Chez Weir

A roly–poly, holy roller cunting please for portly “Pastor” Ms Weir for holding a “religious” service complete with tents, food and “sound stage” – in an Aldi car park:

Are these titles, like “Pastor” self administered, because she hardly looks like a doctor of divinity ro me

Sge as been fined, but is of cours appealing (not to me she isn’t) and no doubt a woke magistrate will rescind the fine.

I wonder if she counts David Lammy as one of his long line of unfortunate friends?

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

25 thoughts on “Chez Weir

  1. Good luck to her. The tanned have the best religions of all. Gospel singing, dancing, shouts from the congregation of “Hallelujah” and “Praise be the lord”. They really put the Fun into fundamentalists.

    All other religions can fuck off

  2. I could be wrong but it seems that lots of these black pastors, preachers etc seem to always get exposed as either crooks “creatively channelling” money or sexual deviants.
    Very little god in their hearts methinks.

    • Admin@
      Is that the right picture?
      Thats Biggie smalls?
      He got shot you know?
      Yeah, dem shoot him up bad,
      Cos he was like OG and had poor eating habits an shit.

      I laughed!! 😀

  3. Five years ago at the top of Ridley road market in Dalston East London I witnessed and old black woman preaching the gospel. She was soon surrounded 5 or six black burka clad women shouting her down . A car arrived with (Jesus was a muslim) on a banner with an ISIS flag. The pathetic old bill stood by and did fuck all. The worst bit was the bystanders, the “peaceful “normal muslims started cheering. So if you dont like that pastor just wait whats coming round the corner.

  4. I thought pastor was an American word for a charlatan who is eventually done for tax-fraud or rape. Chez Weir sounds like some sort of night club from the 80s although spouting organised religion nonsense in an Aldi car park is apt: A rapacious organisation with cheap slogans demanding loyalty for their shitty products and service; and Aldi is no better.

  5. When are Catholic Churches going to open again? Those choirboys aren’t going to molest themselves.

  6. The lockdown is a cunt for spreading the ‘word’. I have had to find out where our local Jehova Witnesses live and go to their houses to tell them to fuck off.

    I have it to do.

    • Should you receive an email titled Knock Knock don’t open it, those Jehovah’s are working from home.

  7. “Lordy! Lordy! Prayyysseee beeee to Jeeeeeesus! Imm beeee ma sayyyvor! Reeeeejoysssss peeeee-pel!
    Dat covid be deee work of deee white Devilllls! Reeeeeepent!!
    Lordy! Lordy!……oh sheeeeete-there be a mouse!! Lor’ Have mercy!”


  8. What is it with blacks, fucking Pastors everywhere spreading the word of god and the communidee full of single parents and feral kids.

    Don’t hold mass gatherings, ‘but I want to spread the word of the lord’, silly fucking twat.

    • Queen Kong in Aldi carpark,
      Hollerin and praising the lord!
      If I want spiritual advice I want it while shopping,
      Off someone who resembles a trans Idi Amin.
      Top the day off.☹️

  9. I don’t think it’s fair to fine escaped gorillas from the zoo.
    Where’s that mithering cunt Attenborough when you need him?
    What a load of shit.

  10. Anyone been to a black church service?
    It’s a really exhilarating experience. I went to one last week.
    The Pastor blessed me saying “YOU WILL WALK TODAY!!!
    Sure enough, I left the church and some cunt had nicked my motor.

  11. Bulwell is a toilet, a gangtas paradise. Trust me I have some associates from there. She’s a cunt.

  12. Anyone who knows any Africunts knows how superstitious they are and how susceptible they are to these “pastors”. They are encouraged to give large donations , which they can ill afford , to “the mission “. You’d think when he turns up in his shiny new Merc, sharp suit and bling they might suspect he’s a bit of a cunt but their fear of the Lord overrides those doubts.
    Yes, it was whitey who introduced Christianity to the dark continent. We have to hold our hands up for this one.

  13. How ironic that a black pastor should stand outside an Aldi’s fulminating people against “EAT DA POO POO!!”

  14. It will always remain a mystery to me why our sunburnt bruthas on The Dark Continent worship God at all.
    Surely The Big Chief upstairs is the epitaph of White Supremacy as he only lets black people starve to death.
    I can only liken it to the Jews singing the praises of Hitler even today and trying to convert the masses to National Socialism.
    There is more intelligence in a rat turd than what these cunts have collectively in their little monkey minds.

  15. In my experience they are all crooks. Get their ‘Congregation’ to pay 20% of their earnings to the ‘church’ and then drive round in large 4×4’s inspecting their buy to let properties!! May the lord Smite them, cunts.

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