The University of Leicester

The University of Leicester, what a set of woke cunts.

The BBC (who else) have reported that the University plans to drop English language and medieval literature courses, in favour of a “decolonised curriculum”. Instead they wish to introduce courses on sexuality, diversity and ethnicity.

Some lecturers have already protested by resigning or returning their honorary doctorate at the plans.

I despair at stuff like this, we’re no longer allowed to teach/study our own history or language because it offends some cunt who doesn’t originate from here. Instead we should learn about trannies, ethnics and the acceptance of the two. Fuck off, the cunts won’t accept me for being a white and straight, so I certainly won’t be accepting them.

The whole world is going to the dogs.

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40 thoughts on “The University of Leicester

  1. Studying English is a waste of time. £27,000 in tuition fees and what’s at the end of it? That’s not to say I agree with this wokery though.

    • I could “read” English at the age of four.
      How thick must these cunts be to wait until they get into university just in order to catch up with me ?!

  2. The last time I was in Leicester the main square looked like Jeremy Kyles studio green room.
    Now, white chavs, honkys of any sort actually are the minority there so De Montfort University can take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut for this wokery. hopefully they’ll be withheld funding, lets see how many fat rug munchers want to attend then.

  3. We have a pandemic of woke cunt “Professors” of bollocks. “professor”Corrine Fowler thinks the British Empire, the one that spent the entire reign of Victoria stamping out slavery as a moral cause, wherever they found it, is as evil as the Japanese POW system.
    My oldest daughter left school aged 15 with no qualifications and spent 5 years as a professor in a middle east university teaching English to post grad students and learnt it all on youtube, “catch me if you can style”
    These fucks dont know anything.
    “professor ” go fuck yourself.

    • Its always amusing how these cunts have kept their opinions to themselves up until now, when its the current vogue to slate white supremacists and colonialism.

      I also suggest that a lot of jumped-up “professors” don’t actually live in the shitholes most ordinary law-abiding white people have to put up with in terms of trying to integrate with foreign cunts.

      Just the same old champagne socialists living in the leafy suburbs, and spouting whatever right-on bollocks the Guardian tells them to say!

  4. With what will English be replaced? North African gender studies? Batchelor Arts in Grooming? Pakîstani lesbian poetry?

    Shall I compare thee to an unwashed arse
    Thou art more flea-ridden and more rough-dyke;
    Rough winds do blow from under your hijab
    And my love for you is verily goat-like.

  5. Leicester want to turn out a load of idiots who will go on to teach sexuality, ethnicity and diversity rather than the English language.
    The ones who are too thick to get a teaching job will end up as fucking social workers and ‘street pastors’.
    The smart arse ones will be pseudo Kehinde Andrews (no apology if I spelt his name wrong, because he is a cunt).

    To steal a quote from another cunter ‘The country is finished’

    I have Netflix which is mostly shite but they do have Vexed which I haven’t seen since it was released about 10 years ago, it’s hilarious loaded with anti PC , one episode is aimed at the university bullshit.

  6. Its gone too far.

    I dont really like homosexuals or transexuals. I dont want them imprisoned or hung for it etc. As long as it stays largely hidden from me i dont care what they do, i dont spare them a lot of thought. and i reserve the right to make jokes about them eg. How do you fit 3 queers on a barstool? Turn it upside down. i actually find it intimidating that one of those 6’5 gay german leather types might be eying me up, in the same way a woke 18year old girl might find me intimidating if i was eying her up. I dont have an interest in pronouns or shit like that. I wont post rainbows on pride day. I’m not going to become best mates with a queer. But at the same time i wont actively persecute them. How can this quiet dislike and total disinterest be construed as awful homophobic hate?

    I dislike Islam. I think its a backward beliefs and ethics system (yes thats what a religion is, stop confusing it with race). Lets face it, if I started a cult tomorrow that treated rape as adultery, advocated the execution of homosexuals, treated women as second class citizens, executed apostates, ritually mutilated human bodies, was responsible for almost all the worlds terrorism, etc etc, the woke police would have me in moments. Yet somehow its actually something that should be revered and protected because its a 2000 year old institution. Is this disagreement with these principles reasonable or is it racist ‘islamaphobic’ hate?

    I disagree with the notion everyone white is intrinsically racist, possibly more than ever. After all, if we were, wouldn’t all the black americans still work plantations in chains? i really dislike BLM, which has warped and hidden socialist and anarchist agendas behind a perceived race issue. I wont black out my facebook. I would like a reasonable conversation about the enormous black on black murder rates in the USA. I get there are racially motivated murders but if it is all about saving black lives should we not start with the 90% chunk? Again how is wanting some rational conversation about this branded awful racism?

    Colonialism happened. Belgians massacred Congolese. Spain raided south America. It came and went. Banning people talking about it doesn’t undo it. there was also serfdom. American slavery ended almost a century before workhouses were abolished. The world was a shithole but it got better. I dont see what good it does banishing the talk of it all. Except the left wing feel that they should bring it up selectively when they push for certain groups of society to have more than equality to try and make up for the past.

    Where are the conversations about current slavery and child labour? About libyan arabs selling black libyans as slaves for $200?

    What the fuck will university courses about sexuality, diversity etc achieve other than to give pointless 50 thousand pound pieces of paper to woke twats and give them a place to pat each other on the back about their irrelevant views? Wheres the value to the economy or society?

    The world is starting to go backwards. Identity politics divides people into smaller and smaller groups of people. Its not inclusive or diverse at all. It feels like the end of days. One baseless rhetoric on twitter influences companies and institutions into thoughtlessly following. Cunts, everywhere

    • You’re spot on with every big fact cunt, er I mean hunt. I’m homosexual but fucking hate it being rammed down everyone’s throats on TV, media and especially in education. All kids need to be told is that sometimes, people of the same sex are attracted to each other. That’s it, job done. Instead they get filth and perversion preached and indoctrinated into them at every turn, like the ‘Sexuality aGender toolkit’ linked below. It’s disgusting, deplorable, despicable communistic FUCKSHITE.

      • What a load of shit. At £75! I mean, kudos for your post, but i must ask, do you ever feel patronised by 18 year old straight kids taking offence on your behalf?

        Also sex education is quite funny in this day and age. Why do you need to include LQBQT specific? Regardless of who is trans, gay, straight etc, the general idea is it will go in a hole of some sort or on/in someones gob. Is there much difference between a man or woman giving a blowjob from the perspective of technique that requires a man on man section to be added in? Just distracting from the important stuff like condoms and not having kids when you have no income and becoming career doll claimants.

        To be honest, the more you make an uproar about the ‘difference’ between straight and everything else the longer it will be so divided. ‘Jimmy here is gay we must include him. Lets talk about gays that no one is really interested about for an hour until people are annoyed about gays’ is a patronising different message to ‘Jimmy here is a human being and a little bit different’. People need to be allowed to not give a fuck. I think its the best way forward. You cant ram inclusivity down peoples throats. Most people are pretending anyway – i love a bit of the old BDSM and there are LQBQTyhsjisn people and feminists and wokes who will dig at that as some sort of sick sexist pastime. If there was any real moral or rational substance behind their way of thinking they would be open to that but they arent necessarily. remember, you can follow a crowd without supporting the team

  7. Load the Lancaster up, 10 ton bomb please. I hope it sends the whole shite hole Uni five miles past the moon. Fucking professors my rectal orifice.
    Did I say Kehinde and Corinne are CUNTS?

  8. Leicester, hmm pretty much been a toilet for last 30 years. Can’t be that bright in Leicester east this fucker was their MP for donkeys years. Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz….What a donkey!

    • People are at university because they’re cleverer than the rest of us. How difficult is that to understand? I’m looking for a black husband. Get woke you cunts. You know it makes sense.

    • Red Leicester.
      See even their dairy products are communist.
      May as well stick a big ISIS flag on the town hall.
      Another city lost too the carpetkissers.

  9. As we will all soon be talking a form of pidgin Ingleesh, there is little need for English Education or culture. Soon, our daily drive to work will be by Camel, our religion? Peaceful of course, and we will likely have many wives and many camelkiddies. Our colour will be the colour of the morning stool following the curry of the night before. We will wear the costume of the desert, having abandoned all else in its preference to look like an unmade bed. We will sit on our arses talking of the next field in which to settle, very much like the locusts we have become.

    Oh how we howl in gratitude at our enrichment! Having caused a shithole, we will now have to find another.

  10. And the destruction of our once pleasant country continues at the hands of sandpit dwellers who hate the fact they ain’t white.

  11. People from the carribean can come and intergrate ok, as can the irish, jews, indians etc.
    But not pakis.
    They dont integrate.
    And im suspicious of the chinks!
    Bet theyve hollowed out big caves under cities in the uk
    Stockpiling bioweapons.
    They act all mellow yellow but just bidding their time,

    • You wanna exprosions? No make bomb. Make slave.
      A ROT of slave.
      Blitish slave.
      Five year, you all work in Huawei factory.
      Half hour for runch for sreep and eat monkey blain noodle.

      • Oh herro Caprin, I five year ahead of game and have many Engrish in velly big chopstick factoly, runch is for wimps.

      • Ohh, you fink you velly lefined wi’ your fancy cutrery, Riberral Riquidator but der’s more than one way to skin a cat, especiarry when cat not dead yet.

    • I agree, although I’d widen it and say it’s because Parking stanleys are mainly of the peaceful persuasion they don’t integrate, generally moose limbs don’t. It’s a hideous, backward cult.

    • When I picture the chokies I always conjure up an image of Natley’s whore hiding behind a wall.

  12. The proportionate response to this is to go there in a battalion and bulldoze the fucking thing.

  13. Turn the university into accommodation for hard done to foreign muck.
    Sack all the staff and pay zero redundancy,stating “we had to buy the new residents mobile phones and laptops so they could claim what is rightfully theirs”.
    See if they like that progressive statement.
    Oh and when it’s full lock all the doors and demolish it with dynamite.
    Fuck them all.

  14. Every day I’m getting more and more disappointed with Vladimir Putin, I’ve been waiting years for him to put this country out of its pissing ‘Woke, Liberal offended,’ fucking misery and he’s not delivered, just fucking flatten us so we can start again, cunt.

  15. The University of Shithole dumps degrees in Medieval history in favour of degrees in shit and cunt. Who fucking cares what the wankers do in their worthless shitty redbrick toilet?

  16. Just heard that apparently only 38% of BAME workers in Leicester hospitals have had the vaccine. There’s going to be vacancies available in the hospitals and plenty of vacancies at the uni to study medicine!

    • Evening Bertie-I trust you are not experiencing any strange side effects from your “nanobot” jab?
      Like supporting Man Utd, eating Percy Parrotts seed or taking out an online subscription to the Gruniad???😗

      • General – The only decisions I’ve made regarding subscriptions is to kick those woke bastards, the National Trust into touch. I’m going to have to give them a fuckin’ good cunting. Of all the organisations in the UK, these cunts are like the BBC on speed in contributing to their own downfall.

      • Excellent Mr Blunt👍
        They deserve a “proper” cunting.
        Like so many organisations, complete removed from the nature of their origins, determined to become political or lobbyists (RSPCA anyone?)

  17. Leicester bears very little resemblance to the England celebrated by the great Authirs of the past. Except the suburbs-thankfully they are mostly still “hideously white@😀👍

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