Ash Sarkar (2)

I would like nominate Ash Sarkar, another self styled ‘corbynista’ with a vast hatred for this country and most people in it. Yesterday she came out with the following

“The sectors being ratfucked the hardest-pubs, venues, arts and culture are the only things which make living on this wretched island bearable…”

Can I kindly suggest you fuck off to North Korea or Venezuela then Miss Sarkar? Seeing as you previously said you are “literally a communist” these kind of places are right up your street.

These cunts that hate Britain should be offered a one way ticket out of here, preferably to push them out of the plane over the Atlantic somewhere, maybe she’d get picked up by some of her mates in a dinghy…

Nominated by: Laughing Gravy 

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    • Good article CMC. I worked for years in engineering design: oil and gas production facilities, refineries, compressor stations etc.. Latterly, the whole process was stymied by “risk assessments”. Nothing ever got done as no-one would sign off on designs in case they were liable for the “risk”. For fuck’s sake, we were in a risk business. The only other outcome was that everything was so over-designed that the projects were no longer viable due to the cost.

      • Don’t worry too much.
        Once we start culling Muslims , there’ll be a huge demand for gas-oven engineers and designers.
        Risk assessment will be very low on the list.

    • The limited approach of the UK government should be compared to what is happing over the rest of Europe, anyone who thinks we are being unnecessarily controlled should look at the measures being taken in France, Belgium, Czech Republic and it’s getting worse.
      I agree that the hospitality sector is getting a kicking but what else can they do.

      • Yes. We didn’t do enough in the early stages.
        The only cunts that toed the line were the vulnerable.
        The other great unwashed cunts , and the snooty middle-class fucks didn’t give a fuck.
        Now here’s the result.
        Lock the cunts down properly this time.

  1. Looked her up. Taught Global Politics at ‘Anglia Ruskin’ university. I presume this was formerly the Norwich Hair and Beauty college.
    How can she teach facts? Not possible really.

  2. Cunts like her hate anything they’re not in total charge of.
    Last cigarette.

    • You missed out ‘red hot poker up her rear exit’. Mind you, B&WC would be there in a flash to soothe that with a certain tongue.

  3. You get sick of these coloured pseudo intellectuals who hate this country. Most of them live on our charity and if this cunt and her pals don’t like it here, let them fuck off to some third world shithole – in fact they should be deported there.

  4. It’s the Main Stream Media like AL-Beeb that are the real cunts here by giving brainless, un-intelligent commies like this airtime.

    If everyone stopped funding the BBC and stopped buying the Guardian cunts like her will soon disappear.

    I personally have defunded the BBC for years and I just laugh when I hear about cunts like this gobbing off, knowing full well she ain’t getting a penny of my cash.

    • The commie cunt appears more often on Sky and ITV than she does on BBC. And nobody currently buying the Guardian is going to be put off doing so because of this cunt, quite the opposite in fact.

      • I can honestly say that I have never bought the Guardian “newspaper” – not even during this spring’s lavatory paper shortage.

      • I can honestly say that I have never bought a newspaper of any sort, apart from the Mail On Sunday’s royal wedding souvenir edition featuring the fabulous Princess Eugenics and some chinless wonder’s nuptials. Mind you, everyone bought that one, didn’t they? The Mail’s coverage of the big day was utterly breathtakingly, NOTHING will ever rival that again – truly a once in a lifetime experience!

      • After butlering for the Creampuffs CC, I can confirm they are unique and exclusive one offs, second only to Sarah Fergusons ‘Budgie the Little Helicopter’ book series, currently pride of place in the library.

      • Sorry Cuntstable. Unfortunately we gave Burrell (aka Stroker) all our spare copies in lieu of the 2 years wages owed when he left our employ for pastures new earlier this year. Apparently they make very good bedding for him in his allotment shed.

      • @ LL – I can’t find that Budgie the Little Helicopter anywhere. Are you sure you returned it to the library shelf last time you borrowed it?

      • I don’t watch sky or ITV either. Amazon Fire stick and Netflix is better and cheaper than a TV licence and I don’t have to listen to some entitled little commie cunt running down my country of birth at every given moment.

  5. The only redeeming feature of this commie gobshite is that she has a cracking pair of tits.

  6. Does anybody remember the 1993 film The Crying Game? Type “The Crying Game Jaye Davidson” onto and hit images.

  7. Thanks to those paragons of independence and impartiality the BBC and the Guardian we get to hear a disproportionate amount of cunt from no-marks like this.

  8. No doubt, if magic grandpa has got his foot in the door of number 10, this same person would be telling us what a magical utopia we were living in, and that we should neither question nor complain.
    Oven awaits…

    • I would like to adapt that idea for a TV show. Working title: ‘Celebrity pancake’.

      The general gist is that a number of really irritating cunts like Ask Sarkar, Yasmin Alibaba-Brown, Simon Cowell, Gary Linekunt, Lily Allen, Kate Moss, Tony Blair etc. All get duped into taking a tandem skydive jump for charidee.

      What they don’t know is that they are going to be cut loose at 8,000 and the winner is the sleb who makes the biggest impression… On a nearby field.

  9. Have any of these people who dislike the UK so much been prevented from leaving?
    Perhaps they are of so much use to us, that they are forcibly detained lest the country collapses without them.
    However I think it more likely that no other place would tolerate their constant disparaging diatribe, and they would actually have to start earning a living.

  10. She should be over her communist moon, the state taking over our lives, when to got out, where to go, who we can see….. it’s ‘literally’ a communist dream 😂

  11. A real pity she is such a naive student-grant commie arsehole. If she had the commpon sense and political stance of Julia Hartley Brewer then there would be many on here drooling over her. I’m sure B&WC’s tongue would be up there like a rat up a rhododenron.

    For that alone, surely it would make sense for her to change her allegiances pronto?

  12. Cunts like this are always on Stalins soapbox whilst also taking advantage of the comforts of a first world country.
    Anyhow she’s a traitor.

  13. What fucking Pubs? there aren’t that many left around here! They are all Tesco Express or Curry houses now. I blame the Smoking Ban for killing Pubs off and this bat flu is getting rid of the leftovers. I remember the Anti Smoking wankers being interviewed on the TV saying how more people would go in Pubs if they were smoke free, how come they damn near all fucking shut then when the ban was introduced. I stopped going in Pubs when I couldn’t have a roll up with me pint!
    ps. Fuck anyone that lives here and hates it, feel free to fuck right off!

    • I know of a couple of pubs that emptied more or less overnight when the smoking ban kicked in. They now stock up at a supermarket and go round somebody’s house where they can do whatever the fuck they want. Funny how the numbers were never even close to being made up by all the non-smokers who complained the one day of year they bothered to go.

      • A mate of mine was a publican. I am reliably informed that business dropped off by a third over night.

      • It always puzzled me why the fresh air advocates don’t drink outside, and leave the pub to get a smoky as the landlord chooses.

      • In the good old days of Black & Mostly White, Pubs used to have a Smoke Room and if you didn’t like smoke you didn’t go in there. Instead of a complete ban on smoking wouldn’t smoking or non smoking Pubs have been a better option? So now I reach for my tin foil hat and start to wonder if getting rid of Pubs wasn’t a part of the Grand Islamification plan for Britain, along with loads of Churches closing down due to lack of Sky Fairy believers to be replaced by Mosque’s for another brand of Sky Fairy believers.

    • Pubs fucked it for themselves , by becoming semi-fucking-bistros (with craft beers). Good fucking riddance to these fucking chancers.
      Any publican who sells just beer – has done just fine thanks very much.

  14. The reason this benighted isle is turning into a wretched place is because of cunts like her. Fuck off with your mates, problem solved. Have always been a supporter of free speech but as that privilege only belongs to leftie libtard cunts I have adopted this saying “shut up or fuck off”

    • A damn good spanking 😂

      The header picture looks just like the ‘dolls’ from Only Fools and Horses 😂 and she probably adopts that pose quite often, the dirty bitch!

  15. Yes agreed, a vast cunt of Grand Canyon proportions with the brain the size of a gnats nuts. But boy would I slam it in her shit shute as dry as a fucking bone until my banjo string snapped like a autumn twig. Fucking cunt!

  16. I’ve heard of this “Möet Marxist”, but never had the cardiovascular dexterity to survive one of her “new world order” rants!

  17. Why does she stay? Really I want to know. Is it she remains just to be here when her work is done and the country is totally fucked? Then she’ll head off to one of the many socialist utopias wiping her feet on the way out?

    Fuck off pet, you should be at home cooking a taxi drivers dinner.

  18. ‘Wretched island?’

    This cunt does nothing but slaag off this country.

    Just fucking leave if you hate the place so much, cunt.

  19. Well she can always come to Wales if she wants a taste of real communism. Kim Jong Drakeford has decreed that we are going back into lockdown for ‘two weeks ‘. Is that like the three weeks the last one was supposed to be? Obviously covid will walk the streets for a while, and with no one to kill it will fuck off back to China.
    Wales is looking to be pub free by 2021, and job free the following year.
    May as well be dead.

      • I hope it appears. I was tempted myself, but I’d have probably ended up on a watch list with with what I wanted to call the cunt.

  20. Another bite the hand that feeds her clack bunt.
    Fuck her off back to Bananaland. Dozy slag.

  21. No Ms Sarkar you’re not literally a communist, you’re literally a cunt.
    Now please fuck off and don’t come back.

  22. I remember when the pub was the place to go for a quiet pint, to get away from nagging wimmin, a game of dominos, and a place to meet your mates.

    Now? The ones that are left are full of loudmouthed mongs watching the football, chav shite who go in there to get ‘Fuckin’ ‘Ammered’, stupid slags who take their brats in there, and dooshka booshkas and chear spuckers who deal drugs.

    A proper pub should have no TV, no kids whatsoever, no known trash or troublemakers, no jukebox, and no chav drinks like those alcopop WKD things. And any tart who brings her kids or her pushchair in should get a life ban without appeal.

    Oh, and they should bring back strippers on a Sunday afternoon.

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