Ellie Harrison, who put the cunt in Cuntry File

Ellie Harrison is a cunt, isn’t she.

“The British countryside is racist and white people need to acknowledge they have benefitted from the past” declared this wealthy leftie whilst glugging champers and checking people are listening.

This virtue-signaller is usually discovering new techniques for killing cows on the dreariest programme on TV – Cuntryfile. When she’s not discussing potato fertiliser or new innovations for sheep slaughter she’s moaning about equal pay. Zzzzz.

Yes, yes, she is rather attractive, I would certainly allow her to mount the Magnanimous pole providing she keep the noise to groans and whimpers as I suspect she might have a bumpkin twang and they can be as unpleasant as Irish or Australian accents.

I spend a lot of time in The Lakes where my family seat is and I’ve seen people of colour on the mountains. Admittedly they do look a tad odd yet they seem content and friendly, and aren’t stealing, selling drugs, decapitating infidels, or grooming children.

“The BLM has led me to re-evaluate my behaviour” said Ellie. Zzzzzz. Where’s John Craven with a cow-killing stud gun when you require him?

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

84 thoughts on “Ellie Harrison, who put the cunt in Cuntry File

  1. It is patently obvious that she has been forced into reading out a statement, to stay on board with the Black Broadcasting Corruption’s mission.

    The irony is, rural Gloucestershire is primarily white, middle class conservative country. They would piss their Range Rovers if a mass exodus of bames occurred. “Ellie” included.
    The hypocritical fucking cunt👎👎👎

  2. There’s a part of me that hopes these lot get what they’re asking for.
    They will hate it.

    As for the lady in question. A while back I remember liking when she got her legs out and her blue eyes and slightly tousled mane and would have gladly
    ‘ploughed her in the hayshed’. Same with that Helen Skelton….

    …..Now I just don’t know anymore…😢

  3. Reminds me of this one:

    What do you call a blonde with two brain cells ?


  4. “Ooh – there’s nowhere near enough inclusivity in the cuntryside – I haven’t been r*ped or bombed or anything”.
    “That’s because you would call the police if you ever saw a black face outside your mansion Ellie”.
    “Oh yeah, that’s right – well they’re all right in BBC articles but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere near one”!

  5. What a stupid fuckin statement, “benefited from the past” who hasn’t? Peter Sutcliffe’s victims all “benefited from the past”, as they were alive right up until the “here and now” buried his fuckin hammer into their heads! were they wrong? should the poor bastards have been slaughtered earlier? Stupid cunt, nowt 18 inches of fat black cock shoved right up her dirtbox without her consent wouldn’t sort! it would be BCH then “Black Cocks Hurt” all the way home to white mummy & daddy. Of course the countryside is historically full of white’s, its historically a white country you stupid bitch, CUNT!!!!!

  6. I have nothing to add to this nomination, other than to say that I would stick my tongue right up Ellie’s arsehole without hesitation. For a really long time, too. Good evening, ISAC!

  7. The British elites have fucked over as many melanin challenged as they have those well equipped in the melanin department.

    Agenda based bullshit for the divide and conquer merchants.

    Race is a tool used to make different groups fight each other rather than their real enemy

    • Which is why the Marxist cunts preach critical race theory on every level of education.
      The fucking devious cunts.

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