saving cervical smear tests because he is not automatically called up for screenings.’

Sad, but surely there is something wrong here. I thought that trannies didnt recognise biology. How can a woman who has decided to be a man have a cervix? Surely that amounts to hate crime.
Whatever next. Some screaming jessie developing bollock cancer? Never. It goes against the accepted orthodoxy of trannyism.
So poor Laurie is Martha for the NHS but Arthur the rest of the time.

It’s a national disgrace.

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87 thoughts on “Laurie Hodierne

  1. Talking of transgender fuckers, I had the misfortune to see that Ellen/Eliot Page earlier in a topless photo, showing the results of her/him/it’s gender alignment surgery, or double mastectomy as other less fortunate women call it.
    I won’t lie, it was a difficult wank.

  2. I’m confused and bemused.

    This person decided they want to be a man, surely would have screamed till the cows come home if someone had called it her after it’s transition? It claimed it’s right to be treated as a man and in fact be a man, but seemed slightly miffed the doctor had changed it’s gender to male.

    What fuckery is this. There’s a clue there if it cares to face it. If one needs to remain registered as a woman with the people who deal with biological and physiological facts to receive appropriate medical care then one is surely a woman.

    I am a man and insist on being recognised as my chosen gender until it comes to my medical needs where I want to be recognised as female just doesn’t add up.

    Do what you wish to yourself, dress as you wish, I will not suggest for a minute that you are denied that freedom. But don’t ask me to recognise you as a man when you then require to be recognised as female when you require it.

    Fuck off with that shit.

  3. I haven’t a feckin clue. The dude, the subject. Nothing.
    Respect to the nomination of course, and the effort taken to do it.
    My life is so much richer in not knowing about cunts like this and their vile goings on.
    Mind you though. I was in Thailand for six months in 2017. She looks familiar….

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