Ian Hopkins (Manc Plod Boss)

With that fat cunt in Downing Street arguing with redundant Thunderbird puppet, Burnham, Hopkins has vowed to enforce a Tier 3 lockdown ‘without fear of favour’. What an absolute cunt. First all, Manchester does not NEED a Tier 3 lockdown, because all the evidence points to the fact that infections here are going DOWN. Second, this is the same Chief Cuntbubble who allowed his officers to stand by and do nothing (except take a knee) when ANTIFA and BLM infested the city centre a couple of months back. Double standards much, Hopkins? Or do you think that the Bat Flu wouldn’t affect these wretched, far left, Marxist swamp donkeys?

Hopkins says that he his answerable to Burnham, but operationally independent, which is true. My problem, is that this cunt is playing politics, when the police are supposed to apolitical. If he wants to get into politics, then he should get himself elected. Though considering how useless he is in charge of one the UK’s largest police forces, I have no reason to believe he would be any better as an MP. There’s plenty of crime in Greater Manchester that Hopkins could be focussing on. They still haven’t found my stolen car for a start. The last thing Manchester needs right now, is yet another overpaid political gobshite.

And if he really wants to do something useful, he can start by raising the standards of his officers. I saw one in the city centre on Thursday who looked like a sack of shit. His uniform was a mess, he had a man bun (aka, ‘Twat Knot’) and his was, to put it mildly, unkempt. How can he expect people to respect his officers when they look like Charlie Chaplin’s grandchildren? Any, Ian ‘Hitler’ Hopkins, you are a cunt.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. He and his trained police cuntstables will be out checking all you infected Manchester bods shopping trolleys to make sure you’re not slipping in some coconut macaroons and scotch eggs.

  2. I suspect that photo shows him at some gay pride event and his officers are doing the YMCA dance. What a fucking embarrassment.
    They should be arresting those cunts not offering up their arses for inspection. Fucking disgrace.

    • Reminds me of the Viz cartoon, the bottom inspectors, which was a parody of Nazi Germany “Bare you bottoms!”

  3. The biggest issue of all this shite is that the establishment have made it plain that for them, it’s all dandy, do as we likey. For the rest of us plebs it’s do as you’re told.
    When you vote you get served the same old shit, the same old club of cunts.
    Where the fuck is Adolf when you need him?

    PS: has anyone seen the video of joker with the cake and the security guard?

  4. That picture of him and some rozzers looks like they are at a pooftah parade. There’s even one of the cunts with rainbows on his face. Stupid cunts. I never understand the rozzers: they turn their backs on the very people that are (or used to be) on their side and bend over backwards (or forwards judging by the picture) for the people who are always going to hate them. I used to be in the former camp, but now tell my kids never to trust a copper and never say anything to them.

    • I used to be the same, in my youth, Police had the respect of the majority and I was brought up to respect them.

      Now I avoid them because instead of solving crime and protecting us, they kneel to crooks, avoid real criminals to sit in vans with speed traps and are just basically shizzle at their job unless they have reams of mobile phone data, cctv, informants etc

      • Serial killers like Mr P Sutcliffe must be feeling sick at his bad luck/timing. Nowadays there would be no police manhunt for him. Even if he handed himself in he would probably be told by the desk sergeant to fuck off and stop wasting police time with petty matters. Whereas the posters on this site are probably looking at life without parole for using hurty words about the powers that be and their pet causes eg Covid 19, XR, BLM.

        Good luck to Mr McGraw and his fellow Mancunians. There will be a day of reckoning for the cunts leading the Covid oppression.

  5. ‘Look officer, I am not doing anything wrong’

    ‘Shut it you slag, you’re knicked!!

    The good old days 😂

  6. However good or bad commanding officers are, they are these days in hock to those fucking daft “Police Commisoner” wankers who are almost always fucked out old politcians, often Labour police haters. waiting for dementia by pretending they are still “important” and household names (like Sanilav). That raddled old cunt Vera Baird, for example, sanctimonious old tart, was seriously implicated in the expenses scandal a decade ago, stepped down from Parliament and landed one of these non-jobs, which merely politicise the police force. Old cunts like that and that Hazel Blears whore, who ended up as a Director of the Co-Op (we sell the most expensive food on the high street).

    Just like the local mayors like Bambi Burnham, they are worn out political whores who jumped before they were pushed, and instead of ending up in prison where they deserve to be, they still sit on their shitty arses attitudenizing and making a fucking nuisance of themselves.

    • Our nearest Co-Op has a branch of “Subway” in it.
      That’s Subway the US fat git sandwich corporation.
      Very socialist of them…

  7. The police are enjoying their new roles in Wales, manning checkpoints at supermarkets to see if you are from the designated sector. My brothers’ nearest supermarket is two miles away, but it is in the next county, so its six miles the other way to get some eggs ( if available).
    Today’s decree from Kim Jong Drakeford is that only essential goods should be available for sale in supermarkets, anything else should be banned. What a bunch of incompetent commie pricks.

  8. Those cozzers in the picture would shit themselves and run away from an angry toddler, pausing only to club and tazer any Ukip voter or pensioner wearing a Remembrance Day poppy.
    Utter useless cunts unworthy of anything but contempt.
    We’re fucked…

  9. Coppers are infected with the lefty illness,as have all institutions since that supercunt Blair in conjunction with the BBC made not being a lefty a hate crime.

    • My missus is a receptionist in the NHS and got pulled in yesterday by her lefty boss who, among other gripes, told her to be careful of her sharing her views, which are of a right leaning persuasion, around patients; she was telling some old duffer how she loves Trump and he was agreeing. Mrs WCC is seeking advice today.

  10. Back in the bad old days it was black people racially harassed.
    Now whitey (the non knee taking variety) is the enemy.
    Zero respect for the pigs, and North Yorkshire cops are about the worst.

    • North Yorkshire fucking LOVE speed cameras and vans…they are utter cunts and wouldn’t know crime if it bit them on the donut.

    • Foxy Id make a great copper.
      “Your fuckin nicked me old beauty!!”
      Id plant drugs on them,
      Batter the cunts in the cells
      And steal from the evidence room.
      Old school😀👍

  11. Mind you, reading the adverts for Met Police recruiting, you can see what way they are heading. Basically, don’t apply if you are a white male (unless a pooftah). They even had an “interview” with a fucking Romanian they had employed! You couldn’t fucking make it up. However, eventually, we will have to protect ourselves. Just a shame we can’t be easily armed in this country (I think sh0tguns and 22 r1fles are still allowed).

  12. Greater Manchester Police Farce as bent as nine bob notes. I have experienced their “service” and know that they couldn’t find water in the River Irwell if I tied them into a sack and threw them in. I have been told that many ae “honest and hardworking” but like Honest Nigerians and Bigfoot, I am still awaiting evidence. Statistically it is possible but don’t hold your breath waiting for evidence. If waiting for their lightning fast response to reports of crime, make sure you have a good, very long book. GMP are the only known farce in the country to have copies of Moriarty’s Police Law in both colour in and pop-up form.

  13. What Greater Manchester needs is a return to Life on Mars style policing. Gene Hunt for Chief Constable! He’d certainly get my vote. I’m pretty sure he’d know how to deal with all these BLMs, lefties and peacefuls. Fallen down the stairs at the police station again? Shame!

  14. The police, like formative years schooling, are bound by law, to be be politically neutral.
    Yeah, right…..

  15. That photo about sums up the 21st century pigs up. I was stopped and searched several times in my younger years. So fucking what, both parties went on their way. I had some drinking colleagues in the police FORCE during the miners strike, they loved it, loads of overtime and got to crack some skulls. The good old daze. Fuck em all.

  16. All coppers should be like Popeye Doyle in The French Connection. Every fucking scumbag who was nicked should be asked if they’ve “Ever picked their feet in Poughkeepsie?”.

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