The Impeachment of President Donald Trump

The impeachment of President Donald Trump is a cunt.

As an onlooker I enjoyed the last four years of Trump in power. He is a ruthless businessman and a hardnose politician who wouldn’t take any crap, didn’t care who he offended or made cry, used a little known law with up to 10 years in prison to stop left wing terrorists tearing down and or vandalising federal statues and got Skeletor Pelosi so furious it has been reported her forehead moved slightly when she pissed and shat her tenna pad. No, he didn’t have enough time to make America great again, but he tried and certainly made it stronger.

Biden and flat back? For entertainment value alone I think I’m going to enjoy the next four years even more. The USA will now be run by the weak, for the weak, whilst the strong foot the bill, as usual. Hopefully by the time the Democrats have finished pandering to the latest terrorist organisation, with Burn Loot Murder being en vogue at the moment, along with the other usual suspects, LGBTQP, Mexico’s immigrants aka the Mexican mafia, Extinction Rebellion and then every other *minority group with a pity me sob story they will run out of other peoples money. Not their own money of course, no chance, but hopefully I can enjoy watching as they eat themselves alive. What I won’t enjoy watching are all the normal people caught up in all the woke Marxist shambles that will be eaten alive too.

Goodbye president Donald John Trump, it has been an absolute pleasure….or maybe Adios Amigo?

*Minority; When you add all these minorities up they become the majority ?

Fuck off!

Nominated by: Coolforcunts

Seconded by: 75 Million Americans

105 thoughts on “The Impeachment of President Donald Trump

  1. The sheer vindictiveness of that cunt Nancy Palosi reminds you of the childish ill nature of our leading Remoaner/Rejoiners like Alcoholic Ali, Adonis and Heseltine.

    In the case of Sleepy Joe’s bedwetters, the Donald only has 4 days left of his Presidency, you would think they would be grown up enough and dignified enough to let him finish his term.

    If I had my way Palosi would be date raped by old Cressida Bulldyke’s extra long truncheon.

    • ouch – can actually feel the pain – and so needed – the democtrats for 4 years have done nothing for the american people, having chosen to use all that time to attack trump – and now having successfully stolen the election they still cannot let it go – they are mental cunts well beyond any human reason and hopefully will have to pay for their utter negligence, arrogance and deceit – true cunting

      • And lets not forget what happens in America, what the presidents policies are generally end up reverberating back in the England, especially as we have a prime minister so weak when it comes to standing his ground a gnats fart would knock him over! This is one of the main reasons what happens over their concerns me.

  2. Twatters stocks have taken a battering with many high profile outlets and individuals departing.
    Dorsey is a cunt, not only losing trump supporters who followed Donny on Twatter, but also his haters who followed in order to mock and sow hate at him when he tweeted.
    Good thinking Jack, muppet.
    Over the next year the Demoprats are going to run out of opportunities to blame it all on Trump and will have to face the consequences of their malfeasance. I predict more troops on the street, National Guard or maybe more.
    Lose- lose you leftard clowns.

    • Jack Dorsey looks like Bin Laden with that ridiculous fucking beard and Twitter has done as much damage to our collective psyche than 9/11.

  3. “What I won’t enjoy watching are all the normal people caught up in all the woke Marxist shambles that will be eaten alive too.”
    Do you mean all the ‘normal’ people who swarmed over the Capitol Building last week?
    Isn’t it about time people in the UK recognised Trump for the fuckwit he was and stopped perpetuating this myth of some hero father figure who cared for everyone apart from himself?
    We have enough cunts in this country to concern ourselves with without worrying about those across the pond.
    The situation is beginning to resemble the Remainers banging on about the European Union. My answer is the same – If your so concerned about what’s happening in the USA or EU, go and fuckin’ live there. The age of globalism is drawing to a close.

    • Regardless of his personality you can’t deny he actually cares about his country, unlike the last several wankers who did everything they could to accelerate the New World Order and hollow out America.

      Personally I think he’s the best president they’ve had for a long, long time. Completely antithetical to this bullshit woke fæggotry that has taken over the west.

      • ‘Cares about his country’ !
        Are you blind, deaf & fucking stupid ? !

        While over 300,000 yanks have died of covid, he’s tried to pretend it doesn’t exist, theeatend to sack the one guy who’s trying to slow it down (Fauci), called out Mayors and governors who told people to stop home as weak. Laughed at anyone wearing a mask. Encouraged half of America to beleive it’s fake and mix and take no precautions.

        He tries to claim the electiona a fraud (funny how it would have been ok had he won). Tells a mob to go to the capitol & sort them out. Fuck Pence, my lapdog, cause now he isn’t doing what I want. All media is ‘Fake’ news, but now They’ve shut my twitter feed off “let’s all come together, denounce violence & fight this awful covid disease together”
        A vaccine is announced – does he say ‘great news, terrible that all our fellow countrymen had to die, let’s get it distributed quickly’ NO – this Cunt says “You stiched ME up, should have announced it earlier because I deserve all the credit, you lost ME the election, conspiracy, ME,ME,ME”

        All he has done since he LOST the fair election, is sulk & whine & moan he has been cheated, sow dissent, rile up armed rednecks and reetards, and set the country ‘he loves?’ as a powder keg set to explode.

        Trump is THE CUNT OF THE CENTURY.
        All Isacs who think he’s great – book your plane tickets now & fuck off to be close to him.(don’t forget you need private hea;th Insurance).

      • You anti-trump folk are way worse than the pro-trumpers, god.

        The amount of yanky doodles dying has absolutely nothing to do with the fact nearly everyone is obese, eating shite, and only getting out of bed to do a training circuit of fridge, tv, fridge, bed. Of course not.

        As for the election. The notion Biden got more votes than Obama is just fucking ludicrous. The guy is half demented and a child sniffer.. who also has a son, Hunter, who has been caught with his pants down around his ankles. I’ve seen two images floating around on Twitter of him with little girls dressed in lingerie. Fucking disgusting n***e. The Biden family is rotten to the core.

      • As perfect an example of spinning the “narrative” as you ever likely to see on here.

        Stunning & brave, LOTR-which interestingly, when rearranged, spells TROL.

      • Lotr, Yep, as I said he’s strong alright 💪

        Still if you prefer the Democrat party/labour in charge and want to be made to take the knee every time a person of colour walks past then be my guest.

        As for private healthcare, I can afford it, however if the Democrat party or heaven the thought Labour have their way I’ll be paying for riffraff to receive it for nothing. No thanks!

        Fuck off!

    • Yes I mean those people. Take away the fancy dress and conspiracy hatters and you are left with a peaceful protest nothing like the rioting of burn loot murder, just brave patriots with more courage in their little finger than the weak bleeding heart left leaning scum that condemn them.

      • What these small minded Trump devotees can’t get their heads around is that anyone who is anti Trump is not necessarily a supporter of the Democrats. There are more than enough Republicans who feel let down by this psychopath.
        A fuckin’ plague on all American politics.

    • “There are more than left Republicans who feel let down by Trump”

      Let’s see how let down they feel after four years of the fucking Democrats Marxist agenda 😀

      The weak ares Republicans that sided and voted with the Democrat party on Trumps impeachment are the lowest cowards of all. A pox upon them 😷

      • Anyone who would want these Demonrat cunts running the USofA are fucking dumb,, brainwashed knobheads

        Long Live The Don
        Americas greatest President

      • Never said Biden or the dems were the answer. Americas greatest president, Lincoln was a Republican, but when Republicanism stood for more than Religous bigotry & banning satanists who dare to want abortions.

        To consider Trump fit to run anything but a tap, you have to be ignorant, deluded or a zealot. I wouldn’t leave him in charge of a hamster, even if I didn’t care much for hamsters. He has the empathy and moral compass of a serial killer. If he was in a ship with his family that sank, he would be off in the lifeboat alone – or maybe with his daughter so he’d have someone to tell how great he is.
        He’s Hitler with a suntan & toupee.

      • Lotr, Agreed, Just leave the Baby sniffer Joe, embalmed Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat party in charge of the hamsters 🐹 eh, that way within their four years of power you’ll be able to get them stuck up your ring piece free of charge 🥳

  4. A very sad day indeed, and the beginning of the end of America, soon to be the Libsoc shithole of a certain breed.

  5. Would Trump have won a second term if Covid hadn’t fucked everything up….

    Probably, he didn’t loose by that much considering everything that was going on and there wouldn’t have been so many postal votes.
    Second impeachment, will it go to the end, probably the leftwaffe woke want to fry his balls in oil.

    The left and the cock sucking media want to smash populism and they are succeeding

    Build the Wall!! Ban Muslims!! Lock up criminals!! All extremely unpopular with the left but popular with any sensible American!!

    • How come they voted the cunt out then?

      I’m no expert on Yankee doddle Miner Pete Peanut butter sandwich politics so what’s the crack?

      More cunts in the good old US than sensible people? Wouldn’t surprise me, look at the cunts we voted in and how that’s turned out.

      • They did not vote Trump out – he won by a landslide and the world looked on and did nothing.
        The Governments of the western world should have stood together and stated that they believed the election was fraudulent and put never ending pressure on to get this investigated.
        Trumps legal team were due to present the overwhelming and credible evidence of a communist coup at Capitol Hill, the democrats knew they were fked if this happened so organised with Antifa, amongst others, to arrange and coordinate the riots and storming of the building.
        Putting personal opinions of the Man aside (I know there is a lot of anti Trump sentiment) the facts remain.
        The impeachment is the icing on the cake, and I fear America is going down the same path as the UK where the voices of the majority are not heard and dismissed.
        Deeply worrying.

      • He did win. The cunts were caught transporting ballot papers across state line. How the fuck the democrats,marxists,got away with ot is a fucking mystery .
        Theses cunts will wreck america and make it so divide states will start to leave the union.
        Trump was a non politician who loved his country. The dems are carer cunts who hate America.

      • I think Covid was a big factor and postal voting certainly helped the Democrats, even without any suggestion of fraud

        Postal votes should be banned, you turn up at the ballot box , prove who the fuck you are and put your cross in the box of your choice.

        Anyone who believes that postal voting is safe is living in parallel universe, particularly in certain communities.

        Sensible, keeping out illegals, keeping out p*ki scum and locking up criminals, where is that not sensible?

  6. The best summation about Big Donnie was on here and, if I recall correctly, from Cunstable Cuntbubble: “Trump is a cunt, but he’s my kind of cunt.”

    They’re all cunts. We have to look past this and see what they achieve. Who cares if a leader is kind, eloquent, hugs disabled kids, kneels for Nëgroes, says, “Grab ’em by the pussy”, or dresses like a Muzlim for the day to show solidarity for blanket-wearing, goat-fucking terrorísts.

    Impeachment will be like throwing petrol onto a fire so there will be more violence like there was the other day, like there was at Trump’s inauguration, like there was in recent years by Antifa, and last year’s looting, rioting, statue vandalism, and murder by the BLM racists.

    In the words of cock-gargler Kamala Harris: “Let the protests continue.”

  7. Ive moved on.
    Couldn’t summon the energy to give a fuck.
    Im bothered about this country more.

    • I feel the same. Its so one sided. Way to many dickheads, freespeech is being eroded.

    • I feel the same

      Global politics is and always has been a bag of wank. Doesn’t matter who is in charge it means fuck all to me personally.

      So let the Americans self-destruct with their woke bollocks. They will always blame someone else, and so it carries on.

      fuck them. I have more important things to think about.

  8. If I were The Don I would go back to playing golf and shagging porn stars but i’m not and he ain’t going nowhere. He’ll be on the telly every day sniping at Biden and his crew, slagging them off and pointing out their mistakes as America slides into the abyss of the chaos that leftyism brings. It should be great entertainment.

    • As Maggie T said, “the problem with Socialism is that, eventually, you run out of other people’s money”. Atlas Shrugged is not a great read, but prophetic for our cousins across the Atlantic.

    • Oh everything will still be Trump’s fault and China Joe will be seen as some sort of Saint!

    • The previous cunt is to blame for everything that goes wrong.

      The present cunt takes the credit for everything that goes right.


      It’s not fucking rocket science.

  9. The establishment will never let another 2016 happen – and that is what we are seeing now. Trump voted in and Brexit – what a year. Then the establishment spent the next 4 years trying to fuck it all up and return to the status quo. This is now payback. I just pray and hope that one day someone will come and leads us back to freedom and prosperity.

  10. Trump should take a leaf out of Steve Bannon’s book and wear his impeachments as badges of honour.

  11. Sorry, off topic.

    Have just switched on the tv and seen the BBC Bitesize learning for children- today the subject was Science.

    A woman of colour reading paragraphs from Greta Thunberg’s book of fiction.

    No BBC agenda there then.

    Switching to the next channel was John Barrowman admitting to the public he has taken to sobbing as he cannot cope with the lockdown. Boo hoo,

    Regarding the impeachment of Trump, just demonstrates what a vindictive bunch of vile cunts the Democrats are, who will stop at absolutely nothing to get their own way. A bad decision that will undoubtedly further divided the country and which will have severe implications for them going forward.

    • Afternoon Willie. I recieved the BBC survey a few days ago.
      And yes, i gave the cunts both barrels. They did thank me after my angry rant for my constructive input . Sarcastic bastards.

      • Afternoon Fenton

        Tim Davie, Head of BBC

        “We must work harder to separate fact from fiction”

        In other words (regarding Brexit and Climate change) the BBC are happy to mislead the public with unsubstantiated information (possible lies) so long as it fits in with their agenda.

        The BBC have turned into a complete joke of a broadcasting company and I got one will be happy when they have to depend on “unenforceable” subscriptions for their income. Perhaps then they will return to making quality programmes for the majority.

  12. And don’t forget, where the f*ck was the rest of the world when Rhodesia was fucked over and wh*te farmers killed and their farms stolen by Zimbabwe?

    • sorry about the asterisks – hunt the trigger word. Apparently, “White” is not allowed!!!!!!!

  13. You guys seen the fucking freak Pelosi walking? Fuck me she is dead and is so bitter and twisted she/hasn’t realised yet.

  14. The immediate question is whether Sleepy Joe the hair sniffer will make it to the inauguration!? His great age and Covid 19 are against him. Kamala had better prepare a speech just in case.

  15. They impeached him when he took office. They have done it again. No surprise. The daft cunt asked for it this time. Heal the divides in the USA? No chance but it seems to be what the Democrats want.
    So it goes.

  16. If this egomaniac’s words and actions leading up to and including the Capitol Hill riot are not worthy of impeachment I can’t imagine what is. His ‘us against them’ mantra which he’s been preaching for four years has finally backfired.
    Trump went to Georgia supposedly to support Perdue and Loeffler and only talked about himself. How could the Republicans expect their voters to turn out enthusiastically when he’d been telling everyone for weeks that the Republican election officials there were incompetent and/or corrupt? He lost them the senate single-handedly, and that fact will not be lost on the senators who remain, although there’ll always be the cynical few who will repeat the election fraud lie ad nauseam because they think it will benefit their careers.
    He will have lost his position and his reputation, not to mention his wealth when all the lawsuits inevitably start to pile up. But the most difficult thing for him to accept will be that he’s a loser, a one term failure. It wouldn’t surprise me if he decided to put an end to his misery in one grand final gesture.

  17. Israel now controls Russia, China, Europe and America 100%. Brexit makes me hopeful that they don’t control Britain 100%. Our banks are controlled by the Rothchilds. It’s no longer a crackpot “anti-Semitic” canard, the evidence is all over the web if you bother to look for it and these fake Jews/Zionists confirm this new global paradigm in their own words in print and on video. They are behind the flooding of Europe and Britain with immigrants. The Muslims are just more than willing pawns in the game.

    I’m on the fence as to who the true Donald Trump is. He’s not a true Christian that ‘s for sure. Trump Tower is full of pagan symbols and images, from swastikas to paintings of Apollo on his 66th floor penthouse, who Revelations 9:11 (hello!) says is Satan. Thus year is going to Apocalyptic which means to reveal…

  18. The thing I love most about the Don is he drives people I despise crazy. It’s hilarious to watch.

  19. I quite enjoyed watching the Trumpster having to squirm and release those apologetic, unconvincing video statements to appease the remnants of ‘his’ party and to try and take the sting out of the charges against him.

    (He is lucky to have such visionary advisers as Guiliani on his team; a bargain at just $20k a day.)

    Not only has he been exposed as the clueless and frightened knob that he is, but there is a good chance that some of his brainless hardcore followers will see them as a betrayal and maybe turn some of that mob fury against him and his equally cuntish family.

    They should let him back on Twitter for just one message:

    “You’re fired. Now fuck off.”

    • His legal team’s best strategy at his upcoming ‘trial by senate’ would be to claim that it wasn’t actually him at the microphone telling people to march to Capitol Hill and fight, it was a Trump lookalike hired for the occasion by those dastardly Democrats (they’ll stop at nothing you know). There are several White House staffers who will swear on oath that he was in the Oval Office at the time, if you pay them enough. And even if it’s proved beyond any doubt that it was actually him, you still don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to.
      In the immortal words of Robert Sheckley, “The right to be wrong is fundamental throughout the cosmos.”

      • “Some scientists claim that hydrogen is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe.”

        (Frank Zappa)

  20. I would smash the granny out of Trump’s wife👍
    Biden’s wife, smash with a length of 4×2👎

    • She should run for President. Melania Trump V Flat back Harris. Melania Trump has much better norks.

      • Melania and Ivanka should run as a team… campaign ads of them getting it on together – hard to beat a good bit of girl on milf action – Melania would win by a landslide the Democunts could only imagine in their wildest dreams!

  21. I would give Biden’s wife a good fisting while he’s asleep, which is pretty much any time of the day 💪💪💪

  22. Trump may be a cunt, but this is the last time we’ll see any cunt take on the political establishment.

    The message has been sent. “Try and fuck with our gravy train and we’ll spend our time trying to put you in prison. If that doesn’t work, we’ll just fuck with the elections anyway. We’ll put the entire media and social media against you to ruin you, you twat. We’ll claim collusion with foreign powers and say everyone is a bit rapey in your party. With no evidence, but people won’t think that as we’ll control the media. We’ll say our supporters, who will do more damage, will be taking part in mostly peaceful protests. Your lot will do less damage and create less death, but anytime they try anything, we’ll say it’s violent insurrection and rioting.”

    The USA will now go back to bombing the shit out the middle East and creating more third world migration for the cheap labour, a scared populace which will be easier to control and for more votes to move money from the working middle class to the third world shit they’ll import.

    Personally, I’m just gonna sit back and laugh at all these smug cunts wondering why their lives have turned to shit in a few years.

    Fuck off, you asked for it you silly twats. Lap it up bitches!

  23. @lotr

    If you actually looked at what he’s done you’d see he’s been a good president. If you understood the American system of government you’d know that the individual states manage their own Corona policies.

    New York for instance under its democratic government was sending Corona patients directly into care homes.

    You are as entitled to your opinion as I am mine. Feel free to come put me on a plane to the states if you think you can!

  24. A massive cunting can go to that cocksucking Joo Libtard cunt Sacha Baron Cohen, with his Trump smear campaign dog shit movie Bor-twat 2. What a fucking cunt.

    • Like Trump, love Trump, hate Trump, doesn’t really matter.
      To anybody who thinks Biden and the Democrats won in a fair election, I’m afraid you’re a fucking idiot!

      At least Trump wasn’t down on his knees showing his respect for a career criminal like Biden and Pelosi.

      If any person thinks that the president of the USA should be seen kneeling to a Marxist, race baiting organisation, then I’m afraid you’re a fucking idiot!

      • Joe Biden is everything they say about Trump and more. He’s gluing to be a puppet president with Obama pulling the strings. 2024 Michelle to use their preferred name will run, Biden won’t make 12 months in office and Harris will step aside for Michelle in 24. I can’t image Harris will survive a full term.

      • Biden and his kin are the most wretched, diseased cunts to have ever crawled from the primordial soup.

  25. I can see both sides of the argument, Trump was a strong leader, but completely insane, and at the end of his tenure, what did he actually achieve? Is there a wall keeping mexicans out? No, any improvement in the economy was global, so was nothing to do with him. He might have bullied the fat north korean man child into submission I can’t see anything else he did, that could not have been done by someone else, just by breathing.

    He got into office with rumours of russia fixing the election, but he dismissed that as fake news. Now he is saying he was robbed, so we should completely believe him. After all he said covid was not a problem.

    I really wanted him to be the president that broke the mould and would put an end to end to career politicians, and could represent common views. Turns out he is a billionaire egotist who only cares for himself and not his country.

    On the other hand, sleepy Joe will be another lame duck president who made a living out of being a politician, rather than actually doing a proper job. He is is ticking all the lefty boxes by appointing and double minority VP with an annoying voice.

    398,979 deaths (highest in the world) from covid in a country that is the strongest economy in the world, That is Trumps legacy

    Glad I don’t live in America

    • With covid.
      The tests return a massive percentage of false positives too😉.

      Covid 19- fucking in Brexit and democracy, since 2019.

    • Do you a remember a president that has had to fight the media from before being elected? Remember a president that’s been blocked from enacting policy for the entire length of his policy.

      There’s plenty of evidence of election interference.

      If Hilary had been president likely war with Iran, IS would still be in their caliphate, China would be even closer to being the worlds sole superpower.

  26. I would swap trump for “brino Boris the backtracking jellyfish” any day America is doomed just like the UK , nothing good will come of this obvious betrayal of freedom,

    World war 3 is looming

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