Illegal Gatherings & Their Consequences

I listened to the News a couple of days ago and have a few conflicting thoughts.

1, a group of people, I believe calling themselves “reclaim the streets” had asked to hold a vigil, they were told no by the high court.

2, The people of Burma took to the streets to protest about the recent Military takeover of their country.

Now here things sort of differ, in case one we have an appointed judiciary who said “No there is a pandemic on, nothing happens”.
in case 2 we have “fuck you lump it or die”

so end game case 2, I think 50 shot dead (forget about injury’s) and a rather rum time had by all from a non elected repressive regime.

end game 1, a load of people joined an illegal gathering and the police dispersed it.

The fuss on the tv/Radio “crowd dispersed by police” , meanwhile 50 die in Burma.

Bottom line, the high court said do not do it and the police enforced it, you want the police to enforce your view of the law?
Start by following the law, its always good to be friends with the people you need.

Nominated by: lord benny(not quite deceased, but close)

32 thoughts on “Illegal Gatherings & Their Consequences

  1. True in principle for the longest time, but caveat emptor with increasing shit they’re trying to push through of late.

    • The police are only there to enforce the views expressed on Twatter and Cuntbook, so forget that.

  2. It’s the same cunts who cheered when the courts found against Jonny Depp, the same cunts who cheered when the courts found in favour of Gina Miller but when the court says a gathering isn’t legal it’s the end of the fucking world.

    Protesting in this country is a right but only when it is done peacefully and with respect to the rest of the population, if we were like Burma where the army just takes over then that is another matter.

  3. The Burmese were shot by the military. The women protesters were abused by the police. Massive differences on so many counts. All things are relative and in these cases, both are wrong, in my view. Our police remain fatso bully-boy jobsworth cunts led by a demented lezza. The Burmese military are murdering cunts.

    The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is a piece of legislation that will lead to further suppression of free speech here. Similar legislation is being passed in other European countries and there have been frequent, sometimes violent, protests in Denmark, France and Holland… This is not a coincidence. It is arguably but a step on the road to what is being experienced in Burma.

    Fuck the lot of them. Cunts.

  4. If the first one was a peaceful protest then both the police and courts are in the wrong. That is an inalienable right which no one should have the authority to take away.

    • General, would you include ER’s inalienable right to cause chaos? Trendy woke cunts to pull down statues? BLM turning, inevitably into looting? Burning police cars in Bristol?
      Not peaceful I admit, but in all cases inevitable consequences of initially peaceful protest.

      • No, because that all impacts on other people’s lives. I’m talking about standard peaceful protest where no one else is affected.

      • Like it or not, the police and courts are in the right. Under lockdown law, cunts are required to stay at home unless they have a “reasonable excuse” to be outside. Examples given of “reasonable excuse” do not include going on protests.

      • No RTC, they’re not. Lockdown law, or any law for that matter, does not trump the right to lawful assembly. I don’t care if we’re in a pandemic – if you let your rights be suspended once then there’s every chance it can happen again over something much more trivial.

  5. Indians in uk, protesting ill treatment of Indian farmers: fine-large crowds, crack on.
    Same with Burn Loot Murder and XRecuntion.

    85 year old WHITE woman, on her own, near parliament square= panic stations: 58 fascist cunts “star-fishing” her into the back of a meat wagon.
    90 year old WHITE Jewish man, peaceful protest for Julian Assange= Panic stations and rough handling.

    Get one thing straight: Boris, Suck-dick Khunt, Cressida Dick-head: all have shown contempt for white, indigenous Britons.



    • I don’t think so. Why would the Indian farmers be suing her when she is showing her support for them and asking others to do the same?

      • You’re right, Indian Police filed some suit of theirs to get her to shut the fuck up. Main thing is she ‘oopsie’d her script.

  6. Law is applied and enforced under consent of the people. The government has picked and chosen which demonstrations will be allowed and which will be stomped on.

    Thomas Jefferson

    “Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory. The federal government is our servant, not our master!”

    • Well if the last year is anything to go by the people are very much in fear of the government.Hence why we are in such a mess.

  7. The police and the courts are taking away people`s civil liberties and giving all autonomy over to the state and outr politicians who although elected were never elected to do this and there is no opposition.I fear we may go the way Burma is now if we are not careful. Sounds far fetched but if I told you 13 months ago the Government criminalized protest could ban you by law from seeing friends family and even be with someone close to you at the end of their life and even state the limited specific reasons you can release yourself from house arrest, sack you if you didn`t get a vaccine and you would need a vaccine passport to even buy a pint you would have asked what I was smoking.

    We are heading down a dark path indeed. At least the protestors are resisting this tyranny. Those who think that if we comply with the rules the rules will end doesn`t in my view appear to be paying enough attention.The more we comply the more the technocrats will invade every aspect of our lives.

  8. Nope. 100% wrong nomination.

    Making a gathering illegal.. I can’t believe I’m explaining this, shows how far we’re sliding.

    Telling people they can’t be in the presence of one or more of their own species is fascist, period. Forget public or private land, it should be an inalienable right. It doesn’t matter the reason, the time of day, anything, it is not something the state apparatus should have any say over what so ever.

    The right to an opinion, thought, protest, gathering.. I may disagree with your reasons but I will die to protect your right to have them. To paraphrase Voltaire.

    The ‘pandemic’ is not a valid justification. Otherwise it becomes a legitimate tool for a backdoor authoritarian takeover.. which is precisely what we are seeing. Without protest a government will do whatever the fuck it likes, and that should scare the shit out of you pal.

    • We’ll said. It’s depressing to see that some people here are so terrified of death that they’ll happily give over their rights to avoid it. Obviously Covid is deadly to some but if it gets you, it gets you – we’re all gonna die from something anyway.

      • Terrified of death, but blindly welcoming of suffering under authoritarian rule.

        They’ll all be begging for the bullet soon enough. For us though, not them.. if promised salvation by our glorious leaders.

        History is repeating.

  9. A thorough uncunting for Batley Grammar school for showing pupils cartoons of the sky wizard pedo.
    Cue much flapping of sweaty sandals and spunk soaked pyjamas from the local peacefuls

  10. The same people who did the reclaim the streets shit are the same ones who were at the BLM/Antifa Bristol riot.
    They are organised, paid professional agitators and have no interest in the “cause” they are hijacking – their interest is in anarchy and destruction, there are far too many of them, emboldened by weak politicians and gutless police who will beat the fuck out of an innocent person protesting about theft of rights, liberties and freedom but do nothing when it is marxist scum smashing, looting, burning, vandalising and rioting.
    The anti lockdown march in London was attended by over a hundred thousand people and the BBC and sly news reported it as a “few hundred” – how the fuck can they not be pulled up for broadcasting such blatant lies?
    It is the right of all to protest, it not the right of all to use fabricated protest as an excuse to cause mayhem and the coppers should concentrate less on roughing up Grannies and arresting Women for drinking coffee in public and more time putting the boot into the repeat offenders – a few cracked heads will soon put those fuckers right.

  11. Just a point or two, to balance out some of the more hysterical opinions of the day. Surely if we are heading to a jackboot state as some are claiming, the government would be increasing army numbers, not reducing them? Hardly the behaviour of a government about to impose what would amount to military rule. As for the police, there are barely enough to manage a pub at closing time, let alone a proper protest. And by proper, I don’t mean a few thousand crusties and dole vermin rucking for anarchy sake.
    The majority of people who have complied with the advice, the restrictions, the hurt that has been felt by many, will be waiting for the promised normality that was offered in return for such privations and once vaccination has been largely achieved, and the vulnerable protected should be implemented. If this doesn’t happen, then there will be protests by normal sane people in their millions, and I don’t think the police will be able to do jack shit.

    • Vaccination has been achieved. The elderly and most vulnerable have all been offered/taken a jab.

      The whole point was not to trade for our freedoms, it was to protect the NHS! The NHS is no longer in danger of being overwhelmed. We should be open NOW.

    • Re Army numbers.
      Yes, they’re cutting Army numbers, but upping Police numbers.
      Watch out for the formation of new paramilitary ‘homeland defence’ Police units made up of ex-squaddies under the control of Hendon’s finest genderwoo graduate Ruperts…

  12. I’ve never attended a protest in my life.
    Just look at the filthy scum that I would have to rub shoulders with. Lefty snowflake dreadlocked gender fluid cunts with facial piercings chanting the same predictable anarchic bullshit, and stinking of shit.
    All forms of protest should be banned except the dirty protest that I’m planning for Harry,dyke of Sussex when he comes back here.

  13. Not good at this polical stuff but I will give it a go.

    Option 1 If you believe something strongly enough, either join a political party closely aligned to what you believe, or start your own party. Campaign on the policies you believe in, stand for election and hope enough people agree with you and elect you.

    Option 2 vote for the party that supposedly agrees with you, but if they get elected they will do a U turn because it is a vote loser.

    Option 3 go on a march because you are a virtue signaller who is slightly attractive and hope you get on the news, and then the march gets hijacked by the swivel eyed looneys who riot and cause destruction, and then whine they got persecuted by the police. Go home to sip on green tea knowing your protest was lost in the headlines about the behaviour of the thugs/police/looters and a soundbite by the insincere Sadiq Khan. Get use to your career in finance where you sell out

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