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I’m not normally militant enough to cunt, but I’ve had it in the two weeks since Joebama has taken office.

These cunts just can’t leave Trump alone. Even now he’s gone, all their narratives are to do with him. That should tell you all you need to know.

MSNBC’s shaved baboon, Joy Reid, homiliying us on how Trump spent 4 years destroying the planet.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, homosexual extraordinaire, presenting a ‘Q was a load of shit’ (which admittedly it was) conspiracy-deconstruction show about how he doesn’t drink babies’ blood.

NEWSFLASH: you do exactly that you cunt. We all know how you got strung up in those straps in your mother Gloria Vanderbilt’s swimming pool so that perverted satanist ‘artist’ could do a painting of it, to be hung on Tony Podesta’s wall.

Nominated by: WokeUpTodayAndRealisedWhatACuntIAm 

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  1. Much of the problem with the media is to do with acts of omission rather than commission. It is usually pretty easy to see an outright lie. It is much harder to know what you aren’t being told. Personally, I have been very sceptical of much of the media since their attempt to suppress the bestial behaviour in Cologne on New Year’s Eve in 2015.

    Haven’t had much time to work on my blog recently as I have a new job that is taking up all my time. Random thought #15…

    • Like the scandal surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop, which if had been properly reported by the MSM, would of likely destroyed his father’s Presidential bid.

    • If you’ve seen even a hint on what was on Hunter’s laptop, you know it’s CP. For some reason, buried along with rest of the other laptops.

      It’s fucking sick.

    • You are right about MSM, selective reporting is the name of the game.
      I remember that News Years Eve ‘party’ sexual assault on an industrial scale by the invaders from Iraq, Syria and beyond.

      • CNN (Cunt News Network) briefly addressed it – said it was all ‘Russian disinformation’, only for the head of the Department of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, to subsequently confirm its authenticity as previously being the property of one Mr Robert Hunter Biden.

  2. Interesting nom, Wokeup . The US media doesn’t seem to want Trump to actually go, such is their desire to throw shit at him, like a chimps tea party without the tea. The thing is, now he has gone, it will be only a matter of time before the people start asking questions of the new administration and that’s when it will get awkward because they will not have the answer.
    It was rigged, only fools and TDS Libtards ‘think’ otherwise, the system, the establishment, the swamp, call it what you will, got its way. We can’t stifle the press and claim to value free speech at the same time , start with the schools and universities, root out the commie wankers in those places for a start, before the rot sets in. Anderson Cooper is a fucking alien but there’s a better clip out there showing Trumps lawyer putting these bullshitters in their rightful place:

    Just look at the impassioned glee these worms show, a nation full of traitors and 5th columnists.

    • Anderson Pooper Scooper is a CIA operative child-fucking (for God’s sake, apparently he has a surrogate ‘son’) adrenochrome-guzzling cunt. Just look at the fag fucker and how he faggily fags all his ‘broadcasts’. He is part of Satanic evil incarnate. And yes, he does fuck and eat and kill babies.

      • If you make unsubstantiated claims yourself you’re in no position to criticise the arch exponents of bullshittery.
        Factual, credible links work every time, you won’t convince the blinkered, don’t worry about them, they are their own enemies.

      • Facts and credibility didn’t help America have an election stolen right before their eyes.

  3. Waking to the voice of Big Brother each and every morning. No wonder it is working.
    1984 is still available in paperback, but stocks are limited. There are no plans for a further reprint. Buy now before it disappears and enters the mist of mythology.

    • Orwell was the original whistleblower, either that or he just got incredibly lucky in his storyline predictions. Everything is being turned upside down today, “mainly peaceful demonstrations” as America burned last Summer being a particularly apt example.
      War is peace.
      ……man. 😉

  4. If you want to know about Trump just look at the people in this country who hate his guts…….Bercow, Flabbott, Corbyn, Sparkletits, Suckdick to name but a few…..cunts every one of them. Then go on YouTube and watch the brainwashed SJW’s seething with bitterness and anger. You have to wonder what the Tangoman has done to inspire such untrammelled hatred. Upset their world, called the media out for what they are…..liars and fakes. As suggested above they are fucked now, nobody to blame but themselves. Good luck with that you cunts.

  5. ALL mainstream media is the absolute curse of the Devil himself.

    Want proof? Look at Rachel Madcow, if you dare.

  6. What the fuck is it with tinfoil hatters and their obsession with drinking baby blood?

  7. Drinking babies blood?!!!
    Dont they have Vimto in the US?

    Sounds a bit farfetched,
    Actually its sounds fuckin puddled tbh.

    • I remember just before the 2016 US election, I watched a bit of infowars, because they were the only cunts remotely interested in the Hillary email scandal. I stopped after a rant by that swivel eyed loon Alex Jones, where he was screaming at the camera ‘they’re rapin’ babies people!’ Now they are doing that, and eating them too apparently.

      • Tuesday, April 21, 2020 11:21

        The count was now over 50,000 traumatized, malnourished and deceased children who have been pulled out of underground tunnels across the nation by the US Military and Marines since last October. The operations were authorized under President Trump as Commander in Chief, General Mark A. Milley and other military generals of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.

        “Unfortunately there were more operations to go to save the children,” according to Timothy Charles Holmseth, reporter for the Task Force:

        Malnourished, caged and tortured children have been rescued, or found deceased, in underground tunnels beneath large and small US cities, including one beneath New York Central Park. Another tunnel was said to run from the Clinton Foundation building to the New York Harbor.

        In Central Park many of the babies and children rescued out of a tunnel into medical tents were deceased or dying by the time they got to the top and didn’t make it. The babies and children had lived their whole lives in the tunnel, couldn’t be exposed to light and needed ventilators.

        Piles of little corpses, babies born to teens and even preteens in the tunnels who had never seen the light of day, deformed and traumatized children, preteens and teens who were evidently experimented upon and electro-shocked as part of CIA Mind Control and genetic experiments, sexually abused, locked in cages, tortured and killed to harvest their organs and Adrenochrome for the elites to drink in Satanic worship.

        Over 170,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation on those elites were in the process of being served. Most contained charges of pedophilia. Under the authority of Pentagon generals, serving of those indictments and rescues of the traumatized children were ongoing. There was literally an underground war in tunnels across the US, with both brave military troops and perpetrators being killed.

        Apparently for months this secret US Military operation has been sweeping an extensive network of underground tunnels across the US and into Canada and Mexico to rescue thousands of horrifically abused children. Recent operations centered beneath major cities in New York, California, Florida, Texas and Washington. Intel video on the tunnels:

        Last October an unbelievable 2,100 children being held in cages in underground tunnels at the California China Lake Military facility were rescued by Navy Seals and US Marines in a military operation using around 10,000 troops.

      • Military generals of the pea dough task force?
        How could such a massive operation on home soil, involving thousands of people go completely unreported?
        How didn’t Trump mention anything, I mean it would have given him a landslide at the election, and it’s not like him to miss an opportunity to big himself up. These are some of the questions I would ask myself if I’d read this, or someone had sent me a YouTube video on it, before I dismissed it as total bullshit. Sorry buddy, as it says, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and two deleted videos isn’t even close.

      • Vid doesn’t exist – account ovened, wierd because Jtube usually gives this Q shit a free pass as it serves their whole disinformation agenda.

      • Mizzer, what’s with your obsession about vegetarians? You’re like one of those meat-eating bores or one of those cunts that work in an abattoir, “ug ug….nuffink wrong wiv ea’in dead animals, innit.”

        Secretly I reckon you’d like to give up the carcasses. 😊

      • Sorry Maggie, honestly just coincidence!
        The nom appeared then that remark can see it looks that way.
        No issues with vegetarianism,
        Each to their own,
        Im only interested whats on my plate not anyone elses!👍

  8. All the current MSM suck. It will be interesting to see if Andrew Neil’s new venture can redress the balance and gain some traction. 🤞

    • Femi is trying to get them cancelled before it gets off the ground, says Andrew Neil is, wait for it…yawn…”Far Right” !!

      • PBF@ – I always have suspicion of any individual or organisation who wants to “cancel” another persons opinion.
        “The rise/march of the far right” is a favourite of the leftwaffe, but the amusing irony is that they never seem to understand or admit how deranged and vile their insane and dangerous far left behaviour is.
        Cancelling things was and is a favourite of fascists and nazis, but Owen Jones and his motley mob of hateful adult babies never seem to make the connection.
        And it was highly amusing to see Trumps lawyer own and destroy the MSM reporter after he was cleared at the second witch hunt – I had visions of nutty Nancy Piglosi screeching in rage and throwing her ruby slippers at China Joe’s head!

      • Vern, it’s the deranged mentality of some of these mutants faced with unequivocal truth they just shake their heads and blink slowly, like some sort of amphibian. That remoaner twonk who tweeted “a great victory for remain” after the vote, I mean, seriously?

  9. The whole MSM in both the US and the UK is totally biased and left wing.
    You only have to look at how the storming of Capitol Hill was reported. Five died in the riot…… No they didn’t!
    One was shot by Police, two had heart attacks and two committed suicide.
    Exaggeration or what? Makes me sick and it happens all the time against anything right of centre. Cunts.

  10. The American MSM is as crazed and hateful as the democrats. At Trumps second sham impeachment the MSM was wall to wall coverage, Trumps legal team produced the evidence that trump did not incite and further evidence that the democrats had fabricated, altered and distorted alleged “evidence” – Trump was rightfully cleared of all charges and exonerated but not a word from the MSM, and not a word about the shameful and blatant doctoring of facts by people so hateful they would waste nearly 40 million Dollars on a joke legal action with no chance of success.
    Darkness falls.

  11. Not MSM news but connected.
    Saw a story about an actor called Kevin Sorbo who has had his Facebook account deleted because of his conservative views.

      • I love the fact that the left love calling anybody with right of centre views racist and Nazi’s when they are ethnically cleansing anybody from politics, film, music and TV that shows any type of support for Trump or right wing views. What a bunch of Nazi cunts.

  12. Just seems like 24/7 hate for Trump. I try and stay away from it, totally toxic.

    I wish all that energy was put to better use, like helping homeless people in America.

  13. You’re right WokeUp. The MSM can’t stop their fake reporting on Trump. But looking at it from a positive side (if there is one), isn’t it cool that Trump lives rent free in their minds. And not just a back burner flame, but a full-blown psychopathic carnal rage. It is eating them alive and I think many of them will end up in the loony bin. Some should be there already.

  14. Worldwide media and American media in oarticular is the real “vampire Squid” in my book …and you’d swear that 50% of these presenters and ‘anchors’ are C.G.I.’d constructs so preened and polished do they look they cannot be real. The m.s.m.’s endless tantrums, contortion of facts, de-contextualisation, blatant lying and even worse, the blatant omission of facts in their ‘reportage’ should be obvious to anyone with a double digit I.Q. but yet the flock returns every evening to get a fix of its soothing hypnotic 52″ balm. There there… Uncle Joe/Boris will make it all better… yes that’s right we’re “building back better”… it’ll be fine in the morning… trust the plan lambkins…

    Well it fucking won’t be alright in the morning! This rapacious undermining of factual news reporting has not happened by accident or invite, it has been a Fabian unreported coup about which it is a heresy to speak to the degree that it can get you jailed or killed. Why is EVERY single media outlet in such tight and oppressive lockstep in everything it emits?
    … a picture tells a thousand words… I shall say no more…

  15. These cockwombles do not realise that the rhetoric that they are spouting will unleash the exact same thing they hate and keep lying is undermining society. There is no mass institutional racism in the USA or here in the UK but this constant flow of left hate speach WILL make people more right wing and racist and then there will be the mass push back and potential civil war. It is starting to happen and the lid of Pandora’s box is hard to put back on.

  16. The MSM in the UK and the US are absolutely terrible.
    Watching the news on Sky or BBC is to witness a masterclass in fear porn and biased bullshit bordering on sinister.
    They terrify the public with half truths that they think people should definitely know all about while at the same time magically suppressing news stories that the people should definitely also know all about.
    They don’t report on too much that’s genuinely newsworthy because they don’t want to rock the boat so to speak.
    All of the MSM are a collective disgrace and not fit for purpose.
    Total cunts and possibly the worst cunts of all.

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