Arnold Schwarzenegger [2]

And Arnold Schwarzenegger is a cunt.

Amongst the predictable and one sided ‘outrage’ and hysteria coming from Hollyweird and the MSM, we have Arnie actually comparing the recent shindig on Capitol Hill to the Kristallnacht of 1938. This bullet headed Kraut (Austrian?) said that the Proud Boys were the modern SS and that last week’s protest was on a par with Hitler’s firm led by Heiydrich persecuting and killing Jews. How this cunt – who isn’t even American for a start – has the fucking nerve to even think such utter shite, I will never know. A complete insult to every person who fought the Nazis or who suffered by their hands I would say.

This meat headed peanut brained cunt should stick to doing crap action movies. This uneducated knuckle dragger wants to watch episode 1 of The World At War and then see how ‘similar’ these events are. An early candidate for cunt of the year 2021.

(Given his name sounds a bit like the N word, shouldn’t he have been cancelled by now? News story is here – NA)

Nominated by: Norman

73 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger [2]

  1. The Proud Boys really need to look at themselves in the mirror and understand that they are quite simply not black enough or gay enough to indulge in that sort of behaviour. At the very fucking least they should have carried a few “burn loot murder” banners to get the BBC on their side.

  2. Shwarznegger has only ever spoken two memorable lines:

    “Fur Queue, Ass hurl”
    ” You have to love Easter, baby”

  3. No wonder they’ve got Governor Gruesome in California if it followed the lead of this.

    PS Arnold ‘B***k N*****r’, when’s your son going to come out?

  4. Cowardly Republicans, Schwarzefucker being one of them, are now shitting themselves knowing the lefties have them on their list and are coming for them. Schwarzebummer, like many others, is desperately trying to distance himself from Tangoman.
    As for his comparison with the Nazis I expect that from dumb, know nothing millennials but not from a man of his age and background. A sign of desperation from this arse crawling cowardly cunt.

    • Not just the lefties Freddy.
      The Trump faithful will regard these as traitors and want revenge,
      Attacked from both sides!!😀👍

  5. Where was this motherfucker when Antifa and BLM were burning and looting their way across several cities last year? Where was his condemnation of the BLM piece of shit who shot dead a retired, black, police captain, who was trying to protect a friend’s store during one of the riots? He was as quiet as the proverbial church mouse.

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