Rishi Sunak [4]

The billionaire Chancellor deciding who is going to foot the bill for all the taxpayers’ money he’s splurging on “Covid support”. One things for sure, if anyone is going to suffer financially in the long term, it ain’t going to be him.

This is also likely to be the thin end of a steeply ramped wedge with another budget due this Autumn when the bastard will likely start to really hammer it home. Looking like an extra from a woke Nick Park short Rishi wants to push us up the league table of tax v GDP* and get us further away from the USA at 24% and nearer the heady heights of Denmark at 46%. A paltry 33% just isn’t good enough for this ex Goldman Sachs man.

The good news is the magic money tree has now been extended to become a magic money forest. But the bad news is you are all going to have to pay for planting it.

In case you missed the details this is where the pain will start:

Personal income tax allowance frozen from next year.

40% income tax band frozen from next year.

Corporation tax up from 19% to 25% (so much for using Brexit to cut tax for domiciled companies to compete with the EU and attract more investment in).

And… your Council Tax is likely to ramp up 5% as well this year (only 4 times the rate of inflation – better than the 200% increase that is waiting for some of you at the National Property Tax end of the wedge though!).


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94 thoughts on “Rishi Sunak [4]

  1. Thr economy has been kept on life support for far too long and contrary to his optimistic predictions they’ll be a huge financial reckoning when it all comes crashing down.

  2. Billionaire or not, he’s the only halfway competent person in the cabinet. Which isn’t saying much, I agree.

    • He’s not a billionaire, he’s married to a woman whose father is a billionaire.

      Afternoon señor Ruffio.

      • 🕺 Afternoon Cap.

        Yes, I knew that, but wasn’t certain, so decided to play it safe after the nominator described him as a billionaire. Sloppy journalism on my part…

    • Maybe he should be the person to declare war on China for its man made virus that has destroyed the Wests economies.

  3. If you supported the lockdowns beyond the initial three weeks then you have no fucking right to complain. It’s all on you and everyone else who didn’t speak up about the insanity of shutting down our entire country, for what is nothing more than the flu rebranded.

    Now you get to see the next stage of this agenda. They’ve eliminated the small businesses and decimated communities, so now it will be on to targeting the middle class. And not the cunt corporates who’ve made record profits at our expense!

    The irony of course is our taxes have paid for the propaganda that was/is being used to keep all you dolts in subjugation to this narrative of hysterical delusion over nothing, so they can totally and irrevocably reshape our society.

    • I don’t know why you bother carry on posting here when you hold “us dolts” in such contempt.

      • Someone’s got to say it. I don’t see why anyone should get a free ride on this given I’ll be paying financially for this collective ignorance until I die.

        Plus you love me, so I think I’ll stay.

      • Gizza quid Rishi suntan
        Gizza quid
        Gizza quid Rishi suntan
        Gizza quid
        Im furloughed
        Got the covid
        Gizza quid Rishi suntan gizza quid.

      • And does it happen to everyone? Do you even know what percentage, demographics? Have you excluded other potential causes for the scarring or know their individual medical history? Do you know that it won’t heal over time?

        No, you don’t. Stop jukeboxing hysterical propaganda and use your brain.

    • In a few elections time (subject to covid) the list of electable candidates will be the Amazon Party, The FaceTwitGram Party and the VW Party….coming in on the side will be Matt “corrupt contract” Hancock with the Smug Cunts Collective.

    • I’m still coming to terms with how easily they’ve fucked everyone over.
      Like a nation of turkeys voting for Christmas.
      I will never underestimate the power of the media again.

    • @chunky

      ‘Nothing more than Flu rebranded’ – other than the symptoms and basic structure the difference between flu and Covid are considerable.
      I am not sure why you persist in claiming things which are clearly not true, having an option is one thing but refusing to accept scientific fact is another.
      Talking about the validity of lockdown is fine, there are lots of opinions on the subject but the existence of a particularly nasty Covid virus is a fact.

      • What are the clinically distinct symptoms of covid vs influenza. Answer, there are none. They have tried to frame breathlessness but that is so vague given you can have that with influenza too, or any number of other conditions.

        Scientific facts. Ok, you tell me why the PCR test is legitimate in your own words and understanding, and I’ll tell you why you’re wrong.

      • This is the problem Chunky you only see what you want to see, if you read what I said ‘other than symptoms and basic structure’

        We have been through PCR before so I can’t be bothered again.

    • “And not the cunt corporates who’ve made record profits at our expense!”

      Bang on – I posted something similar (but toned done) on Al Beeby this morning – fuck me that got everyone going on their site.

      Problem is even if you did target companies like FaceCunt, Tescunt, Amacunt, etc. these dirty rich business have excellent Tax Advisors to hide behind.

      Brexit (good or bad) will also allow the government to pursue further it’s own agenda (even though I respect each jurisdiction can come up with individual fiscal programmes).

      My eldest said to me this morning what’s the point of studying hard now to try and get a good job, I am not going to be able to afford to buy anywhere until I am 55 at least.

      Rishi may be the best of a bad bunch but this government took too long to react, and I would argue that the eat out to fuck about scheme probably didn’t help as most of the cunts that took advantage were WOKE, snowflake, libtards who don’t give a fuck.

      Then I see on the news reports about over 80’s now breaking COVID lockdown because they’ve had two jabs, I’m OK jack – fuck you!

      • I feel for your son. He’s right.

        What’s the point of trying to be successful if the government can ruin your business or life on the pretext of nothing?

        A part of me hopes the youth will either fight or reject it all by suicide in droves. That would really drive home the message to all these selfish cunt adults with their heads up their fucking arse.

      • Those are the cunts for whom we have ruined the country, hope they all fall over and break their hips

        Old cunts , fuck them

      • Fuck me – just been reading about Susan Michie the rug muncher who sold her mothers picasso for £50m in 2019 and shared the earnings amongst her siblings (though I’d give Laura her youngest a good porking – bet she likes a bit of commoner inside her).

        Dirty cunts all of them, greasing up their pockets, doesn’t matter if they are left, right gay, straight or blek – all in government are there for self preservation, with their verbal drivel, big words and magic wands – I watched the budget yesterday and Boris Blowjob’s leg was twitching faster than my hand can wank. I am no behavioural psychiatrist but this would suggest nervousness and unease, while the Wizard of Oz gave his grand speech.

        We may as well be in a communist state because at the moment if fucking looks that way. I can’t see Labour doing much at the next election either or the rug munching libbies.

  4. This nom sounds as though it might have been written by Kweer Starmer.
    My first reaction to him is always “ right, what the fuck would you have done then?”
    You’ve got everyone’s ear here, so go ahead, present your ‘alternative budget.’

    • I totally agree with BBTC – it has been obvious for a year that we would all end up paying for such largesse. It certainly didn’t come as a shock to me. Starmer was wearing glasses yesterday – no doubt to try to boost his gravitas, but anybody that thought yesterday was bad just imagine how much worse it would have been with AnalEase and her giveaways in overseas aid.

  5. “We’re all in this together”. No we’re not. It’s that simple. Rishi and his ilk have not and never will be subject to financial worries and all the pain and misery that it brings.

  6. I haven’t earned a penny in the last year and haven’t had a penny from the government.
    Let these furloughed cunts who have sat on their arse pay it back.
    A complete overreaction to a false alarm. Governments have destroyed economies, not the virus….


    • well said – everyone complying with this crap is equally responsible for the destruction of the country/ continent/planet – no doubt that the vaxxers won’t live long enough to pay for it! – it’s about time they all took their heads out of their arses

      • The interesting thing will be when people start popping their clogs due to the miracle vaccine, you can bet your life that it’ll be completely buried by the media and blamed on anything but.

      • These vaccines that are the bullet will be further modified by another (a trigger) and then the deaths blamed on another “variant”. Is that the kind of scenario you envisage? 🙂
        I won’t be taking any of those experimental poisons because Bill Gates is one of the biggest cunts on earth and if my government are telling people to have it the reverse must obviously be true since the ( insert party name here) bastards have been lying to me every day for 65 years.

      • It’ll all be the fault of “Alt-Right domestic terrorists” no doubt…

  7. Annoying that the furlough has been extended to September, which means public sector cunts can remain “working” from home, or doing fuck all and getting paid for the privilege.

    Of course the tax grab will kick in sooner or later, and yet Rishi still hasn’t said what he will do about the mega corporations (Amazon and co) who do not pay their full share of corporation tax, choosing instead to increase CP to 25% thus affecting most other large and medium sized businesses that don’t resort to the loopholes Amazon fall back on.

    More over, why hasn’t he pointed a few fingers at the public sector? Why hasn’t he got rid of all the pointless quangos and superfluous government departments? He is hammering SMEs, the entrepreneurs and the working class.

    He is living in the era of Big Government, which in the old days was anathema to Tory values where free enterprise and less government interference was the order of the day!

    Therefore, the super-rich, the permanently unemployed, the scroungers, the dinghy riders, and the public sector have nothing to fear from this budget because it will be the working and lower middle classes who will be busting a gut to bail the country out again!

    • I agree with you entirely; it is the ordinary, decent. folk who will pick up the bill.
      Apparently, tax levels are back to the levels of the 1960s yet in those days university education was free ( a grant of up to £500 pa was available), the armed forces were not a joke and it was possible to get an NHS dentist.

    • Spot on, Techno. Boris and his gang are shitting it about when furlough ends and millions are finally and formally dumped on the scrap heap of Covid 19 monster overreaction. Hence the can kicking.

      Raging inflation, negative interest rates, mentally crippled population, out of control immigration, green insanity, crime at record levels, rioting. All coming down the pipe. Fuck it, I am off to get pissed.

  8. One thing I know for sure – it won’t be the rich paying extra taxes to cover this mind blowing debt Gunga Dim has dumped on us.
    But not to worry, Sunak is raising the rate of corporate tax. 🤦‍♂️🤡
    Rishi – you know just as well as we do that corporations DO NOT PAY IT – it could be 60% and they would still pay fuck all.
    If daft lad was serious about resetting the UK economy he would start by barring offshoring and tax avoidance and order every corporation to pay 10% on their billions in profits and hammer any that didn’t.
    But he won’t, because politicians are in the pockets of big business and take bribes, er, sorry, “donations” from them.
    Fucking rodent.

    • Moreover, in this post Brexit Britain, you would have though Sunak would be encouraging foreign investment and not scaring them away with increases in corporation tax!

      And pity the young – they’re going to be saddled with a £400bn Covid debit, to add to the £1,8tn debt we owe to the rest of the world


      This is not a Tory government! It as adapted so many Lefty & Green policies that it makes you wonder if this is the Lib Dumbs in disguise!

      • Techno@ – vote Troy – get socialist.
        Vote labour – get socialist.
        Vote Lib Dem – get socialist.
        Vote Green – get socialist.

      • Couldn’t have put it better myself. Been saying that for ages.
        The Tories have always touted themselves as the protectors of Britian’s culture, history and heritage, but are proving to be nothing of the sort.
        Cunts all…

  9. No one seems to have worked this out yet. What do I mean? Well we have a muzzle chancellor. Does anyone really think this cunt will put our country, its interests, the Queen -who is the protector of the faith – before the comic that is the Koran? This fuck is deliberately trying to ruin us financially. On top of this the vaccine minister,where the fuck did that nice little earner come from, is also a carpet flier. Wtf are we putting these sworn enemies of christianity in positions of power? Unless there is a plan here to wipe us out . You couldn’t make it up. Or maybe I’m reading it all wrong and they are highly capable Patriots.
    Fuck off.

    • He’s not a Müzzie, he’s a Hindu, albeit a secular one.

      And Hindus hate Müzzies, so rejoice at that news. 😊

      • That is new. I thank you for that heads up. I would pull my toe nails out one by one but
        I still think he’s a cunt.

    • I have many Hindu (cultural, like we are CofE) Indian friends. I can assure you they are nothing like the Peacefuls.

      • It’s all lies . It’s a conspiracy. Infami infami you’ve all got it infami. I take your point fellow cunters.
        I had an Indian colleague once and he hated peaceful. I mean really detested them.

  10. What the fuck are you talking about? Rishi is not a Muslim. He’s from an Indian, Hindu background. Probably hates Mooselimbs more than you. So, on this occasion, I think you really are “making this up.”

    • Rather a lot of made up stuff has been appearing on these hallowed pages recently…

      Afternoon Bertie 👍

      • Afternoon Ruff. I think there’s a lot of attempted brainwashing going on!😊

      • I may be getting old, but my crap-detector is still in good working order.

    • See above posting. Bertie. I really thought he was a Muzzie.
      But there’s still a conspiracy…..I think. Or maybe not.

      • What really sends a chill down my spine is Sucknacker’s uncanny resemblance in speech, manner, demeanour and detestability to Ed (fucking cunt) Milliband.

        “But there’s still a conspiracy…..I think.”

        And you’d be right to think so “Islam is the broom of Israel” to sweep all memory of Amalek into oblivion. Not my words – from their own lips…

        Adam Green explains Kabbalah, Amalek, Purim, Holocaust, 9/11, & the Destruction of America

        Maybe Miles might know more ‘cuz ah don’t got much baaahble learnin’.

    • BBTC@ – Sunak is indeed from an Indian Hindu background – and Indians despise muslims, with damn good reason.
      Indians are sound, muslims of any nationality are fkin vile.

  11. Let’s face it, the national debt was an eye-watering 2 trillion squidly diddlys or thereabouts before the great Covid Staycation. Gvt knew the iceberg was floating their way, irrespective of the chonky chinky bat flu.

    Not sustainable, just like middle-aged divorcee with an unhealthy credit card habit. Time to call in those Prada handbags and the racks of Christian Louboutin shoes. We are the cunts who will be handed the payment plan.

  12. I consider this budget a preamble to harder measures over the next few years.

    This is mild stuff.

    • This was my point really, not very well made perhaps.

      From the Government’s own figures the tax increases announced yesterday only scratch the surface of the “covid debt”. No doubt there will be more taxation to come. The thing that is more worrying though is inflation.

      A boat load of inflation will really make their “fiscal drag plans” work. A double digit percentage inflation level, pushing up wages for those lucky enough to remain in work, will rake in loads of extra tax and pay the debts off in short order. Meanwhile, middle England will be struggling to pay the weekly shopping bill with virtually worthless Sterling. We have already had more than enough “quantitive easing”, preempting this. Is this all part of the plan?

      As for Rishi being a billionaire, even if he’s “only” a billionaire’s son-in-law, he isn’t going to be suffering any ill effects from all of this personally any time soon. It must be like a giant game of Monopoly for him.

    • I think that Bojo and Richie have actually made Jeremy Corbyn electable! One of the main criticisms that I and many of my friends had of Corbyn is that he promised the moon on a stick but couldn’t even afford the down-payment on the stick.

      Bojo and Richie have pretty much made the down payment on the stick, the moon and a spare moon just in case the first one goes mouldy.

      Rishi Sunak is indeed a cunt.

      • I don’t like or dislike Rishi Sunak any more than any other Chancellor, but it always makes me smile when I hear them talking about ‘we’re going to spend this amount on this’ as though it were their money they’re spending and they deserve a round of applause for their largesse. Actually it’s our money.

      • Actually it’s the Chink’s money – that’s who the government are borrowing most from.

      • @Ruff Tuff So the Chinks came to our government and said “we give you bat fru, you give us 5 trirrion dorrar over 12 century! we got deal?” and Boris said………. “Sign me the FUCK up!”

  13. Tbh I do agree with RTC about Sunak. He seems to know what he’s doing and in my opinion would make a far better PM than Boris. Despite the shit situation we’re in he could go down as one of the great Chancellors.

    • GTC@ – I think the 3.8 million self employed, sole traders, start up businesses and freelancers he has left with fk all for a year might disagree with that statement General.
      Crooks, billionaires, corporations who do not need the money and tax dodgers get a fortune.
      Those who need it the most get nothing.
      How is that good fiscal policy?

      • Tbf it’s a shit situation we’re in and he isn’t exactly helped by the incompetence of those around him.

  14. The expected unemployment has been predicted to peak at 6.8% so there will be plenty of cheap labour around to help companies with the burden of increased corporation tax.

    Freezing personal allowance next year isn’t such a bad thing, it has doubled since 2010 and the likes of the Lib Dem’s previously wanted to put a penny in the pound on income tax so they can’t complain.

  15. Shouldnt the fucking Chinks be paying for this? They certainly caused it, either by accident or design, and, apart from some Tory chums (right school, right club dontcha know) they are the only fuckers benefitting.

    Sunak is a cunt but I cant see what else can be done, although hiking corporation tax might run counter to fucking up the EU.

  16. The economy needs opened up asap.
    It’s that simple.
    Fuck the fear porn.
    If you’re frightened of a bug fucking stay indoors.

  17. Instead of fucking around with tiers, colds, iffy vaccines, fat dancing nurses and Hancock’s landlord they should just get everything open again…this generates money so we can pay people to sit on their asses again until September….by which point some people will have had well over a year off work on 80% pay.

    When the Boris variant becomes rampant and we all turn into fat lying cunts we will need some cash to keep the saintly NHS and the chubster dancing nurses going.

  18. He’s a fucking politician.
    Why does anybody give a fuck what the cunt does?
    He could say we will tax MP’s salaries at 75% and they’d ramp the expenses claims up like Dinghy solicitors.
    None of it makes any difference at all.
    People have to carry on regardless.
    Let the daft cunts finish off sinking the country,good luck stopping them.

    • Because the Cunterment has absolutely no intention of ending lockdown despite what they’ve said, and it’ll take about 6 months for whoever they’ve awarded a billion dollar contract to to come up with a Universal Basic Income system, which then won’t work anyway and will leave millions with literally nothing for months whilst they ‘learn lessons’ and go back to the drawing board.

  19. Why the fuck are we raising taxes when we should be taking every asst from China world wide by force.

  20. Send him to the Oven please Unkle Terry.Another useless git.A face you will never tire of punching

  21. Hey Rishi, how about I spend your money next, and then force you to pay it back on top of what I’ve already spent?!

  22. It should be obvious to anyone who did Maths as far as Primary School that ‘income’ and other taxes generates a mere fraction of what government has been spending for years now. When you talk about splashing hundreds of millions and even billions around on almost a daily basis, it simply, fundamentally d o e s n o t a d d u p. It’s all printed worthless fiat toilet paper to be.

    And absolutely no surprises in what the slimy globalist puppet cunt had to say.

    And as for 5% Council Tax hike – for fucking what?? Seriously, if we continue to pay the ransom tax into our local Chief Exec’s pocket after this last year, then more fool us.

  23. Maybe Sunak could get St Marcus to pay his fair share of tax.

    Should be a nice windfall for the Exchequer

    If there is anyone who has fucked me off in this whole fiasco, it is that cunt

  24. I don’t like hating on man, but this bloke is looking like the great escape and he sounded out GBP all along the corridors of white wall (yes that was intentional)

  25. I’m a retired old git living on savings and living housebound because I’m obeying the rules.

    It pisses me off that I’m the only person not getting a handout, getting my income cut by crap interest rates, and having to pay for cunts getting money for sitting on their arse.

    Whinging teachers are particularly pissing me off.

    Having said all that, how the hell else can the country survive a biological attack – and yes I do believe that’s exactly what it is.

    Just like Starmer, it’s easy to slag off Sunak without saying what you would do in his shoes so, no, I don’t think he’s a cunt…

    • And have you noticed the remarkable resemblance between Annalese Dodds and Popeye’s girl friend Olive Oyle.

      Perhaps they are the same person. We never see than together…

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