Wendover in the leafy home counties.

Why so? Well, they have prepared to receive Syrian refugees. Arabic speakers have been sourced. School places organised. Jobs found. How humanitarian and caring.
And the influx of said refugees? – 1 mother, 1 father, 2 small children. And even that has been delayed due to Covid restrictions. 4 refugees.

I may be a bit of a cynic but while the rest of the country, including rural Pembrokeshire is inundated with these fuckers does sleepy Wendover imagine it is doing it’s bit? Can they sleep easily in their virtuous beds? Will the WI have a cake raffle to support the newcomers? Soppy, Southern, do-gooding cunts. They should build a mosque to ease integration.

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    • I like a nice Shirley tomato but never knew how confused over their food group dysphoria they were and subsequent victimisation, thank you Devon and Cornwall police.

    • Fuck me sideways. That looks like it’s aimed at retarded six year olds. “Don’t let other people define who you are.”
      Oh yeah, unless you are defined as a thick, bigoted, brexit voting, racist, fascist Nazi. That’s ok as definitions go.
      I wonder how much taxpayer dough went into making that simplistic piece of snowflake propaganda?

  1. The NIMBYs probably think just bringing in four will keep their sleepy hamlet safe and white

    But soon granny will come over to be ‘cared’ for, as of course, no fucker else will be able to do back in Crapistan. Soon, the original carer will be ‘too busy’or ‘sick’ to carry on caring for granny and the grannies 20 year old granddaughter will be flown in as her carer, along with her husband and five kids. Then, the dad’s granny will need a carer…

    Give them a few years and the locals will soon be moaning like the rest of the country.

    • Yes in a couple of years time, Mohammed will become their village policeman, and his uncle, Ali will be running the corner shop, assisted by his four sons, who have arranged marriages, and so have nice fertile wives, who keep the cottage hospital permanently busy with their multiple pregnancies, and so sleepy Wendover will one day be twinned with Bradford. We never learn in this country.

    • I’m encouraged to see you avoided words like “inbred” and “across multiple generations for a thousand years” and particularly “that nephew/aunt unions or those of niece/uncle where between the four of them there’s actually just 3 or 2 great-grandparents are EVEN WORSE THAN brother/sister or mother/son spawned progeny” as I say, suggesting that free healthcare includes prevention by anticipating those outcomes or that octupled NHS costs due to consanguinity mean that the project becomes non-viable more-or-less as if everyone started eating arsenic for cultural reasons or poking drills in their heads or giving themselves (and their daughters) rickets would not be culturally sensitive to all those alternative modes of being.

      Well, most of them arriving over the last century.

      Well, maybe there’s only one screaming and carrying on and pyrotechnically expressing themselves.

      But that’s not the point. As I say, I’m glad to see you avoided those (very stale) red herrings.

  2. Mass immigration from the 3rd world is a deliberate ploy to destroy democracy. The ruling class hate our system that puts political authority in the hands of the people. With Europe’s rich history of popular struggle for liberty and rights, indigenous Europeans are not prepared to give them up to the EU or any other power elite. The solution is to replace the European population (or at least make them the minority) by importing millions of people with absolutely no idea about these struggles and importance of democracy and liberty. Then they can reign over us as they wish.
    It will eventually come back to bite them in the arse though, because once there are enough of them they’ll be forming Islamic parties and who do the Left think all the ragheads will vote for then?! I can honestly say that I believe the Left, and the snowflake generation who have been buying into it, deserve everything that’s inevitably coming their way, and I won’t have any sympathy for them whatsoever when reality hits them in the face and they realise it’s too late. Game over.

    • I wonder if they have a vibrant “dogging” group ? It really is the best way to meet to formally introduce yourself to the neighbours.

      • I’m sure one will be forced upon the young girls of Wendover when the peaceful’s friends come to visit.

  3. As I’ve said in my previous cunting, they are trying to infest the nation with these brown rats and will not stop until the indigenous Briton is in the minority, it must be remembered by these camel fuckers what happened in Europe nearly a hundred years ago when a particular minority started taking the piss, it didn’t end particularly well for them, and I hear rumbles of that attitude from even the most formerly caring cunts in my area, you can’t slap a dog in the face and expect not to be bitten, Wendover you’re utter cunts for even accepting one of the cunts!!!!!

  4. They should move all the peacefuls down to Brighton so they can live alongside the benders and tree huggers. The media keep telling us these are all wonderful people so there shouldn’t be a problem. Perhaps The Gayness might spread among the peacefuls and make them more understanding of our cockloving and dildo friendly citizens. Sounds like a good idea to me, i’m surprised nobody else has thought of it.

  5. They are a plague and should be dealt with as such.
    Regrettably I’ll be long gone before this happens.
    It would be a joy to behold.
    The filthy cunts.

  6. I wondered what the local M.P. had to say about this shit so I looked him up. His name is Rob Butler, a Tory only elected last year. Ex BBC tv presenter and worked for a lobbying (legalised corruption) firm representing cunts like Philip Morris and BUPA. I think we can safely say he is busy making connections and getting rich so doesn’t give a fuck.

  7. Wendover, the village that committed suicide.

    They should barricade before its too late.

  8. Fucking virtue signaling cunts.
    I have been there on several occasions-it reminded me if Royston Vasey: weird locals everywhere.
    I imagine the peaceful family will receive a warm welcome. Aided by several gallons of red diesel and a box of matches 😂

    • Edward: “What’s all this shouting? We’ll have no trouble here. This is a local shop for local people.”

      • Spoons: I really did encounter characters straight out of The League Of Gentlemen.
        Don’t hi there with Sister Dolly.
        You’ll never leave😱

  9. I hope you are all aware that RAF Halton is at Wendover and is due to close next year.. you’ll have a full barracks with all the amenities ready for another camp. That’s why they want Arabic speakers.

  10. Nearby Aylesbury is infested with parking types so why not share the peaceful lurve with Wendover? Wendover is (was in 2018) still a reasonably decent town, if they only take 1 family that doesn’t consist entirely of young males then I’d say its done enough.
    Aside from that, I take it Noel Cunto was too sacred for a Nom then?

  11. Had me excited there for a minute Constable.

    Thought this Nom was headed ‘Bendover’.

    (See XHamster for further particulars)

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