Ash Sarkar (2)

I would like nominate Ash Sarkar, another self styled ‘corbynista’ with a vast hatred for this country and most people in it. Yesterday she came out with the following

“The sectors being ratfucked the hardest-pubs, venues, arts and culture are the only things which make living on this wretched island bearable…”

Can I kindly suggest you fuck off to North Korea or Venezuela then Miss Sarkar? Seeing as you previously said you are “literally a communist” these kind of places are right up your street.

These cunts that hate Britain should be offered a one way ticket out of here, preferably to push them out of the plane over the Atlantic somewhere, maybe she’d get picked up by some of her mates in a dinghy…

Nominated by: Laughing Gravy 

80 thoughts on “Ash Sarkar (2)

  1. Grown men who wear replica football shirts with names and numbers printed on them, who always talk very loudly so every fucker can hear them, who think football started with Fergie, Sky and the Premier League, who don’t know who Tommy Docherty and Big Ron are, and who watch a match in the pub, acting like they are really there and sit in a public bar shouting at the players and the referee?

    Yeah….. Them cunts…

    • Evening Norm: bang on mate.
      My retirement dream was to open a nice rural boozer- a proper pub, not a youth club, wine bar, fucking delicatessen, crèche or open mike comedy club.
      A real pub.
      Would have called The Cromwell😉
      Pubs, like most traditional British, working class points of social contact, are a thing of the past.
      Agree re: football experts too-I was singing about “Little Lou Macari” before half of these cunts parents were born 👍

      • Macari was a great player. That goal he scored against Everton, Boxing Day 1977, is still one of the best I ever saw.

      • Those were the days Norm-Everton had Bob Latchford too👍
        International players meant Scots,Welsh or Irish-as well as English.
        Happy, happy days👍👍👍👍👍

      • We won 6-2 that day. Louie got two, Stevie, Merlin, Sammy and Jimmy got the rest. Great days indeed, CG.

  2. The Albert Inn (later The Prince Albert) and The Lord Clive in Whitefield, Manchester.

    Proper pubs, they were. The Albert went some time ago, and the Clive sadly went this year.

  3. Don’t like it? Fuck off you bearded buffoon. She has a cracking body though unfortunately lol

  4. Another one of The Enemy Within 👎👎
    My advise is if you don’t like this Country 🇬🇧🇬🇧 Then fuck off and don’t come back. 👍👍

  5. I’d pay pay-per-view to see this self-confessed commie cunt live on TV infibulated and then force-fed her own roasted flaps.

  6. I know it’s bad form to “cunt a fellow cutter”, however, I need to say this:

    To anyone who actually finds this foul, moustachioed “mandroid”, sexually attractive, you need to visit:

    -a reputable optician
    -a prostitute
    -an off licence

    • As soon as covids over many law abiding folk will probaly do so in the meantime
      Hers a cunt /and wheres the doorbell gone off her crust did she take it off herself or what
      Ungrateful bastard

  7. Can’t stand this psuedo marxist! ( i’m a communist) as expressed on some wank early morning tv show, luvvie you ain’t got the first fucking clue about communism, don’t wish for shit that’s going to see you’re own demise! pipe down, shut the fuck up, and go and cook you’re grandads bhiriyani like the good likkle splitarse you are ok!

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