Conor McGregor (3)

This wankstain on humanity has now bought the pub in which he hit an old man with his back turned to him and barred his victim.

What a streaming piece of shit. You can buy the pub Conor but you’ll never be able to buy any class.

If there’s anything below pikies it will be called McGregor.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit 

67 thoughts on “Conor McGregor (3)

  1. Total fucking wanker with zero class.

    Hyperbole is all this man is.

    Got his arse handed to him in his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov and it was a pleasure to watch.
    Not that I particularly watch much chav boxing (UFC)

    File him away under C.

    • Agree zero class, he likes to think he’s hung around with gangsters He knows sweet fuck all . He’s just juiced up and clueless how to handle himself . He doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder it’s more like a concrete block

    • Couldn’t give two shits about UFC. But even I tuned in to see this pikey twat tap out against Khabib.

      Nothing like an arrogant cunt getting chopped down to size.

      • Aye and in his latest comeback he got knocked out.
        Wish he would shut the fuck up and disappear.
        I just wish Giant Haystacks was still around to flatten the cunt.

    • Ginger and smells of piss. MMGAY fights, rolling around on the floor with your fingers up another blokes arsehole or in his eye socket until hes had enough. I genuinely hope someone puts this Oirish prick in a coma one day soon.

  2. His pub will probably start to attract the wrong sort anyway. People who don’t like him can turn up and make a nuisance. Even if he’s not there you could cause enough trouble to have his licence revoked. You wouldn’t have to hit this prick in the face, just in the pocket.

  3. Irish twat. A case of scum getting a lucky break. If he was working with just his brains, the spudfucker would struggle in a biscuit factory. A total fucking cunt. Scum like him is only loved by other scum.

  4. Like some kind of laboratory experiment where they mixed genes from Romanians, Irish, chavs, and thawed out kro-magnon in a test tube.

    Old McGregor was a cunt, ee-aye pîkey-o.

  5. He’s gust a gobshite bertie big bollocks that likes to pick on someone twice his age.
    I hope his pub is shunned by regulars and frequented by trouble makers.

  6. While he is a cunt that is a quality story!

    There’s a few cunts round my way I’d do that to.

    Maybe he will go to Appleby Horse Fair to buy some mares for his tinker family.

    • Isn’t it just quality, CM, I love these quirky noms about massive cunts no-one has ever heard of, until they get posted here. This site is a delight, my blood pressure is much lower these days.

      • Damn right this site is quality. I now don’t argue with the missus as much, just come on her to bitch about the world around us.

      • Cuntus Maximus
        on May 4, 2021 at 6:32 pm said:
        Damn right this site is quality. I now don’t argue with the missus as much, just come on her to bitch about the world around us

        Fuck me, that’s some typo!

    • Appleby’s annual horse fair in June was called of because of covid but the travellers wouldn’t have it and said they’d come anyway, 10000 of them including pikeys. the police and rspca said they would look at September but that was rejected and they said they would come in August. meetings of various of groups agreed on 11 – 15 August. Appleby folk were not consulted. as a result, the appleby show and carnival have been cancelled. parents worried that its school holidays and they’ll have to keep kids at home, Hospitality is fully booked and now getting cancellations cos nobody wants to be here when horse fair is on. Weddings and other planned events will probably be cancelled. what a load of bollocks. the authorities say they can’t stop them coming. we’ll they can surely stop them staying!!!

  7. A egomaniac, a bully, and a caravan rat.
    Acting like this, sooner or later he’ll come unstuck.
    Some paramilitary paddy will put one in his nut.
    Or his car will jump 6ft in the air as he turns the ignition.

  8. Would any of you say the things you’re saying about him to his face?

    Just asking.

      • Don’t worry. He’s no friend of mine. Never heard of him but he looks like a real tough nut scuzzball.

      • I’d shout it through his letter box and then get trapped by being unable to open his Country cream artisan garden gate.

      • No way hes got a gate as tasteful as mine!
        He’ll have a gold one with eagles on the gateposts.😀

        LL, ive painted the shed, back fence and gate, and the fence rail also country cream.

      • Next time im over Sheffield I’ll do it for you Jessum.
        Don’t tell any of the others I didn’t charge you though.
        Knew itd start a fad.
        Not doing Fiddlers though its about 5mile long!!!

      • I’d give him a Mickey Finn first.
        I’d shit in his Guinness.

      • Maggie@
        Id spit on his shadow.
        Maybe whisper ‘gyppo’ if the jukebox was on!

      • Good job Miserable, just be wary of arty types like Laurence Llewellyn Bowen or Cock Wan sniffing about and mistaking your shed for a pop up Blue Oyster Bar.

      • Youu could probably ward off the smelly cunt with Dictionary in one hand and a bar of soap in the other.

        “The power of watermelon mint lemongrass compels thee!”

  9. Surely this wanna be rapper goldie lookin chain style, pikey cunt doesn’t make himself popular by acting like a ni$$er, surely he must have an adviser to say Conner my boy, stop embarrassing yourself you twat and stop being a pikey cunt, we know its in your blood to be a peice of shit, but think of the money and take a break you dont have to be a wanker everyday of your life, leave the gobshite egg and spoonery to David Haye and Cwith Eubankth.
    The only place im sure you can fit in and be popular is down the local gay sauna where im sure you can find someone to stick something in you big fucking gob, even the king of the pikeys is nowhere near as much of an arse hole as you are, to be sure, to be sure……

  10. I hope the old geezer he sucker punched gets some revenge. What a twat, buying up that pub. Pure arrogance.

    Let’s hope the old bloke has some military connections.

  11. Didn’t this prick say he was going to buy Man Utd-until he was told the asking price.(3.5£billion plus).

    • Like the fans of the ‘big 6’ suggesting buying 51% of their clubs. Bit fucking late for that now. About 30 years too late.

      Arsenal have about 46,000 season ticket holders. The club is valued at between 2 to £2.5 billion.

      This means every fan with a season ticket would need to stump up over 50 grand lol.

      And that’s for a bag of shite like Arsenal.

  12. One fact all bullies should remember: it only takes 2-3oz to pull a trigger😉
    As many wannabe gangsta solja types have found out.

  13. Tried getting into UFC/MMA shite after everyone banging on about it.

    It’s clear these people are hard as fuck, but fuck me, it all seemed a bit gay to me.

    Lots of wrestling and scrote in face moments. A bit boring really as it seems to be wrestling really that wins the day. More of a ball bag and arse sniffing contest than anything else.

    I prefer to see hard nuts trying to punch each other in the head, with the primary aim of causing temporary brain damage and rendering their opponent unconscious for 10 seconds.

    That’s real sport that is.

  14. What did planet earth ever do to deserve the Irish? Hopefully this piece of shit will upset the real gangster cunts there, the vermin IRA, and end up in a wheelchair.
    Talking of those cunts from across the water, some good news today, as the two paratroopers that were being hounded for the murder of an ira maggot were acquitted. The family of said maggot were not pleased at all, saying it was a failure of justice. Tell that to the families of the fifteen soldiers that maggot helped murder.

    • Brilliant news story about the 2 paratroopers.
      Helps restore a bit of faith in the justice system after having to watch the Floyd debacle.

      • Indeed. How the fuck the good Friday agreement let all those terrorist cunts off with a free pass from prosecution, while allowing soldiers doing their duty being prosecuted is another thing to thank that fucking cunt Tony Blair and his dreadful government for. Then again, he is a Catholic…..

  15. McGregor, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall walk into a pub together in Dublin.
    Upon spotting them, the barman says “not yew tree again.”

  16. He is the personification of any Oirish cunt who makes any money over £50, jumped up spud faced dwarf bogdweller!

    Feck off!

    • Won one of his last three fights and that opponent was in his late thirties, so not doing too well lately. As far as his mentality goes, you only need to see him with his shirt off. Enough said.

  17. Help a yank out here. Is he what could be accurately described as a “hard cunt”?

    Maybe when he is old and feeble someone will knock his cauliflower-eared block off.

  18. Reading that article this is a typical pikey cunt with far more money than brain cells. Buys a pub, an open top Roller and 2 watches at 1 mill and 1.5 mill respectively. I bet he’s got a diamond encrusted caravan with mink covers on the tyres.
    The good news is that some clever cunt will have all that money off him. They’ll persuade the wanker to invest in bridge building in Mexico or Indonesian submarines and they’ll have the fucking lot. He’ll be back to being the thieving piece of gyppo shit he always was. It’s his destiny.

  19. He acts a cunt, talks like a cunt and is a cunt.
    He does not pretend to be anything else.
    The only way he could improve on his cunt credentials is if he starts lecturing us on the planet or the plight of refugees while sat in a huge fucking mansion.
    But even this mouthy spud muncher ain’t that much of a cunt.
    The boys will soon rearrange his kneecaps when the “insurance” money ain’t paid on his business ventures.

    • And ruin that lovely fresh haddock. Nah a good belt of a dog fish would sort him , give him a rash an all

  20. His dad said Conors always been a handful.
    He caught him chewing the wiring in the caravan!
    Shocking behaviour!
    He had to ground him.
    But hes currently doing better
    And conducting himself properly.


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