The Matrix

On a similar theme to the Tom Hanks nom, I would like to cunt The Matrix.

Why is this film so popular? Why the fuck is it held up as a masterpiece, and a paragon of filmmaking genius? I had to watch it once for RE homework when I was a teenager and was so bored out of my skull that I haven’t seen it since.

Nominated by: General Tso’s Chiggun

105 thoughts on “The Matrix

  1. I believe the Wachowski brothers who directed this are now the Wachowski sisters. I shit you not

    • Ha ha ha!👍

      I just checked it out-those two weirdo fuckers are crazier than any film they ever made😂


    • Indeed. One, or both of these strange young men/women directors said about this Trans metaphor I put in my first post. Looking back it describes my journey transitioning from a man to a woman one of them said, or something along those lines.

      So basically, if you like the Matrix and you are a man, you’re probably going to become a woman. Disgusting!


      • The other one became a tranny too? fucking hell I remember the other brother was really fat at least 2 an change. If you can’t pass whats the fucking point?!

  2. Sadly I am not blessed with a mind that can comprehend a film that goes on forever and involves something as ridiculous as a plot. If I was the director of The Matrix then it would last no more than ten minutes, involve Double Penetration, Arse to Mouth and to finish it all off a huge explosion of man milk over some birds face. I can feel that Oscar already in my grubby little Sex Offender hands and without doubt my acceptance speech would include the line “You can shove this up you Fist-Fucked arses… ya bunch of Fucking Cunts”. And I would give security a good fucking pasting while the world watches if they tried to drag me off stage.

  3. It looked quite impressive for its time and stole Star Wars’s thunder as the spectacle of the year (1999), but the concept of the machines enslaving human minds to use the bodies as batteries when they’ve invented nuclear fusion?


  4. The 1st matrix was pretty good action film with sci-fi elements but the sequels were phoned in shit. The 2nd film reloaded was decent in some parts but the last one was unnecessary as fuck storywise, a bit too silly, takes itself to seriously and left alot of unanswered questions

    Also the brothers who directed and wrote the screenplay heavily plagiarized an authors work before one of them turned into a tranny. I don’t think we’ll get a 4th matrix film and good fucking riddance if we don’t. I’d prefer a 4th John Wick or Johnny Mnemonic 2 instead

  5. Dark City, released the previous year is better than The Matrix. That slo-mo MMA looks gay as fuck now.

  6. Overrated ,pile of dog toffee…..Kanu Reeves, is more wooden than Ron Jeremy’s member…

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