Pre-Rule Change Holiday Bookers

I would like a passport cunting for all those stupid retarded cunts desperately searching the Internet trying to book cheap holidays, because of the upcoming rule change, these stupid cunts think it’s safe to go anywhere in the world and I’m sure will be crying like babies when 6 days later the rules change again or they can’t get back and want us to pay for their return or even pay for their isolation hotel, cuz they can’t afford 2 grand after spending 200 quid the go to the Costa del sol or a floating Butlins cruise, these clowns deserve everything they end up with, Covid or costs, one or other is likely, that winey cunt with the video camera type from the last floating toilet will be booking I bet so he can get more airtime complaining to the news about the Government not rescuing him and his ugly Chewbacca wife…. Well when it happens cunts there will be zero fucks given by me, unless your of for an adventure holiday in down town Lagos, in which case you have my full support and I gladly tune in to watch….. Stupid cunts

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

26 thoughts on “Pre-Rule Change Holiday Bookers

  1. Most of the daft fuckers will book with that pikey “businessman” who runs Ryanair, will not get refunds and spend the autumn whinging about it on Wireless 4’s You and Yours.

  2. Seems a bit daft booking any kind of foreign holiday with all the surrounding uncertainty at the moment – and the best way to experience foreign locations is by storming off a landing craft anyway! 😀👍
    Ride, time for a bike ride.

    • the promised end of lockdown (please don’t laugh) has given these merry cunts the excuse to plan holidays as celebration – without the knowledge that new legislation has been laid down saying they will have to fill in a form to explain why they are leaving their fucking house – who said lockdown is ending again???

  3. Cannot fault you here.

    Maybe the “Covid ” passport could be in the form of a numbered metal tag, like the ones put on sheep and cattle, preferably without anaesthetic.

    However, it would probably be regarded as the latest status symbol with people getting fake ones.

  4. Just like 2020 this year is going to be a greasy Chy-nese turd of a year if you fancy a foreign holiday.
    I have no idea why anyone would want to put themselves through the torture of all the testing and assorted rigmarole.
    Oh wait…I forget many humans are as thick as shit and enjoy being bossed about at airports by monkeys in cheap uniforms.
    What a set of cunts.

  5. My only surprise is that some regulator didn’t step in when O’Cuntchops commenced his advertising campaign for cheap, cuntinental holidays on the idiot lantern. It didn’t take MacBeth’s witches to foresee this would end up as a shitshow with these gormless cunts losing their money.

    Designed with the specific intention of relieving the hard of thinking from their cash. As piss funny for me as it is tragic for them.

    Daft cunts.

  6. I imagine staycations (fuck, I wish I hadn’t used that wanky word) will be pretty popular and the likes of Blackpool and Skeggy will be bursting at the seams with chavs fighting, puking and slags getting their legs open. Marvellous. Brighton will be full of poofs taking it up the bum… no change there then.

  7. I’ll be holidaying at an extremely select Northumberland resort…vast empty spaces with no Chavs,foreigners or has all the huntin’,shootin’ and fishin’ that any Sportsman could desire…hound-friendly too.

    Although I must admit that the catering and house-keeping isn’t always up to my exacting standards.

    Fuck going abroad…it’ll be full of Cunts….both foreign and domestic.

  8. Foreign holidays are overrated anyway, shit food, warm beer and no cunt speaks English. I can stay here and get the same experience.

  9. Anyone who takes the chance and falls foul of changing rules by booking early, tough titty. I’ll be waiting but hopefully getting away for a couple of months. I tried Dorset in September, couldn’t fucking move and the same in Cornwall. What’s the alternative? Stay at home, no fucking thanks. I wanna sit in somewhere warm and get pissed. Then winter to BK. Oz and NZ travel permitting. I’d like to say fuck off to these airlines, airports and associated shite but I won’t. Different for me, I have grandkids abroad but I can’t fucking wait.

  10. Fuglyucker, sorry for being a cunt buddy, but I had to read your nom 4 times to understand it. Good nom but just a little punctuation please. First sentence is 12 lines long with 7 commas. Sorry old chap.

    • Apologies, i am the cunts that gets carried away when im on ISAC, especially after a few beer and whiskey chasers.
      But your comments are duly noted, i will try to improve….

  11. If these daft cunts are so desperate for a foreign holiday, there’s plenty of choice. Get yourselves fucked off to Bradford or Birmingham , I’ve heard it’s nice this time of year.

  12. The rules have changed already, when the PM cunt announced his ‘Road Map’ he changed them, and announced when each change comes into effect. If you wait until the rules actually come in to effect to book anything you will be out of luck. Mrs Twenty has already booked several legs of our nationwide tour, with overseas appearances possible later in the year. Fuck Covid, fuck the Government, fuck mask wearing, fuck social distancing, this shit show had been going on far too long. If I need a vaccine passport, I know a geezer who will be able to knock them out for a pony.

  13. Technically it’s never safe to go anywhere. That’s life. I agree they’re daft but that is a poor reason for the cunting.

  14. Cyprus have announced that they will welcome vaccinated tourists from May, smart bit of marketing, they know that the UK will have jabbed most of the over 50’s by then.
    Attract the older tourist and keep out the 18 to 30 Chavs.

  15. A fool and their money…………

    Good news: I found the perfect property for sale:

    40 a reason mixed woodland with full sporting rights (Roe, Woodcock, Pheasant) 30 acres of pasture meadow with 2x large ponds and a 1.3 acre course fishing lake. Hundreds of metres of river bank with full reparian rights (salmon, trout etc).

    5 bed house, solar panels, wood burning stoves, own spring water.

    2x polytunnels, greenhouse, large veg garden, fruit cafe, orchard.


    Bad news:

    It has the most rediculous agricultural occupancy restriction in the history of restrictions-only to be inhabited by somebody born in the local (tiny) village.


    Everyday would have been a fucking holiday.
    It would have been perfect for the annual (post covid) IsAC Wicker Cunt festival.

  16. Who wants to spend their holidays on Earth these days?

    How much is a ticket to Mars?

  17. I’ve got some mates who have booked to go a festival – BELL ENDS is all I can think of.

    They were like: “Oh, we so deserve a holiday, time away, something. And the kids, we don’t want to have to let them down again this year”.

    Well love, you will be letting everyone down if these cunts catch chunky flu and pass on to my kids at school. Fucking irresponsible is what I say and a slap from me if they do.

  18. The middle classes are the worst for this:

    “Oh we really must return to Tuscany this year and tell everybody who will listen that we didn’t vote for nasty Bwexit. Besides Giles and Lucinda are looking very pale and desperately need to top up their tans.”

  19. I see cruises for 45 quid are now being advertised, this is due to that costing the cruise companys less than the car park fees for the floating Butlins holiday camps.
    What a cuntfest thats going to be, even worse that the usual types trying to have a champagne holiday on beer money, you going to get the Mythyr Tydfil types trying to have a Carlsberg special brew holiday on White litning cider money.
    Do the cruise companies know what their doing, i wonder what its going to cost to have the rusty tub dragged up from the bottom of the channel…….thar she blows….

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