Ellie Harrison, who put the cunt in Cuntry File

Ellie Harrison is a cunt, isn’t she.

“The British countryside is racist and white people need to acknowledge they have benefitted from the past” declared this wealthy leftie whilst glugging champers and checking people are listening.

This virtue-signaller is usually discovering new techniques for killing cows on the dreariest programme on TV – Cuntryfile. When she’s not discussing potato fertiliser or new innovations for sheep slaughter she’s moaning about equal pay. Zzzzz.

Yes, yes, she is rather attractive, I would certainly allow her to mount the Magnanimous pole providing she keep the noise to groans and whimpers as I suspect she might have a bumpkin twang and they can be as unpleasant as Irish or Australian accents.

I spend a lot of time in The Lakes where my family seat is and I’ve seen people of colour on the mountains. Admittedly they do look a tad odd yet they seem content and friendly, and aren’t stealing, selling drugs, decapitating infidels, or grooming children.

“The BLM has led me to re-evaluate my behaviour” said Ellie. Zzzzzz. Where’s John Craven with a cow-killing stud gun when you require him?

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

84 thoughts on “Ellie Harrison, who put the cunt in Cuntry File

  1. It’s the BBC isn’t it? Woke bullshit is compulsory if you want to keep your job. There are plenty of big titty BAME tarts to take her place. She knows the score.

    • Im not happy with Bame people in the countryside.
      It spoils it for me , like a tattoo on a toddler or something.
      They make the place look untidy.
      Maybe they should be banned?
      Fined, everyone likes to get out into the fresh air even them but maybe make them wear a binbag so I dont have to look at them.
      Some already do this.

      • From what I have discovered from scientific observation, most of the fuckers live in places with easy access to large quantities of illicit substances and other people’s TVs.

        Have you noticed how the sky is blue? The colour of white people’s eyes. That’s racist for a start. Water is clear. No coloured at all, so must be racist as no colour at all is close to white.

        Perhaps these virtue signalling mongs should go without any water based substances. They could try drinking crude oil instead, that’s lovely and black. Four days and we could get on with things how we whiteys like them.

        Also, Miss Ellie sounds like someone from the Deep South. Can’t get more racist than that. She should piss off and die quietly of shame.

        As for the BBC – utter, utter cunts.

      • Peacefuls and other dusky cunts don’t appreciate nature, they are only interested in how it benefits them. This is evident in the lands of bongo bongo or durka durka where animals are either viewed as slaves or enemies and land and resources are destroyed and stripped down to cater for their excessive breeding,

        And the reason you seldom see them out in the country enjoying the outdoors is that they don’t like being away from the likes of Primark, their filthy little praying squats and the benefits office. Smelly cunts.

      • I watched Wheeler Dealers , where they test-drove a car through the Cheddar Gorge.
        Quite obvious that not one peaceful will ever appreciate it’s splendour for what it is.
        They don’t fucking belong here.
        We should repatriate any immigrants immediately – back-dated 60 years.

      • MNC. Ellie grew up on a chicken farm in the Cuntswolds. Does she not know BAMES have a penchant for those birds, a “ chicken fancier” is the term used by Bradfordian zoophiles.

    • She is a woke ASSHOLE this is true. What is also true is that I’d love to slam my SLAG HAMMER without LUBE straight up her woke ASSHOLE and then get her to suck me off giving me the satisfaction that she is sucking my knob that has been jammed up her pooper 🙂 Phew I’ll calm down now boys.

  2. I live in Southern Gloucestershire during the week and love being surrounded by trees, fields and wildlife. I can’t say I’m concerned by the lack of dar quays. There’s plenty of other cunts here – white London ex-pats driving around in Range Rovers, but there’s plenty of space so you don’t really notice them. I can’t explain why there is a lack of “diversity”. Maybe because there’s no benefits office in my village.

  3. It says Ellie spent her gap year in Zimbabwe maybe helping to build M’tembh that long promised village well. She should have also educated herself on Robert Mugabe’s racism in the Zimbabwean countryside, the invasion, occupation of white owned farms and the murder of farmers that turned Zimbabwe from ‘The Breadbasket of Africa’ into just a economic basket case. You know, the stuff that BLM wont talk about or that you wont read about during Black History Month.

    • She probably developed an addiction to black mamba while she was there…once you’ve had black, you never go back.

    • By studying wildlife in her gap (between here ears) year does this mean the locals? Surely everything else was scoffed as bushmeat…

  4. Disappointing, pious words from someone who really should know better.

    It says something about someone’s paucity of thought when they start spouting cobblers about white privilege and racism. Clearly they think the public can’t get enough of their virtue signalling.

    Ellie has completely misjudged the mood. The people who I know say this has all gone too far.

    Would she really be happy if Gloucester was transformed into downtown Ilford overnight? I think we know the answer to that one.

    • Er…Gloucester IS like downtown Ilford. Barton and Tredworth twinned with Mogadishu. The dozy cunt shoebomber was from there. Not the one who tried to blow up the plane and burnt his knackers off, the other one who bottled it and grassed himself up to the police and received a hefty sentence for his trouble. Silly cunt.

  5. A law should be passed whereby women who open their mouths to say something stupid have someone’s cock shoved into it.

    I’ll volunteer to educate Ellie Harrison, but somebody else will have to do Dianne Abbott, Dawn Butler, et al.

  6. ” The British countryside is racist” , did this vacuous bint really say that ?
    I’m intrigued to know how a landscape environment can have any socio-political opinions at all. Is sand racist? Grass? Trees? Water bodies?
    Grey squirrels, fucking gammon boomers.
    BBC. Nuff said.
    Boycott. Defund.

    • During lockdown with people not going abroad, my beloved Peak District has of a weekend had loads of muzzie families coming from Sheffield and walking around looking bemused and making the place look littered.
      They come from their ghettoes bring the full household of thirty their ratlike faces and beedy eyes put me off my sunday roast.
      The British countryside is ours!
      They arent welcome,
      Surely theyd be happier at a local tip or extra day at mosque?
      Ellie from Countryfile should know better.

  7. There’s nothing stopping Dark-keys,or anyone else for that that matter,from going out to the Countryside….they apparently chose not to. Short of building a chiggun-shack on every farm,I don’t see what can really be done to encourage them.
    The Countryside is already suffering from an influx of townie-gobshites who believe that their silly ignorant views matter…they don’t…happily most of them sharp learn to their cost that country people aren’t quite as slow as they’d like to think.

    Let the Sooties come…they’ll be less irksome than many of the jealous,”too-clever-for-Mensa” windbags who occasionally show their faces.

    PS…what’s a “cow-killing stud gun”? I’d assume that you meant “stun” gun but that wouldn’t kill,would it?…it would stun. I wouldn’t normally be quite so picky but I know how important it is to you and the other “great mind” on the site to get things right.

    • A “stud gun” DF is something that only exists in vegan fantasy, maybe a “stud gun” also skins the carcass and dresses it for butchering, maybe also cooks the steak, anything is possible in “Vegantown”!!!

    • Stud gun sounds like some kind of motorised or explosive-driven breeding penetrometer, maybe the anal intruder from “Top Secret”. Not that I have knowledge nor experience of the above apparatus

      • Shhhhh.
        Don’t encourage him Lady C-he will be banging on your front door, (more likely smashing your back foot in).
        Unless of course that is what you……….

      • Beware the B&WC my girl,
        Words that entice, a tongue that swirls
        Beware the Silver tongued lothario and the frumious bandersnatch (whatever one of those is).

        I like to think B&WC wears a zoot suit, like Michael Jackson did in Moonwalker.
        “Annie are you ok?
        So Annie are you ok?
        Are you ok Annie?”
        “You’ve been licked by, you’ve been stuck by, a
        tongue up the arsehole.”

    • Sir Dick – he means a “bolt gun”, a form of humane killer.
      A device which could be well employed to thin the herd in Westminster 😄

  8. Sanctimonious BBC employee tarts think they are safe, because they are wimmin – they have seen off most of the men, but they shouldn’t get too up their own arses, because when the BBC is all female, all the white crumpet will be replaced by black and Asian crumpet. Even right on Labour white wimmin will be out of a job. When did you last see Emily Thornberry on TV?. I bet you have seen Diane, Dawn and all the little curry-lovers. As for poor old Emily, she has had to go back to her previous job:


  9. “Elli, is it alright if I call you Elli?” “Most kind”
    “Nothing you or anyone on cuntyfile will alter my behaviour my dear and the only alteration a BLM diatribe will have on me is to make my piss boil.” “However, should you like to take off your clothes over there and beckon me over then you would have my undivided attention my dear, Just so long as you keep it shut.” Thanks awfully

  10. She must realise that she only has her fucking job on telly because she’s a bit of a looker? Is she going to apologise for this at some point and give up for some Rustie Lee looking woman to replace her? They can always send Nadia down there instead, she has a spare five minutes in between her other shows.

    • Yes, i’d much prefer to see a letterbox roaming about the British countryside with herds of goats and mini bombers.
      A few decapitated infidels would liven this programme up a bit.

  11. When you look at Countryfile and compare it with The Farming Programme, which it replaced, they are poles apart, a barometer for our descent into National Fuckwittery.
    Good morning.

    • Jack. I am afraid I am old enough to remember the programme before The Farming Programme. It was called in the 1950s “Farming” and it went out for twenty-five minutes before lunch on Wednesdays just before the news in Welsh and a Welsh langauge programme. It opened up for Farming and fore and aft the Welsh section they just showed the test card till Watch With Mother later in the afternoon. If I recall they then showed a womans programme, but no frippery – Eileen Fowler and her exercises were the soppiest they got. That was in the days when men were men and so were the women – no nancy boys like that arse Schofield..

      When I left the Navy I got a job in a TV repair shop repairing the early monsters. We got testcards and occassional trade films for tuning. It was far more engtertaining than Escape To The Cuntry and Flog It, believe me.

      Sorry with old age comes anec-doteage.

      • Ah yes, Watch with Mother. Happy days.
        By the time Blunderman has finished ruining the economy, everyone will be sat at home, watching the telly.
        Morning, Mr. Boggs.

      • Morning Jack – yes the interesting thing was the WWMs they showed in the 1950s were still being shown in the late 60s. My little son as he then was loved Bill & Ben The Flowerpot Men – it was then I realised that he would turn out all right – he had the “flobalobs” and “flubalubs”off to a tee! – the irony of it was my wife thought that it would do his vocabulary bad as he grew up – these days he has a good job and she watches Eastenders.

      • Yeah, well, the Flowerpot men are racist now & so is that cunt Andy Pandy, Put all that nostalgia shite out of your mind WC, it never happened we are all forward-looking black-thinkers now.

  12. Of course we don’t get “Countryfile” over here but from what I can see, she’s an expert at spreading bullshit.

  13. I think that the tide is turning. The expensive mixed race advertising campaigns are not producing the hoped for returns. The bottom line is the main concern for any profit maximising business. It may take a little longer at the BBC but ironically the antics of Crapita may hasten the process. The next general election is going to be a close run thing and voters complaining and refusing to pay the tv tax will focus the mind of many an MP.

    • Or failing that, Yasmin Ali-Bongo Shitstains underwear, same population of feral scum parasites.

  14. Morning Captain. Morning all.

    Never heard of her.
    Never watched the programme.
    Never will.

    Does John Craven still do Newsround? Never watched that either.

  15. Used to watch it religiously until about a year ago, then it began to creep in. The insidious leftist drivel that is the BBC. FUCK EM.

  16. Another overpaid employee of the BBC 👎👎
    Let’s have a Referendum on the licence fee 👍👍
    Do we want to pay it Yes or No 👍👎

    • TT GWB@ – let’s have a referendum about abolishing the TV tax, then spend four and a half years in limbo while we are convinced that we were too stupid, uninformed and working class to understand what we were voting for.
      By our betters at the BBC and the Guardian.

    • Actually saw something DECENT on BBC Four the other pm; a documentary on The Flying Scotsman. Something from the age when there was still employment for skilled engineers et al. in GB. Oh, and the voices of Noakesy getting excited, and Johnny Morris from “Animal Magic.” Sadly, the cunt Branston got a few seconds at the beginning, but they were sensible enough not to fill the whole thing with the cunt.

  17. She’s quite fit but obviously insane.
    Infected by large amounts of wages paid by the BBCunts.
    She can stick her lunacy up her arse.
    While I watch.
    Thank you.

  18. Another fucking woke, white BLM fucking activist linked to The Bullshit Broadcasting Cunts.
    It’s like going to fucking Africa and saying it’s racist because of all the Damn blacks, Starkey stylie.
    Why doesn’t she just fuck off to somewhere full of dark keys if she loves them so much?

    • Lewis Hamilton quote from Saturday 24th……

      “Great to see all the British flags , and all the African and South African flags!” What a cunt. They just won’t leave it alone will they?

  19. I suggest they build a lovely council estate right next to her idyllic smallholding in the cotswolds. She could then personally acquaint the newcomers with the joys of rural life. And then watch as they get destroyed.

    Similarly, a 24 hour soup kitchen should be set up outside Rashford’s mansion so he can mingle with all the poor people he is helping. Then he can sweep up the litter and mess they leave.

    Way to go.

    • Don’t get me started on the cunt Rashford. A great spender of our money. I ain’t saying this cos he’s blick but he’s got a face that I’d never get tired of slapping. At that other cunt Pogba. What a pair of cunts. Oh, and Lingard as well. And Lewis Hamilton. And Naga Munchetty. Also Benedict Cumbersome Snatch etc……

  20. I dont go to Croydon. They dont go to the Countryside. Keep it that way.

  21. ‘BLM has led me to re-evaluate my own behaviour’.
    What pious, sanctimonius cant.
    The countryside is racist my arse.
    She’s fit though.
    Morning Cap’n. Good nom!
    Morning all.

  22. The problem with ‘white privilege’ is that it’s only ever spouted by rich, Oxford university graduate types, who now live and work in Londonistab and now don’t venture past Watford Gap. For the rest of the country it’s very much a disadvantage to be white. Being a Northerner, I have had no privilege whatsoever.

    These virtue signalling cunts need to realise that their privilege has nothing to do with the colour of their skin, they were born with a silver spoon up their arse, has fuck all to do with the colour of my skin.

  23. She needs to self-identify as black and go around stabbing all her fellow blacks at the BBC.

  24. I’m guessing that the smallholding in the Cotswolds is in fact a few million quids worth of barn conversion where she had ponies as a pretentious, up herself teenager.

    Daddy’s money will have paid for the year off, dossing around Zimbabwe too.

    Ellie also thinks that it is not enough for YT to not be racist. Apparently YT must be anti-racist, as anything less will make Ellie cwy and cwy and cwy.

    There is a third option, Ellie. That is to be a screaming racist, as most of the indigenous population now are. Thanks to you and other über-woke cunt trumpets like you.

  25. Leftyism is compulsory on the BBC now so she is just spouting this shite to keep her job. It’ll be all in vain though as the BBC don’t do attractive women and it’s only a matter of time till she is replaced by Naga Munchetty.

      • Munchetty has pissed off the wrong people at the BBC.
        Expect a constructive dismissal Court case (racism, obviously) when she goes to ITV.

  26. I would love to know how many of these virtue signalling cunts actually believe the bullshit that comes out if their stupid gobs.

    How can any sane person think that the peaceful and black culture is anything other than backward and anti British


  27. This outburst of woke bollocks means I will never watch the program again and the good lady and I have said bollocks to the country file calendar as well. Which in retrospect will have a massive effect on the twats in country file not. Few ethnics in these parts because they do not want to be here. Plenty of fucking houses being built so that is not an excuse. Am I supposed to feel massive guilt and drive up to Bradford or similar and say (language barrier would be a problem) hey come to the countryside welcome one and all? The best thing that this twat could do is fuck off and count the massive amounts of our money that she is given. As an aside a poll axe was the tool for slaughtering beasties before all this captive bolt gun stuff. One hung on the back of Great uncle Charlie’s workshop door in the farm yard.

  28. The countryside is racist? What about badgers – half black and half white – they don’t know whether to stab themselves or take a knee apologising for their white badger privilege!
    And sperm bank Ellie Harrison got annihilated when she put this shite on twatter – one person calls her (and the other virtue signalling traitor racists) out – usually me, and it opens the floodgates and they get owned.
    And they don’t like it back.
    Right, just off to fit some white robes and hoods to squirrels.

    • I don’t have a twitter account, but just snuck a peak at her page. It is completely empty.

      I did see some of the responses to her little woke outburst though and would advise that she stays the fuck away from the countryside for a very long time.

      I’m making a little artisan cross for your squirrels to dance around while it burns Vernon. 😁

  29. The Countryside is “Racist”? What does the dozy bint expect? Herds of Wildebeest roaming the plains of Cheshire? Gorillas in the Lakeland Mists? Black Rhinos (obviously cannot have White Rhinos) trotting down Tottenham Court Road? No you get a very managed European Agricultural Countryside, that’s the place we civilised people get food from. It doesn’t appear by magic in Waitrose or your delivery service. Frankly, if the Countryside has not been “enriched” by these ethnics, would that account for why so many of her luvvie supporters live in the Countryside?

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