Dr Christiane Northrup


Pay attention because this is important. This is a Covid vaccinated cunting for the conspiracy fruit cake that is Dr Christiane Northrup.

Never heard of her. Well, neither had I until a DVD dropped through my letterbox last night entitled “REAL TRUTH about Covid19 VACCINE”. Note the capitalisation added for dramatic effect no doubt.

This total headcase says that the Covid vaccine alters RNA and inserts nanorobots into your body that self replicate and allow nasty evil people to take over control of your body against your will. Apparently it also makes your body glow under UV light so they can tell if you’ve had the vaccine or not. And it collects biometric data and transmits it through the 5G network

Now I’m a great fan of SF so you could say I’m susceptible to this sort of stuff, but RNA altering nano technology on this scale? Do me a favour…

Unless it’s been given to us by the little green men in flying saucers. Maybe that’s it?

The DVD contains a video of an interview given by this dangerous nutter. Interestingly it’s already been banned from YouTube.

What’s most worrying is that this came totally unsolicited and that I live in a council ward with a very high proportion of elderly people because we have quite a concentration of care homes and retirement developments.

So if we’re talking conspiracies, how about one to kill off the old folk? It’s more believable.

We need to spread the word because this crap constitutes a threat to life and needs to be stopped. Now.

Nominated by Dioclese

74 thoughts on “Dr Christiane Northrup

  1. Im not having the vaccine but I dont believe it contains nanorobots or makes you glow.
    Shes just a nutter.
    Although coincidence or not
    R2D2 C3PO and Metal Mickey are all endorsing the vaccine?

  2. Clearly a dangerous nutter, however, no no no to censorship. If people are stupid to fall for it sad but better than censorship.. If there a a lot of elderly then family neighbours etc should look out for them. Yes a massive cunt but no to banning stuff on social media.

    • Good call, Everyonesa. Banning stuff is a slippery slope that ruthless cunts down the ages have used with murderous consequences.

      Nanobots are actually real. They are total bastards. Once unleashed, they multiply and get absolutely everywhere. What’s more, you don’t even know that they are there until it’s too late. Absolute fucking nightmare. Like tiny Nazi storm troopers, invading your coffee, your computer software, even your brain….aarrghh,,,,

    • Yeah, this post does have a certain ‘old man shouts at clouds’ feeling to it even if the initial premise is on point. Ain’t the first time Dio has advocated for some kind of authoritarianism either.

      • Luckily I’m not running this site any more because if I was then I’d ban you that remark. Go fuck yourself…

    • He’s right that she’s a fruitcake but censorship isn’t the way to combat this stuff RTC.

      • There’s a debate waiting to be had there, Tso. When demonstrable lies are given equal weight to demonstrable truth, it is probably time for a layer of fact-checking between the fantasy and its publication. Either that, or for much better education in critical thinking….which would be another can of worms.

      • Where in his nom does Dio advocate censorship? The closest he gets is:

        “We need to spread the word because this crap constitutes a threat to life and needs to be stopped. Now.”

        In other words, stop the crap by spreading verifiable fact based truth. At least that’s how I read it.

    • She is a noted obstetrician and gynecologist who is a foremost advocate of women’s health and wellness apparently.
      So nothing to do with brains or intelligence or plain common srnse then.

  3. She looks like that scary trãnny cop that was cunted a while back. Have they ever been seen in the same place? I think we should be told.

  4. That’s so weird! Only half hour ago I had a DVD posted through my letterbox with “How To Deal With Having A Maggot Dick” written on the front in pink neon writing. The font was also rather ghastly. How on earth did they know? I picked it up and held in my hands, the rage pulsing through my old chap. I thought, you fucking cunt, cunt!

    • Was it written by Adonis BL?
      Did the dirty bastard offer to come round and “help you out”?
      It’s a bleedin’ outrage – the only thing I detest more than “the gayness” is homophobes!

      • Fuck me to hell and back no, thank Satan. Altho while out earlier cursing at humanity, I met up with the ghost of Diogenes The Cynic who only I can see. I had to leg it from the cops who were standing near by after he held up his lantern to one of the cuntstables, and yelled out to them “I’m looking for an honest cunt”.

  5. Funnily enough, I’m prepared to believe that the powers that be would take active steps to see off the older generation. Their memories of the days of (relative) free speech and democracy are proving “problematic” in this “progressive” age.
    A nutter she may be, but the distrust of authority and their bought and paid for experts is understandable…

  6. I like a nice conspiracy but most always fall down at some point. There’s never enough meat on the bone and once exposed to nuts and bolts science they usually run out of steam.
    One question that never gets answered is who are ‘They.’
    They want to do this to us, they want to do that etc.
    It’s not Soros and Gates dictating matters from a hollowed out dormant volcano….so who the fuck are ‘THEY.’

    • The new ‘They’ are the cunts who control the media, not the BBC anymore its the social media sites, controlling the narrative and harvesting personal data.

      Shut down insta, face, titter, the fucking lot!

    • No one would have believed
      In the last years of the 21st century
      That human affairs were being watched
      From the timeless worlds of space
      No one could have dreamed that we were being scrutinised
      As someone with a microscope studies creatures
      That swarm and multiply in a drop of water
      Few men even considered the possibility of life on other planets
      And yet, across the gulf of space
      Minds immeasurably superior to ours
      Regarded this Earth with envious eyes
      And slowly and surely, they drew their plans against us
      Der, der, der

      • PS. Those little green fuckers have been looking for ways to get their own back since we saw their last invasion off by destroying them with the common cold.

    • ‘…….so who the fuck are ‘THEY.’’

      The Conspracy 101 answer: Only ‘They’ know who ‘They’ are….

      If ‘They’ exist, and are as all-powerful as claimed, then ‘They’ are faceless, Bill Gates et al….not so faceless, they might think that they’re ‘They’…they’re not, they’re Hollywood ‘They’, they’re not ‘They’ ‘They’..they’re ‘They’ ‘They’s’ puppets…ersatz ‘They’ for ‘They’ ‘They’ to hide behind…

      Of course, ‘They’ ‘They’ might also be a front for ‘They’³…and while you fry your brains out trying to figure out who the ultimate ‘They’ are….’Them’ get on with running the show, and so the true answer to your question is;

      Only ‘Them’ know who ‘They’ are…

      …and one does not enquire about ‘Them’.

  7. Every time I visit one of the major retailers I know I am misted with a fluid which contains nanobots the purpose of said nanobots is control. However by lining my underpants with used teabags (Assam breakfast blend) the nanobots are neutralised and I am not subject to the mind control, thus only buying one or two items that I do not need. From my extensive testing program I can surmise that the vaccination injected nanobots will not fair well and my mind will remain under the control of my antipsychotic medication, mood stabilisers and mental health professionals. This Dr is displaying a level of lunacy that would get me sectioned. Free speech has to be protected, so nutters from all sides can have a rant, only fair.

  8. She’s had a few books out. Mother Daughter wisdom for example. Unfortunately not like the porn hub video I watched last night where the mother showed hew daughter ( both in their 30’s by the looks of it) some wisdom. Saucy minx.

  9. Prepare for The Glowing Granny Zombie Apocalypse….shuffling,disco-light emitting old Farts blocking supermarket aisles while their heads spin 360 degrees and evil glowing eyes scan the shelves for 2p-off stickers. I hope they communicate telepathically…it’ll save having to listen to their eternal yap about the queue in the post-office.

  10. Real life is way too complex and boring for the tinfoil hatters. Much better to have some simple bollocks tall tale that eases the pain in their little brain. Exactly the same as religion.

    • Text book weird, most likely spent some time together in a secure unit does look familiar but does he eat pillows chap I knew did.

  11. Alters RNA? We have DNA. The virus presumably has RNA as it’s replicator. But what the fuck does this mean? Do the nano robots replicate with RNA? If so, how? I want some.

  12. Well, if I wasn’t decided before I am now!
    Im feared of robots.
    Bloke I know said his older brother had the vaccine, they took a blood sample, said under the microscope,
    It looked just like pac-man.

    If robots are involved thats it!
    Robbie the robot, terminator,
    Daleks, K9 , Stevie Hawking,
    They all give me the fear.

    • Just be thankful it isn’t aliens, being a big lad they would have a Miserable sized probe just for you and maybe Elton John.

      • Don’t mention it to Sicky LL!
        He wouldn’t be able to get his vinyl hotpants down fast enough..😀

      • I am hoping to wear my hot pants when we come out of lockdown but for now just sitting at home in my frilly knickers. 😂

    • “Unless it’s been given to us by the little green men in flying saucers. Maybe that’s it?”

      Hardly likely, they got in their saucer and fucked off after Les gave them a telling off.

  13. In the header pic she looks like she’s sucked so many cocks (allegedly) that her teeth have all dropped out!

    Also looks like she’s farted and followed through.

    As you can probably gather, I have nothing but contempt for this cunt of cunts.

    She’s got her 15 minutes, now kindly fuck off and get some dentures, you toothless old crone

  14. She’s crazy granted but if you’re in favour of censorship Dio then you’re really no different to the very woketards we all criticise on here. You do NOT have the right to dictate what others can and can’t hear just because you may not like it – most people are smart enough to realise this kind of thing is bullshit for ourselves.

    • You’re a bigger cunt than I thought. I said YouTube had banned and never said I wanted to ban. You need to learn to read and engage brain before opening your mouth.

      I don’t want teams of people dropping it through by letterbox by hand when they shouldn’t be out of their homes.

      • Dio@
        Ive every respect for you and everything you’ve done for ISAC,
        Your a great poster and a smarter man than I, but if its not to impertinent to give advice, its best not to get too upset by peoples opinions,
        It changes nothing and will leave you pissed off.
        Chin up, best of health.
        Miserable of the North.

      • Dioclese@ – I read your nom as commenting on YouTube banning things as opposed to you banning things or wanting them banned.

  15. Fruit cake cunts are quite often proved right unfortunately Dio, I wouldn’t put anything past the cunts in charge of this world, so I’m obviously a fruit cake cunt, or a realist

  16. She is a bona fide MD, but it sounds like she is having some kind of mental breakdown.

    I pity her.

    • She’s a gyny doctor so I can only assume she came out with crap during her montnlies… 😉

  17. Dio must live in a very well to do area. We get charidee bags through our letterbox. Sometimes Bettaware, but never DVDs. Posh fucker.

    • I get my regular hatemail and occasionally dogshite through the letterbox,
      But DVDs?
      Dios being stalked by Blockbusters!!

  18. I dunno Dio and cunters I honestly don’t trust vaccines and the mnra vax one sounds even more suspicious to me.

    I hate conspiracy crazies as much as the next person but pro vaccine shills are just as annoying to me but Heh nanobots living inside doesn’t sound so bad could they make me a less of a lazy bastard?!

    • Nobody is forced to take the vaccine. It’s individual choice. But I do think they have the right to be properly informed about the risks and benefits. Fake news like this doesn’t provide that.

      My daughter is having the vaccine tomorrow. She works in a hospital on the front line treating patients.

      I’ll take her judgment into account and ignore the nutters…

  19. If the nanobots are sourced from China they’ll probably conk out fairly quickly, if their mopeds and music systems are anything to go by…

    • Reminiscent of Python’s “Curry’s 17/6 brain.”
      In Switzerland, we had Fust. One of their “appliances” fucked just after the guarantee period, so it was taken to the tip. With the words “Fust, et c’est foutu” (Fust, and it’s fucked) in marker on its box.

  20. Hmm – crazy sounding nonsense.
    But if we begin censoring, banning and removing things we do not care for are we any better than the people we despise for doing this?
    I wonder if these DVD’s burn at Fahrenheit 451?

  21. Plagerised from Doctor Who. So we all turn into cybermen. By the appearance of Zuckerberg and many of the Liebour front bench their DNA as already changed. Back to the real world, the cunt should be sent to Broadmoor.

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