Nancy Pelosi on Drugs (5)

Just gave a press conference where she insulted the UK, saying America has a much more stringent drug development and testing regime than the UK and she would be concerned if Trump took our drugs whereas it would be okay for Boris to take them …………….How fucking rude that wizen old bitch is.

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A Stars & Stripes Forever cunting please for the whorecunt of American politics, the raddled Nancy Pelosi, who, in yet another desperate tirade has cast aspersions on the British vaccine (we hope) for Covid 19:

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Her transparent excuses are as fake as her multi face-lifited visage.

God help us all, if Grandpa Biden gets into office next month. While he is sitting shitting on his chair in the White House, old hags like this raddled old cunt will be the power behind the throne ensuring the UK gets extra punishment for defying Pops Obama over Brexit.

The old shit stirrers mask gets bigger every day. Perhaps she will finally suffocate herself in it, if we are lucky.

48 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi on Drugs (5)

  1. The will of the people will prevail and this dryed up festering turd with legs will be out on her arse most likely on the end of trumps boot when he kicks her fucking scrawny deranged arse out.
    Theres a storm coming and it aint biden on his wheelchair thru a dusty street

  2. Sirs:

    Nancy Pelosi is often lauded as a master tactician. She’s not. She’s sneaky and deceitful, but her strategies frequently backfire.

    She’s not radical enough for the hard left of her party, and the few remaining Democrats who are not completely insane have been trying to muster the votes for a challenge for years now.

    So her fall, when it comes, will be swift and hard,

    Problem is, whoever succeeds her within the Democratic Party will almost certainly be worse.

    Plus she’s a power-crazed freak.

    Other than that she’s terrific.

    • The women democrats make female labour mps look honest, intelligent and attractive. Feinstein, Maxine Waters, AOC, Tlaib and my personal favourite, Ilhan Omar, who allegedly married her own gay brother as part of immigration fraud. I suppose he fucked her ass regularly when they were kids to relieve the monotony of goat sex.
      Ps. Giuliani has just unveiled images from Hunter Biden’s computer showing him with a meth/crack pipe in his mouth. The US msm and of course the BBC are pretending its a Russian plot.

  3. Dozy septic tank bitch. Does she not realize the ‘British’ vaccine was probably developed by GlaxoSmithKline, one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies that has more interests in the USA than anywhere else?

    Thick Yank Cunt.

  4. The USA is fucked after the next election regardless of who wins because the other side won’t accept the result. The only winners will be Israel.

    • That’s why she supports unrestricted abortion on demand. The evil old baby killer has an insatiable hunger for innocent souls.

      • Trump supported the annual ‘Pro Life’ rally (never covered by the MSM). Pence was there. And you have these ‘I am a good Catholic’ politicians supporting the most extreme liberal abortion ‘rights’.
        They have had their reward.

      • Yeah what is the saying ‘Apple pie and motherhood’. Well I don’t know about apple pie but the Democrats are certainly against motherhood if you go by the stick ACB has got for having a large family.

  5. This excuse of a woman is a venomous cunt of the highest order and the sooner she goes to hell the better.Some people are just shite.

  6. I hope when Trump wins he walks up to this poisonous serpent and kick her square in the cunt with a hobnail boot, cheeky reptilian bitch!!!!!

  7. They say that hypocrisy is the small change of diplomacy ..

    “I think we have to be very careful about what happens in the UK. We have very stringent rules about the Food and Drug Admin here about the number of clinical trials, timing, number of people etc so that when a drug is approved by the FDA and the scientific advisory committee that it’s safe and efficacious then it will have the trust of the American people to take it.” – Pelosi

    The Sacklers, Purdue Pharma and an American genocide.

    Why oh why would we want to leave the EU?

    Sorry Uncle Schmuel your cats paw has had enough.

  8. I hate this old witch. As a public servant and highly placed political figure, she should be setting a good example for her party and the US general public. She should be focused on executing her duties in a professional and respectful way, while promoting a viable alternative to policies or issues she and her party disagree with.

    But nooooooooo!

    She’s about as anti-American as you can get and is so fueled with rage that Tango won the last election. She and her party are obsessed with trying to ruin him and his family. That’s the way American politics is now. She and her party are the antithesis of what America is and what it stands for and I for one would like to see her fall down a well.

    I will be cracking open a bottle of Champagne the day this old bitch finally fucks off to Satan’s lair.

      • Add Hillary and you’ve got a Trifuckta,*

        Perhaps Cuntumvirate might be more appropriate.

        (*Trifecta is American and Canadian for Tricast.)

    • Biden is not answering any questions about seal team 6.
      And if the allegations are true (unproven as yet I stress) half the democ rat party are spending the rest of their lives in prison.
      Pelosi is crazy with hatred.

  9. She is typical of the type of turd which has risen to the surface during the Chinky Flu outbreak; they know fuck all and want the world to know it.

  10. She’s a twisted bitch only interested in power. Everything she says about trump shes guilty of.

  11. I have read that this repugnant “socialist” is worth $100million. Typical leftie bitch, with a face like Lon Chaney’s Phantom of the Opera.

    • $200 plus million HtB.
      Dirty deals and skeletons in every closet.
      Trump has things in place for a serious purge if he is re-elected.

  12. If ever evidence was required to prove that witches exist..
    It’s this evil old crone.
    I just hope her obsession with hiding her witches cunt of a neck with a scarf leads to it getting caught in a propeller.
    What a cunt.

  13. How rude is this bitch.? Very very Rude indeed. And what with all her mental health problems I reckon she needs whatever the USA equivalent of sectioning Fucking pronto. Vile cunt.

  14. Multi millionaire champagne socialist who’s TDS, like many other Yanks, appears, on the surface, to have driven her insane. Who can forget Tango giving his State of the Nation address while she sat behind him tearing up a copy of his speech? Fucking hell!
    But you don’t get to be that rich if you are mad as fuck. Recently she has been boring every one with the 25th amendment……this deals with getting rid of a President who is physically or mentally unfit for office. People assume she is gunning for Trump if he wins but it’s more likely the walking, hair sniffing, corpse Biden she plans to dump if he gets in the White House.
    She is an evil scheming bitch who hates Boris and hates this country, make no mistake.
    I agree with the comment above, there’s going to be big fucking trouble who ever wins. The Chinkies, and their friends like Pelosi, have done a number on the Western world so dark times ahead I fear. Anyone want to sell me a semi automatic weapon and a shitload of ammo?

    • Sly manipulative evil twisted venomous conivering shitbag/if i was trump i would have given her a right bollocking and put her in her place /jumped up cunt

  15. The most telling thing about this dreadful creature is that none of the truly depraved members of this site (of which we have no shortage) have stated that she ‘Gives me the horn’.

  16. A fine example that the undead old bitch has had some seriously half assed enbalming carried out, over the centuries. Has she found her false teeth yet?

  17. What a silly cow, the pharma industry is constantly under scrutiny from the FDA and the MHRA and other regulatory bodies across the world.
    All UK manufactured drugs are audited by the FDA if they want approval in the US, and all companies use that as the standard because the US is where the money is made. FDA audits are no more or less tough than MHRA.

  18. How fucked is America? 300 million people, and they have to choose a president from a pair of cunts you wouldn’t trust to make a cup of tea. Biden. Really? Is that the best they could find to challenge Trump? How fucked are the rest of the Democrats if he was their best bet. Surely they want to lose, as who would want to be in power now. Being in opposition would be a dream now, you can just sit back and slag the shit out of the government, offer no constructive help, and forever blame them for the shitstorm left behind.
    As for Pelosi, a mental old bag, fit for the knackers yard.

  19. I’m glad to see so many English cunters see this cunt for who and what she really is; a cunt whose cuntishness is off the sphincter scale.

    Recently, she had a complete meltdown when libtard CNN anchor “Pantomime” Wolf Blitzer dared push her on her views.

    She is the kind of cunt who makes other cunts look bad.

    • Hey General –
      I’m surprised (and pleased) non-US cunters have an idea about how insidiously vile this old hag is.

      Made a mint in a country she’d happily see destroyed. Words fail me.

      I first realized what the fuck was happening with this witch bitch when that cunt Obummer got his insane healthcare law passed. She was on telly saying ‘we need to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill’. My first thought was, “Hang on, this is American. You can’t do that!!!”. They did AND got away with it. Scum is too nice a word for her and her ilk.

      Good afternoon.

  20. “Good morning… Sunday morning…” cue Windows startup music. I presume you’ve all seen the video of her literally rebooting in the middle of an interview a few weeks ago.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating conspiracy theories about robots or doubles. But mind control is a ‘thing’, as admitted by the CIA, and this barely-stitched-together bitch is definitely under it.

    People tried to pass it off as a ‘telepromoter reset gaffe’. Well hello, the teleprompter’s second line would NOT have been “Sunday Morning”; plus the uncomfortable transition she visibly and audibly made into returning to the present and answering the question, if she was reliant on a teleprompter to answer said question, she’d have repeated the answer to the first question as it scrolled up again.

    Sorry folks, but stop believing that all that you see is proof. This psycho 80 year old witch is under mind control, and some mischievous infiltrator got hold of the signals into her earpiece and threw her off course. You can see the unwitting disruption and confusion in her bare naked manner.

    Someone opposed to the Marxist Left compromised her and had a couple of seconds of fun. No doubt she had to scurry off and change her pissed Depends straight after.

  21. When plastic surgery lets your face down… there’s always paper mache (papier-mâché) to patch you up, just ask Nancy Pelosi.

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