Ross Greer [2]

Ross Greer is a total cunt ! Who’s he ? an SNP cunt that’s thoroughly annoyed that Alex Salmond is running against his turd ridden excuse of a party with another sorry excuse for a party that of course , seeks independence from the rest of the UK . I had the misfortune of seeing the little prick on the news giving it large about how shit Alex Salmond is , Oh to the contrary you little cunt , because you’re talking about a much bigger cunt and unlike you , happens to be (grudgingly) a much cleverer cunt than you . I don’t even know if he was even old enough to vote for the last independence referendum and he’s talking like the all knowing , all conquering , highly experienced MSP that Salmond ACTUALLY is . I’ve never liked Salmond or his politics and i certainly don’t like the accusations that he’s been embroiled in , just to get that straight , but in political terms there’s no contest . It’s a bit like wheeling out a sherman tank to deal with a pram . There seems to be sheer panic about this new Alba party in Scotland and to be fair , it might be the best thing that could happen to the Scottish Conservatives , Oh the irony ……

Nominated by: EVILSCOTSMAN

Seconded by TheBestRevengeIsLivingWell who also provided a link:

Scottish Greens MSP Ross Greer branded the launch a “public meltdown of a disgraced has-been” and said the party’s creation was motivated by a “personal vendetta”.

I want it noted that as a proud Sassenach I have officially helped a Scotsman and therefore want, nay demand, a Nobel Peace Prize!

Fuck off!

44 thoughts on “Ross Greer [2]

  1. Just look at the little Green planet saving ginger tosser. He looks like Brains from Thunderbirds, what a knob!
    Here’s a couple of his quotes I nicked from Wiki…….

    “Nothing could make me happier than to see Buckingham Palace burn to the ground.”

    Winston Churchill was a white supremacist mass murderer.”

    What a cunt eh? Looks, acts and talks like a sixth form nerd who hasn’t discovered wanking yet.

  2. I believe I’ve said this before but the whole Scottish County Council and all who sail in it can suck my East Anglian balls.

    Get those fucking reivers working, Dick.

    • Well spotted-like those two boring, speccy Scots cunts, the SNP et al keep singing the same boring song….

  3. Scottish politics is like Scottish football: embarrassing lower division standard, with delusions of grandeur.

    This chap has more than a whiff of one of those chaps that parks near to schools😉

  4. A fine example of talent being outweighed by opinion. A giant, ginger cunt who managed to stick one year of his degree course.

    He would be better employed on the end of a broom, keeping McDonald’s car park in fine fettle.

  5. Talks “hard” in front of the cameras, but he would shit a ton of bricks if confronted by some rough working class types; or Dooshkas, or Stanleys.

    Calling out Churchill is all the rage these days of course because he knows he’s on safe ground. Plus he is trying to distance himself from the boomer and what remains of the pre-war generation, and snuggle up to the Gen Zs and Millies.

    It’s as if history – to his warped mind – only really started from around 1990 (end of apartheid, end of the Cold War, Berlin Wall knocked down, and the break-up of the USSR).. Anything before that was bad, bad, bad – and involved very naughty white people doing very bad things to black people etc.

    He secretly knows he’s a cunt. Probably still has posters of Xena:Warrior Princess; Hermone Granger and Rupert Bear on his bedroom wall (still living with his parents of course), with boxes of used and sticky Kleenex tissues all over the floor.

    A Cunt in all its glory!

    • By his fucked up logic, if he suggesting Churchill was a white supremist mass murderer, then by definition all the people in the armed services who fought for him during WWII, are also complicit by association, and must also be deemed white supremacists etc….

      Easy to make accusations like that in peacetime, but I bet this cunt, and many cunts like him would be shit scared if bombs were being dropped over his neighbourhood by those misunderstood Germans!

      No wonder the Greens have all the appeal of a crusty & heavily stained pair of Jess Phillips underwear after 2 weeks continual use! (sorry if you’re eating your breakfast when reading this)

      • He would’ve been an appeaser, then a conchie techno. You don’t want to fuck with Salmond, he might mistake him for a girl when he’s had a few. And your Jess Phillips comment was quite unnecessary. It got me thinking about whether she wears giant wobble control pants or a thong. Don’t know which is worse!

      • Jess Phillips in a thong? If she bent over in a short skirt, it would look like a particularly rancid, brown crusted cheese, being cut with a cheese-wire..

      • Hysterical!
        Just spat my breakfast out laughing!
        Keep up the cunting good work lads.

      • Jess’s shreddies? I reckon they have an overpowering stench of ammonia/fish about them with a bit of strong faeces undertone.

      • Picture the scene, you’re having a picnic in the park with the fragrant Ms Phillips, who is wearing a pretty summer dress which resembles Billy Smarts circus tent. As she bites into her fourth Greggs pastie there is an audible groan of pleasure and she crosses her legs beneath her, heels to buttocks which goes against all the known laws of physics, until you consider the enormous load pressing down on the equivalent of 2 buckets of jelly causing her buttcheeks to expand in diameter by a significant margin. As she continues to recite the names of all the women, trannies and mentally ill made up gender people who have been the victims of male oppression your eyes are inexorably drawn to her exposed panties, where to your horror you realise…….
        To be continued.

        There will be some nightmares in the cunting fraternity tonight!

  6. Why can’t we have the vote on if we’d like to be rid of the Scottish shower?

    My answer would certainly be yes but you have to think there are probably normal people up there who hate this shite, not silver spoon rich politicians who it won’t affect one bit.

    I have never trusted ginger people either.

  7. He’s supposed to be a Green but I bet his Mum still drives him to school every day in her Chelsea tractor. Eats his peanut butter sarnies from his Greta Thunderbirds lunchbox. Gangly fucking prick.

  8. Devolution was never going to end well. Nutjobs like this two bob Ed Sheeran impersonator have always been around, but devolution has given the fuckers a platform to spout they’re anti English bollocks at will.
    Independence eh? I’d let them have it tomorrow so long as it meant full unadulterated, unaided independence.
    Give the cunts that option to vote on.

    • Oots mon!!

      Braveheart with aids.
      This little Harry potter fuck,
      Slagging off Churchill,
      Disgraceful behaviour.
      Winston would crush his little freckled bollocks while blowing cigar smoke in his face.
      Thats the problem with subject nations, throw them a bone they want to sit at the table.

    • He’d be competing with dooshka pie-keys outside his local bus station for loose change from passers-by without England subsidising the sweaties.

  9. He looks like a poofter. It seems a fair bet these days that any white, male leftie in Parliament is a bender – they have to be included after the parking stanleys, blacks, lezzies and feminists. He looks like the kid brother of Russell-Moyle

  10. Green? These cunts want everyone one to return to the dark ages. Live in a mud hut, windmill and solar panel on the roof. Endless money will be issued for doing fuck all. All industry will be closed down. Unicorns will roam free…… This pathetic excuse for a shit head is part of a government that makes Nigeria’s look totally corruption free.

  11. He is 26. Needs to get out more. Studied psychology and politics, couldn’t cope. So he became a politician, what’s the psychological implication of that. Just a cunt.

  12. What an embarrassment this cunt is, we need that fat cunt Salmond to eat him and to then have a heart attack and fall on wee Krankie killing her as well. We would then be free of these cunts and could then sell Scotland or rent it back to them to help pay for all the Covid bollocks.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  13. Look at the soppy cunt, he needs a day or two in one of my Brothel’s with a real woman. Poor lad has probably never tongued a ladies bumhole…

  14. Why cant they just fuck off. We dont want to know. Have their parish council disaagreements, vote independence and just fuck off.
    I cant wait for the harrd borrder across the north.

  15. Save for Churchill this cunt probably wouldn’t have even been born. But, if he still had been, he’d have been selected as first in the queue for the Zyklon B – looks too weedy to be able to do any useful work. Ironic that…

  16. 100% this is an Uber Cunt just like all deviants in the Scottish Green Party
    Remember it’s the greens propping up krankies snp
    Fat Alex will end this whole sorry saga come 6/5
    My choice is wait fir this …….. unionist George Galloway holy fuck

  17. The kind of cunt who when I was at skool never got picked for sports teams. He looks like a ginger Walter out the Beano.

  18. @ themagiccunt
    My solicitors have been informed and you will be hearing from them shortly. Fucking quality post but no conclusion please!!!!
    My teddy bear Mr fackoffyoucaaant will be guarding me while I grab 40 winks tonight.

    I envision a g cable for Ms Phillips gusset, the pubs are shut and I cant get enough alcohol to kill my inevitable nightmare to come.

    • By popular demand (well just cuntymort) here is the conclusion of the tale;
      …there is a large bulge, in fact a massive protrusion against the stained gusset of the sagging white y-fronts her unladylike pose has revealed. Meanwhile the monotonous list continues, “That little attention whore they made a musical about, Frank Warren, and Caitlyn Jenner.” You try to explain she has mixed up her boxing promoters and Frank is the one Terry Marsh shot, but the horror unfolding has left you unable to speak. Jess starts to rummage around in her voluminous pants using both hands and says coyly “would you be interested in something sweet?” You shake your head frantically as you try to hold down the rising bile, as she triumphantly produces a squashed bag of Tesco jammy doughnuts.”I always keep a little snack handy in case I get peckish” she explained.. There is an almost post-orgasmic rush of relief as you realise the worst of the ordeal is over. “Now lick the sugar and jam off my minge” she orders. “I don’t want another nest of wasps up there.”

      If that doesn’t get me the Booker prize I don’t what fucking will. Your teddy bear will be no defense against the coming night terrors

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