The World According to Nesrine Malik

“British hypocrisy is to blame for the deadly plight of migrants”.

That’s right cunters; we express sorrow at “tragedies” such as the death of would-be surf-boarder Abdulfatah Hamdallah from Sudan, we “make the right noises”. But we are “complicit” in his fate (and the fate of others) by voting for politicians who “pledge to make routes into Britain unviable”.

So there you have it. We display “cruelty” to migrants, because we don’t like the fact that anybody from anywhere thinks they can pitch up on our doorstep and expect to get in. We’re “blocking off safe routes to asylum” apparently, in spite of the fact that Britain grants entry to thousands every year, and has been doing for donkey’s.

So who’s making these assertions then? Well you can read orl abaht it in the good ol’ “Groaniad”, the nation’s favourite arsewipe rag. Who specifically in that comic?. Why one Nesrine Malik (bootiful British name); er, a Sudanese-born, London-based (you guessed it) journalist, and “expert” on matters pertaining to race, class, gender and Islamophobia.

Yes, Malik has sniffed out our British prejudice and bigotry alright; it’s really quite amazing how she’s managed to put up with us for so long when she could very easily head back to her native Khartoum and act the gobshite about how terrible it all is back there. Might have something to do with the fact that she’d quite likely get her head in her hands to play with if she did…

No, it’s just a much cushier little number to stay in benighted Blighty on a nice little earner, lecturing us all on how intolerant we are. Gosh, we really are a right bunch of bastards. Thank goodness Nesrine, that we’ve got people like you to come over here and set us straight.

Nominated by: Ron Knee 

61 thoughts on “The World According to Nesrine Malik

  1. It must be awful living here Nesrine. Feel free to go back to Sudan ; you will not be missed by any of us here.

    • As Ron Burgundy would say …..
      “I’m gonna punch you in the ovary, that’s what I’m gonna do. A straight shot. Right to the babymaker!”

      She’s a witch…… burn her

  2. The only thing i would do to help the illegals safely make the crossing is to provide cement boots with Cuban heels.

  3. When you see these whinging little tarts, it makes you realise the Victorians had better ideas for the uglier, plainer girl – teach her to knit and crochet and wait at table. Give her a job as an under parlourmaid, then she won’t have as much time to waste.

  4. The patronising smirk, the wall-eyed stare, the smugly-arched eyebrows are all present and correct. Somewhere there’s a factory pumping out these identikit clones. I’d like to bomb it.

  5. Sudan …… an absolute shithole, full of thoroughly disreputable types, who soak up as much foreign aid that you can throw at them, and still come back for more.
    The only things they export, apart from scrounging cunts, is terror, criminality and disease.
    But their most dangerous export is cunts like Malik, who will find a sympathetic ear within our wishy washy, pathetic, liberal, guilt ridden ,white, society.
    Who, given half the chance, will lead us to hell in a handcart.
    After General Gordon’s death, we should have wiped the fuckers out.
    Really getting sick of these cunts now.
    Just fuck off.

    • Photogenic lovely isn’t she our Nesrine! Come on, you wouldn’t refuse if she turned up at your residence clad in only a long coat and knee high boots and asked you to colonize her jungle would you??

  6. As Jack says, sick of the cunts. Not only do they want to come here, they want to run the place when they get here.

    The only countries that give a flying fuck about any of this shot are white western democracies.

    Do the media bother to report the plight of white farmers in South Africa? They barely report black on white crime here.

    Fuck off the lot of you.

  7. Good nom RK. The hideous harridan has almost hit the mark with “its Britain’s fault for the deadly plight of migrants” Most of the indigenous population are sick to the back teeth with thousands no millions of people ending up in Britain with nothing to offer but a burning desire for benefits, schooling, medical treatment and anything else that they have the right to claim. In so doing these uncontrolled hordes of hopelessness deny the indigenous, social housing, school choice, short waiting time for vital medical treatment and so on ad infinitum. The vast majority of native born Britain’s want serious action taken to reduce the number of people basically taking the piss and anything else on offer to a small easily monitored number if at all. So in a way the Malik is correct. The policies of our elected governments over the last decades In relation to immigration have been totally useless, pointless, ideologically driven, guardian formatted and a complete waste of our money and time in effect for whatever reason their lauded statements etc have been as much use as Hamzas hook for wanking. There fore Britain shines like a fucking lighthouse guiding the masses to our welfare, unman rights protected state. This will continue it will not go away.

  8. All I see is another illegal immigrant trying to guilt trip the indigenous population into accepting the tsunami of human shit heading towards our shores, using carefully selected emotional leftard word salad which is lapped up by the guardianistas.

    They can all fuck off. The mass deportations start on the 1st of January and she is on the list.

  9. Nesrine Malik… Afua Hirsch… Ash Sarkar… all hatched from the same sulphurous egg fertilised by gobs of bükâké jizz scooped off a broken shit smeared Virgin Rail toilet seat.

    Top notch cunting Ron. 👍

    • Oh and please, let’s not forget dear Yasmin Alibaba-Brown, another cunt come over to tell us all in ‘The Independent’ what an awful country this is…

  10. ” politicians who “pledge to make routes into Britain unviable””….but don’t.

    She’s got a valid point* if she’s blaming politicians who have failed to convince these migrants that they have very little chance of being allowed to stay if they arrive illegally. They are the ones responsible for the stream of people who quite rightly believe that once here,that’s it…job done.

    * I can’t be arsed to actually read her thoughts.

    • Quite so Dick. I don’t blame the migrants – I’d do the same if I was unlucky enough to have been born into one of the shitholes from whence they originate. It’s our cunt politicians who have been enabling this situation who are the real villains of the peace.

      • Would you arrive in your new nation and want to change it to suit you? Would you commit crimes, would you expect handouts and housing given to you?

      • No. Nor would I expect to be allowed to do any of those things… far less would I expect to be aided and abetted by the authorities running said country.

    • It shouldn’t be very little chance, it should be no chance, locked up until they provide correct identification then shipped back to their home countries.
      Until that happens they will keep coming.

  11. Altogether now…
    We don’t need no immigration.
    We don’t need no boat patrol.
    No dark-istanies in the classroom.
    Hey Abdul, leave the goat alone

    • I once had a Muslim male try to convince me that the goat bothering that goes on at Alan’s Snackbar was more morally acceptable than westerners watching Pornhub…..Yes, sodomising a Billie goat, wiping your soiled arse crack with your hand and shooting rpg’s at children is the path to Jannah but drinking a beer and watching porn is absolutely haram!

      These are the people Adolf Merkel thinks are going to make Europe richer. It would be better to burn them all for fuel.

  12. We cannot house the world here and because of great people like me living here all these cunts want a bit of Blighty.
    Why are they all mostly Muslim men aged between 20-50?
    This winter will see a load drown in the channel and it will go on and on.
    The problem is although most Brits aren’t rich they are comfortable and that in itself brings aaaaht guilt which in turn beings aaaaht sympathy for these economic cunts.
    Fast forward a year when most of the poor Britons are trying to get dinghy to Norway due to the Economy going down the shitter, the people left will realise charity begins at home and hopefully vote someone in who will sort this mess out and threaten the French with military force if they keep escorting these cunts into British waters.
    You can’t blame the migrants it’s the useless Government who are all trying desperately to keep their jobs.
    Too many of these recently arrived Africunt and Islamicunts mouthing off, they weren’t abaaaaht when the NF were strong…nah it was the Caribbeans and Asians…now these new arrivals and the Somali cunts are talking like they are from Harlseden or Ladbroke Grove.

    What a pile of cunt.

  13. I thought anybody named Malik was a whining, scheming, hypocritical, racist cunt from Arabia but this is a whining, scheming, hypocritical, racist cunt from the Sudan. You live and learn.

  14. It’s all our fault, the Sudan surfer wanted to get out of France, it’s not safe there, the French didn’t want him, he was so desperate to leave the hostile environment in France that he thought it would be a good idea to jump on a little rubber boat and use a spade as a paddle….. yep it’s definitely our fault.
    Why didn’t he go to Paris it’s full of his tribe, he would be welcome and get a nice little job stealing anything and everything.

    The new wave of migrants are NOT refugees, they are fucking chancers with funds and as for this Sudan born bitch, it’s not hypocrisy to want to have secure borders.

    Fuck off back to Sudan.

    On the news today, more fuckers coming across the med, you can be sure there will be plenty heading for the channel.

    • The BBC reporter just interviewed a migrant in one of the camps in Italy, the fucker was from Tunisia, not really a war zone… he admitted he just wanted work. Economic Migrant!

  15. I’m sure Gary Liniment agrees with her but why is he taking only ONE migrant in? Surely his gaff is big enough for 10?

    Can’t wait until they start running off with his England caps and trophies from Walkers for services to the great British crisp.


    • I’m sure that he’ll get a carefully vetted candidate who’ll be like his new lap dog. It’s all going to a carefully crafted p.r. exercise to show us (a) how enriching the process is for us all and (b) what a scholar and a gentleman Ol’ Jug Ears is.
      If it looks like an arsehole and smells like an arsehole…

  16. Gas the traitor.
    Deport all gimmigrants that have arrived in the past 10 years.
    Set up a paramilitary unit within the Border Farce that actually secures our borders by lethal force as required (a lot).
    Oh and arrange for all 5th column persons of mither to visit Sudan head first from 10,000 ft.
    Filthy vermin CUNTS.

  17. When I run the Country filthy fucking shit like this will be removed with force. Serious force, followed by that useless fat cunt Patel.
    Sick and fucking tired of this now, time for war.

  18. Sorry for off-roading but here’s the most hilarious story you’ll read all day: Black woman teaching Négro Studies in America admits…she’s not black.

    Jessica Krug, 38, wrote on the blog website Medium that her various identities have been built on a “toxic soil of lies” and she is in fact a white Jewish woman from Kansas City.


    • I’m going to start identiying as a Syrian refugee. It’ll be great when the country puts me up, buys me food and clothes, gives me free health care and money.
      Much better than being a traumatised, homeless ex-serviceman getting fuck all and living on the street.

      • “Much better than being a traumatised, homeless ex-serviceman getting fuck all and living on the street.“

        Fuckin’ hell Ron, I didn’t know you’d fallen on such hard times. I’ve already started a collection for you in order to prevent you from having to spend one day on the street this Winter. Please donate all your spare Sudanese pounds and send to . . . . . .
        Brigadier Blunt
        22 Shit Street. Khartoum. Sudan.

      • Ron, I’m going to identify as Gary LineKunt and take you in as an identified Syrian.

        Obviously after all the media attention and Look-how-virtuous-I-am’ photo opportunities, I’ll ditch you and put you in a cage in the back garden like the discarded Bubbles the Chimp.

    • Off topic but…Good one Capt. Mag.

      The story broke yesterday in our press. I started researching her for a potential cunting.

      Now why would a bagel snapping cunt from the midwestern United States pretend to be a Schvartze? Kind of makes one wonder about the validity of that whole white privilege thing and it’s many systematic advantages.

      • Afternoon General

        Surely she was employed to satisfy some positive discrimination targets? Furthermore, why isn’t she able to teach that African Studies course? Black people are allowed to teach all kinds of culturally-foreign subjects such as Maths, English, History, Literature, etc.

        What a carry-on.

  19. The only people who go along with this Guardianista, Corbynite bullshit are rich white woke cunts . Even the p*ncing immos know it’s a load of bollocks.
    The important point is that it is obvious that no mainstream politician is going to do fuck all about it. They can talk tough like barrel arse Patel but it’s just talk and everybody knows it.

  20. It’s obvious to me now that we British are completely nasty horrible bastards for not making safer routes into Dover from that horrendous wartorn hell hole called France.

    • Ms Malik, I don’t blame you for being disgusted with the British, I’m sure things are much better back home and I would suggest you proceed without further delay in a south-easterly direction.

  21. Some cunt named Peter Osborne opined that this cunt Malik writes; “… with wit and punch about race, class and gender…to shed light on the inequities in the British society.”

    Let her go back to the fucking Sudan and write with wit and punch about the inequities in the Sudanese society. They’ll fatwa her westernized ass so quick she’ll long for the good ole’ days of British prejudice and bigotry.

    Fucking cunt.

    • Is this the same cunt who wrote that huge selling crowd pleaser ‘How To Read Marx?’ I wonder?. Professor of ‘Culture Studies’ or some such wank at a d-list uni..?

  22. HS2 is just a smokescreen to ship the carpet kissers inland away from Kent and London up north, we shall to build some camps for them ,if unkel Terry is available

  23. I’m fresh out of give-a-fucks for both this fucking idiot or the cunts who perish in their journey to the land of milk and honey. Its ours – fuck off and get your own. Cunts.

  24. I did catch something on Aljazeera about a peace deal in Sudan. Everyone standing clapping round the negotiationing table. They reached an agreement. A new start for Sudan. Let us hope so.

    So now it is time for all the displaced Sudanese to go back again to build up their beloved country. We have given refugee status here (probably the lady above as well) as a temporary measure, but now it is time for you to go back.
    There is no need to be grateful to us we were just acting out if a sense of moral duty.
    We wish you well but now it is time for you to go back.
    That is what is supposed to happen.
    It’s that bit that never happens.

  25. Hold a vote among those who feel aggrieved by the cushy lives they live and feel for a longing to return to pastures greener or the mother land or those who have simply forgotten where they are and just shut the fuck up.

    Those that vote they feel they should be contributing more and disillusioned with the UK should be lined up in an airport where there will be a C130 transport plane awaiting.

    We will happily pay and fly them to their desired destination.

    Cargo door will open and we will even be kind enough to supply a free (not that we should) parachute.

    Surely that would be a fair and democratic process to follow?

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