Prince Fuckwit Harry (10)

Prince “Oh,woe is me” Harry Fucking-Halfwit is a Cunt.

I’m aware that he is low-hanging fruit but here I go again…This stupid,spoiled brat is never out of the papers whining on about how hard his life has been… made so tough apparently by the millions of Pounds in the bank, a family that made possible his privileged life of cheating his way through school and helicopter-training,servants and flunkies to wipe his arse at every turn,a largely supportive media that pushed the “People’s Prince” narrative and a Public that mainly forgave him his indiscretions because he was a “bit of a lad” and lost his Mother at an early age.

How the ignorant,self-entitled,self-indulgent moron has the gall is beyond me..sitting in his mansion in America wailing for sympathy from people who,no matter how brilliantly clever or hard-working,could ever achieve the gilded lifestyle that he professes to hate and yet seems strangely reluctant to forego.

The snivelling on about his dead Mother is equally revolting…many children have had a dead parent or parents…unfortunately they just had to get on with it and didn’t have the luxury of an extended,fabulously rich family to help them through it.

I’ve no time for the Royal family but even I feel a bit of sympathy for them having to endure constant personal attacks from such an ungrateful,selfish idiot as Harry..he is pure scum.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

81 thoughts on “Prince Fuckwit Harry (10)

  1. Well he can’t says he’s misunderstood anymore. There is no possible doubt that he is a truly, stupendously intergalactic cunt.

  2. I think everybody is being harsh on the poor lad – would you like to have been brought up as a ginger stepchild ?

  3. Harry has been cuntsruck since meeting the markle, he now acts like a glove puppet with her hand up his arse. Gone down deep in my opinion, not that he was that high up before he was markled and pussy whipped into submission.

  4. If the ginger-scrotumed rheetard didn’t have tenuous links to the royal family he would be an ideal guest on the Jeremy Kyle show.

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