Lord Adonis (3)

Oh what a gay day for another cunting for the whey-faced old bastard so divorced from reality, that he imagines June 2016 never happened:


Yes, the old pansy with his fascist viewpoint doesn’t like Brexit, never will like it and is determined even now to stop it, or to restart the process of getting us back in the corrupt bunch of wankers.

A lot is said about making the unemployed work. For a couple of years in the mid 80s Adonis was a minor councillor in Oxford. The 90s and 2000s saw him sucking the arse of whoever was in power to get an “important” job. When finally told to fuck off, as no commercial organisation would employ the useless old turd, he spends all day on Twitter spinning his poisonous web.

Surely it is about time he was made to work. I am sure there is a lavatory in London that needs an attendent to clean it out. If he is lucky we might give him a broom, so he doesn’t have to use his tongue.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs


and seconded by: Quick Draw McGraw 

Lord Adonis.
It’s 4:40pm, New Year’s eve. At 11pm, the United Kingdom will finally be free of that evil, insidious, proto-Communist organisation known as the EU. Most remainers have accepted the inevitable and moved on. But not all. ‘Lord’ Adonis, who has never stood for elected office, has announced that he wants to lead a campaign for the UK rejoin the Fourth Reich.

For fuck’s sake. Adonis and his ilk have spent the past four and a half years trying to overturn the democratic will of the voting majority. They failed. But like a four year old who loses a game of snap, Adonis and his immature bunch of loons just won’t admit defeat. In fact, Adonis stood up in the Lords today and actually claimed that Brexit was akin to Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler. What a despicable little creature Adonis is. And completely misnamed.

If Remainers want to suck EU cock, that’s their business. As far as I’m concerned, they’re nothing but traitors. A living affront to every man and woman who has died to keep this country free. NOBODY voted to join the EU. We weren’t even asked if we wanted to join a multi-national political organisation. People at the time were lied to when they were told that we’d simply be joining a trading bloc. And it was Major, back in ’92 who signed the Maastricht Treaty without the permission of the British people, thereby bringing the EU into being.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the correcting of an injustice that has been allowed to stand for over 30 years. If you want to live in an EU country, under the jackboot of a bunch of undemocratic, incompetent authoritarian cunts, then fuck off to a country that’s still a member. If you’re not prepared to do that, shut the fuck up.

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  1. Adonis, still shrilling for the EU. With a bit of luck he’ll be dead like his mate old Paddy Pantsdown, another illiberal europhile cunt before we get any where near ‘rejoining the Riech EU. I do hope the whole bloc collapses during this raddled old fuckers lifetime, just so he can see it crumble with his own eyes.

    The Civil Service

    An example of some of the most despicable, traitorous cunts ever to have breathed. I have nothing witty, pithy or irreverent to type about these cunts.

    Uncle Terry, oven please gas mark 1million.

  2. Lord Adonis wasn’t born, they scraped a pile off his mother’s arse and it grew into what he is now.

    • Afternoon RTCP

      What cunts like the ironically named lord Adonis doesn’t seem to understand is just how universally unpopular they are , when that strident cunt Blair decided to join the Second Referendum debate it pushed anybody sitting on the fence straight into the leave camp,
      what Adonis , blair , major , hezeltine, Campbell, cable and all those other quislings have never understood is the more they talked the less people actually listened , they only appealed to wonky eyed remainers the majority of the population found them repugnant………

      • Evening Q!

        Don’t forget Jo Swindle, Caroline Lucarse, Vince Cable, Ed Davey……..


      • The list is long , grieve , bercow , brown , soubry, Heidi Allen , greening, Cooper ( Yvette not Tommy ) , my personal favourite swinson who at first thought she might be “ king maker” after GE then for some unfathomable reason started thinking even bigger !! , the look on her face when she lost her seat was Comedy gold..

  3. Who or what the fuck is he??
    Adonis is a very beautiful young man. Something went wrong there, fucking cunt.

    • Quite. I’ve come across his name over the years , always as part of a story that makes me want to tie his bollocks to a railway line. Yet I genuinely have no idea who the fuck he is or what he does.

    • Among numerous other heinous crimes, Adonis was the minister responsible for dreaming up HS2 in Gordon Brown’s fag end Labour government.

      • Thank you for reminding us of that Ruff. It’s a little known fact that this cunt did indeed insert this into the Labour Manifesto at the last minute as a way of polishing that particular turd. It was never seriously meant to be built. No feasibility study, back of a fag packet budgeting, thousands of properties blighted. Typically HS2 will arrive late; benefit a minimal percentage of the population and cost double or treble intended.

        And all because of this cunt…. who was rewarded with the highly paid sinecure Chairing the National Infrastructure Quango…. in which he was inevitably found wanting. Again.

      • Ahh I get it.

        Lord Adonis was the fag end in Gordon Brown’s fag end Labour government.

        All clear now. Many thanks

  4. I think we have other things to worry about your lordship, you’re fighting history, good luck.

  5. Personally I blame the Covid lockdown. If it was normal times, he would have done like any other poofter would have done – he would have drowned his sorrows on New Years Eve with Babycham and pink gin, hit a policeman with his handbag, stumbled his way to Hampstead Heath and picked up a bit of rough trade and an STI, but as that option wasn’t available he got all bitter and twisted. I am sure Bendover Bradshaw, who defied Dame Keir and voted against the exit agreement, would have joined him in a bubble (butt)

  6. Does anybody listen to this embarrassing bald headed fuckwit anymore? The more he remoans the more people give up the whole idea of the fucking EU. He’s like one of those Jap soldiers, left behind on some island, still fighting the war thirty years after it’s over. Fuck off wanker.

    • The Japanese soldiers who held out and refused to surrender for many years after the end of World War Two were brave men and patriots. Andrew Adonis and his ilk are simply quislings and traitors who should be permanently banished to the EU and forced to live in a squalid camp of illegals where they can provide sexual favours wiht their grubby anuses.

    • He stood as an MEP, receiving 6% of the vote, only narrowly avoided losing his deposit. 😂

  7. More like Lord Adonut (puncher).

    Surely he has yet to find his calling as the new star of the Mr Muscle advert.

    Frail, baldy shitstain.

    • These Remainiacs like Ducky Adonis, the reason theyre so upset is its the end of the gravytrain.
      No more paid holidays swanning round coffeeshops and posh restaurants with their boyfriends, no more skimming off dodgy deals with their euro equivalents,
      No more sampling the arses of Brussels rentboys.
      These type love the EU, from the morning french croissant and freshly squeezed Seville orange juice to squeezing the balls of Pier the rentboy at night.
      No more freshly made pasta while counting the kickback in Rome,
      No more garlic slugs in paris,
      No more wine sampling in Tuscany as overtime.
      Hope it really stings the parasites.

    • Seconded. He should be swinging high, off hammersmith bridge. I expect it would collapse due to the size of his overinflated meathead, its weak anyway.

  8. If never elected to any office how the fuck did the cunt end up in the Lords?. Give me strength.

  9. With a name like Adonis, you just knew he would grow up to be a complete cunt!

    According to Wiki , he is Vice Chair of the European Movement, with Hezza as president, and Cunt Clarke as vice president.

    Moreover, he used to be with the Social Democrats and Liberal Democrats (and oxymoron, if ever there was one), before finding greater appeal with Labour under Blair.

    Went to Keeble College, Oxford for his BA in Talking Shite
    Went to Christ Church, Oxford for his DPhil in being a Cunt

    He’s also a member of the House of Lords, so he won’t run short of a few quid, while spouting his poisonous rhetoric day in day out.

    • Georgeous George and Handsome Dick Manitoba turned out ok,
      Bet Adonis isnt his real name,
      He probably sent off for it.

      • Perhaps he was given that stage name by the producers of the 1948 Gay Yearbook, and he thought it sounded better than his real name – Fred Smith.

  10. What part of democracy, a free vote and accepting the will of the majority does this mincing motherfucker not understand? Had the vote gone the other way I would have been angry and frustrated but grudgingly accepted the will of the people – but these fuckers never will, for the simple reason that they think we do not have the right to have any say in how our Country is run.
    Actually, he understands all of it but like all the rewhiners simply burns with resentment, bitterness and hatred over the fact that the “little poor people” voted to leave a dictatorship.
    But still this piece of shit twists, whines, connives and constantly slobbers that the comprehensive school mob did something the rich and privileged do not approve of and will not accept. “but it was just an advisory vote and not legally binding” – in that case so was the original referendum, but no – that’s different, apparently.
    If Adonis does not like democracy, free choice and the will of the people then I have some advice, which applies equally to all rewhiner traitors – fuck off to an EU Country and never come back, cunt.

    • Indeed Vernon. So clouded is this prick’s judgement by his irrepressible devotion to his beloved EU that he believes the UK should adopt the Euro is its currency.

      The Euro, as our currency, would be fucking calamitous for an already parlous economy. This man is not only a gigantic, puny-bodied cunt, but a very dangerous, puny-bodied, gigantic cunt.

      I would love to see him snapped into pieces like a fucking Twiglet by someone physically stronger than him, e.g. Major Tom Moore or June Brown.

    • Indeed Vernon. So clouded is this prick’s judg3m3nt by his irrepressible devotion to his beloved EU that he believes the UK should adopt the Euro is its currency.

      The Euro, as our currency, would be fucking calamitous for an already parlous economy. This man is not only a gigantic, puny-bodied cunt, but a very dangerous, puny-bodied, gigantic cunt.

      I would love to see him snapped into pieces like a fucking Twiglet by someone physically stronger than him, e.g. Major Tom Moore or June Brown.

  11. Adonis is actually his surname; he’s the son of a Greek Cyp immo. Also famous for introducing the stealth-privatisation of education via his academies project. Hugely contentious, and now in the process of disintegrating into the same sort of omnishambles as the UK rail system, this was even opposed by Adonis’ fellow Eurocunt Neil Kinnock.

  12. I was thinking you could improve the photo with a set of crosshairs on the cunts forehead.
    Send for the alchemist, he’ll turn lead into gold.

  13. Someone should tell this old Gay we have left the EU the boats sailed
    Leave Means Leave it’s called democracy 👍 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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