Marilyn Manson – Innocent Until Accused

The cunt mugshot above is of the type of cunt of whom any cunter I am sure would be compelled to think “I must buy that cunt a drink” out of fellowship and good cheer should it step into their local boozer. Although I have my doubts that it would leave mine alive. Apart from the Goth/Vampira/Freakshow fushion look what could be possibly prejudice our good hearts against it? Why allegations my dears.

It has been swilling around in the Celeb/Rock Star/Hollywood cesspit for a good few years and accumulated the usual failed marriages and relationships. Management has tolerated it all so long as it sold tickets but the latest allegations have rather kyboshed that. Management stops spending money on cover ups so Media gets its talons out. As to allegations we imagine it something like this:

Scene: A discreet bondage chamber somewhere in North Hollywood equipped with start of the art paraphernalia – including leather and rubber bondage gear, remote controlled but plugs and fanny ticklers (for the online community) and the mandatory black rubber water wet with various settings. The air is heavy with the aroma of leather and rubber, oils and sexual funk. The lighting is discreet.
Enter Principals Mr Manson and Ms Starlet accompanied by a small androgynous black slave with a play tray of erectile creams, hard cock spray and feminine requisites and chemical enhancements. They switch on the video and immediately get it on. Mr Manson grabs Ms Starlet by the cunt.

Mr Manson: Hey babe ya wanna walk on the wild side, well do ya? Do ya? Wanna get naughty with ya old Mary any which way ya want?

Ms Starlet: Give it me up ma butt big boy, lacerate ma butt, tear ma skin with your gauging nails then piss on me, Mary.

Mr Manson obliges assisted by slave.

Mr Manson: I gotta take ya to the next level babe you are so shit hot..I am so fuckin’ in the zone and you are so ready….

Mr Manson reaches out of shot and collects a sledge-hammer tied in pink bows and kisses it then rubs it in MrStarlet’s genital area then kisses and sniffs it. Ms Starlet is somewhat alarmed.

Ms Starlet: What the fuck…….

Mr Manson Hey babe it’s all so cool – we gonna bash your brains out while we fuck…

Ms Starlet (as she is exiting through the door) Bash your own brains out fuckin’ creep pervert. Ya sure know how to kill a fuckin’ relationship.

Mr Manson(laughing and wanking) Great exit line babe

This story is hard to improve upon so I refer cunters to the source:

Nominated by:Sir Limply Stoke

30 thoughts on “Marilyn Manson – Innocent Until Accused

    • Who would of imagined Marlyn Manson is into drugs, bondage and fuck knows, the wiminz throwing themselves at him probably knew though. The thing is he hasn’t been charged with anything (yet?) or been found guilty of anything but the mere allegation is enough to get you dropped by your record label/fired. Seems if you’re famous a wokism allegation is like getting splashed by the contents in the poison challis.

      Ps, I think Marilyn Manson is a cunt and his music shit, but still.

  1. Any woman getting involved knew exactly what she was letting herself in for. Plenty of women are much worse and want to marry serial killers. Manson is an act like Alice Cooper. Its just more sluts crawling out of the woodwork for compo.

  2. This sad cunt proves that fame and money turns women blind. Fuck me, he makes Ernest Borgnine look like Brad Pitt.
    His music is shite too, the cunt.

  3. Almost as bad as Armie Hammer’s Tweets about wanting to cannibalise women, and then his ‘Saturday Night Live’ video resurfacing laughing at us at how his 3 year old daughter was drawing pictures of his erect cock.


  4. Part of the shithole hollywood culture. Hes always been a fucking wrongun but too much money involved for those associating with him so they turn a blind eye.

    While not condoning the actions of him and Weinstein and co, Its always funny that the women involved almost see it as a necessary transaction to be involved and let them have their way almost as a career boost. They only come out years later when they feel established enough.

    Lets face it, if a fat 60 something bloke or this fucking monstrosity tried to pick up a young attractive bird in the local boozer it wouldn’t happen. slap them as people of import in hollywood and they can. People aren’t naive. If you are a fresh out of school actress with no cv and were invited to dinner and a hotel room with the biggest hollywood producer you knew exactly what was expected of you. Rees witherspoon said as much.

    Fucking celebrity virtue signalling shit. The likes of Manson and Weinstein should be blinded castrated and have their hands cut off, and the women involved need to stop labelling this abuse and say it was a mistake they made and warn others off making the trade.

    Feel sorry for women who are trafficked and women who are genuinely raped in their everyday life whilst out jogging or on a car park etc etc. They get little coverage whilst the hollywood fuckers get to share instagrams for world wide sympathy of the ‘abuse they suffered’ whilst staying in a 3 year relationship with a freak that involved wearing a gimp mask every night in exchange for the launch of a multi million dollar acting career. If the abuse was so horrific why did it take 12 years to come forward? I just dont buy it. Its plastic fake shite – even the sex abuse stories etc are plastic fake shite. Completely detached from the real world.

  5. Take away the audience and the cameras and you get a very ordinary person indeed.
    He suits the zeitgeist.

  6. Hello handsome!
    Just gets by on his good looks.
    I dont give a fuck if hes innocent and gets the electric chair.
    You play the satanist game then cry when it backfires?
    Be consistent,
    Never heard Johnny Rockyhorrors music but assume its yank goth shite?
    Prefer Black Sabbath.

    Hail Satan!!🤘🤘

    • Thing is, ‘Manson’ is shit anyway. A piss poor Alice Cooper impersonation. Except the Coop was a great entertainer and he had a great band and killer songs like ‘School’s Out’ ‘Under My Wheels’ and ‘Elected’. Manson is all schlock and aimed at gullible and stupid kids who think that being ‘dark’ and ‘satanic’ is ‘cool’ and ‘edgy’. When Manson’s brand of darkness is cartoon bullshit and a complete joke. Marilyn Manson is just Green Day for weirdos and freaks. Cartoon crap that is totally manufactured.

      Sabbath were the real deal. Geezer had more talent in both his playing and songwriting than Manson will ever have and one Iommi riff (like Supernaut or War Pigs) is worth all Manson’s shite put together.

      • He is more like a pound shop Trent Reznor.

        Except Trent Reznor has talent and started a whole music genre, of which Manson is but a footnote.

  7. A freak, a satanist, a knobhead, and a cunt. But a lot of the stupid wimmin who are involved are as bad as he is. That talentless whining bitch, Lana Del Crap Stage Name does a simulated rape video with Manson’s involvement.` Manson gets stick for it and, fair enough, he deserves it. But Saint ‘Lana’ is treated like she is some sort of victim and was corrupted by the nasty man. Nobody put a gun to her head and the slag knew exactly what she was doing and why. Hollyweird is full of cunts like Manson and Uncle Harvey. But it is also full of opportunist whores who will do anything to anything to further their careers or get publicity. And Lana Del Twat is but one of them.

    • And Evan Rachel Cunt. Another Manson groupie/acolyte turned self serving Me Too hypocrite. The fucking cunt.

  8. I wouldn’t mind giving a Dita Von Teese a going over with the old tickling stick. Tattyhilarious!

  9. It’s a bit like the dumb cunt that went up to mike Tyson’s hotel room, what the fuck is wrong with these people? No one covers themselves in gravy and walks into a lions cage naked!! So why do these stupid dorises get involved with these people of questionable predelictions? Unkle Terry fire up the oven please!

  10. Satanist deviant rock star not great dating option.

    I for one am shocked and horrified that he’s turned out to be such a cad.

    • Doesn’t anyone think this is a publicity stunt? After all, how many years is it since you heard anything about him? Now there’ll be a new album and a tour. So predictable.

  11. He looks like if Phil Oakey from the Human League and Herman Munster had a kid.

    If they put his image on a stamp fucked if im licking it…

  12. Shit “fake” created by record execs and the MTV generation, appealing to pubescent boys and gullible girls who spent far to much time sitting in the dark, with the curtains closed 😉

    Agree with the comment about his reputation being similar to Mike Tyson’s-sexually aggressive. The women know exactly what is coming, I think a lot of it is bitterness when he dumps them for a younger model.

    Norm: Dita Von Teese is fucking gorgeous. I would have loved to have had a piece of her in her prime-bet I would have made her realise that Marilyn was a crap shag😉👍

  13. I’d like to see him in a room with Russell Brand. His arse would most likely come out like the eurostar express.

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