Muslim Paris Beheading

Emergency cunting for the Muslim Paris beheading cunt.

I’m sat here typing this having just heard the news that a history teacher has had their head cut off in Paris for showing some cartoons of the prophet Muhammad in a history lesson.

This should be the George Floyd moment For western civilisation we need to say enough is enough. Muslims and the rest of western civilisation If you don’t like a country that has given you all of this

then fuck off back to your third world sand pit and enjoy what’s left.

Nominated by: Cuntsince1066

88 thoughts on “Muslim Paris Beheading

  1. Drastic situations call for drastic measures. The French military and police (or the British for that matter and the Americans, Germans and so on) should have a rule. For every one of ours they kill, we kill five of theirs. I know Manchester would be a much better place if scores of the dirty cunts were taken out after the Arena bombing, instead of appeasing mongs with candles and bumble bee stickers. The smelly psychotic savages might think twice about rape and murder if they were dealt with wholesale. Human filth. Murderous human filth.

    • Nah mate.
      The cunts breed quicker than that.
      Make it 10,000 brown cunts for every transgression – including parking tickets.
      Maybe in 5 years , we’ll finally see some white people back on the streets.

    • The ones we don’t kill we should lock away. Treat them humanely of course. Three square meals a day:

      Bacon for breakfast
      Ham for lunch
      Pork chops for dinner

      i wonder how many will chose salvation over starvation?

      • Fuck me General the cunts would be eating better than me! You must be fucking rich or something. Send me some dollars before Biden gets in please!

      • Apparently my joke fell flat.

        I love you like a brother Freddie but I can’t send you any money. I spent it all on ammunition in case Biden wins.

      • Have you tried those smoked pork chops done like bacon (except it’s a chop) served with a grilled tomato, bit of cabbage, swede, potato, probably even goes with Jerusalem artichokes (which is saying something) oh, yes – and another chop.

      • Hey…

        Now that Jerusalem is the official Capital of Israel, I think it’s an excellent idea to add Jerusalem artichokes to the prison menu of the Peacefuls.

        Thanks Ex.

  2. Better yet just bomb the bastards out of existence.
    The only way to solve a problem is with the proper direct course of action /and reasoning with backward murdering savages in the name of some imaginary god is never going to enspire humanity/you cant reason with morons.
    And muhhamed is a cunt to
    And anyone who takes an innocent life in the name of religion deserves to be decapitated also if he was so offended who gives a shit .

  3. Will cunts like Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford be taking the knee on Sky TV for the fallen history teacher? No, thought not.

    Fucking cunts.

    Pakistan should be nuked and then nuked again. Bastards.

    • Nothing will change, these barbarians will remain at liberty to continue their disgusting behaviour because western governments are obsessed with bending over backwards to show how civilized we are. Will we hear the Muslim community denouncing this outrage? Don’t hold your breath.

    • Beat me to it, Norm. Presumabely they will, so, the BBcuntingC can show them all kneeling in solidarity with a murdered history teacher rather than a nefarious convicted criminal, before every fucking match shown.

      I’m not holding my breath.

  4. The world won’t exist in a perpetual state of danger until the moose limbs and left are eradicated.

  5. Ah the religion of peace strikes again. They should just be fucking kicked out of the west, they bring nothing useful over here and they always seem offended by us and blow us up, so we should kick them back to the fucking sand pit they came from. Sick of the savage, paedo worshipping retards.

  6. Savages. An ideology that was created by a savage to wage war on anyone and everyone who disagreed with him. Yet still the media and politicians in the west ignore this massive “elephant in the room” fact. Abhorrent cunts.

  7. I presume this teacher was some kind of libtard as he asked the peaceful students to leave the room if they “might” be offended. Oh they won’t come after me, i’m a libtard i’m on their side. For the peacefuls there is only one side and this teacher and the libtards and you and me ain’t on it. There’s no reasoning, no civilised discussion with these lunatics and we are bending over backwards for them and digging our own graves as this poor French cunt found out the hard way. They had some kind of twisted “reason” to kill him but he could just as easily be some random bloke in the wrong place at the wrong time as has happened to so many others. But don’t worry, they will not divide us, unity is our strength, lessons will be learned blah blah woof woof.
    A dreadful story. The only good thing is the coppers put ten rounds into the bastard and made sure no yewman rites lawyer could make any money out of the cunt.

    • The ideal outcome would have been to wait until he had a lawyer and then put 10 rounds into both of them. Win win.

    • No doubt the coppers will be branded racists, and should have held their fire etc etc.

      Muslim Terrorist Lives Matter

  8. If your god tells you to kill, please start with yourself.

    This Sura (chapter) is a good example of the book that inspired this murder…

    I read the whole book and I wouldn’t bother if I were you.

  9. First time poster. Love this site. All the filthy,dirty ,evil,smelly camel fuckers should all be sent back to their sandpit countries and let them all fuck with each other instead of trying to ruin normal peoples lifes.

    • Welcome,AussieCunt.

      Are you an Aboriginal ? I’m pretty sure that the other “Aussie” contributors on this site are.

      • Mullumbimby Mike didn’t fool you with his black face and cave art when graduating from Fiddler University then Dick?

      • Fucker drank my very valuable collection of Crusted Port,ate one of The Hounds,called me a Cunt and is currently on “walkabout” somewhere on my vast Hunting-Estate…little does the bugger know that it’s “The Glorious 18th” tomorrow…opening day of the “Chase a Sootie” season…..we’ll sharp see how his fucking boomerang stacks up against 30 plus heavily-armed,drunk,mounted Sportsmen.

  10. They’ll be no knee taking here for a dead honky.

    The honky man is under constant attack, there is no fucking doubt about it anymore. I’ve had enough of this shite now and will be voting only for a party that will admit to this and address the problem.

    Because if we don’t, the future is too horrific to imagine.

  11. Eventually the gloves will come off and this vermin will be eradicated.
    Unfortunately there will be many more acts of savagery first.
    We’ve jumped in a pit and not reached the bottom yet.

  12. For the fucking love of fucking fuck, when will the fucking simpletons of the left come to the most obvious of realisations; that an Iron Age elaboration of Bronze Age myth isn’t going to seamlessly, painlessly integrate itself into 21st century Western culture.

    • They’re still coming here every day in dinghies, trucks and planes. I hope they get the Leftwaffe’s daughters, but even then they still won’t get it.

      • This has already happened in Krautland.

        Some German MEP’s 17 year old daughter was raped and murdered by one of Merkel’s bearded children.

        What does the soppy twat of a father do? Burn down a mosque, take to the streets with a bunch of likeminded mates to crack some peaceful skulls?

        Nope. The silly cunt makes a donation to an illegal immigrant charidee to show his support.

        The stupid appeasmonkey cunt!

    • For that fucking matter, how many people have to get their fucking heads cut off in order to afford a certain class of people the luxury of congratulating themselves for not being one of those naughty racists. Because this – this right here – is how civilisations end. Citizens begin to take the values and the world-view of their culture so much for granted that they believe any and all other values and world-views can be imported and do the job just as well. They hold the gates open for the barbarians.

      • Oh, it will eventually come back to bite them in the arse, because once there are enough of them they’ll be forming Islamic parties and who do the Left think all the ragheads will vote for then?! I can honestly say that I believe the Left, and the snowflake generation who have been buying into it, deserve everything that’s inevitably coming their way, and I won’t have any sympathy for them whatsoever when reality hits them in the face and they realise it’s too late. Game over.

      • It’ll be even funnier when the Left then turn to those people that they are currently calling racist, us, and expect us to save them. Do they seriously imagine I’m going to bother getting my hands dirty for those cunts? Let the beheadings begin.

      • … and it’s sad to think that the ‘modern leftist family’.. (The Greta fan club brigade) think that global warming is the biggest threat to their children’s future or freedoms in this country.

  13. I think we might be panicking here. I’m sure the BBC will tell us about his “history of mental health issues” (that fucking elf again) and his obsession with certain internet sites. Then it will be swept quickly under the carpet and forgotten about. Unlike George Floyd who has fucking streets named after him.

    • Selective reporting … Cunts.
      What have we heard of custody seargent, Matt Ratan’s, killer? Fuck all .. I’m not even going to say any real mention of his killer ‘has gone quiet’ .. as there was virtually nothing said of him around the time of the killing.
      I heard it on the BBC news last night of the Paris ‘stabbing’ incident. Fucking stabbing !!!… If you are to ask yourself which side the BBC are on, don’t think it’s Joe Bloggs on the street…. and don’t forget, you paying for your licence funds their agenda.

  14. Better still, ANY terrorist atrocity close and demolish 5 mosques. Any cunt killed committing atrocities bury them in pig shit, and send the fucking entire family back to whatever Stan they came from.
    Fucking stone age cunts.

  15. Press reports say the Frog Gendarmes shot and killed the Ali Baba who peacefully decapitated the school teacher.

    I hope this doesn’t go the way of St. George of Minneapolis and this carpet kissing savage doesn’t become another fucking martyr…Ahmed de Paris

    I can see the slogans now (en francaise):

    Tous les gendarmes sont des basrards.

    As an afterthought; I hope they wrap the dead goat fucker in pigskin and bury him in a pile of dung.

    White Lives Matter!

  16. Only a small piece about it on the front page of the Guardian’s website. Blink and you’d probably miss it.

    Plenty of articles about Boris, Covid, the NZ elections, Gerald Marie allegations and teen entrepreneurs on their front page though

    Just a few paragraphs and a couple of pics, and that’s it.

    No doubt their opinion writers will rewrite in such a way that they’ll blame the white teacher (would be a different story had he been black of course)

  17. perhaps we need more diversity to include radical muslim terrorists?

    So perhaps on Question of Sport they should have a couple of Bin Laden types full terrorist regalia (bullet belts, turbans, land-to-air rocket launchers, sabres etc).

    and on the BBC news there could be a Abu Hamza clone reading the news, with his one eye and hook for a hand

    it all makes sense now

    • Yes , TV is long overdue for the kind of enrichment the neck-severing cunts bring to the table.

      “Final Score!”.
      “Come Die With Me”..
      “Homos under the Hammer”.
      “DIY Honour-killing SOS”.
      “Ru Paul’s Genital Mutilation Race”.
      “Open All Whores”.
      “Creation , Gestation , Penetration”. (My favourite).
      “Sock the Weak”.
      “Good Imam Britain”.
      “A Rape in the Country”.
      “The Great British Heads-Off”.
      “Batch of the Day”.
      Portillo’s “Greatest Radical Muslim Final Train Journeys”.
      “Strictly Koran Dancing”.
      “Police Inter-breeders”.
      “Have I Got Islam For You”.
      “Sharia Ski Sunday”.
      “Virgin Hunt”.
      “The Only Way is Child-Sex”.
      “Take Me Out”. – from Rotherham.
      “Midsomer Muslim Murders”. Live.
      “Headless Celebrities”.
      “The Chase”. (Rotherham again).
      “Gavin and Stabby”.


  18. And everyone complains about China, lock the cunts up and brainwash the fuckers, better still use them as fertiliser

    How can these cunts ever be trusted I don’t know about France but the surveys in the UK said that around 20% of Muslims had ‘sympathy’ with IS, this was disputed as you would expect and even if the figure is wrong it makes no difference because even 1 supporting IS is 1 too many.

    A possible of infection of up to 20% is grounds for culling the entire herd!


  19. Good speech, problem is our leaders balls are missing. What was true years back ain’t no more. 60 years of pc brainwashing have done for most of the righteous spirit (only relative so of no value unless held by favoured ones) molly coddled and brainwashed subjects
    the barriers protecting us from the horde of cunts weaken daily. The traitors within are our real problem, those staunch upholders of the Human rights act for certain people only likewise the equality act again for certain people only. The hundreds of bastards raking in millions of pounds using the “law” to basically have a cool lifestyle, and destroying this country in the process. One could think that we are on the cusp of some amazing moment in history, if we are this is guaranteed , White, heterosexual, English male or female young or old it ain’t for you.

  20. What a bunch of ignorant cunts you all are. Not one thought for the trauma suffered by the real victim here. A young man that has had to abandon the only life he has ever known, a life full of peace and love, a life he will never regain. He’s lost that life because some infidel so called teacher blasphemed Mohammed in the EU caliphate. What was he meant to do?

    I’ll never understand how racists and islamphobic sub humans such as yourselves are allowed to express these opinions, why are the hate police not at your door ejecting you from your homes ready for some more cultural enrichers to move in and replace you?

    Allah is good, Allah is peace, now just lean forward a little.

    • He got 72 virgins , and the school got a hot-looking 22 year-old supply teacher with big tits.
      It’s a win-win.
      No conspiracy here , now move on.
      The fact that the school’s headmaster is Muslim , is neither here nor there.

  21. The thing is the French never fucking fight or do anything decisive. They never saw Gerry coming through the Ardennes in 1940. Repatriate the fuckers (and I mean all of them) and have done with it.

    • The reason the dinghy raiders head here instead of staying in France is because they don’t get mollycoddled anywhere near what they do here. No free interpreters, or all the shit they get for nothing from our welcoming government.
      And don’t forget, the reason this subhuman cunt went on his rampage was because he was shown a cartoon of Mohammed by his teacher in school. Can you imagine that in the U.K.? You would probably do time for that, ask bacon sarnie thrown at mosque guy. Oh, that’s right, you can’t, he died in jail.

  22. I read last night that the perpetrator was of Chechen origin. Putins peaceful pals. It’s funny how the ex soviet bloc states fared after the fall of their union. Some, free of the shackles of tyranny, went on to become world leaders in the drug and prostitution trades, or cornered the the market in petty crime, embezzlement and begging throughout the western world. Some decided to settle a few historic scores and had/have extremely cruel and bloody civil wars. A few missed the authoritarian boot on their neck, so they adopted a religion that does that in spades.
    The fall of the iron curtain was the worst thing to happen to Europe since WW2.
    The prosecution rests.

    • You are right Gutseye. The US press is now reporting that he is not an Ali Baba. He is however, a member of the 40 thieves…an “Abrek” as it were.

      • Like those cunts who committed the Boston marathon atrocity. Hope they fry the surviving brother.

      • Fuck! If Biden gets elected they’ll probably release the cunt and hang a fucking medal around his neck instead of a noose. They’ll make him a hero for striking a blow in the name of freedom against the great oppressor.

      • He’s got nice long hair that Biden could sniff for a week, then get him a job with his dodgy as fuck son.

  23. Qu’ran…. An accursed book!
    So long as there is this book, there will be no peace in the world.

    William Gladstone

    • All was there—the programme of German resurrection, the technique of party propaganda; the plan for combating Marxism; the concept of a National-Socialist State; the rightful position of Germany at the summit of the world. Here was the new Koran of faith and war: turgid, verbose, shapeless, but pregnant with its message. —Winston S. Churchill, The Second World War, vol. 1, The Gathering Storm (London: Cassell, 1948), 43.

  24. This is Allah’s war. Shades of the Charlie Hebdo shootings. This is a result of the west’s expansive migration policies (allowing migrants unfettered access into our countries) and the 9/11 wars (i.e. revenge for the usa-led Invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, which were themselves a direct consequence of the attacks on the twin towers; basically, the twin towers were attacked cos much of the Muslim world got tired of the west’s meddling in their affairs over many years, from as far back as the 60s, fundamentally speaking, and the fact they hate our way of life and democratic systems). Thing is, they actually kill a lot more of their own than anybody else does. Their religion is very violent, though they always claim the opposite. For example, they
    claim only Muslims remain unafraid of their own deaths, they have proved it over and over again.
    They claim you don’t see Christians sacrificing their lives for anything. Nor Buddhists; nor Jews; nor Hindus; nor Pagans; nor Atheists.
    Only Muslims do that.
    It is not that they are willing to kill, so much: it is that they are willing to die.

    • Note :- All religions utilise the notion of an afterlife , and even rebirth in some cases.
      This is purported to be an elevated existence from the one they are living right now.
      So most of these deluded cunts can’t wait for natural death , and would gladly hasten their demise if given the option.

      • Probably some cheap sort of Chinky fence you got for me anyway.
        Not a stout , hardy old English oak fence built for a man to sit on.
        Fucking foreigners.

  25. Islam is the most fucking backward religion in the world. Peaceful my arse.
    I read Douglas Murray’s book The Strange Death of Europe recently and it chilled me to the bone about how these rag heads are taking over Europe and we are giving them a helping hand.
    You only have to look at the dinghy invasion/5 star hotel fiasco.
    When are the whites going to rise up in a Chicken George style?

    • The Satanists are compelled to throw what they’re doing in our faces. It’s a stipulation of their cult. Of course, the media can be co-opted to bombard the population with the opposite narrative, to create the required disinformation and obfuscation.

      Islam is NOT a religion. It is a death to the unbeliever, misogynist, pedophilic, patriarchal hierarchy CULT.

      And stupid white brainwashed women are falling over themselves to open their legs to these unwashed, SDT-ridden dinghy warriors.

      It’s no coincidence that the undocumented dinghy hordes are being shipped in by the hundreds EVERY FUCKING DAY and put up in 4-star hotels. When the powers that be have killed us all off with their biometric jab, this lot will be the ‘useful idiot army’ that they require to keep at the global 500 hundred million level.

      • I think we’re on the same hymnsheet here. Too late for the woke millenials though. Hey ho, something to laugh at in the twilight of our autumn’s.
        Fuck ’em, dozy cunts.
        I still think the front wheel skids have a hand in this.

  26. Lets just rewind this. What would happen if a right wing patriot beheaded a camel jockey or sambo?

    What would the reaction be?

    What would the outcry be?

    Why cant we react the same as what they would if it was the other way around?

    Shooting the cunt after the act isnt enough,

    • I’d organise a street party with strippers, beer and bacon sandwiches for all.

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