Dr Christiane Northrup


Pay attention because this is important. This is a Covid vaccinated cunting for the conspiracy fruit cake that is Dr Christiane Northrup.

Never heard of her. Well, neither had I until a DVD dropped through my letterbox last night entitled “REAL TRUTH about Covid19 VACCINE”. Note the capitalisation added for dramatic effect no doubt.

This total headcase says that the Covid vaccine alters RNA and inserts nanorobots into your body that self replicate and allow nasty evil people to take over control of your body against your will. Apparently it also makes your body glow under UV light so they can tell if you’ve had the vaccine or not. And it collects biometric data and transmits it through the 5G network

Now I’m a great fan of SF so you could say I’m susceptible to this sort of stuff, but RNA altering nano technology on this scale? Do me a favour…

Unless it’s been given to us by the little green men in flying saucers. Maybe that’s it?

The DVD contains a video of an interview given by this dangerous nutter. Interestingly it’s already been banned from YouTube.

What’s most worrying is that this came totally unsolicited and that I live in a council ward with a very high proportion of elderly people because we have quite a concentration of care homes and retirement developments.

So if we’re talking conspiracies, how about one to kill off the old folk? It’s more believable.

We need to spread the word because this crap constitutes a threat to life and needs to be stopped. Now.

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      • Bill Gates has his fingers in lots of pies. The story about Bill that I measure him by dates back to his days in charge of MicroSoft.

        His business partner was suffering with cancer and thinking about leaving the company.

        What does Bill do? Tries to devalue the shares so he can buy him out on the cheap!

        If you’ll screw the fella who helped you make your billions I find it hard to believe you have compassion for humanity.

  1. You ungrateful bugger Dio-I suppose you didn’t enjoy that copy of “Two Wongs make a white”, I slipped in the letterbox at the same time.

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