BBC TV licence [6]

It would seem despite a universal distain for this “viewing tax”, we won’t be able to be rid of it until at least 2038!

Apparently its all the government’s fault for not rolling out super-fast broadband quick enough to every corner of the fucking country!

According to the Telegraph article below, the government pledged to deliver full-fibre broadband to every home by 2025, but this was downgraded to 85% of all homes in the same timeframe.
(Pardon the interruption, but why the fuckity fuck would it be the government’s job to provide fibre based broadband to anyone? – NA)

Without broadband, it would difficult to offer subscription TV and thus end the TV licence, according to the article.

Ofcom reckons there are “190,000 homes” that “do not have decent broadband”

This delay goes hand in hand with a recent government announcement that it had “shelved plans” to decriminalise licence fee evasion – despite mounting support!

The article finishes off with a rather smug comment from some BBC cunt saying “We welcome the conclusion that the licence fee is the best way of funding a universal BBC”

Exactly why it should take a further 17 years to reconsider this matter is beyond my scope, especially for what looks like “190,000” homes that don’t have good broadband. And even when 2038 finally comes along its not saying anything will happen because no doubt there will be even more obfuscation.

This government seems shit scared of some “sacred” public services, whether its “save the NHS” during this lockdown circus; or protecting “Aunty BBC” from market forces because the nation loves it!

17 more years to get super-fast broadband online throughout the country (Is this just England or Great Britain as a whole? Because the way things are going on Scotland might well be an independent country by then. Which is convenient if all areas of Scotland end up with broadband thanks to taxpayer’s money from central government in England, and pulling up the “independent” drawbridge shortly afterwards. But that’s another story)

17 more years of this shit; and yet the government wants to abolish new petrol/diesel vehicles, and gas central heating and move us all over to electric by 2030 (less than 9 years), even though the national infrastructure is scarcely in place.

Doesn’t make fucking sense to me!

(Behind a paywall unfortunately)

(This one isn’t – NA)

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42 thoughts on “BBC TV licence [6]

  1. This is bullshit of the humungus variety. There is existing technology able to scramble a transmitted signal via a normal TV aerial. BBC could supply a box or dongle to the subscriber that would unscramble the signal.

    Clearly there are those high up in the BBC who have the ear of OFCOM and the gubbimint.

  2. Why the fuck do they need broadband in every home to shift the BBC over to a subscription model?

    If they can’t abolish the licence fee, why don’t they reduce it? Zoe fucking Ball is not worth a seven-figure salary and neither is Jug Ears – he would only waste it on feeding an illegal at his home for two nights.

  3. Fuck the BBC and all who have sailed in her corrupt virtue signalling, bame, woke, lefty, biased sanctimonious peado supporting sails. Cunts the fucking lot of them.

  4. The BBC is the Elite’s sacred cow and the TV tax will never be abolished by a “top down decision”.

    As for blaming this on sh1te broadband in parts of the UK this is total bullshit. To provide every home with “quality broadband” (defined as >10mbs) would cost the taxpayer billions. To put the BBC behind a paywall, and let viewers watch the “free to air channels” would cost sweet Fanny Adams.

    Here’s the thing though. You don’t have to wait for a “top down decision” that will never come. This whole issue can be fixed “from the bottom up”.

    Simply stop paying the TV tax and watched streamed content instead. Even sh1te broadband allows SD streaming (I know this as I have 1.5mbs broadband and it works with Netflix OK – BT did offer to upgrade my broadband service for £80k but I declined!).

    There’s no need to tell the BBC squat. Just stop paying them, ignore the incessant letters they will send you, and be prepared to tell any Capita goons they send to your door to FRO. I wouldn’t worry too much about the Capita goons in any case. They haven’t got that many to go around and they won’t have any legal right to enter your home. In the unlikely event they turn up tell them to go, and don’t engage with them (if you should open your door to see who they are shut it in their face – you can be as rude as you want😁).

    To ensure legality (in case you should ever let the goons in – but be aware they won’t be interested as they will just lie and misrepresent you to get you fined – they are paid commission per fine) simple disconnect any aerial wires and detune your TV. Also, whatever you do, don’t watch BBC iPlayer (as, unlike watching live TV this can be traced – the old “detector van myth” is just that a myth).

    Make the decision yourself – defund the BBC today👍

  5. Abolish the licence fee?
    No no.
    Abolish the BBC completely,burn all its property and put it’s staff up against a wall.
    Communism is for Cunts.
    Fuck Off.

  6. The Covid 19 oppression has guaranteed the continuance of the BBC as state broadcaster in perpetuity and at our expense. Boris the Cunt will never do anything to risk losing his primary propaganda mouthpiece.

  7. If true, this is another classic stitch up of the ordinary,decent person by those cunts in power. Why does the BBC charter have to be for ten years? The last year has shown how rapidly things can change and I doubt that the rate of technological change is going to slow down. The decisions are made by MPs who invariably lack the ability to understand the issues in areas such as this; remember, these same simpletons thought that smart meters (at a cost of £12 billion pounds ) were a good idea.
    Until there is a ground swell of opinion which tells MPs that support of the corrupt status quo may cost them their cushy number in Parliament I fear that fuck all will be done.

  8. Now there, are 3 steps to heaven
    Just listen and you will plainly see
    Don’t worry about the BBC
    You CAN watch TV for FREE
    Now follow, steps 1, 2 & 3

    Step 1: you cancel your licence fee
    Step 2: get the internet on your TV
    Step 3: you watch it all on YouTube

    Now that, sure sounds like heaven, too me😀👍

    Just cancel your licence.

  9. BT were given taxpayers money some years ago to roll out broadband across the UK – they stole the money and used it to buy mobile network EE.
    There is no issue whatsoever making the BBC subscription only – it is not dependent on the internet to operate and is yet another example of how cunts of all persuasions and political colours are just openly laughing at us.
    Fuck them – fill in the online form stating you do not need a TV licence, renew the declaration annually and let market forces dictate.
    And remember, every time you see smirking gimp Kevin Bacon being paid a million Dollars for an EE advert – YOUR taxpayers money funded that.

  10. I have broadband with out a telephone line, people who live remotely probably don’t even watch the shite that’s on telly anyway.

  11. Haven’t had a licence for three years. I laugh like fuck when I see Lineker’s smug grin knowing I am not helping to pay that cunts wages!

    Fuck off

  12. Just restructure the BBC to work like commercial TV, it’s not that difficult, if the government want to keep a publicly funded news service then just do that through general taxation.
    No need for a TV licence at all

    The BBC are cunts!

  13. Just a thought, the BBC supported the campaign to pardon for the uphill gardeners of the past who were convicted for homosexual acts even though the laws of the time forbade such activities. Will we see the BBC trying to get convicted TV Licence dodgers treated in a similar manner when, at some stage in the future it is realised how outdated the current situation is?

  14. Too many seriously wealthy people feeding from the BBC teat so don’t expect it to go anywhere soon.

    Besides, the government are using it to beam Covid bullshit into your home Videodrome style so they would hardly put that at risk.

    • What? You mean you have the audacity to get free terrestrial TV, all the sports channels including the 3 o’clock kickoffs, all the pay-per-view! All that for around£25 quid a year. Disgraceful 😉

      Ho ho ho…..

      • I first found IPTV three years ago.

        At the time I was with sky and had the premium package with extra box subscription Including telephone line rental and broadband was costing £1280 a year.

        IPTV and broadband line rental, total cost per year £350! Take into account watching 20 or more PPV view fights and other sporting events at £20 quid a pop each for nothing and it really is a no-brainer!

        I wouldn’t dream of doing this of course and this whole scenario is hypothetical 😉

        Ho ho ho

  15. The BBC has lost mass public support and credibility due to its politically motivated reporting, dire political woke comedy and general woke pc attitudes. Why does Dr Who have to be a woman? Why do televised classics have to have random dark keys inserted when they were not there originally and are not correct for the period portrayed? Why do we have to listen to Uber-cunt Emily Witless deliever a political dialogue on what is supposed to be a news reportage program? And why do we have to put up with turds like Have I got Cunts for You and Cuntryfile complaining that the UK countryside is too white?

    We don’t have to. Defund the BBC now! Cunts.

  16. They could as a minimum look to cut costs. Some of the twats earn small fortunes for fuck all. Linecunt springs to mind. The World Service???? What the fuck is that shite. Why I’m coughing up so some Nigerian cunt can hear the fucking news is beyond me. Apparently the new set at Deadenders cost £87m ffs you could build a real housing estate for that. It’s easy to spunk other peoples money away. Cunts the lot of them. Escape to the country, what a fucking awful show. Cuntish presenters showing twats around somewhere they may want to live. It’s always a smug Tarquin and Cressida type, sold a garage in Chelsea and now have £700k to spend on a nice little country pad, pushing the property prices up for the poor cunts that live locally. It’s not the BBC’s job to do this.This is an independent TV job, as are many many programs. It needs a fucking axe man to go in and chop the fucker down.

      • Harry, you are living up to your Bastard name. My piss is so boiling it’s pouring out of every orifice and I feel a heart attack coming on. I thought it was an April fool at first.

    • I wonder how much of the licence fee is used to pay that AIDS magnet that presents that Drag Race shite? Not to mention that Paddy bottybasher Norton and that unfunny Irish tranny cunt and his leeching tax dodging family. And these cunts still pay a fortune to that utter cunt, Steve Wright, He was crap then and he’s crap now.

  17. Then of course there’s Britbox, which despite showing loads of repeats from UK Terrestrial TV channels (BBC, ITV, Ch4, Ch5 and Ch4 Film), you have to pay for the privilege (£6/month I think) BUT you still have to pay the TV licence on top! (Aren’t they also censored for modern-day snowflake audiences? – DA)

    And this is essentially an app you can view on most popular devices. So, if that is the case, why the fuck do we have to wait until 2038 to get fibre broadband to every home in the country when you can quite easily watch this shit from your tablet/phone via 4G/5G…. 20G come 2038. And if you have a slow connection, tough shit, make do!

    But no. :Let’s just kick the can a bit further down the road so that it becomes some other cunt’s problem!

    What we want is another Maggie Thatcher – I bet she would have loved to have gotten her teeth into privatising these cunts. I didn’t necessarily agree with all her policies on privatization, but the change was quite dramatic for electric, gas, water etc. Didn’t have to wait decades for something to fit into place as we have now with the BBC. She just got up and kicked arse, job done!

  18. Never owned a Television and never will.
    I flatly refuse to have that bullshit and propaganda pumped into my living room.
    On a monthly basis I have a threatening letter from television licencing demanding to know why I don’t have a licence.
    I have been receiving these letters for years but I do admit the tone of them has changed from you will burn in hell for not paying the fee to a more user friendly notice of pay up.
    The letters always end up with the ominous we will pay you a visit routine.
    Of course I ignore all this as I figure I have to be licenced to fly an airplane but I don’t have to tell the aviation authorities every year that I don’t need a licence as I don’t have a airplane to fly.
    The three visits I have received from the BBC Bobbies always start with “What do you cunts want” before rapidly degenerating from there into a tirade of bad language.
    The Cunts have fuck all power and there is nothing they can do about it so tell them to fuck off and close the door.
    Ultimately it is you choice but if I want to watch some cunt talking total nonsense then I just look in the mirror.
    Its a lot cheaper and no licence required.

  19. I axed these cunts ages ago. I have no intention of funding Ru Paul and more drag queen freaks. I also refuse to pay for a lezza or BAME Doctor Who, to be lectured by that odious Maitlis slag, put up with Mrs Brown’s Cunts for the next ten years. And I refuse to watch a chimp in lipstick/ex-Prince groupie sneer at the Union Jack or watch that cunt Frankie Boyle and his BLM whore say ‘Kill Whitey’. Why should a British person pay to be spat on or laughed at? Fuck the Black Broadcasting Corporation and their woke fascism.

    Also, it appears the ‘Beeb’ are going to ignore the 40th anniversary of Only Fools & Horses. A programme that has made them immense amounts of money and is still loved by many Brits (the 1981-88 era was its peak). Apparently Del and Co don’t fit the woke agenda and it was ‘racist’ ‘sexist’ and every other fucking ‘ist’ or ‘phobic’.
    I dare say the Beeb are working on special tributes to Chicken Floyd George and Jimmy Savile instead.

  20. Not had a license for 4 years now, still get stupid letters from tv licensing, which, when screwed up tightly, make good fire lighters.
    I couldn’t bear paying for a license now, I’d rather eat my own shit than pay for Linnecunts et al.

  21. I haven’t watched broadcast television in a long time. I don’t intend to. I gave up the licence fee ages ago.

    I still have a television but that it for playing video games or watching dvds.

    Any sockets on the walls that lead to a television aerial outside are covered over with stickers or masking tape. If any inspectors come round they can see the television is not connected.

  22. BBC TV licence enforcement is run by Capita. If you get a shifty looking type at the door asking if you are “the householder” tell them to identify themselves and if they don’t tell them to fuck off or you will put a boot up their arse.
    They have zero legal powers and rely on being sly and intimidating people.
    If they still don’t do one film them and demand to see ID, then further state you will make a formal complaint to the CEO of Capita with regard to trespass and intimidation.
    And watch them disappear.

  23. Me not pay for many a year, and there is sweet fuck all they can do about it. Never had a visit in 14 years. Lots of letters which are excellent compost. BBC? Why the fuck would any sane cunt want to pay for that shit?

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