Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!

High court enforcement agents / County sheriffs call them what you will. They are legalised bully boys.

Yes, lots of people run up ridiculous amounts of debts. Some are irresponsible and think they can just walk away others may have hit hard times through divorce, redundancy whatever. My God there will be many more like this post covid.

My argument is with the agents’ tactics. Get into a property and if the debtor won’t pay threaten to remove goods to the value. However, if the property belongs to a partner or parent they can still take any possession unless it can be proved that it is not owned by the debtor. Think about how many items in your home you do not have a receipt for. Perhaps a car you paid cash for from a private seller. Ok the log book is in your name but that only proves you are the keeper. They can take it. Same with laptops or TVs or anything else really.

There is another issue: payment. These guys will take payment from ANYONE. Friend, relative or stranger. They don’t give a damn if they are putting someone else in debt. Nor would they bat an eyelid if a drug dealer walked in off the street and gave them a bundle of cash. Long as they get their money.


Nominated by: Lord Helpuss 

72 thoughts on “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!

    • I agree RTCP…nothing like enjoying others misery. 😂
      What you having for dinner tonight then old chap?

      • Prawn vindaloo with mushrooms, potato, red pepper, cauliflower, onion bhajis, brown basmati rice.

        Plus a large bowl of vanilla ice cream for pudding!

        And you?

        Afternoon B&WC 👍

      • Afternoon RTCP, sounds lovely…had an extra Hot Balti last night.
        Pan fried Cod and chilli vegetables tonight. 👍🏽
        No dessert though I’m on a diet.

      • Been eating aaaht and takeaways a lot lately…got to keep in shape and balance it all aaaaht.

  1. Bailiffs; sheriff’s; high court enforcement etc
    Their golden year’s are just around the corner!
    The coming economic depression will have them all on overtime;they’ll be happy as pigs in white.

    New phone!
    The angry spirit of John Wayne fucked my last one in revenge😖

  2. I wish them good fortune should they pop round for a chat.
    If I did have any HP or whatever it’s called now.
    I haven’t but wouldn’t mind them coming round for free dentistry or a cooking lesson.
    Fuck Off.

    • Ohm Terry you would not have to worry about goods on hp as you do not own said item till the last payment has cleared.

  3. I don’t recall these debt collectors chasing after gypsies for the cost of clearing up after they’ve left.

    • That’s probably because the sh*t scared councils are too weak to raise charges for enforcement by a bailiff. They don’t want to be seen upsetting people with “protected cultural identities” under the Equalities Act.

      • I’m gobsmacked, RTC. ‘Phone the Pope to report a miracle. I only wish my council had the cöjönes to enforce the law.
        I note that the RadioTimes programme summary refers only to eviction. Did the bailiffs actually get some readies to cover costs or confiscate any items to auction that weren’t actually someone else’s stolen property?
        Any more feelgood stories like that on TV and I might consider renewing my licence.

      • They bailiffs were only there to clear the site, which they eventually did. I think the cops had to be called in at some point. The pikeys started out by locking themselves in their caravans and getting their kids to throw stones to little avail before coming out and issuing the usual pikey threats. As Lord Biryani says, it would no doubt have been a lot uglier if the cameras hadn’t been there…

      • I once watched a program about the Royal Marines, where they’d got some local thugs to attack them in Norway upon leaving a helicopter. Added a touch of realism which forced the cameras to be turned off after a bit.
        Now then, does anyone know of a set of people the Parachute Regiment could get to grips with for additional training?

      • They only move on because the cameras are there.
        If they weren’t it would be a trip to the intensive care unit for the bailiffs. The Pikeys would then just disappear.

  4. Program has now been re-branded , to come more into line with current woke/diversity drive.

    Can’t pay?
    We’ll make you go gay.

  5. A truly great program.
    Sometimes it’s great watching others misery as I relax, especially when the daft cunts have bought a load of stuff they can’t afford or the stupid parent has acted as guarantor for their silly cunt child. Met Paul Bohill (bloke on the left in the picture above) aaaahtside Freemason’s Hall in London (He was leaving, I was arriving) and he seemed a decent chap, which is how he comes across in the series.
    It amazes me how the cunts in debt let these debt collectors in their property (usually the stupid Wife) or leave the door open (I think they’re allowed to make peaceful entry). Do not open your door and leave the sad cunts aaaaht in the cold.
    I have some sizable debts from when I was a younger cunt, the daft cunts send the odd letter now and again but I ignore it, I could easily pay them back but why should I? My money is my money and so is theirs they lent me all those years ago.
    They can go fuck themselves. 😂

    • High Court bailiffs are allowed by law to make forced entry if deemed necessary. However, they require a police escort if there are cunts in the building at the time of forced entry.

      • Only business premises I believe RTCP, not people’s homes for money owed for say a car. However if it’s an eviction they can.

      • The Government website is confusing – one minute it says they can’t force entry, the next minute it says:

        “Bailiffs are allowed to force their way into your home to collect unpaid criminal fines, Income Tax or Stamp Duty, but only as a last resort.”

        Fucking pissers.

  6. I was thinking abaaaaht proposing a new show to TV companies…
    The Covid Entrepreneur.
    Featuring me Black and White Cunt going aaaaht and abaaaaaht finding poor families with sexy milf like Mother’s and daughters (18+) who are in debt.
    I come in like a knight in shining armour and make them a cuppa tea and offer them some work in my Brothel to pay off their debt and my commission.
    I am a caring person you know…
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • Can’t pay? I’ll fuck you anyway

      A mother and daughter twosome pays off that dodgy TV you bought on the knock but a quickie over the kitchen table is only good for that Council Tax you owe.

      Anal and butt plug pays off the whole debt regardless.

  7. Saw an episode where two of these cunts turned up at a peaceful household in a peaceful neighbourhood, the cunts were trying to collect a debt when a peaceful meathead turned up telling them to fuck off, “you don’t come round these communities demanding money it will get naughty”
    the cunt collector shit himself and went to phone the filth for back up, well, usually the filth are straight there team handed for these collector cunts, but for some strange reason they had no one available to come to this neighbourhood i wonder fucking why, CUNTS

    • Different story when you lift the cunts merc at 3 am. Well the merc the finance company paid for but poor old Abdul thought was a gift or something. The bastards really do get away with murder so the feeling when you get one over on them is magical.

      • On the A12 , just south of Ipswich one day , I was driving along – when I saw a Range Rover parked in a layby with smoke pouring from the bonnet.
        I screeched to a halt 50 yards ahead , and ran back to the burning car , carrying my trusty fire-extinguisher.
        My visions of hero of the moment celebrity-status and newsworthy personal interviews were sadly dashed seconds later – as I realised that the occupants stood by the roadside were in fact Pakis.
        I simply turned-around , walked back to my car – and drove off.
        If I do nothing else with my life – at least I got that one right!

  8. Sorry to hijack the thread but apparently Wales has opted for yet another lockdown. It’s terribly, terribly important according to the Welsh windbag – but apparently it is not starting till FRIDAY. So the next four days are not so urgent and important?. What a heap of shit. Rant over. Never watch Channel 5.

    • Hard to argue with that, it’s like the Masks everyone is on abaaaaht…we didn’t need them during the peak of the pandemic when a thousand odd people a day were dying but now we really need them.
      It’s really is a heap of shit, with a pile of cunt on the top.

    • Yeah. Cue loads of videos on the news of revellers enjoying their last days of pub-opening. Obviously no social-distancing , and masks forgotten.
      Are we seriously going to believe that the party ends at 10pm on a Friday night?
      Yeah , like fuck.
      We are talking of licensed premises where the whole village , and the local police , are usually still packing the places out at 7 in the morning during the winter months.

  9. Nail on head, payment will be taken from anyone. Often its younger folk in the parents house and the enforcement agents lean on the parents for payment.

    If the house is not in your name then they shouldn’t be able to touch the contents. Why should an innocent party have to prove where their property originated?

    Legalised theft.

  10. I have only had this problem once with British gas and their pet gorillas from Pheonix who were chasing a fictitious debt on an unpaid bill of over £500 on a property that I had never lived in.

    Two years of repeatedly explaining the situation to British gas obviously hadn’t sunk in, so we start getting threatening calls from some cunt at Pheonix.

    As the calls and threats started getting more heated and graphic, I may have touched a nerve by asking the cunts name and then asked if that name was of Pakistani origin, adding that it is probably difficult to tell his origins when his Mum is the local whore.

    Suitably riled, the cunt threatens to come and sort me out if I should be so kind as to provide my new address in Scandinavia.

    I gave him the address of the Roskilde chapter of the Hells Angels and let them know to expect a guest.

    Never heard from British gas or Pheonix again.

    • British Gas overcharged my parents by £700 a year , on their debit scheme. We had been in credit for £700 ever since they introduced the scheme. Cunts.
      To get the money back , I had to produce death certificates , in the middle of a probate period.
      This meant that I had to pay for a solicitor’s time , as they sat on an automated helpline , before getting through to someone that could re-direct to the bereavement dept.
      Utter cunts.

      The phone company were the same. In credit to BT for £1,000. WTF!
      They had me in fucking tears , and I actually asked the woman on the phone – if she was trained to be a cunt , or did it just come naturally?

      How many more old people are swindled year on year , of their money which could be put to better use than sitting in some corporate’s bank account.

  11. Been aaaaht and abaaaaaht lately and I’ve got a cough.
    Dunno if it’s that skunk spliff I smoked last night or the Covid…thing is I need to go aaaht today.
    If you lot grass me up I’ll ave your guts for garters.

    • Don’t forget to download the Covis App and “keep your loved ones safe”

      ** Your data, location and all other details may be apssed on the the Rozzers, MI6, CIA and the Men in Black for future prosection.

      I can actually see the day when people who downloaded this scumware onto their phones will be fined automatically based on their actions. During the real lockdown thingy, some of the only vehicles on the road round here were fucking speed camera vans so you know they are addicted to easy money.

      • It’s all going that way SMS, I wonder what they do with your DNA they collect when you go for the test? Track and trace, DNA, the solution to this ‘pandemic’ is a cunt.

      • Some bloke was chatting to me;
        Lives nearby;
        I normally duck him he’s a bit of a boring cunt and I’m a cut above him; but anyway he had that ‘test and trace’ app on his phone.
        He said it picks up people mobile numbers from 30ft an if he gets the bat flu they trace’ the numbers!!
        The grassing cunt.
        So already he’s thrown me under a bus stopping talking to me!

      • The test and trave app relies on software kindly installed in the summer by google and apple.

        The app is only an interface made by developers over the underlying tech that google and apple will use for their own purposes I’m sure.

      • I use an iPhone 5 (7 years old) I tried to download the app, my phone wouldn’t take it as it has run out of memory storage space.

    • No need to grass you up. I’ll fit you up you caaaant. Notting Hill was it? You should stand out with all the quiffed, ponytailed, man bunned caaaants raaand that manor.

      • Been on the run from you for years now Cuntstable Cuntbubble…I’ve been paying off the Met, British transport police and the Mayor of London.
        I am indestructible. 😂

  12. I love this show, has anyone noticed the “blek” chap and his Harvey Price type son never go round with Elmor from South Africa?, I’m sure he knows how to use a sjambok, the only cunt in this show is the obeast creature with odd teeth, he’s an utter cunt!!!

  13. Phones track people, number plates track cars, Google and Sapple track peoples online activity and flog it, the covid app tracks the money going into Boris’ chums bank accounts etc

    All perfectly normal, nothing to see here.

  14. Love the programme. Cheers me up to see destitute cunts. Better still if the adverts are for Umbongo collecting wildebeest piss.

  15. Stewart McCracken and Brian O’Shaunessy are the biggest bullies out of this crew. Until they come up against a real hard nut that is. Then they dial up the cops for protection. Paul Bohill and Steve Pinner are the “nice guys” but they still put folk, including families, out on the street. And they have no trouble sleeping at night.

    • Love it, especially when they turf out tribes of council peasants, terrorists and other worthless filth. All of them are sponging cunts.

  16. I’m a hypocrite; when I watch this and it’s pakis or africunts I’m dancing with glee!
    Take the baby buggy!
    Tip the spring out!
    Get £20 for it!
    Pull his missus wedding ring off and her nose ring; couple of quid recouped.
    But when it’s a white family?
    An they’ve got Northern accents?
    Fuckin parasites!!
    Bullies; leeches; leave em alone!😆😆
    Good show admittedly

  17. I have to disagree with the philosophy of this cunting, as the vast majority of the debtors have only themselves to blame. It’s very like the parents of the ‘starving’ children who Marcus Rashford is virtue signalling about. They’re the ones who spend their money (and ours) on booze, fags, betting shops, giant tvs, Sky packages and drugs, leaving nothing in the kitty for their children’s food (or rent, road tax, car insurance, etc.). Bunch of cunts. The programme itself is shite.

  18. All this talk of “peaceful entry” sounds like Suqdiq Khan being bummed by washing machine enthusiast Keith Vaz.

  19. It’s a pleasure to watch swarthy leeches and gobby scrotes getting thrown into the streets along with their hoards of kids and worthless belongings. Perhaps if they weren’t such breeding, sponging cretins and broke out of the vicious cycle of the take all, give fuck all back culture and put the same amount of energy into making an effort to carve out a career, at least a decent job as they do when squeezing as much money out the taxpayer as possible, they wouldn’t be standing on a doorstep of a shithole estate in a housecoat being told to fuck off by Paul Bohill.

  20. A bloke I used to be friends with a few years back, had a missus who was trouble. It was one of those situations where you want to warn him, but you know he won’t listen and he’ll think you’re jealous or after her yourself.

    Anyway, they lived together for a while, she was a little princess. She ended up getting a BMW on finance/PCP. Eventually the split up and guess what she did?
    Stopped making the payments, didn’t give a forwarding address.
    One day the bailiffs/sheriffs show up at his doorstep and try and bully him into paying. Fortunately for him, they didn’t get in.

    When I found out I asked why he didn’t give them her parents’ address. Then it becomes their problem and not yours.
    He doesn’t want to cause trouble for them he says. Well I said, they don’t seem to have afforded you the same courtesy.

    • I think the absence of aforesaid BMW was their first clue.

      Statute of limitations is 6 years , but also includes the harassment of family members as an offence punishable in law.
      Know your rights.

      Kick the slag in the cunt for me.

      • I’ve been thinking a bit since my nomination a while back, about finding the right woman and love and all dat shoyt, and I’ve decided I’m going to skip the marriage, kids and messy divorce and go straight to the new found freedom.

        I’ll buy myself a Merc when I’m in my 40s or 50s and it’ll probably cost me less and give me less trouble and more enjoyment in the long run.

  21. I used to watch this programme a lot and 90% of the debtors were dark keys. Felt really sorry for the landlords on this programme as they were mostly small property owners, maybe the one property and these cunts cost them thousands in unpaid rent and damage.
    Oven ready candidates me thinks.

    • A year ago I suggested they make a gay version called ‘Can’t Pay? We’ll Fuck You Up The Arse’. Can’t understand why no-one’s done it. All the LGBT etc would watch it and advertising revenue would go through the roof.

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