This is a far flung cunting for all media training companies and their customers, and the BBC, who have created and transmitted the abomination of every motherfucker who gives an interview feeling they have to proceed their answer with the word “so”. They all do it from the company chairman, the politician, the expert and old Mavis who has just won this years Guiness Book of Records nomination for producing the largest bogey from the human nose.

You know the sort of thing you – you get it on You & Yours every day:

Presenter: I have with me Mr. Gaybody from the mobile phone company two and a half. Mr. Gaybody why are two and a half making this change?

Mr Gaybody: How are you Emily?

Presenter: I am very well thank you – what is the answer?

Mr Gaybody: So – thank you for inviting me on. So – the reason two and a half are doing this…..

There follows the usual catalogue of self justifcation and boasting, usually ending up with an offer of something “we will provide FOR free”

If it is free why not just say that why add “for”?

The “so” thing has become common only in the past couple of years (about the same time that every interviewee started making their voice go up at the end of a sentence to make it sound like a question rather than a statement, making even a sixty year old man sound like a thirteen year old Australian girl.)

It is a minor piss-boiling matter, but it really gets on my tits.

Perhaps they ought to close Wireless 4 down, and bring back the days of the Home and Light, and at lunchtime have Victor Sylvester playing for our dancing pleasure.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs 

(So there you go….. DA)

107 thoughts on ““So….”

  1. A great cunting. I absolutely detest this ‘so’ bollocks. It sounds fucking pathetic, plus it has no reason behind it. People doing this should be slapped around a bit. Cunts, all of them. Also media announcers never say ‘sixth’ it’s now sickth. What the hell is sickth? Also it’s a fucking railway station not a train station. I’m going for a lie down now. Nurse, the screens please.

  2. Well said Mr Bogs this too pisses me right off. “Absolutely” another fucking media word that has been over used to death. Fucking cunts Fucking dumb annoying self important legends in their own imagination cunts.

    • Absolutely…misused as a strong affirmative when it has a preexisting meaning.
      Imagine you’re in Antarctica on a satellite call to your mam:
      Your mam: is it cold there love?
      You: ooh aah absolutely
      Your mam: so what Minus 273 degrees C?

  3. Strange how virtually everyone on tv being interviewed think they sound intelligent and interesting by starting every sentence with ‘So’, when infact they sound like cunts.
    Ditto the rising inflections. This is no minor matter but yet more wrecking of our language with my piss boiling extremely hot.

    • So? ..so what?!

      “Well ive sucked sweets
      And ive sucked rock
      Ive even sucked a old mans cock
      So what?
      So what?
      So what so what you boring little cunt?
      Who cares? Who cares about you?

      Anti nowhere League.

      Thats what I hear when they start with so….

      • So correct! 😃
        So, I’m off now before people start throwing things at me!
        (I only normally get that when I am led into court under a blanket!)

      • ‘And i’ve been here
        And i’ve been there
        And i’ve been every fucking where
        So what, so what, so what so what
        You boring little cunts!
        Haha great song.

      • I’ve fucked this
        And I’ve fucked that
        I’ve even fucked a schoolgirls’ twat
        So what.

  4. Diane Abbott is infamous for her starting of sentences (if you can call them that) with a ‘So’, usually accompanied witha deep sigh that signals her torpid brain into some erratic activity.

    I owe my discovery of this marvellous forum to the nauseating Abbott and her arseholery after idly Googling ‘Diane Abbott is a cunt’, back in 2017.

    The rest is history, as they say.

    • ‘So’ is a conjunction that should go in the middle of a sentence and anybody using it at the beginning deserves to be sterilised as soon as possible.

      Akas, Diane Abbot deserved to be sterilised decades ago.

      • Agreed, Capt.

        I’ve also noticed it’s common to put a comma before the word “and”. And is a connective word and provides a natural pause in the flow of a sentence. It doesn’t need a fucking comma.

        Since we’re on the subject, why do Yanks put the word “also” at the end of the sentence? For example, normal people would say, “I’m also going to the concert”. Yanks say, “I’m going to the concert also”. Aaaaagggghhhhhhhh! Stop doing that – it’s annoying!!!!!

      • Evening IY, do you ever drop a few anglicized words into conversation? I met an American who was confused by “Fortnight” although in recent years its probably more well-known as that cunt game.

      • Morning LL. Good to hear from you.

        Well, yes actually I do. Guilty your honour. I do it deliberately sometimes, just to make the point my command of the English language is superior to theirs. It’s odd some of the (non-sweary) words/phrases which trip up the Yanks round here. Here’s some:

        – whilst
        – evidently
        – quite so
        – wind up
        – bespoke
        – thickamericancunt

        I also love how they’re not tuned into sarcasm in the same way we are. Seeing their little innocent unoffended faces post put down is a delight. I really should be deported. Cheers – IY.

      • Another example…a normal person would say, “I’m also going to the pub”. A Yank would say, “I’m going to a blinged up and tacky sports bar where the walls are plastered with TV screens showing utter shit we call sport while the awful music is so loud and obnoxious it vibrates your brain and makes you have to shout to have a conversation, also”.

        I need deporting.

      • You do need deporting…to China or (the recently cunted) North Korea where you can really appreciate the concept of liberty and the individual…after they re-educate your limey ass in one of their forced labor camps.


        Of course you could give up your guns and leave voluntarily.


      • Afternoon General.

        My limey ungrateful ass needs deporting for sure. I’ll need my S&W 357 with me though.

        How goes the battle your end, squire?

      • @IYank

        As to the battle…I’m still fighting it. Some days I think I’m winning. Some days I think I’m losing. And some days I just pile up the bodies and say fuck it, who cares?

        And you?

      • Still fighting the good fight trying to find a job.

        IT recruiters are the devil incarnate, this we know for sure.

        I spend my days studying for another IT certification, doing job search stuff, bit of Xbox and trying not to feel guilty living off my dear lady wife who’s gainfully employed. Oh and steering clear of the plague.

        This evening I will be accompanying Mrs Yank to the Honda dealership for a check up. Not her, the car you understand. 😉 That will hopefully be followed by a pizza, several frozen strawberry margaritas and some great sex. Mrs Yank can even join in if she likes. 😉

      • When they answer a telephone why do they ask “Who is this?”
        Only once did I get the chance to reply with his own name.
        Silence for several seconds.

      • Immy, I quite favour the Oxford comma for many reasons.
        “I love my parents, Diane Abbot and Donald Trump” is different from “”I love my parents, Diane Abbot, and Donald Trump” , isn’t it?

      • Hey there, Capt.

        Interesting one. I had to read those two statements several times before I think I saw what you’re getting at. Let me see….the first sentence means you love your parents and Flabbot and Tango. The second sentence means you love your parents who happen to be Flabbot and Tango.

        From my perspective and understanding, I’d say both commas in the second sentence are unnecessary to convey your parents are Flabbot & Tango. Both sentences could be read to have either meaning, though the comma after parents in the first sentence does lend itself to specifying a list of people you love. The comma before the and in the second sentence doesn’t change the material meaning for me. I could be wrong though. I’d love to know the exact and correct usage.

        Really interesting example of the intricacies of the language. Nicely done.

    • Oooo, Mr Maskinback, so do I! (Owe my presence here to dear Diane) I suppose you could say she renders a public service, bringing people to ISC.

      Perhaps that is why she is No. 1 – yes, No. 1! – on the Bleck Britons page.

  5. There are a lot worse verbal aberrations than the “so” thing. Words like “diversity”, “movies” and “intersectionality”, phrases like “my bad”, “bigging him up” and the classic “lessons will be learned.” I consider them to be “micro aggressions” , another stupid phrase which I take to mean “I want to punch your stupid fucking face in.”
    “So” pales into insignificance compared with this libtard, hipster speak.
    “Fuck off cunt” is the only appropriate response I feel.

    • I don’t think you could ever be accused of micro aggression Freddie 😂

      Covid has exposed the ‘Diversity is Strength’ slogan as complete bullshit, the Ethnics are so riddled with disease they are fucked when they get chinky flu 😂

    • Hey Freddie,

      Phrases like “teachable moment” and “right side of history” are the ones that really “frost my ass.”

    • Awesome, Freddy! (Awesome is now standard usage for routine thanks for a trivial service) See also ‘amazing, fantastic’

  6. Bang on Cunting WC. It gets right on my wick as well. I asked the wife what is it with these cunts that start a sentence with So. We put it done to those millennial cunts – maybe its in soy or tofu i dont know but we really need one of saddams swords to start to behead any cunt that does this to start to cleanse the nation.

    I look at these cunts and adult hipsters on skateboards in the same light.

  7. The raised voice at the end of a sentence is the most annoying and nearly everybody does it (not me of course) sound like utter cunts

  8. Look, you are right Mr Boggs.

    May I add **LOOK** to the catalogue of ABSOLUTE shite? Peston uses it extensively at the beginning of sentences and so does that faggot-head Tom Bradby. Grrrrrr makes me so angry I may have to kick my butler. (Ringing the bell now.) (Right now in American-speak … probably)

    • I was enjoying this linguistic cunting until you mentioned Peston and Bradby.
      Fucking pair of supercilious smug cunts. Fucking do my head in.

  9. Can I get? is my particular piss boiler. For cunts who ask this, I recommend two bricks applied to the bollocks, one each side and slammed together.

    • Yanks do this all-the-fucking-time. I hate it, almost as much as I hate this Yank expression in response to a question:

      I wanna say…

      For example:
      “Oi Yank cunt, what’s your favourite food?”
      “I wanna say, pizza”
      “Have you ever been to Italy?”
      “I wanna say, no but I’d love to”
      “Then you’ve never really had pizza then, you small minded, blinkered, uncultured cunt”.
      “I wanna say that’s quite rude”
      “You’re not disagreeing though are you?”

      Why am I typing this? It’s the voices in my head that make me do it. Time for a lie down, then deportation.

  10. “Awesome” is another one.
    I’ve only seen two truly awesome things in the last 5 years:
    1) The Grand Canyon. Awesome and beautiful.
    2) A very attractive bird on Pornhub called ‘siswet’ who can take another bird’s arm up her botty up to the elbow…genuinely jaw-dropping stuff.

    • Hey Thomas…I can’t comment on your second point, but the first – isn’t it amazing? It’s one of those things you see on TV and the movies and it just doesn’t do it justice. To see the Grand Canyon with the naked eye is quite something.

      For those who’ve never been, let me spoil it for you. The GC isn’t this utterly massive hole in the ground surrounded by desert and nothingness for miles and miles. Where it’s located is canyon central. There’s fucking loads of them. Scenic view pull offs are everywhere. After you’ve seen the GC and 3 or 4 of its neighbours, you’re canyoned out. It does get quite dull quite quickly. And don’t worry about falling off the edge. You’ll get nowhere close enough due to the multitude of Asian tourists with about 15 fucking each. Cunts.

      • The GC may well be amazing, but it’s still not as amazing as where the bird’s arm actually goes when it’s elbow deep. Maybe it’s telescopic?
        So…IY: just how crazy are things in the USA at the moment?
        Fucking mental, Biden’s bunch of commie freaks. Fancy Twitter taking down the White House’s official feed.
        Arrogant cunts. I hope Jack Dorsey gets personally done for aiding, abetting, collusion and treason and gets sent to Guantanamo for a serious waterboarding using a years’ worth of Nancy Pelosi’s rancid, eggy-smelling piss.

      • Thomas….well, I live in Texas which tends to be very republican and thus pro Trump. You don’t see much in the way of Demoncrat scum until you get close to the inner cities where all the low life scrounging welfare dossers hang out. Oblivious to the fact the tax payer handouts keep them repressed.

        I haven’t watched the news for many weeks. I got the point I didn’t want to know anymore. Same old, same old. Massive corruption, underhand plots revealed, committees convened, investigations launched….nothing happens. No one’s in jail nor ever will be. We live in a time where you can get away with anything and there’s no consequences, so long as you’re on the ‘correct’ side of the political divide.

        I get a sense though that America is poised for another round of rioting, looting and violence when Tango wins. I just cannot see how Biden can win this. He has no platform. His track record stinks. He’s as corrupt as they come and it’s blatant at this point and he doesn’t know what day of the week it is. People who vote Demoncrat will continue to do so. People who vote Republican the same. The people in the middle will decide this and I just don’t see enough of them hitching their wagon to the fucking train wreck which is Biden.

        It’s going to be ugly.

    • It sounds like Ayres Rock IY, dozens of coaches rammed with jabbering rinky dinks at sunset and sunrise all wearing those stupid coloured caps so the tour guide can round them up and they don’t wander off and get lost in the bush or eaten by Abo’s.

  11. Great cunting Mr Boggs. It boils my piss, shit, blood, and brain. It’s on a par with “ can I get “.
    Every time I talk to my Brother-in -law on the phone, and I ask him a question, tbd cunt starts with “so”. Problem is, I don’t hear a fucking thing he says after that because I’m pulling my fucking hair out. Cunt.

  12. Great cunting Mr Boggs. It boils my piss, shit, blood, and brain. It’s on a par with “ can I get “.
    Every time I talk to my Brother-in -law on the phone, and I ask him a question, tbd cunt starts with “so”. Problem is, I don’t hear a fucking thing he says after that because I’m pulling my fucking hair out. Cunt, and cunt.

  13. What pisses me off is cunts saying about, we all know it’s abaaaaaht.
    Don’t let me catch you saying about when I’m abaaaaht.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  14. I’ve noticed that broadcasters like words beginning in “s” – I once heard a Wireless 4 sports reporter refer to Alistair and Jonny Brownlowe as the “Brownlowe siblings” – they are brothers for Gods sake and they refer all the time now to “siblings” perhaps brother and sister are sexist or something now at Portland Place?

  15. The English language can be quite polite in terms of asking for things and replies etc…living in London I’ve found that gets you nowhere.
    You have to be direct and talk slightly down to people, the English language is also good for that.
    As there are so many cunts here whose first language is not English or they are simply thick…being rude to them is all they understand.

    Go fuck yourselves.

    • @B&WC

      With regard to the English language being quite polite…might I suggest:

      Please feel free to indulge in self-fornication. Thank you.

  16. The expression I loath with a vengeance is “reach out”. I get an e-mail or telephone call from people, normally young women, at work who say they are reaching out to me. All they have done is made a fucking ‘phone call or written a badly typed, badly spelt and grammatically incorrect email.

    • Seconded. We reached out to you yesterday on the phone, but you weren’t in. Please reach out to us when you have a moment.

      And then there’s ‘me time’.

      • Reach out really pisses me off.

        When they say they want to reach out to me I want to respond:

        “Please don’t…you filthy, nose picking, ball scratching cunt!”

        When they want me to reach out to them it’s:

        “I’ll reach out to you…when I’m done fingering your wife!”

      • “When I reach out to you, smell my fingers ‘cos your wife loved it”.

        Or words to the effect.

        Good afternoon, also. 😉

      • @Ruff!

        Indeed! Four splibs in the hood talking about the welfare office…”I’ll Be There.”

    • Thirded: reach out FFS, called them, knocked on their door, released a pigeon, tracked them fucking down with an facking Abo black tracker you piss boiling cunnnnnttts.

      And more “take care” yeah how or what the fuck has it got to do with you, and now it’s “stay safe” fack right off sanctimonious smug wankaaaaz.

      And there’s more I’m so annoyed I can’t remember them right now.

      Oh yeah on any interview now it’s thanks for your fucking time, just tell em thanks for coming on/ joining us

  17. Sooooo…not only do we have Corona Vapourware, BLM, LBGTQQASSXX and the fucking Merecats on TV but it looks like our peaceful friends are again cutting peoples heads off in the name of a fantasy sky fairy.

    What has happened to our world?

  18. It were that pussy-whipped commie cunt John Lennon what started it all:

    🎶 So, this is Christmas… 🎶


    • I’ll have you know my brother used to cycle to school with John Lennon and found him a fairly decent chappie.
      Evening Ruff one.

      • Theyd both stole bikes?!!
        That mayor of Liverpool has the whitest shirts ive ever seen Bertie!
        Like a welding flash!
        That white Ive gone snowblind.

      • Burnham just wants to keep the salons open so he can have his weekly eyelash perming.

      • Burnham is an odious corrosive little cunt who is owned by the Abu Dhabi cunts who bought both Manchester City FC and Manchester City Council. They shout, he jumps.They flash the cash, he rolls over. The man is a piece of shit.

  19. I restrained myself with some difficulty from commenting on a previous cunting ( by a youthful cunter), whose first word was ‘So..’, and can only agree with this nom.
    I cannot do so without some necessary background, though.

    The bastardisation of the English language was perhaps set in unstoppable motion by ‘Neighbours’, in which the worst Antipodean usage was slipped into UK living rooms and adopted by the more cuntish occupants. Every ‘oo’ sound now comes with an additional ‘ee’….youee, throughee, shoee, as a result. Further revenge for their transportation by the Southern Hemisphere descendants of convicts came in the form of the upspeak? (sic)

    From US Valley Girl -type unreality shows we have ‘like’, every third word, and if you doubt me see how long you can stand listening to like Radio 4 Extra when like two or more like arts grad like little girlies are like chattering about podcast like crap.

    Then there’s the mandatory dropping of the letter ‘t’ from every word formerly con’aining i’ – yes, like tha’. This comes to us (via the cunt Westwood, begetter of the woke arselicker brigade) from the mindlessly violent ghettoes created by ex-slaves in the US to demonstrate the truth of every racist stereotype to which they object: the le’ ‘a T being a symbol of white oppression and colonialist exploi’ation of the real discoverers of penicillin etc.

    ‘So’, as the mandatory noise preceding any response to any question on any topic by any cunt, pretending continuity with some previous nugget of wisdom but in reality fulfilling the function formerly performed by ‘er…’ is only a small part of this spectrum of cuntitude, and it will not be the last symptom of our language’s terminal decline into the subhuman grunts of a jungle species returning to its bestial origins, trust me.

    My name is K. O’Modo and I endorse this cunting.

  20. I’m waiting for the first snowflake shop assistant or salesman to call me “brah” or “bruh” or whatever the fuck it is.
    The explosion of retaliatory vitriol will be visible from orbit…

    • I had to take a chav till operator to task over the use of “mate”.
      I asked him:
      “Do we know each other, are we friends or even loose acquaintances?”
      “Errr, no”
      “Do you find me sexually attractive and wish to procreate?”
      “Erm, erm….”
      “In which case, please don’t use the term mate”.
      I really can be a cunt😃

    • If I dislike someone, they cope a attitude I call the men “luv” and the women “mate”.
      Pisses them off.
      Fuck em.

  21. So-the Peter Gabriel album was excellent.
    People starting a sentence with “so” are cunts.

  22. Go fuck yourselves…phrase is another Americanism that has crept in to the English language I reckon. Anyone who says it is a cunt.
    ‘So’ go fuck yourselves.

    • Any Jamaican favourites B&W? I’m sure they are all the rage with the white Home Counties Jonty and Jemima yoot .

      • I think English and Jamaican patois have the best swearwords.
        LL a couple of my favourite Jamaican ones are…
        Ya dutty bloodclaat…(you dirty tampon)
        That Pussy hole bwoy (that pussy hole boy).
        Obviously Jamaicans add English swearwords in as well like…ya fucking heeediat (you fucking idiot) and what ah fucking rasclaat liar (what a fucking bum cloth liar).

    • I think we’re best in the world at swearing.
      Its nice that Britain is still a world leader at something.
      But theres a jewish woman on yank comedy ‘curb your enthusiasm’ and although shes a orrible cunt shes a great swearer!!
      “You sick fuck”
      Fuck you, you fuckin cocksucker’
      Shes won my admiration.
      Some americanisms are ok.

      • The Czechs are much better, apparently. The translator of ‘The Good Soldier Schweik’ was apologetic for being unable to reproduce the Czech lexicon in English. Which implies that Slavs in general have the advantage.
        So ™
        Do Prčic!
        or, in Russian,
        Пошыел к чыерту!

      • CYE has some great swearing, I like the Palestinian woman from the chicken shop riding our hero “FUCK ME JEW BOY!!!!

      • Miserable- I committed a massive social faux-pas, I was having a conversation with the wife of an acquaintance, at a social gathering,
        After a few drinks, the conversation got around to the quality, or lack of quality, on television. I suggested they watch Larry David’s excellent “Curb your enthusiasm”.
        I went further, telling my acquaintance’s wife that she looked exactly like my favourite character-the wife of Larry’s agent, Geoff. She looks exactly like her!
        She was really excited and said: “I am going to buy the box set this weekend?”.
        The next time I encountered them, they both gave me a filthy look and blanked me.

      • Heehee! Thats the great swearer!
        Jeffs wife!
        “Larry you piece of shit!
        You bald fuck”..
        Shes ace CG!👍

  23. ‘So’ was the last decent album from Peter Gabriel. Sledgehammer was a top track.
    But he went up his own arse after that.

      • Nah, CG. I was a keen drummer when I was a kid but I never pursued it later on. I used to work with most of the Happy Mondays at the Manchester Post Office depot. Still in touch with Gaz Whelan and his brother. A good mate of mine (Carl) was also in Black Grape.

      • That’s impressive! I doubt the music scene will ever be the same again.
        A few of my mates are session musicians, sound engineers and all are pretty fucked due to chinky flu☹️

    • “Totally agree” is my fingernails down a blackboard moment ( sorry, I mean board of colour).

  24. A topping cunting, as usual, W.C. My piss reaches critical mass with cunts that do this. They need to be waterboarded until they stop twitching, on live television. You could even make it Pay Per View. I’d pay to watch it and I’m sure there’s a few on here that’d join me. Don’t these cunts that are bastardising our beautiful language realise the effect they’re having on my fucking health?

  25. Fucking hate people that Finish a sentence with “So”. What the fuck is hat about?

    • That’s an old Irish habit so.

      Only cuntable if an English cunt is putting on de auld brogue loike dis.

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