Miraculous Skeptics

‘I don’t believe in miracles’ sang Colin Blunstone. I do.
Can God suspend the laws of physics? Well he made them so he can suspend them. He can upend them.
As in the ‘Miracle of the Sun’-


Over 90,000 people saw it. Were they all part of some mass hysteria? The educated classes derided it of course. But I always believe the simple people. I believe what they said they saw with their two eyes.

Same with Lourdes. Saint Bernadette. All the sophisticates scoffing again.. But she said she saw ‘a lady’ and I believe her.

I was watching ‘Unsolved Mysteries’. He said he prayed for his wife and the tumour vanished. One day it was there the next it had gone. Doctors baffled.

There is evidence that people who are prayed for in hospital do better than those who aren’t prayed for.

Slightly off topic that.
This is no way endorsing ‘faith healing’. I’ve said before that there will be a special place in hell for those charlatans that exploit sick people for financial gain.

There was something else. No, only to contradict Colin I do believe in miracles.

Nominated by: Miles Plastic

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  1. What’s the evidence of prayer healing people in hospital? And if there is the slightest suspicion there’s some link, a double-blind experiment is needed (so those being prayed for are unaware of it, otherwise it’s just self-belief with them).

    • There isn’t, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Studies showed that people who knew someone was preying for them didn’t do as well as those who weren’t. It’s probably something to do with being less determined to get better themselves, and leaving it to faith.
      As for that sun bollocks, wow. Surely such a crazy phenomenon would have been visible across the planet?

  2. Ive seen the sun Miles although it was awhile back.
    I wasn’t that impressed.
    Smokey Robinson had miracles.

  3. I think the power of prayer is a load of bollocks.
    Back in the early 90s I had a VW Golf mk1, it developed a problem with the gearbox, it meant I was unable to select 2nd gear.
    I prayed to Dog to make it better, he didn’t he made it worse, I couldn’t 4th gear either after a couple of days.

    • You shouldn’t have prayed to the “dogs” you should have prayed to the “synchro’s”. I think that’s where you went wrong😁

  4. What’s needed more than ever in these uncertain times is belief, prayer and faith in the Most high, the Almighty Creator of you, me and everything.
    Can’t you all see where the hell we are heading? People getting injected with the Windows operating system, a cashless society where we pay for shite with a chip in our arm the government can track and trace and stop if they want, sad bastards seemingly worshipping talentless cunts on the telly, and ‘influencers’ (another load of talentless cunts) making loads money off of thick, poor people. This country was once lead the crusades for Christianity and now most churches are struggling for numbers. It’s particularly disappointing that a lot of people slag off Christianity yet will quite happily have their children Christened and these same people want to have a Church ceremony when they die.
    These same people then moan abaaaaaht Britain becoming a Muslim country…
    It’s a sad state of affairs.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • “This country was once lead the crusades for Christianity and now most churches are struggling for numbers.”

      Which crusade? Which country?

      • That well known ‘Englishman’ Richard the Lionheart? A man who spoke French, lived in France, died in France and spent less than six months of a ten year reign in England? A man who said he would sell London if he could find a buyer? He hated England.

        Richard was one of the leaders of the Third Crusade, I’ll give you that. But the silly bastard got himself captured by the Duke of Austria on the way back so the overtaxed peasants of England had to pay out even more money as a ransom.

        And he looked nothing like Sean Connery.

        I’m not a fan in case you are unsure. His brother was a nob too. His father was a great man, though. He knew how to deal with priests.😀

      • Not much different to today’s Royal family CMC, foreign and leaching off the British people. May God continue to bless you. 😁

  5. Errol Brown was a believer, a bit like Davy Jones, the simian sailor who dropped his wardrobe overboard after getting intoxicated on cheap rum during a drag party.
    Mass hysteria isn’t an uncommon malaise, it just remained dormant up until recent times.

    Tip: If you stare at the sun you will damage your eyesight.

  6. If I understand things correctly, prayers can only work if you genuinely believe in the existence of the deity who receives those prayers, and his/her/its ability to grant them. It follows from this, that non-believers will not have their prayers answered (any apparent success being down to some other explanation) and any testimony they give as to the efficacy or otherwise of their prayers is, necessarily, fatally flawed.

    Good nom, Miles. I like your style.

    • PS Not sure if all this means that ‘Miracles’ can be said to occur in a meaningful sense for true believers, but the same occurrences might seem ‘miraculous’ to non believers. Fuck me this is all making my headache.

  7. When it comes to miracles you have to ask a very simple question: which is more likely, that the rules (for want of a better word) of physics, chemistry or biology were suspended for a time or that those witnessing the miracle were either mistaken, misled or simply lying?

    Do we really have to take seriously the idea that the Sun stopped in the sky? That a mammal, uniquely in 160,000,000 years, could give birth by parthenogenesis? That a dead body could come back to life? That an illiterate desert bandit could read a book written by the creator of the universe? Or that said bandit could fly to the Moon on a horse with a human face? The most generous thing I can say about these questions are that they are pointless.

    There is not one single shred of credible evidence for any miracle, ever.

    • It makes me laugh when you read about Vatican scientists going to investigate claims of miracles in view of giving sainthoods. The bar is set pretty low on the requirement of evidence. As of course it would.

  8. The thrust of this nom reminds me of the “monkeys at the black monolith” scene in 2001.

    All very primitive if you ask me.

    • PM@ – And that fkin femur gave me a right bruise when it came down and landed on my head! 😀
      It’s a miracle I survived!

  9. There is usually an explanation for stuff, rather than the hand of God, I went into the downstairs toilet yesterday morning and I couldn’t believe what I saw, a huge crack in the toilet seat cover. It was perfectly fine the night before and there had been no sign of any hair line crack before. Now is it a sign, from God, from the spirits or just some flaw when it was moulded and had been fine for a number of years but on Valentine’s Day it just simply gave way.


  10. Repent Yee sinners! Repent!

    Joking aside, look at where scoffing at Christianity has got us.

    Compete degeneracy, individualism (fuck it, I’m going to do what I want and to fuck with the community/family I live with), abortion accepted as a perfectly normal thing to do in any case, women getting too much say. Look at where giving them the vote has got us- they’re too easily persuaded by emotional pleas (often fake). Added to they, the vacuum left has seen churches closed and mosques opened up in their place.

    So scoff away, but try and think where taking the pisds out of Christianity has got us and who pushed our people into going this (commies and degenerates for the most part).

    Do you think we’d have trannies in schools and all this 57 genders bollocks with the values the country had, say, 40 years ago? Or even all this BLM knee taking shite?

    Would we fuck!

    Repent! Hallelujah praise the lord and think on!

    • One could argue that Christianity itself is degenerate.

      It would certainly be very easy to accuse the various churches of degeneracy.

      Is ‘Woke’ a religion? It is certainly degenerate.

      • @Mike
        ‘Woke’ is mass hysteria, a plague of the social media state today, where fitting into the hive mind is paramount.
        But yes, it bears similarities to religion, both tenets require suspension of logical fact in favour of herd mentality..

      • Yes, you can find little titbits in a religious texts (written thousands or several hundred years ago) that are not tasteful. But to call the whole religion degenerate is your opinion. And it’s the acceptance and growth of these views which has helped lead us to the shit we’re in now. Woke isn’t a religion (no god/gods), although woke types behave like members of a mad cult, I’ll give you that.

        You do not believe. That’s perfectly fine.

        Still that ultimate question still exists, doesn’t it?

        And yes, I have had a few prayers answered when in dire need. I’m not even overly religious either.

        I’ve had these conversations before and they bore me to be honest. I’ve heard it all before and it goes nowhere. You believe or you don’t. It doesnt mean you’re some kind of retard if you believe either. And it doesn’t mean you’re Satan incarcerate if you don’t.

        But enjoy your day and John Wark was a top player.

      • Degenerate – ‘immoral or corrupt.’

        Is it not immoral to attempt to avoid responsibility for your actions? Isn’t the whole basis of Christianity an attempt to shift responsibility onto what is essentially a human sacrifice?

        I find the entire philosophy of Judaism/Christianity/Islam deeply immoral and corrupt. And that’s before we look at the ‘tidbits’ found in their foundational documents.

        I am not attacking you nor questioning your personal beliefs. However, I feel very strongly about this issue. The ludicrous notion that the modern West is based on something called ‘Judaea-Christian values’ is my personal Kryptonite.

        ‘Cult’ is probably a better word than ‘religion’ for the bizarre jumble of contradictory opinions known as ‘Woke.’

  11. Well, Ij was looking forward to the comments on this one and they certainly haven’t disappointed.

  12. Why not miles. Better an optimistic cunt than a miserable one. No offence aimed at you mnc. More aimed at myself

  13. If miracles were a thing, God would have made an appearance within the last year to ask what the fuck is going on.
    What started out as three weeks to flatten the curve became endless lockdowns, cunts losing their jobs, being arrested for going for a walk, police beating up cafe owners who are skint and an untold number of inconsistencies and weird decision making.
    Last month we’re told there are no plans for vaccine passports,they are now being considered and we all know what that means.
    Virus or not, this whole thing doesn’t sit right.
    If you can’t see it, surely you can feel it….

    “Your papers, please”….

  14. I call bullshit on the “miracle of the sun” story. The same miracle would have been visible from many other places in the world (in daylight hours) at that time, assuming zero cloud cover (that counts the UK out).

    It has been reported from Portugal. Nowhere else.

    To much of the old Cockburn’s Special Reserve, I reckon.

    What a load of old shite.

  15. You are Errol Brown and I claim my £5.

    Apart from that I am most disappointed to see the nominator favours the American spelling “skeptics” over the English “sceptics”. Unless he’s a Yank.

    That said, it’s mostly Americans who choose to believe this desperate stuff, so maybe no surprise.

    Still not clear about what’s so cuntish about “Miraculous Skeptics”.

    • Professor Bernard Fuck on February 15, 2021 at 10:36 am said:
      Errol Brown was a believer….

      Do keep up Gertrude.

      • So what? Professor Fuck didn’t clock that the nominator was Errol Brown, did he? Otherwise he’d have claimed the £5 prize – doh!

        Get with it Bernie.

      • If you’d read the original nom on the noms page, you’d have seen I’d already mentioned the Errol Brown quip.
        Plagiarism is rampant on this site.

      • Miles Plastic is Errol Brown? Make with the fiver Gertrude.
        And stay off the Sanatogen, it’s too early.

        Bertie, I didn’t read the nom until it appeared here, I’m not a mind reader.
        Get your pretend parrot to reply, it makes more sense.

      • The duck from James Masons’ film depiction of Journey to the centre of the Earth.
        Join the dots. 😉

      • Sorry, you’ve left me none the wiser.

        Besides I’ve not seen the film.

        I saw First Men In The Moon starring Lionel Jeffries, though. Would that be of any help?

      • I saw Lionel Blair in the great comedy The Plank but that doesn’t help you either.

      • What would help me, is if you joined a club and beat yourself over the head with it.

        Duck Soup, geddit? At least that has some relevance.

      • Ruff Tuff@
        In less than a week youve been called
        Gertrude the duck
        The organ grinder
        A fuckin cunt
        A Hasbara troll.
        Your something to everyone!😀👍

      • It’s probably like being savaged by a dead sheep!
        I’m uneasy at the moment Mis.
        I feel that there’s skullduggery at work on the site.
        Too many new names, too many people ready to have a go.

    • Miles works in mysterious ways RTCP. When Mike’s and I convert and help to save the cunters, you’ll be the first…we will tempt you with fine coffee and recreational drugs and a prawn vindaloo.

      • NO… wait a minute…

        I remember when Miles originally submitted the nom that ‘Miraculous Skeptics’ was the title he used!

        Our deepest apologies should go to our American head of admin friend.

      • Oh, and apologies for mouthing off the other day by the way. I’ll admit this Covid crap is really getting to me.

  16. A commonly claimed miracle is a downed airliner somewhere and by some freaky chance a survivor is found dangling from a tree. Never a mention of the other 200+ victims, it’s all about miracle boy/girl.
    I’m referring to a plane recently taken off and not descended from 32k feet or so. Fucking miracles my arse.

  17. Miles if the sun had danced or moved towards the earth our day lengths would have been altered and there would have been an enormous increase in temperature. Planets orbiting it would have moved out of their orbit and spun off into space.
    Sorry but there is another explanation. Perhaps they all ate hallucinogens in food . Plus everyone on earth would have been affected and millions would have witnessed it. And why do these miracles always happen in the same place in a catholic country? For the sun to emit different colours it would have had to altered the gases it’s gas composition or somehow bent light through a prism.
    Sorry Miles but I’m not buying miracles…..not yet anyway.

    • @Uttercunt

      If you read the Wikipedia page there’s a contribution by Fr Jaki. He says the reason why the earth didn’t spin off into the void was because in a sense it was a huge massive optical illusion. God using the atmosphere and ‘lenses’ and ice ‘crystals’ and other such things. I don’t understand the physics of it but I believe that is what happened.
      But even if the sun didn’t escape the firmament the children predicted (to the minute) there would be a celestial firework display.

  18. I always favour science.
    Recently I’ve been working with some boffins at CERN, accelerating particles of coconut, rum, and pineapple to near light speed in a large piña collider….

  19. What more evidence do you need? The Virgin appeared to 3 illiterate children in Fatima, Portugal in 1917. She said she would appear to them on the 13th of every month for 6 months ending on the 13th of October 1917. It had rained heavily before the final apparition. (Figures disputed) but around 70,000 people turned up to see it. At 12 noon the Virgin appeared. She told Lucia that the crowd should close their umbrellas. Lucia told the crowd. Everyone obeyed. Everyone waited… She gave her final words to the children and then raised her arm. The clouds broke open. The sun was dim and milky so there was no danger in looking at it. It started to spin furiously on itself. Then the sun ‘danced’ in the sky. At one point ‘careened’ towards the earth. This was when the people felt the earth and their clothes suddenly dry. In surrounyding villages for miles around the people thought it was the end of the world and rushed into churches. It was reported that the spectacle was seen from 40 kilometers away. Many testimonies from skeptics that what they witnessed was astonishing. My point again. What more evidence do you need? How could the children have predicted it (to the minute)?

    • Anyone who questions the veracity of that needs to be cunted from arsehole to breakfast time.

      You’ve certainly sold me, Miles. 👍

      Praise the lord and pass the ammunition!

      • Im going to heaven Ruff.
        No shit, fact.
        Im going to heaven.
        Dont particularly want too,
        Im not fond of travel,
        But I am.

      • I’m with Miles on this one Miserable. How could anyone not believe in miracles?

        I was born (miracle – the doctors advised my mother to abort) in England (miracle) in 1953 (miracle). A white (miracle), heterosexual male (double miracle), born to responsible, industrious, lovingly racist parents (quadruple miracle), and was one of the first children lucky enough to receive the polio vaccination (miracle).

        If all that isn’t miraculous I don’t know what is!

      • There you go.
        I dont believe in a mass plot by lizard Satanists who drink blood to inject us with nanobots,
        Or that masks are to muzzle the population.
        But a higher power of some sort?
        Ill keep a open mind.

      • I’m a higher power Miserable – you believe in me, don’t you?

        Well, there you go. 😊

      • Course I do.
        But then I believe in Bigfoot too so doubt it counts for much!

  20. Didn’t work for the England squad in 1998, did it?
    No coincidence that Hoddle rhymes with Twaddle.

  21. Miles, are you on a mission to convert the hardcore atheist contingent of ISAC?

    I admire you’re tenacity but I wonder why you persist. If people want Jesus in their lives they have to invite him in do they not?

    As I’ve said before I’ve an open mind on the existence of God or even Gods but there are some big holes in the religion of the Christian churches that make it implausible that what’s written in the bible relates to a single omnipotent being. The god of the bible can speak to everyone everywhere at once, why would he send a message via three small illiterate children?

    • I think the fact that the miracle of the sun was vouchsafed to 3 illiterate child sheperds speaks volumes on what God is about in the world. And who the important people are.

      As for proselytism. Only in the very widest sense. I am interested in ideas and philosophy and whether they stand up to scrutiny.

      No doubt I get a kick out of putting the cat among the pigeons.. But I am genuinely interested in the responses.

      And from experience by the end of the thread you will find that not all contributors are on board with it just being ‘fairy tale’ stuff.

      ‘There is more in heaven and earth than in your phosophy Horatio…,’

      • ‘There is more in heaven and earth than in your phosophy Horatio’

        J.B.S. Haldane put it better without appealling to the supernatural.
        ‘Not only is the universe queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose’.

  22. @Admin

    The sentence below should have quote marks around it, could you put those in please? Thanks

    Same with Lourdes. Saint Bernadette. All the sophisticates scoffing again.. But she said she saw ‘a lady’ and I believe her.

      • @Bertie……….. I think I included those words in my response too.

        Very strange that it has disappeared because:

        – I’m sober
        – It wasn’t abusive
        – It didn’t violate any laws
        – It was factual (with links and everything)
        – It was fair criticise of the original nomination.

        The first time I forget to save a massive comment to notepad and it gets deleted.

      • I share your frustration TiTS. Certain completely innocuous words make posts disappear altogether. Others merely put you in moderation. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for any of it.

        Golden rule: always make a copy.

    • Tits, I replied to someone yesterday about Tom Hanks and it disappeared. As far as I’m aware no trigger words either. I posted it again and that disappeared too. No message to say it had gone into moderation so I just wondered if it had gone into moderation but didn’t say so because I’m using an iPad. I didn’t bother posting it again although perhaps it may have been third time lucky 🍀

      • I just downloaded a program called HxD Hex Editor which can supposedly be used to recover text that’s been typed in Chrome but then lost and is basically being stored in the memory as hexadecimal or something.

        Couldn’t work out how to use it even reading the out of date instructions so I can’t be arsed to type it up again.

  23. Far more than 90,000 people would’ve seen it if it were anything more than local attmospheric phenomena. It woukdve been reported from multiple locations by millions of people.
    As for Lourdes, there is no statistically significant improvement in the health of those who visit.

    As Carl Sagan said, it is good to have an open mind, but not so open your brain falls out. You dont have to be a sophisticate to see these claims are not worth your time, just have an ability to read and think critically.

    • The only miracle there’s ever been is that so many people believe in a ‘God’ who loves them when he goes out of his way to make sure so many of the them have shitty lives. On second thoughts it’s not a miracle, it’s because they’re stupid.

      • Reminds me of what David Hume said about the belief in biblical truth not being possible without an ‘attendant miracle’.

        Or was that Russell?

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