Build Back Better for a Greener World

So I watched Boris give his keynote speech to the so-called conservative’s conference the other day. Three times in fact, being the masochistic cunt that I am. Aside from the fact it sounded like a toddlers christmas list well beyond the parental budget, there was something a bit.. strange about it.

Then I heard rotten crotch geriatric Biden use exactly the same phrase in his speech that Bojo used in his. How odd.. – goes to google, searches for ‘Build Back Better’. The bufty canuck Trudeau used it too I see. The fuck? The IMF. World Bank. The UN too. Muy interesante!

Interesting that COVID isn’t even over and they’re already talking about a green and digital global renaissance of our shattered economies, don’t you think? That we can’t go back to normal. That we must embrace this New Jerusalem.

Are we going to be consulted and offered a vote on this new direction? Or even just a debate? I guess they have finally realised the phrase ‘New World Order’ was a bit too overt.

Oh, and you mentioned something about a ‘Digital ID’, Boris?..

Nominated by: The Big Chunky Cunty 

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…and ably supported by: General Cuntster (Deceased) 

I would like to offer a short second to The Big CC’s Build Back Better nomination.

These are code words for the radical left who wish to destroy our traditional way of life.

In order to usher in their brave New World they must first burn down the old world (as exemplified by Britain, Canada and the US) and then “Build Back Better.”

Beware that cunty phrase and fuck the Lefty cunts who embrace it

37 thoughts on “Build Back Better for a Greener World

  1. Odd eh?
    All using that phrase, ominous & sinister.
    Well fuck them, to build anything you need strong foundations,
    And they’re stacked on shit!
    Biden the kiddysniffing old corpse, Boris the translucent weakling and Justin the soy drinking bumder can try but wont be easy!!
    Only good politician is a dead one.

  2. He is on the box now….. talking No Deal

    Build back greener, gun boats in the channel…. that will keep our air cleaner.

    • Is noel edmonds there to?
      Might as fucking well be.
      Hes got about as much strength as a fucking cardboard box no wonder he folds

  3. Build back after the depression he’s advocated that will transfer money up to his mates, if he’s a conservative I’m the pope.

  4. The Jellyfish amazes me. He’s got a majority he could only dream of, over 4 years left to run yet he acts like he’s running a populist election campaign for people who despise him. Why is he licking the arses of the cunts who would never vote for him in a million years? I can only conclude that his dose of Corbyn 19 has fucked his brain up or that’s exactly what he intended in the first place! In short he’s a slippery, lying cunt who can’t be trusted.
    Yes beware the phrase “build back better.” I listen to a lot of Yank radio and, the General is right, it’s a phrase constantly used by lefty fuck ups. It really means build back poorer…….well poorer for us not the globalists and their enablers.

  5. Too little,too late.

    The World has had enough of us parasites and will soon set about doing the job,without our hubristic “help”, of “building back better for a greener world” than we could ever manage..

  6. Build back better literally meaning something has to be destroyed before you can build back anything better.

    These sinister globalist cunts will stop at nothing to subvert the free populations of the world with their deceipt and lies.

  7. You know its bollocks when it can be summed up with a catchphrase. The lack of wind this week has been a major problem for the national grid, as wind farms have been unable to supply power. And these cunts want more!
    I can honestly say I’ve never voted for a politician I like, but until there is a box saying none of the above, I will have to vote for the one I would wish the most merciful death. It’s always been difficult, but it’s getting impossible now.

    • Just situate the wind farms outside the HOC – an endless supply of hot air.
      Water and hydrogen power are the way forward, with some investment we could be leaders in green power.

  8. These tropes are always in groups of 3 aren’t they?
    Hands, face space, look,learn listen etc.
    Is 3 the magic number?
    I rather like the gist of:
    Fuck off cunts..
    There, that’s better.

    • Hitler , Churchill , Thatcher , and others always saw the value in the ‘thrice iterated’ statement during a speech.

      Right Said Fred also used this to achieve a number one selling single.
      Too sexy for my shirt , too sexy for my shirt , too sexy for my shirt….. for example.

      It’s a simple mesmeric exercise. To do it properly , the first one has to be questioning , the second affirmative , the third outraged.

      It’s also a cheap ploy in quelling the essence of any comebacks , in the dynamic of public-debating.

      There you go , go , go.

  9. All these fundamental changes have been long planned by nefarious organisations and enthusiastically signed up for by multiple governments around the world.

    All they needed was a good excuse to get the ball rolling.

    The excuse they ended up using is pretty fucking lame but appears to have still done the trick.


  10. Fuck BBB NWO look after your own household Country) and let the others get on with theirs. Trade and do business with those you want to and fuck the others until they fucking make something you want to trade with. Cunts politicians one and all.

  11. Sometimes it is not the acronyms or the ideas that are a disaster, it is the cunts they get to implement them (International Rescue led by Diddy Dave Miliband comes to mind) – total money grubbing wankers full of piss and wind step up. If there is money in BBB I can just imagine Anthony Blair putting himself forward, and inviting along Adonis, Mandy and that fucking Dame Louise Casey, who gets her fat arse into everything,

  12. Didn’t he also say something like the UK will be the wind power equivalent of Saudi Arabia? What a fucking tool. I didn’t watch it as I can’t stand listening to the cunt any more.

  13. Just more appeasement hot air to placate those awful screaming types on Twatter.
    The cunts couldn’t build a fucking sandcastle.
    Fuck Off with your dog shit.

  14. New normal, build back better, tiers, shielding, lockdown, local lockdowns, R factors, coidiots etc etc etc

    All terms that the media and governments / corps want people to use so they can all line their already ample pockets.

    There was some old harridan presenter on Radio Five this morning pretty much publicly calling for another national “lockdown”….listen love, when a large majority of people have to worry about feeding themselves because of this massive over-reaction the last thing they will pay is their stupid TV license…hence your 250k per annum job for spouting garbage on the radio will be not needed either.

    I have a few phrases for you…cunt of cunts, fuck the fuck off, eat shit and die and finally, whoops vicar where’s my tangerine.

  15. I’m suspicious of BBB. If you look at the link in the nom all the pictures are of dark keys. Is that how BBB is going to look, black white ratio of 10/1?

  16. The British people have a binary choice – accept tamely or fight.
    I already made my choice, I would rather go down in flames than surrender without a whimper.
    An increasingly obvious, billionaire led takeover of the world.

  17. World War III has started and we’re in it. It’s not a war involving guns and tanks but information. The combatants are the Elite Controlled Nation States vs the General Public. They’ve committed mass murder on the elderly by moving the sick from hospitals into nursing homes filled with already vulnerable people, and none of the staff trained in barrier nursing (or even supplied with barrier nursing kits). THIS IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. It happened in every Five Eyes Nation and most of the EU – it’s impossible that all the medics were that ignorant and negligent by coincidence. Governments have saved Billions in future pension payouts and medical bills. TEN TIMES as many “Covid” victims have been given early deaths because of delayed or cancelled hospital appointments – cancelled because staff are overwhelmed despite hospitals being half-empty. Economies have been deliberately crashed for “public health”. Apparently “all will get infected”. Herd immunity is our best bet but we’re constantly being told to ensure no possibility of herd immunity. The Freedom of Information request of the SAGE meetings shows, in January, that the UK government decided to use the media to create mass fear in order to ensure compliance. Fear weakens your immune system and they keep using fear.
    Dr Ferguson – recipient of major grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    Dr Whitty – recipient of major grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    Imperial College – recipients of major grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    BBC Health Department – almost entirely funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    CDC – majority funder and controller, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    WHO – major funder the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    GAVI – creator and major funder the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    CDC owns over 40 vaccine patents and earns billions from selling vaccines.
    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation owns approximately 10% of ALL pharmaceutical companies and vaccine manufacturers.

    • I wanted to point that out too, but didn’t want to appear a pedantic cunt. Thankfully now 2 of us have said it perhaps its safety in numbers as he cant wallop us both at the same time.

  18. It means follow the UN’s plan to reduce the global population to 500,000,000 as per the edict of the Georgia Guidestones, the Rockerfellas openly published agenda and whatnot.

    Yes that’s right, there’s no ‘secret cabal’ or ‘conspiratorial dark shadowy’ agency that’s nefariously enacting all this chaos. It’s all there, on the open internet, in nice shiny PDFs and graphs and whatnot, for you to see.

    Except no-one wants to go on the internet and look up sites with lots of words and confusing figures. Because it’s far more comforting to be glued to your phone begging for updates, in between watching Big Brother and Britain’s Got Talent. That’s how they get away with it you see, if eventually you wake up and smell the coffee, the defence will be ‘but we never hid anything, it was there for you to look up and read all along’.

    We are now in mid-October 2020. The number of deaths in the UK from ‘COVID-19’, for the under 70s, with no co-existing morbidities alone, is around 400. That’s right, the actual number of healthy people that have, regrettably died, from this new flu, is 400 over 10 months. And we’ve accepted national lockdown and economic carnage for that.

    Fuck you any mask-wearer that isn’t in the vulnerable category. You’ve brought this upon yourselves, and I can’t wait to point and laugh when you start dropping dead of oxygen-starvation induced brain damage and breathing in and continuously recycling your own CO2 into your lungs. I relish your deaths you pathetic sheep.

  19. To all those who still think covid19 is a deadly virus – i hate to say told ya so – covid19 is the name of the operation – to disguise the economic turmoil on the planet (worse than 2008) and to assist the introduction of a myriad of other anti-democratic delectables such as population reduction, cashless society, digital passports, no travel for plebs, no services unless you can prove you’re risk free etc etc. The vultures are gathering around above awaiting their opportunities. The more the population complies with this nonsense the less chance we have of being FREE

    The cabal running things out of the Cabinet Office are not interested in what the public think – they are creating a new society as we speak and nothing will deter them unless WE STAND UP AND FIGHT THEM – chances are we have had our last election ….

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