Greedy Cunts Playing the Victim

I’m not talking about the blokes who were charged…I’m on about the fucking idiots who fell for the scam. The “victims” must have been aware that it wasn’t “legit” and yet are now whinging about ” the horrendous financial impact and the impact on their mental health this had on them.”…What a fucking nerve…keen enough to get involved in some dodgy scheme when they thought there might be a few quid in it for them but now crying because they have been had.

Personally I’d have been too embarrassed to admit that I was fooled by what
certainly doesn’t look to be the most sophisticated gang of conmen…I definitely wouldn’t have the brass balls to claim that I was a victim…indeed, I’d probably consider myself lucky not to be charged with attempting to defraud the phone companies.

I’d have liked to see the phone companies make the avaricious Cunts pay every fucking Penny of their contracts.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler 

31 thoughts on “Greedy Cunts Playing the Victim

  1. Totally agree, Dick. Nearly every day on You and Yours on Wireless 4 you can hear some of these wankers literally in tears because they have lost money due to their own greed and stupidity. Good for a lunchtime laugh though!

  2. I clicked the link to read the story but never got that far.
    I have never come up against a Web page with so many fucking pop up windows.

    • Have you tried Adblock Plus ? I got it on my laptop and it seems to stop most of the ads…free n’all.

      • Artful Cunter, download Brave as your web browser, and DuckDuckGo as your search engine. Ad and cookie type shitblock built in. Also download Free C-Cleaner and use regularly. Works for me on my laptop.

  3. Perhaps Boris should go to China and ask for the £400bn it has cost him to dig our country out of the shitpie the Dinks helped us dig!

    But of course China will play the victim card because they’re not white, and will accuse the UK of colonial racism and all the usual shit the Left will no doubt support!

    That’s another reason why I detest the woke Left who live here and have more freedoms than China’s people. And yet when push comes to shove, they will support an evil communist regime if you accuse it of anything the Left are offended by.

    The Victim Card has become the universal “get out of my responsibilities for free” card, and nearly everyone has one.

  4. The gang of fraudster cunts look like they live in caravans, the pie key looking dregs. As for the mugs who fell for this, it sounds dodgy from the off, so fuckem.

    • Gallery of beauties, aren’t they? The second one in particular looks like some Neanderthal whose been buried in a Hartlepool peat bog for 5,000 years.

      • I thought the same, MMCM.

        The second one is reminiscent of the ugly, genetically-challenged, banjo playing boy in Deliverance. Fuck me, is Hartlepool some kind of hub for chromosomally deficient beings?

        The first picture looks like someone has attacked the cunt by running his head over with a whacker plate.

  5. Friends on facefuck? A friend is someone who will put their life on the line for you, not some cunt on a keyboard. As for the pop ups fuck them as well, cunts.

  6. Good nom, DFF.

    You would have to be a gormless mega cunt to fall for a scam dreamed up by the wank monkeys shown in the article. No one taking responsibility for their own stupidity is fully in line with post Covid 19 bed wetting. It is as if most of the population has been kidnapped and replaced by Lib Dem crybabies. Fucking sick of all the whining.

  7. It serves the silly cunts right, I worked with a bloke for many years back in the day.
    He was hard working, and I thought level headed in his approach to money. Turned out he wasn’t that level headed.
    He got blinded by the promise of money for nothing by a man, who was later convicted and imprisoned called Kevin Foster.
    Listening to silly Mick telling us all how much Mr Foster was going to make for him
    amused me greatly.
    He went as far as borrowing thousands on a credit card to “invest”, and spending a lot of money from a house he inherited and sold.
    The gullible cunt ended up driving a taxi at weekends, after driving a lorry all week, just to try and claw a bit of money, and dignity back.
    There’s one born every minute, no sympathy for them, fucking balloon heads

  8. The old saying is: “there’s one born every minute”. I’ll bet it’s a lot more than that now!

    These people are born victims. They didn’t ought to be allowed bank accounts or credit with an IQ below 80. For their own protection. That’s the only “help” they deserve.

  9. I have some sympathy for people that are scammed but it depends on the scam and the people scammed.

    I have no sympathy for greedy cunts who should know better. But some scammers are very plausible and sophisticated. And I have sympathy for vulnerable people, such as pensioners, who are scammed.

    I am continually getting scam calls from an Indian call centre pretending to be Amazon or BT. These pieces of excrement tell me, sometimes in person or sometimes via a Dalek, that my Amazon account is going to be debited with £13 million and to hold the line if it’s unauthorised. The scammer then persuades you to download some software to put the matter right and this software proceeds to eat your computer from the inside out, stripping out all your bank and credit card details. Most of us are wise to this but many vulnerable people have been caught out as these calls can sound quite convincing.

    Hopefully there is a particularly hot region of hell prepared for these cunts.

    • Well it is not all doom and gloom. HMRC have texted me to say I am due a tax rebate. As soon as I get it I am looking to invest in a high yield low risk investment that I found on facebook to triple my money

  10. Victims my arse, they should be fucking prosecuted too. As for that bunch of graverobbers, they do appear to have caravan links and that Robinson looks like a fucking wingnut. Given the length of time involved and number of offenders the returns weren’t really of Brinks mat dimensions. Cunts, all of em!

  11. Haha what a Rogue’s Gallery of Cunts.

    Save a lot more mither from this rabble by gassing all of them today.

    As for the victims,thick as fuck grasping dupes.
    Shut up and take your medicine.

  12. It’s coming to something when as bovine and IQ-deprived as the ‘criminals’ look, their ‘victims’ can only have been several times thicker.

    We really are witnessing De-evolution.

  13. I treat every phone call and email as some cunt trying to steal my pocket money.
    If an offer sounds too good to be true then it usually is.
    Checking out firms and directors on Company House records usually tells you how many times they have gone bankrupt and so you only have yourself to blame if greed overrides common sense.

  14. A fool and their money are easily parted.
    A cunt and their money, even easier. Apparently.

    No victims here.
    Just twats…

  15. Eeek what a bunch of Thals. I’d cross the road or just move to another town to avoid them. They hardly look smart enough to tie their shoe laces. Sub humans.

    • You are too complimentary – Neanderthals? They both look slightly earlier than Nenderthals in the evolutionary story. I’d say Australopithecine.

      Wrinkly old Attenborough should be all over this as some unique evolutionary discontinuity.

  16. For the money making cons surely it is commonsense to see through these? Why would anyone offer a complete stranger an opportunity to make money (if it were genuine)? They wouldn’t. And that is the short of it.

    People who are taken in by such scams are quite simply, terminally stupid.

  17. I get shed loads of nonsense in my junk mail folder – alleging to be someone or other from some US organisation offering me millions.
    I get the impression they are fibbing.
    And I used to get some phone calls from comedians alleging to be from HMRC threatening to fine me unless..
    I used to enjoy toying with them for a bit and then informing them I worked for the fraud squad of the local bill and they had been kind enough to stay on the call long enough for me to use location tracking.
    No more calls.

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