The Impeachment of President Donald Trump

The impeachment of President Donald Trump is a cunt.

As an onlooker I enjoyed the last four years of Trump in power. He is a ruthless businessman and a hardnose politician who wouldn’t take any crap, didn’t care who he offended or made cry, used a little known law with up to 10 years in prison to stop left wing terrorists tearing down and or vandalising federal statues and got Skeletor Pelosi so furious it has been reported her forehead moved slightly when she pissed and shat her tenna pad. No, he didn’t have enough time to make America great again, but he tried and certainly made it stronger.

Biden and flat back? For entertainment value alone I think I’m going to enjoy the next four years even more. The USA will now be run by the weak, for the weak, whilst the strong foot the bill, as usual. Hopefully by the time the Democrats have finished pandering to the latest terrorist organisation, with Burn Loot Murder being en vogue at the moment, along with the other usual suspects, LGBTQP, Mexico’s immigrants aka the Mexican mafia, Extinction Rebellion and then every other *minority group with a pity me sob story they will run out of other peoples money. Not their own money of course, no chance, but hopefully I can enjoy watching as they eat themselves alive. What I won’t enjoy watching are all the normal people caught up in all the woke Marxist shambles that will be eaten alive too.

Goodbye president Donald John Trump, it has been an absolute pleasure….or maybe Adios Amigo?

*Minority; When you add all these minorities up they become the majority ?

Fuck off!

Nominated by: Coolforcunts

Seconded by: 75 Million Americans

105 thoughts on “The Impeachment of President Donald Trump

  1. ‘In West Africa, Kings of the Ashanti Empire who violated any of the oaths taken during his or her enstoolment, were destooled by Kingmakers.[5] For instance, if a king punished citizens arbitrarily or was exposed to be corrupt, he would be destooled. Destoolment entailed Kingmakers removing the sandals of the king and bumping his buttocks on the ground three times’

    See they ought to go for destoolment instead of impeachment. Gets it over quick. All it would entail is Trump with his trousers, knickers down Nancy Pelosi holding one arm Mitch McConnell the other-
    bump! bump! bump!
    Then it’s done.

  2. Anyone who would want these Demonrat cunts running the USofA are fucking dumb,, brainwashed knobheads

    Long Live The Don
    Americas greatest President

  3. Well worth everyone having a look a Nigel Farage’s recent video saying what he thinks of Trump as of today and the risks this vindictive impeachment comports.

    I like calling people cunts as much as the next cunter, but these events deserve a little thought and Farage was, IMO, thoughtful and balanced.

  4. If 81 million people voted for a SENILE, ON-CAMERA PEDOPHILE, then let them have what they voted for.

    I’ll be pointing and laughing when their kids are being dragged off to Uncle Joe’s ‘education’ camps.

  5. Un-cunting-believable behaviour by these soyboys and their faminazi masters.
    Not mine, but I love this rhyme:

    Roses are Red, Kamala’s not Black. Joe’s in the Basement and Hunter’s on Crack

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