Miraculous Skeptics

‘I don’t believe in miracles’ sang Colin Blunstone. I do.
Can God suspend the laws of physics? Well he made them so he can suspend them. He can upend them.
As in the ‘Miracle of the Sun’-


Over 90,000 people saw it. Were they all part of some mass hysteria? The educated classes derided it of course. But I always believe the simple people. I believe what they said they saw with their two eyes.

Same with Lourdes. Saint Bernadette. All the sophisticates scoffing again.. But she said she saw ‘a lady’ and I believe her.

I was watching ‘Unsolved Mysteries’. He said he prayed for his wife and the tumour vanished. One day it was there the next it had gone. Doctors baffled.

There is evidence that people who are prayed for in hospital do better than those who aren’t prayed for.

Slightly off topic that.
This is no way endorsing ‘faith healing’. I’ve said before that there will be a special place in hell for those charlatans that exploit sick people for financial gain.

There was something else. No, only to contradict Colin I do believe in miracles.

Nominated by: Miles Plastic

104 thoughts on “Miraculous Skeptics

  1. Will I be refused entry to Heaven for furiously Bashing my Bishop on a regular basis…. 🤔

  2. The new religion is social media.
    It used to be television-the churches emptied as the new “drug”, television became the dominant western religion.

    Social media gives instant gratification to its loyal worshippers. It can persuade millions of people to suspend belief and accept as truth, that which patently isn’t. Sound familiar?

    Miles there are incredible miracles happening constantly in “nature”. It’s the only true “religion”, one to which every living thing, animal and vegetable is a member. Including your good self Miles 😀

  3. I will say, I never believed in ghosts until I saw one.

    I finished a hard day at work went to the pub about to sip my first part of my pint and looked and their was a semi-bold man who looked late sixties with a watch on a chain in the corner dressed in a pinstripe suit. I looked three times and he was gone.

    Makes my hairs stand on edge thinking about it and that says something.

      • Yes, I know what I saw. Never seen any others, but most certainly seen that. Lots of stories from people but I don’t believe in this TV Ghost stuff I think that is staged.

      • Fair enough, I wasn’t disbelieving you just checking there wasn’t a punchline 😁 I don’t believe that staged crap on TV either but I do believe people have had personal experiences.

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